The Planet upgrades datacenters infrastructure

Fri, 8th June 2007, 06:42

The Planet, a privately held dedicated hosting company, yesterday announced plans for a $3 million investment in new backup generators for its six data centers.

As part of its initial investment, The Planet has added two new high-performance Cummins generators to its Dallas data center portfolio for increased backup capacity and redundancy. In the event of a utility failure, the Dallas data center can run for 3.5 days without refueling, and even longer if required with its fuel-delivery contracts. The new generators will be installed across all of The Planet's data centers, claims the company.

"In our business, the quality of our IT infrastructure sets the stage for how we support our customers' businesses," said Chairman and CEO Douglas J. Erwin. "Uptime is critical to business operations, and we understand the important role we play in maintaining the IT infrastructure backbone for our more than 22,000 customers. The Planet continues to make significant investments that support the more than 45,000 dedicated servers housed across six world-class data centers so that our customers have access to state-of-the-art facilities."

A number of web hosting providers with reviews listed at utilize The Planet as their primary facility to offer web hosting from. Hostgator has utilized The Planet for several years now while Site5 has just recently moved their operation there.

The Planet is the leading provider of On Demand IT Infrastructure solutions, hosting more than 22,000 small- and medium-size businesses and 2.8 million Web sites worldwide. By offering the best choice of servers, software tools and world-class support, backed by state-of-the-art facilities and unmatched network connectivity, The Planet helps turn information technology into a powerful competitive advantage that enables customers to successfully grow their businesses.

Lightning Base. Reliable Managed Wordpress Hosting

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3500+ Dreamhost accounts exploited!

Wed, 6th June 2007, 19:53

According to an e-mail sent out to many Dreamhost clientele earlier today there have been over 3,500+ hosting accounts exploited at Dreamhost.

The suspected entry point into the accounts was most likely password sniffing however there are many other rumors surrounding the event.

This exploit quickly followed a recent exploit of IPowerWeb that resulted in the defacement of over 35% of the IPowerWeb clientbase. Earlier this year exploits affected Hostgator & many other large providers whose systems were rooted.

A copy of the e-mail sent out by the dreamhost team is below:

From: DreamHost Security Team
Subject: URGENT: FTP Account Security Concerns…
This email is regarding a potential security concern related to your ‘XXXX’ FTP account.

We have detected what appears to be the exploit of a number of accounts belonging to DreamHost customers, and it appears that your account was one of those affected.

We’re still working to determine how this occurred, but it appears that a 3rd party found a way to obtain the password information associated with approximately 3,500 separate FTP accounts and has used that information to append data to the index files of customer sites using automated scripts (primarily for search engine optimization purposes).

Our records indicate that only roughly 20% of the accounts accessed - less than 0.15% of the total accounts that we host - actually had any changes made to them. Most accounts were untouched.

We ask that you do the following as soon as possible:

  • Immediately change your FTP password, as well as that of any other accounts that may share the same password. We recommend the use of passwords containing 8 or more random letters and numbers. You may change your FTP password from the web panel (”Users” section, “Manage Users” sub-section).
  • Review your hosted accounts/sites and ensure that nothing has been uploaded or changed that you did not do yourself. Many of the unauthorized logins did not result in changes at all (the intruder logged in, obtained a directory listing and quickly logged back out) but to be sure you should carefully review the full contents of your account.

Again, only about 20% of the exploited accounts showed any modifications, and of those the only known changes have been to site index documents (ie. ‘index.php’, ‘index.html’, etc - though we recommend looking for other changes as well).

It appears that the same intruder also attempted to gain direct access to our internal customer information database, but this was thwarted by protections we have in place to prevent such access. Similarly, we have seen no indication that the intruder accessed other customer account services such as email or MySQL databases.

In the last 24 hours we have made numerous significant behind-the- scenes changes to improve internal security, including the discovery and patching to prevent a handful of possible exploits.

We will, of course, continue to investigate the source of this particular security breach and keep customers apprised of what we find. Once we learn more, we will be sure to post updates as they become available to our status weblog:

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Tour of the Hostgator Lair

Thu, 31st May 2007, 19:17

Today we'll take a small tour of the latest & greatest in the new Hostgator location. In late 2006 the company moved from warm, gorgeous Boca Raton, Florida to big bad Texas. The new office is over twenty three thousand square feet larger than the previous location.

After the move the company grew exponentially and expanded it's support team by over 100%. Here's a few pictures of the office courtesy of the new Hostgator blog.

The building is located in Downtown houston & the local animal control team is handling all cases of escaped gators properly..

More pictures..

Host Gator is a provider of shared, dedicated and reseller web hosting services focused on the consumer and small business markets. Founded in 2002, Host Gator has become a leader in reseller hosting, assisting over 11,000 businesses become web hosting companies. Host Gator has offices in Boca Raton, Florida and its data center operations are co-located out of The Planet's facility in Dallas, Texas, enabling it to access Tier-1 backbone providers such as UUNet, Sprint, Level 3, Global Crossing, Verio and AT and T. HostGator's shared hosting plans are supported by HostGator's 24/7/365 phone support, and comes with a 99.9% uptime and 30-daymoney-back guarantee.
Review your host
Add a review now Reaches Agreement to Help RegisterFly Customers

Wed, 30th May 2007, 04:51®, the world’s leading domain name registrar, has reached an agreement with RegisterFly® and ICANN® to transfer over RegisterFly’s portfolio of Web site names to The move will help resolve problems involving hundreds of thousands of domain names around the world.

RegisterFly customers have been affected by recent problems and the impending loss of RegisterFly’s accreditation as a domain name registrar. will notify RegisterFly customers of the switch and automatically move their domains for them. Customers can get support and answers to any questions they have at a dedicated hot line and a designated “welcome” Web page. Once the switch is complete, more than 850,000 domain names will have been moved.

“We worked with ICANN to effect a migration of the RegisterFly domains to and help those customers left in limbo,” said CEO and Founder Bob Parsons, widely considered an industry watchdog. “It’s what many RegisterFly customers asked us to do. After they are moved over to, all RegisterFly customers will once again be able to manage and renew their domain names with confidence and will also enjoy the world-class support we provide all our customers. We expect the move to be completed over the next week.”

The RegisterFly situation has been extremely difficult – first and foremost for registrants, as well as for the entire registry and registrar community,” said Dr. Paul Twomey, president and CEO of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the nonprofit company responsible for global coordination of the Internet’s system of unique identifiers like domain names and the addresses used to help computers reach each other over the Internet. “The agreement is the best possible solution for RegisterFly customers since it’s a direct and automatic transfer to a competent and experienced customer service oriented organization.”

Those who still go to the RegisterFly Web site will be directed to for managing and renewing their domain names. However, some RegisterFly customers had chosen to move their domain names to even before this deal.

“After I had some issues with my domain names, I decided to transfer over to,” said Sean Gallagher, CEO of Web design company and former RegisterFly customer. “The customer service I receive is exceptional. I have a lot of clients relying on me, and because is a safe, reliable and friendly registrar, I don’t have any problems.”

Go Daddy® is a leading provider of services that enable individuals and businesses to establish, maintain and evolve an online presence. Go Daddy provides a variety of domain name registration and Web site hosting services, as well as a broad array of on-demand and other services. The Go Daddy Group, Inc. has more than 20 million domain names under management. Go Daddy registers, renews or transfers a domain name every 1.3 seconds. is the world's No. 1 domain name registrar according to Name Intelligence, Inc. is also rated the world's largest hostname provider according to Netcraft® Ltd. During 2006, The Go Daddy Group registered approximately one-third of all domain names registered in the top six generic top-level domains, or gTLDs, including .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info.

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Easyspace launches datacenter in the Centre of London

Wed, 23rd May 2007, 05:35

Easyspace, one of Europe’s largest hosting and managed service companies, has recently announced the opening of a new Tier 3 datacentre in the heart of the City of London.

Constructed specifically for the purpose of large scale server hosting and colocation, the City Of London datacentre offers a combined net capacity of 16,000 square feet of high quality secure data centre space, across four separate data halls.

The City of London datacentre is manned 24/7 hours per day by Easyspace’s experienced systems and network engineers, contains a state of the art integrated environment and security management system, fully redundant power, dark fibre capability and market leading network infrastructure.

Sarah Harran, Managing Directory of Easyspace stated: “The key attraction of our Datacentre is that it is a totally new facility and we have not been restricted in its design by any legacy equipment or operations. We have therefore been able to build this facility to incorporate all the critical data management and business continuity features that organisations require both today and tomorrow.”

Easyspace provides a blend of hosting services, ranging from the provision of dedicated and single servers, managed service and co-location facilities, to fully supported data centre solutions, to both the corporate & public sectors. Easyspace is one of Europe's largest hosting and managed service companies, serving the needs of over 300,000 customers.

Easyspace currently operates Datacentres in London, Glasgow and Nottingham and will be opening new facilities in Leicester and Leeds later this year.

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The life of a webmaster!

Mon, 21st May 2007, 05:01

The life of a webmaster can be an interesting one. Especially when operating a web hosting review site. In an industry stock full of shills, thieves & kids attempting to make money quick while school is out... there's no telling what can happen!

This evening was no different. Exciting to say the least, I received a phone call from the owner of a web hosting company listed here on The caller was unsatisfied that after having four of his clients post on that his company still wasn't listed on the top ten list. Little did he know our PHP development team had implemented a new trick to basically ensure shilling on the site was no longer possible

After taking a few moments to reassure him that I would look into it I went back to eating my hamburger. After all, it was Victoria Day weekend and I had fireworks to get to!

After a little while of rest, leisure and even more leisure I decided to investigate

What I found wasn't surprisingly. Four of the five reviews (A new one had been added a few moments after our phone call ceased) were posted by the exact same user utilizing different proxies. No surprise, of course. I won't mention the name but if they ahem, slip up again I'll oust them like Peewee Herman.

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Supanet offers free web hosting a thousand clients.

Fri, 18th May 2007, 21:30

UK Web hosting provider Supanet Hosting ( announced on Friday it is extending its free one year hosting promotion to an additional 1,000 customers.

"The rush to sign up meant that a number of people missed out on the offer, therefore we have decided to continue offering it for a limited time only so even more people can experience our top quality Web hosting services," says Andrew Barton, marketing manager for Supanet Hosting

The company recently announced it would offer a free year of Web hosting to the first 1,000 customers who applied.

Wait, wait. Slow down.

Err, well that sounds great and all but after doublechecking the terms of service for it on their website there's a catch. What may you ask is the catch?

The free hosting account is subject to a £5.99 setup fee. Oops, I guess there really is no such thing as a free lunch. Or in this case free web hosting. As far as I'm aware this breaks a number of laws in the UK -- anyone care to let me know which specific ones?

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IPowerweb / IPower clients enduring massive problems

Thu, 17th May 2007, 14:49

It seems that IPowerweb / IPower clientele are experiencing massive problems since Friday of last week. According to several readers users of the IPowerweb / IPower service have been unable to check their e-mail since late Friday evening.

According to our sources it appears that Endurance International Group went ahead with their planned server migration without notifying any of their clients! The result is continuous problems and issues, clients unable to check their e-mail & unable to login to their web hosting accounts.

One IPowerweb / IPower user stated that technical support seems oblivious to the migration stating that the issues were a result of "Corrupt passwords" and would be handled within a few hours. Over five days later and the problems are still occurring.

We suppose the Endurance International Group name has another possible meaning. Just how long can their clientele endure problems!

Get in touch with iPowerWeb

One of our readers found the corporate phone number for Endurance International, the company that owns iPowerWeb. If you want quick, prompt service in getting your cancellation, domain name details or anything else give them a quick call: 1-866-897-5421

This is the only iPowerWeb phone number that will result in prompt service.

iPowerWeb Complaints

We welcome anyone having issues to put in a complaint at the Arizona Attorney Generals Office, contact details below:

[email protected]

You can also use their online contact form here:

Free Migration Services

We've decided to step up to the plate & offer free migration services for all iPowerWeb clients as well as a decent howto on escaping iPowerWeb.

Free migration for iPowerWeb / iPower clients by HostJury staff
Howto: Leaving iPowerWeb

You'll have more luck with us moving you than some ipowerweb transition kiosk.
There's a number of web hosting providers that offer free transfer services as well including:

Tell others about iPowerWeb / iPower

If you know of other people who might be having problems, you can tell others by 'digging' this article or by linking them directly to:

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Comodo offers free three month trial SSL certificate

Wed, 16th May 2007, 04:45

Comodo, a global Certification Authority and leading provider of Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions, announced today that it is offering its' fully-functional Free SSL certificate for a full three month term, longer than any leading CA. Competitors' SSL trial offers are often as short as 14 days. Comodo's Free SSL certificate runs a full quarter, allowing new businesses time to develop their trusted online presence without worrying about an initial expenditure.

Comodo is offering this long-term Free SSL certificate because, as a leading Certification Authority, Comodo is committed to promoting trust in the online space through authentication and security solutions geared for eCommerce conversion. Businesses just starting out need to find a way to secure their site while giving them time to build their business. With Comodo's Free SSL certificate, businesses can secure their customers in their initial days as they build more traffic that they can then convert to volume. Importantly, like Comodo's other SSL certificates, installation is nearly effortless and the user can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Visitors to these protected sites will see the padlock on the site ensuring visitors that sensitive information is encrypted during transmission.

To take advantage of this free three month offer or for more information, visit

About Comodo

Comodo, through its group of Internet security companies, is a leading Certification Authority and global provider of Identity and Trust Assurance services on the Internet. Comodo secures and authenticates online transactions and communications for over 2,000,000 businesses and consumers.

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GoDaddy has influx of growth!

Mon, 14th May 2007, 21:05

During the month of April GoDaddy has reported over one million domain names total registered. According to their site a domain is registered, transferred or renewed every 1.3 seconds via their website.

In April over 2.3 million domain names were added to the internet. GoDaddy's registrations accounted for over 50% of that amount.

"I've heard people say all the good dot-com names are taken & that's just not the case," says Bob Parsons, Go Daddy CEO and founder. "The Web is just getting going. We've only scratched the surface."

Then again with someone who chose the name 'GoDaddy' back in 1999 it can't be hard finding a name. For everyone else it's impossible!

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WebCinch closing down

Sun, 13th May 2007, 19:02

After a year in operation WebCinch is closing it's doors due to health issues within the owners' family. Eric Barbaglia has chosen to shutdown WebCinch after a year rather than selling the company off.

"This is a sad day for WebCinch and our family members who help run WebCinch however I know that the limited time I have with my family members is what I value the most.", says Eric on a statement on the WebCinch official site.

According to the statement made all existing clients will not be billed any further and have thirty days to find a new web hosting provider.

We wish Eric the best & will keep his family in our prayers!

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PowWeb reaches 100 thousand domains!

Sun, 13th May 2007, 03:55

May 12th, 2007 - Web hosting provider, PowWeb, has released a statement on their forum regarding their recent achievement of gaining their 100,000th customer domain! Over the past year PowWeb has gained over ten thousand domains.

Quite the achievement to say the least. At the current rate of growth they should be able to reach 125 thousand domain names hosted by the end of 2007.

PowWeb's proprietary "Load-Balanced Hosting" solution eliminates all single points of failure. By load balancing our servers, your Web site will have multiple paths to its destination. This is the same technique used with large corporations hosting mission-critical Web sites.

PowWeb Hosting - *On Sale * $3.88/month!

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Web hosting provider IPowerWeb sold!

Wed, 9th May 2007, 02:53

Update: Rumors turned out to be correct, additional information below!

If rumors are correct, IPowerWeb/IPower a leading web hosting provider with over a half million web hosting accounts is currently being arranged for sale to Endurance International. Endurance International has recently been purchasing up large amounts of web hosting providers including PowWeb, FatCow and many more large brands.

If history tends to repeat itself IPowerWeb clients can be expected to be in for an interesting ride. Endurance International is known to heavily moderate their forums & ban users who voice their concerns.

The company's first moves normally include switching to call-centers & support located in India. Shortly afterwards migrating any users to their datacenter location in Boston to their own proprietary control panels and systems.

IPOWER, Inc., ( a leading website hosting provider for small businesses, has been named one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the country by Inc. magazine, which released its 2006 annual ranking of the Inc. 500 on August 23. IPOWER ranked 121 on the list with a three-year sales growth percentage of 801.2%.


Both companies will continue to operate as separate entities despite the merger according to IPowerWeb insiders. Additional announcements regarding the merger will be made available soon!

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ICANN adds new documentation for Registerfly clients

Wed, 9th May 2007, 01:55

Under a preliminary injunction issued in late April by US Federal Court Judge, Manuel J. Real, ICANN now has the right to terminate RegisterFly’s accreditation as soon as possible. The provision to ICANN of current and accurate data for all of RegisterFly’s domain names has also been ordered by the Court as RegisterFly failed to meet the conditions of a temporary restraining order (TRO) which the Court issued on April 16, 2007.

Following the injunction, ICANN is immediately inviting statements of interest from accredited registrars starting Monday, 30 April 2007, to act as a transfer provider, so domain name registrants can gain full access to their domains. The registrar handling the transfers will temporarily hold the names and help registrants transfer to any ICANN accredited registrar of their choice.

ICANN has recently added additional content to their site to assist users of Registerfly's service. The updated information can be found on ICANN's blog here. Registerfly users are urged to perform transfers to other accredited registrars immediately.

Several of the top ten providers on our list do have ICANN accredited registrars providing their domains.

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One billion dollar Anti-Spam suit filed in Virginia

Tue, 1st May 2007, 12:59

Early last week Project Honey Pot ( has filed a lawsuit  seeking damages for email harvesting and spam on behalf of it's thousands of members. More than 15,000 e-mail harvesters and 668 comment spammers have been caught by the honey pot over the past two years.

Comment spammers are the 'spammers' that target forums and blogs like Wordpress, Blogger and many other millions that get spammed daily. The lawsuit was filed against the 2.5 million IP addresses collected by the honey pot.

The project was originally started by Unspam, a leading provider of Government 'Do-Not-Contact' registries.

Unspam is a software and services company helping governments implement and enforce effective laws to control unwanted messages. We also provide basic as well as expert compliance consulting services to businesses wishing to ensure efficient adherence to the law.

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Netcraft releases reliability report

Sun, 29th April 2007, 13:25

Each year Netcraft releases a reliability report of a number of web hosting providers. The new providers included this year are DataPipe, Navisite, and iWeb8.

The performance measurements are made at fifteen minute intervals from separate locations around the internet with averages being calculated every 24 hours.

The report is available here. Results show that three of the ten most most reliable hosts run their web sites on Windows, five on Linux and two on FreeBSD.

Netcraft provides webserver and -hosting market-share analysis including web server and operating system detection and their service is in some cases, depending on the queried server's operating system, able to monitor uptimes. Uptime performance monitoring is a commonly used factor in determining the reliability of a web hosting provider.

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Registerfly lawsuit on the horizon

Tue, 24th April 2007, 16:32

Registerfly clients who have been burned may have another option soon. A new class action lawsuit being arranged by US attorney E. Clarke Dummit is gaining steam.

Over 700 clients have already been named as plaintiffs in the battle. Dummit claims that as many as 75,000 clients have lost their domains and immeasureable amount of damages have been caused.

A site has been setup to organize the suit and can be available below:
Registerfly Lawsuit Site

According to the site RegisterFly's conduct has had substantial, and in many cases severe, impact on individuals and business that currently have domains held by RegisterFly. Repeated efforts by many customers to resolve issues with RegisterFly have proven fruitless. People are continuing to lose their hard won livelihoods as a result of RegisterFly's egregious behavior.

That sounds about right and the lawsuit will be launching full speed ahead soon.

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Dreamhost goes green.

Sat, 21st April 2007, 18:10

Dreamhost is the latest provider to jump on the 'green' bandwagon. What that normally means is that they're tree-hugging, bagel eating hippies (most dreamhost employees are, I hear) but in this case it means they're carbon neutral.

Carbon neutrality means that a project, organization or person can purchase credits to have someone else plant trees on their behalf, reduce emissions elsewhere, etc.

I personally would prefer if companies would get out there and donate their time instead: Plant trees, go around town telling other businesses & get involved directly but at least this is a step in the right direction.

Paying someone else to do it on your behalf just seems like the lazy man's way out.

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Fused Network Introduces Charity Promotion

Mon, 2nd April 2007, 11:15

Toronto, Ontario—(April 2, 2007)— Fused, a provider of web hosting and dedicated hosting solutions, announced today it has begun marketing its new Fused Together promotion, enabling affiliates of the company to donate referral commissions to charitable causes.

To participate in the program, users refer other customers to Fused using a special tracking link. Should referred customers ultimately purchase services from the company, a commission based upon the value of the product or service they purchased will be donated to a charitable cause, chosen by the affiliate.

“One of our highest priorities is to not only be a commercially viable organization, but also one that exercises corporate responsibility and positive stewardship. We are looking forward to supporting the incredible work of charitable organizations throughout the world by offering referral commissions in a donation format, as opposed to a direct pay out to affiliates,” said David McKendrick, Fused Network Operations Manager.

Fused Network hopes to eventually donate $50,000 in commissions to charity throughout the length of the program, and it will run the program indefinitely.

All individuals, whether or not they are customers of Fused Network, are eligible to participate in the program. Additionally, there are no costs associated with participating—affiliates need to solely refer customers to the company to earn commissions.

“As an innovative organization, we felt the need to do something different—something that not only increases participation on a wider scale for a greater good, but also something that can profoundly affect the world around us, from offering assistance to Darfur to working to treat AIDS,” said McKendrick. “We believe our customers will appreciate the role we have taken. We are stepping up to the plate.”

The Fused Together promotion has been in development for the past 6 months as the company prepared for the program’s implementation. In coming months, the program may be revised to increase further participation.

To learn more about Fused Network, please visit

About Fused Network

Launched in 2006 after a year of development, Fused is a leading online provider of Web hosting and dedicated hosting solutions designed to meet the unique and advanced needs of businesses and individuals around the globe. Its servers are powered by Xeon and Opteron processors and are connected to three backbone providers.

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ICANN issues formal Registerfly accreditation termination notice

Sat, 17th March 2007, 03:33

Earlier today ICANN has issued a formal Accreditation Termination Notice. The notice indicates that as of March 31st, 2007 Registerfly will cease operating as an ICANN-Accredited Registrar. Effective immediately ICANN has terminated RegisterFly's right to use the ICANN logo on any parts of it's site.

During these past few months RegisterFly has been in the news quite frequently. Previously here on for several instances regarding mismanagement of their funding and not having their clients' best interests in mind.

Effectively immediately between now and 31 March RegisterFly is required to unlock and provide all necessary Authinfo codes to allow domain name transfers to occur. Any and all registrants wishing to transfer away from RegisterFly during this period should be allowed to do so efficiently and promptly.

Early today the President and CEO of ICANN said "Terminating accreditation is the strongest measure ICANN is able to take against RegisterFly under its powers.. ICANN has been frustrated and distressed by recent management confusion inside RegisterFly.".

"I completely understand the greater frustration and enormous difficulty that this has created for registrants." he said.
ICANN intends to hold a forum to discuss the reform of the Accreditation policy and process at its' Lisbon meeting in a week's time.

You're now all free to transfer away from Registerfly!

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InterServer Completes Construction of New 6,000 Sq. Ft. Datacenter

Thu, 15th March 2007, 04:04

SECAUCUS, N.J. (3/15/2007) – InterServer, Inc. (, a New Jersey based web solutions provider, announced today it has completed its new 6,000 sq. ft. Secaucus, N.J. datacenter after nearly a year of planning, construction and development of the facility.

The new datacenter, housed in a separate portion of the same building as the company’s primary datacenter, will provide vital capacity for additional servers and networking equipment, in addition to 2,000 sq. ft. of additional office space. InterServer had initially investigated an array of other locations to house the new facility but ultimately felt expansion within the same building would maximize efficiency for the network operations team.

Both facilities are powered independently by diesel generators and each benefit from access to an extensive network backbone throughout New York City, Northern New Jersey and London with public peering at NYIIX, PAIX NYC and LINX. The new facility is powered by dual Cisco 6509 SUP720 routers and features a biometric-entry security system and raised flooring to maximize airflow.

“Our new datacenter facility provides us with an important opportunity to expand and further develop our web services, as well as provide more capacity for growth for our customers. In the past several years, we have been limited by a lack of physical space in our facilities, and that has created unique challenges for our team,” said InterServer Chief Technical Officer John Quaglieri. “I am looking forward to begin provisioning this new state of the art facility, and am confident our customers will appreciate the redundancy and scalability we have incorporated into the design of this datacenter.”

Existing customers with servers housed in the company’s other two datacenters will be unaffected and not required to move to the new facility. New orders, however, will be fulfilled in the newly constructed datacenter.

For more information about InterSever, please visit

About InterServer, Inc.
InterServer, Inc. is a privately held web solutions provider operating since April 1999. Located in Secaucus, N.J., the company’s datacenter is less than 12 miles from New York City and Newark, New Jersey, and contains more than 1200 servers. InterServer’s network is powered by Juniper M40 and M5 series routers connected to the Internet by three diverse fiber paths to New York City and Washington DC.
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SupportPRO Introduces SupportDesk 3.0

Mon, 12th March 2007, 11:01

CHICAGO, IL. (March 12, 2007)—SupportPRO (, a provider of outsourced, transparent customer support solutions, today introduced SupportPRO SupportDesk 3.0, an open source helpdesk application providing customer inquiry management for Web hosting and other online businesses.

The software allows customer support professionals in a range of online service industries to manage large volumes of support tickets in a short period of time, due to its intuitive and fast-loading interface.

“SupportPRO SupportDesk was developed with the insight we have gained by providing outsourced transparent technical support to Web hosting and Internet Service Providers for the past four years,” said Aji Abraham, SupportPRO CEO. “Ultimately, we know what works and what does not, and this software is quite reflective of that.”

SupportPRO SupportDesk 3.0 features an AJAX-powered interface, improved security tools, Message Rules, POP3 support and bolstered Spam Filters. It also includes an Application Programming Interface (API) to interface with existing support and customer management systems, and a Mass User Import tool so organizations can migrate from other solutions.

New users may try the software, unrestricted, for two months free of charge. Paid licenses are available at the one-time cost of $99.95, and existing SupportPRO SupportDesk 2.0 users will be able to upgrade free of charge.

To learn more about SupportPRO SupportDesk 3.0, please visit

To learn more about SupportPRO, please visit

About SupportPRO SupportDesk
SupportPRO SupportDesk is an integrated helpdesk system for managing customer inquiries in a Web hosting or online service business environment. The software features an array of tools clustered around the ticket management system, including a knowledgebase, reminder system, and integrated emailing.

About SupportPRO Services
In business since 2003, SupportPRO is a leading provider of outsourced, transparent customer support services for Web hosting and Internet Service Providers. The company responds to support inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on behalf of its clients, and employs RHCE & MCSE Certified Engineers.
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Appliedi.Net Offers Virtual Private Servers Powered by SWSoft Virtuozzo

Mon, 12th March 2007, 11:31

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 12, 2007—Applied Innovations (, a Microsoft Gold Certified web hosting provider specializing in Windows-based Hosting solutions, today introduced Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting powered by SWsoft Virtuozzo virtualization software and Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

The new Windows VPS hosting plans start at $39.95/monthly and include up to 20 GB of storage space, 1GB of dedicated memory and 1000GB of monthly transfer. As a special promotion, plans will include—at no additional charge—a SmarterTools Bundle featuring SmarterMail 4.0, Smarterstats, and Smarterticket as well as a SWsoft Plesk Unlimited Domain license including Plesk Power Pack, a combined value of over $1100.

“Virtual Private Servers represent the next evolution of shared hosting and we find it very important to continually enhance our services to meet the ever increasing needs of our clients, especially growing businesses, developers and resellers,” said Jess Coburn, CEO, Applied Innovations.

“SWsoft Virtuozzo enables leading hosting providers such as Applied Innovations to create multiple virtual environments on a standalone server, making the most efficient use of hardware, software and other resources,” said Kurt Daniel, vice president of marketing and alliances, SWsoft. “With a complete set of management tools, real-time resource allocation and unmatched performance, Virtuozzo is the only virtualization solution appropriate for hosting.”

Applied Innovations’ VPS plans include the ability to host on a private label basis, so hosted accounts are not exposed to the Applied Innovations brand. Additionally, developers have full remote access to their Windows VPS, so they may tweak server configuration settings to better test and deploy their web applications.

The company designed its VPS hosting to do more than solely bridge the gap between shared and dedicated hosting. By leveraging Virtuozzo, customers hosted on Windows virtual private servers will be able to scale, if needed, from a VPS plan to a dynamic dedicated server with near-zero downtime and absolutely no configuration changes.

For more information about Applied Innovations Virtual Private Server hosting, please visit

About SWsoft Virtuozzo
SWsoft Virtuozzo ( is the leading virtualization solution for hosting providers. Virtuozzo operating system virtualization software uses patented technology to create multiple, isolated virtual environments—or virtual private servers—on a single physical server and operating system, making the most efficient use of hardware, software and other resources.

About Applied Innovations
Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Applied Innovations ( is a Microsoft Gold Certified Web hosting provider specializing in Windows Web hosting. Since 1999, Applied Innovations has hosted thousands of domains for small to medium sized businesses internationally, offering world-class service and support at competitive and economical rates.

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Judge signs Registerfly's Death Certificate

Sat, 10th March 2007, 15:32

Judge signs Registerfly's Death Certificate

Former CEO of Registerfly, Kevin Medina has regained control of the domain name registration provider. Less than a week remains before ICANN intends on terminating their registrar status.

In a stunning move, a U.S. District Court Judge on March 8th handed over Registerfly to Kevin Medina, the previous CEO who was in control when the company began to waiver. The previous CEO, John Naruszewicz who had ousted Medina out of the company along with another partner was surprised by the decision. There are no plans to appeal the decision he says, "We lost and it's all over," he says. "The company will implode in days and 1 million domain names are going to be lost. It's a damned shame."

Just 48 hours earlier John had posted a longwinded apology on The apology included some slight assurance that the registrar would make it out of the turmoil and address any issues that were outstanding.

In a suit filed Feb. 12, Naruszewicz alleged that Medina had been stealing money from the company since the middle of last year to fund two Cadillac Escalades, a penthouse apartment in Miami's South Beach, an escort service, and liposuction. Medina denies the allegations and felt the Judge's decision was pleasing. "This decision puts me back in the driver's seat," he said. "I believe I have built a lot of customers that will weather the storm."

With just four days remaining to straighten out all of the outstanding issues before ICANN terminates their registrar accreditation the fate of the company is bleak.

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eNom Severs Registerfly's service

Fri, 9th February 2007, 21:14

As of February 6, 2007, eNom, Inc. terminated RegisterFly, Inc. as an eNom reseller. RegisterFly will continue to have reseller access for 30 days to resolve any outstanding issues. There are over 2 million domains registered through RegisterFly however no information on the exact amount effected by this notice.

Over the last year, eNom has become aware of an increasing number of complaints from dissatisfied RegisterFly customers. eNom recently sent out an offer to the RegisterFly clients offering them assistance in transferring their services directly to eNom at RegisterFly pricing.

eNom is one of the leading provider's of domain name registration on the internet with over 9 million domains under their control.

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