Hosting Zoom Acquired By Landis Holdings

Thu, 23rd October 2008, 02:27

Landis Holdings Inc., better known as JaguarPC, a leading provider of end-to-end web hosting solutions for over a decade has announced the acquisition of Hosting Zoom, Inc. The deal also includes Reseller Zoom and modVPS, divisions of Hosting Zoom. Customers of Hosting Zoom will see immediate benefits with no impact on their hosting plans.

Seems we've heard that before... Typical spin.. In fact, with the evolving global financial market, we're going to be hearing more about these merging and realigning of hosting providers. Some hosting brands are disappearing while in other cases, the branded host's name is kept.

For potential clients researching a host,  the market can get confusing. There are many companies listed on who were great in the early days!  But after their acquisition by either a mega host or capital investment firms, (you know, the ones who need help sending the email asking how much their bonus is going to be), it was all a downhill slide to the mega abyss of hosted hades.

So when Landis Holdings announced yesterday the acquisition of HostingZoom, we began to check the reviews. JaguarPc has glowing reviews by their clients. Their service is described as "Awesome, highly recommended, the gem I have at JaguarPC. Hard to argue with that. ResellerZoom, well not so glowing. From worst host ever to well not so bad!

So I posed some questions to CEO Greg Landis of JaguarPC, as to whether this acquisition was indeed a marriage made in heaven, or whether it would end in a divorce for the clients. The response time for  my inquiry was truly impressive. "

Without question! Since July and all through Aug and Sept we have been hiring people to no end in Jag and for preparing HZ" states Greg Landis. "We made an executive decision to stop some ads and slow other marketing areas. Our main efforts as of now are to turn all our efforts inwards to bolster up the offerings, support, and resources available. Our next stage is to release and share lots of new products and services to all the brands", Landis added,

"Yes I acknowledge some decisions that were made before we acquired HZ, that have caused unnecessary strain on some servers but the majority are in great shape. Still the same, we are tackling these on the head , because we all realize that a reputation is hard to build but easy to lose. I think our actions will speak much louder than my words though.

Greg Landis continues, "I think it speaks volumes for us though to apply some slight brakes during and immediately after an acquisition to make sure we take care of our clients and internal processes. Too often companies buy up another company and end up steam rolling the clients. That won't happen here, not even  come close, quite the opposite. I hope to set a new precedence with acquisitions right now."

 The most recent reviews on HostJury actually reinforce the statements made by Landis concerning HZ. The reviews in recent months have indeed been much more positive.

After some of the recent nightmares highlighted on HostJury concerning acquisitions, Landis Holdings wouldn't have to set the bar very high to set a new precedence. But this one seems to be heading in the right direction! doesn't want to give you our opinionated view of web hosting providers (often geared towards the host that pays the most for advertising) 

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 About Landis Holdings, Inc.

Landis Holdings Inc., based in Houston Texas, provides high-quality Internet hosting solutions and business services to small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, prominent individuals and non-profit organizations worldwide. Landis Holdings’ core portfolio includes JaguarPC, Hosting Zoom as well as wholesale VPS nodes. Their companies provide reseller and wholesale products to over 300,000 domains through its brands.


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