Top 35 Startups missed by TechCrunch. Who Hosts That

Fri, 2nd November 2012, 15:21

StartupPlays was created to increase the success rates of startups, and as part of their efforts, every few months they put together a list and title it the ‘Top 35 Startups that TechCrunch Missed’. As stated on their site, building something new and innovative is an exciting process, but launching it for the world to see and getting those first users is a rush like no other!

The people at StartupPlays are right. Running a startup is hard. Articulating an idea, sharing the vision, getting access to the movers and shakers in the startup field, building the product, hiring talented people, getting access to capital, supporting customers – the list goes on and on. It’s an epic struggle.

When and if the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place and the startup begins to get noticed, all the energy and effort start to be rewarded as your idea gets traction and your website gains traffic. Yet even with the most thought out and well executed plan, it can be sabotaged by picking the wrong web host! 

HostJury has grabbed some of the Top 35 Startups that TechCrunch missed and made our own list.... along with the web hosts they use!


1. Moqups

Moqups is a streamlined HTML5 web application for fast and painless wireframes, mockups and interactive prototypes. 

Prototyping is supposed to be fast and painless. So we built a simple to use app that sits in the browser, loads instantaneously, has a distraction-free user interface and produces crisp wireframes that we can immediately share with our peers. Moqups is built on open standards, striving to provide the best experience within the browser, without compromise... and it's free!

The domain was registered using GoDaddy and is hosted on a dedicated server at LINODE.COM


2. Iconify

Iconify is a responsive portfolio for Creatives that is also downloadable as an app. 

Responsive: Your portfolio will work on any device. Connected: Future clients can call, email, and more, with one click.Never miss a lead.Viral: Get exposure by being easily shared on social networks. Iconic: Anyone can download your portfolio as a mobile app.. Regardless of the hype, this is cool!

Domain is registered using GoDaddy services. is hosted by Media Temple.


3. Fiestah

Screenshot of Fiestah.  Fiestah is a free event planning tool that helps everyday people easily get the things for their events 

Fiestah helps you plan your event by taking the hassle out of finding, contacting, and managing multiple vendors. Simply post your event needs and soon you’ll have caterers, DJs, photographers, and other vendors bidding to work with you. It’s event planning, in a third of the time! is registered using domain registrar TuCows. is hosted on Amazon Web Services. AWS


4. Mevvy

Screenshot of Mevvy. Mevvy searches for apps, software, web tools and useful websites for the purpose of one goal: to create one source that has them all. 

Unlock the doors to the best apps, web tools and software. There are lots of great solutions out there to get things done ... finding them is the tricky part. Mevvy help you skip the search and give you the tool that works best so that you can focus on the actual task.

The domain, is registered through, and hosted on servers.


5. HealthAware

screenshot of healthaware homepage 

HealthAware connects patients with the best practitioners and guarantees excellent service. It is the easiest way to find health practitioners near you, view their availabilities and instantly book appointments online. was registered using Go Daddy Domains Canada and is hosted on servers at Rackspace.  



screenshot of uncomplicates cloud integrations for developers, providing an easier experience to talk to services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. 

Mover was created to streamline the process of transferring your data to the cloud. You can use Mover to change cloud-storage providers, back up your website or files, all while reducing user anxiety about how and where their data is being transferred. Once you are signed up, it takes just a few clicks to start your transfers.

The Whois record for  returns as incomplete?? The website is hosted on Amazon Web Services. AWS.


7. Artery

ScreenShot of Artery. Artery lets you sell anything you can put in your Dropbox folder 

Sell anything you can put in your Dropbox.. Art, music, photography, templates, software, books — whatever you create. Artery is designed to be your canvas to sell downloads, no matter what they are

Domain whois record is incomplete for ??? The site is hosted by Linode. 


8. Taurus

screenshot of Taurus is a service to help developers create product tours for their web applications in 15 minutes using a point and click interface 

Taurus is a service to help developers create product tours for their web applications in 15 minutes using a point and click interface. Product tours are important for SaaS applications, often resulting in a 20-100% improvement in sales. Taurus has been made to install quickly, and be heavily customizable.

The Whois record for  record is incomplete, but the web host for is Amazon Web Services. AWS.


9. Typeform

Screenshot of typeform homepage. Typeform introduces the next generation of online forms. 

Typeform is a better way to ask questions online.

Typeform introduces the next generation of online forms: Engaging, beautiful, flexible & fast. Build your forms with Typeform.

Domain was registered using 1 & 1 and the site's web hosting uses Linode.


10. Home Classmate

screenshot of home classmate homepage. Home Classmate is great for keeping an older person’s spirits up and their mind sharp.

Many elderly people who can't get out easily, get lonely or depressed. Home Classmate is creating classes for seniors that are easy to access, and allow them to interact with other people using a phone or computer.

Domain registration service were provided by Namecheap. is hosted by Websmart which is using LeaseWeb servers.


11. Merge

Screenshot of merge homepage. Merge was designed to leverage your existing data that is spread across multiple softwares, being managed by multiple people, and easily share that data in one simple format — a timeline. 

Merge was built by a collection of people, doing what they love. We believe in building simple products for intelligent people. We found a problem. Your hard work is spread across emails, websites, and apps all happening on multiple devices. We manufactured a solution.

Domain is registered using web hosting is on  Amazon Web Services. AWS. 


12. Kera

screenshot of Kera homepage. Kera is the powerful, new way to onboard users with interactive tutorials that overlay on live websites. 

Kera is the powerful, new way to onboard users with interactive tutorials that overlay on live websites.

The whois record is showing as incomplete but is hosted on Amazon Web Services. AWS



screenshot of heatmaps homepage. Heatmaps is a mobile quality analytics 

Heatmaps is a mobile quality analytics. It is the first-ever usability tool for iPhone and iPad applications that uses heat maps, gesture recognition and AB testing to help developers improve the quality of their apps and increase their revenue. Over 100 apps are already using the service in beta, including those in travel, gaming, m-commerce, productivity, entertainment, and education.

The domain, was registrar through SADAF Tecnology Development. The website for Heatmaps is hosted on servers.


14. Cappture

screenshot of Cappture website. Cappture is an iPhone application which is yet to be released that is playing with the concept of time in photography 

Cappture is an app based around capturing your day to day life through our calendar oriented platform. We're focused on the concept of time and how we can take photography back through the past decades while sharing with today's technology.

Domain was registered using web host is  Media Temple 


More to come shortly! 

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