Facebook doesn't like F.B. Purity clean look

Wed, 19th December 2012, 17:44

Not yet satisfied with their work screwing up Instagram’s Terms of Service, the Facebooks legal team have turned their attention to the developer of the F.B. Purity browser extension and issued a ban on his use of Facebook. While not yet in effect, it is likely that the F.B. Purity fan page will also be shut down.

F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity is a browser addon / greasemonkey script / anti spam tool for Facebook, in the form of a browser extension that alters your view of facebook to show only the most relevant information to you, by filtering out the annoying and irrelevant junk in your news feed, such as application spam, ads, sponsored stories etc. It also gives you the option to hide the boxes you don't want to see on the right and left hand sides of the homepage, and also lets you hide many other Facebook annoyances.

FaceBook says their terms of service(ToS) specifically prohibit interference with the way Facebook is rendered to its users” and that the extension doesn’t connect via their “API”, which they say is the approved method for interacting with Facebook’s services.

Steve the developer of F.B. Purity says because it is a browser extension rather than an apt, F.B. Purity extends the browser's own functionality. So technically it is actually the web browser that is accessing Facebook, and web browsers do not need an API key or license to access Facebook’s services, as Facebook is designed to run in a web browser. (editor’s note.. If Steve gets tired of development, there may be a future for him as part of FaceBook’s legal team!)

This is not Steve’s first interaction with the suited types from FB. Back in 2010, Facebook threatened legal action saying his extension, then named Facebook Purity, infringed on their trademark. Steve says that FaceBook is trying to renege on an agreement reached during that interaction with Facebook’s Domain Manager, which allowed him to rebrand the product as “Fluff Busting Purity aka F.B. Purity”. FaceBook is now requesting  that Steve cease using FB in both the branding, and domain name for his product.

Speaking about domain names, is registered using Namecheap. The F.B. Purity website has used both and for web hosting but in June of this year switched to web hosting provider Inmotion Hosting.