In the dying ebb of winter these web hosts are just dead

Thu, 7th March 2013, 21:03

Not all clients of web hosting companies are afraid of death.. some just don't want to be there when it happens... The lucky ones (aka..former clients) may write a review concurring with Mark Twain when he said “I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it." For those misfourtunate to still be clients, they possibly wish they had just paid closer attention to the web hosting reviews and are praying for backups that are not corrupted!  Welcome to the HostJury deadpool

Man in coffin saying on the phone  


Layered Networks

If you've been looking for Australian based Layered Networks, founded in 2007, the domain now currently redirect to a search page allowing you to search faster. Layered Networks have closed the doors but they did send out an email before their demise. 

Dear John Doe 

We regret to inform you that, due to financial constraints, Layered Networks is unable to continue providing hosting services. In order to prevent downtime of website services, customers should transfer their web hosting and domain name registration accounts to a new provider as soon as possible.

Special codes are required to transfer domain names. They can be known as domain keys, passwords, or auth/epp codes. Please visit our client portal, click on My Domains, click the details icon next to the domain, then the Get EPP Code button down the bottom under Management Tools. If a Registrar Lock is enabled on your domain, please uncheck this option and Save Changes before transferring.

We appreciate your past business and wish you well with your new provider. 


Shortly after another email was sent to clients with additional information stating: 

We have previously sent out an email in regards to the discontinuance of services. Website and remote email access should continue to operate as normal during the next few weeks, allowing you some time to make alternate arrangements. 

In order to make the transfer of web hosting easier, we are generating a backup of your cPanel account in your home directory. Updates will be posted soon. 

Layered Networks. 

The description of Layered Networks may lends some clues to their corporate philosophy.

Layered Networks aim is to provide quality hosting services to web developers and webmasters. With highly skilled staff that have over 10 years experience in system administration, Layered Networks is a provider you can count on.

While any web host closing up shop is never easy, there are lessons that could be learned by others on how to handle a difficult situation tactfully. Layered Networks handled their unfortunate reckoning with grace, and class, in a manner meant to bring the least disruption to the clients they served.

Well done. On to the next one which may be one in need of the lesson!



ChuneX  company profile stated the the web host was founded in January of 2012. While it may be accurate that the company idea was hatched in January, the domian was only registered in July of 2012.

The majority of search returns using the keywords “ChuneX web hosting” renders links for either ChuneX Affiliate Program "neX" which could net up to $50.00 per referral or to coupon codes for 50% off discount links.

Continuing with the company description  “From the very beginning, ChuneX had one goal in mind: To provide the best hosting service possible. ChuneX strive to provide the best service and do everything we can to ensure our many clients with a QUALITY web hosting solution that will meet the rising technology demands of today's business society.“

Lofty ambitions but goals that many in the web hosting industry, who have garnered their reputations through hard work, may take exception to considering the methods utilized by ChuneX.

Before the ink was hardly even dry on the domain registration,  ChuneX was touting itself in one marketing forums stating in the about us description:  

We are an established web hosting company that offers Web Hosting as well as VPS Hosting. We have recently set up shared minecraft hosting in order to bring a quality service that users will never forget to the Minecraft Market. Our philosophy is different from the rest. We won't even attempt to compete with those who are offering servers at $5 per GB of RAM, as we feel that you truly do get what you pay for. Our prices are definitely affordable, and with the quality you receive, you won't be disappointed. 

In this same marketing forum JChun suggested growth may be outpacing resources when he wrote:

“We have added a plugin setup package (one time $15) and a plugin advanced management package ($10/monthly). Grab them today before they're all gone! (we can't accept unlimited orders of these due to staffing and difficulties in finding proper staff)”

This established web hosting company now returns a blank white page with privacy enabled on the domain.


Holdfire Network

A review of Holdfire Networks that appeared prior to their demise, posted by Marie, may have suggested things were not heading in a good direction for Holdfire. The review stated in part: 

a good host right up until mid 2011, when the original owner stopped updating any of the social network accounts for the company, and in the following months, uptime continually decreased until at one point in February 2012, my site was reverted to its state in either 2008 or 2009. At which point I knew that due to a lack of available support and multiple online forum postings indicating that others were having the same issues, the company had gone under. 

Marie added that while the domain was functional, it was redirecting to a company called Flaredhost. sent an email address posted on the redirected page and got a response quite quickly.

As well as confirming that Flaredhost closed shop in 2012, the respondent stated regarding the Holdfire landing page 

it's quite simple. Maintenance mode was disabled and not re-enabled. Email notifications are [obviously] sent out so if there were orders coming in (which there aren't) then I would have caught this sooner. Thanks for the heads up and have a lovely day. 

Holdfire it appears, is now gone! 



screenshot of redirected dynacloud domain to Fit 2 Page website 

The screenshot says it all. Yes I was expecting dynaCloud and I get a placeholder from.. Fit2Page

Moving on..



Vizaweb was prominently featured in a post written on HostJury back in 2007. Being a web hosting company featured on HostJury is not to be construed as a bad thing... unless of course the title of the post is Horrible web hosting providers reviewed


Since 2002 Vizaweb (at least from what we can gander based on the score) has been sucking like a Hoover. Sadly, this is the web hosting industry & not home appliances. If it were though, these folks would be in the lead! 

While the Vizaweb domain did continue to resolve until very recently, a search of the company on the web could lead to speculation that very few clients remained with the sinking ship.

Chose your web hosting provider wisely.. and read the reviews! 

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