Namecheap revamps their offerings

Tue, 4th February 2014, 17:55

Big things are happening at NamecheapYou can see it in the design of the website alone: the place is practically rebuilt from the ground up. And so tastefully, too. It’s nice to see a massive company like Namecheap eschew the overwhelming, in your face block images and matte colors that seem to enthrall so many web designers these days. And no stock models laughing at something just off screen- GoDaddy and Endurance International these people ain't.

No great change happens easily of course, and on closer inspection we did notice a bit of a snag with the page’s  rel="nofollow"GTMetrix score, which could be expected growing pains, an E? We reached out to the press department at Namecheap to try and put a finger on the somewhat sluggish, if gorgeous design.

(Editor's note.. Namecheap did ask for feedback on their new site design... We've left a space for their response but I guess they didn't like our question!)

Beyond optimization, there’s the question of mobile accessibility, which one could probably argue was the primary reason for the redesign. By that metric, Namecheap’s redesign passes with flying colors. The challenge with any mobile display is of course trying to free your reader from the unimmersive zoom feature. Content gets layered, and then the struggle is finding a way to nest the information without losing the viewer. But it’s gorgeous the way they’ve done it. In fact, it does go to show the staggering trend away from the PC, even if the desktop and laptop remain the central devices in the tech world. For websites, tablet and phone accessibility is a must, of course, but the design- the face of the internet, if you will, seems to be more and more tailored towards its appearance on a mobile device. It does lead one to speculate about the future of the website. Thus far, some element of desktop design has remained in the layout of most websites- Namecheap’s community page is a perfect example of subtle, scrolling tradition. Who knows how quickly that will change as form catches up to function- or how information will be displayed if and when the desktop becomes a mere limb of computing and not the backbone. Now, maybe you’re thinking that this is something of a navel-gazing way to talk about a site overhaul. Well, good design breeds conversation, doesn't it?

And the front-page redesign isn't the only newcomer to Namecheap’s oeuvre. They've also upgraded their OX App Suite, yet another concession to the mobile market, to make it easier to view documents and synchronize text and files. The OX App Suite, if you’re unfamiliar, is a wonderful project that helps mobile users free themselves from proprietary user-interfaces, putting power in the hands of content providers when it comes to user experience and accessibility.

Namecheap is a leader in the hosting industry, and what this redesign tells us is that in terms of form, they see which way the wind is blowing. A good sign for users and investors alike.

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