The Transitive Nature of Green Value Hosting

Thu, 11th September 2014, 19:02

Customer satisfaction is our ethos! Well so goes the motto of GreenValueHosting, a two-year old hosting company with a less than stellar reputation and a relatively young team of administrators (editor's note: Green Value Hosting also goes by the alias Green Value Host, GVH, and Green Value Networks). GVH is a common sight on hosting forums and not just for their regular deals. They say no press is bad press, but read a little further and decide for yourself.

GVH over the past couple months could works as a poster child for the underbelly of the cut rate, low-end hosting industry, the world of kiddie hosts, oversold resellers reselling the oversold reselllers, and fly-by-night discount providers. The industry is there because the price is right, but, if you’re ever wondering just what you’re paying for, well, you may be surprised.

When our story begins, GVH’s reputation is already pretty banged up, to put it mildly. Often, hosts end up in our deadpool for nothing more than mediocre service aggravated by poor customer relations. GVH managed to top that recipe: combining outrageous levels of downtime with an aggressive, hostile founder in Jonathan Nguyen, a constant presence anywhere where there may be GVH naysayers.

Complaints threads on that forum with the partisan webhosts spouting the only unbiased web hosting reviews on the web jargon is perhaps the ultimate case study in passive-aggression, but there’s always been the question of just how independent GreenValueHost really is- and how much of their business is linked to the much more established Colocrossing.

In a sense, it’s actually difficult to summarize just what GVH did wrong- merely because there’s so much there to tell. A poorly-managed reseller program left in tatters? Check. Almost continual downtime for reasons obscured by ill-conceived nonsense like an imaginary DDoS or a hacked SolusVM? Check, check, check.

At a certain point, however, the GVH story stops looking like your classic host meltdown- your BurstNets and your VolumeDrives, and takes a sharp turn into the utterly bizarre. After an extended downtime and a typically poor response from Jonathan Nguyen, the internet was shocked (read: mildly amused) to hear of Nguyen’s impending resignation from the position of Operations Director, leaving the company he founded in the capable hands of Jaroslav Urban, a Czech warez pioneer American office manager potentially non-existent sock puppet for Nguyen to retain control while publicly stepping down.

No doubt you’ve seen companies make poor choices in selecting new leadership, but this may be the first time we’ve seen a new employee’s very existence called into question. Urban’s work in the new position did little to quell the concern over GVH’s service outages, and attempts to start a new reseller program while their old one languished and died, and for a time the question was ‘Is there even a GVH, or is it just Colocrossing now?”

It was about this time that Jon Nguyen threatened to kill himself.

And that was the odd moment where the slippery nonsense of the hosting industry had to pause for a moment, and everyone marvelled at the simple fact that all of this business, all of these clients, and sites- all depended on the services of an overtaxed 17-year old in far, far over his head.

Nguyen is fine, by the way, and nominally speaking GVH still exists. You can pretty much decide for yourself whether or not their latest new deals are worth wading into that swamp for. For our part, we don’t really know how to cap off this story. It’s not often that a piece of hosting news ends with ‘at least no children died, thankfully,’ so perhaps ending there is best.

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