Wix announces new beta editor

Wed, 26th February 2020, 21:46

Earlier this month, website builder Wix announced Editor X, a new and more advanced creation platform. The platform offers more advanced and flexible capabilities aimed at web agencies and designers while making use of CSS technologies like Flexbox and Grid.

In a press release, Wix Co-Founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami boasted about the capabilites of the new platform. “We understand the evolving needs of designers and their clients, and we innovate to address their sophisticated demands and diverse requirements.”

However, he also placed emphasis on ease of use and accessibility for CSS, since Editor X allows for advanced options through a drag and drop menu instead of exclusive use of code. “Wix has established itself as a leader in the DIY market, and at the same time we are enabling those who build websites for others. Editor X is the solution for these users with more complex design needs.”

Along with the use of drag and drop, Editor X includes functions for grid layouts and scaling as well as the flexibility for multiple viewports and responsive behavior. “Wix is built to meet any client need with the combination of Editor X, the ability to code if necessary, and the existing comprehensive business solutions already available from Wix,” Abrahami concluded

While Editor X has not been fully rolled out yet, the Beta period is currently open for signups at editorx.com.

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