Let's Encrypt announces one billion certificates served

Fri, 28th February 2020, 02:34

Today, security nonprofit Let’s Encrypt announced that it has issued one billion SSL/TLS certificates. These certificates, which Let’s Encrypt issues for free as part of the Internet Security Research Group, allow for users to use HTTPS on their websites for better security.

In a blog post by Josh Aas and Sarah Gran, the company reflected on what has changed since the last milestone of one hundred million in June 2017. “One thing that’s different now is that the Web is much more encrypted than it was. In June of 2017 approximately 58% of page loads used HTTPS globally, 64% in the United States. Today 81% of page loads use HTTPS globally, and we’re at 91% in the United States! This is an incredible achievement. That’s a lot more privacy and security for everybody.”

Aas and Gran also noted that Let’s Encrypt has gone from serving 46 million sites to 192 million, meaning that there was 4X growth in less than three years. They cited an increased budget, staff, and browser requirements with this growth, but also the ACME protocol that the company uses. “ACME allows for extensive automation, which means computers can do most of the work. It was also standardized as RFC 8555 in 2019, which allows the Web community to confidently build an even richer ecosystem of software around it. Today, thanks to our incredible community, there is an ACME client for just about every deployment environment.”

The post then closed with a thank you to the Let’s Encrypt community for its continued growth. “As a community we’ve done incredible things to protect people on the Web. Having issued one billion certificates is affirmation of all the progress we’ve made as a community, and we’re excited to keep working with you to create an even more secure and privacy-respecting Web for everyone.”

Fused has been using and supporting Let’s Encrypt since its launch with over 5,000 sites on their network being seamlessly secured by it. Congratulations to Let’s Encrypt for this momentous milestone!

If you would like to contribute to Let’s Encrypt’s ongoing efforts for internet security, you can donate here.

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