Micfo Alternatives: What Micfo Users Should do

Sat, 9th May 2020, 14:17

With Micfo offline permanently after a three day outage, it's time to look for an alternative to Micfo.

Micfo websites are down as of 48+ hours ago for what was originally announced as an issue with their datacenter. Just today however, it was made clear that micfo users should seek alternative hosting options. 

In an email to clients yesterday, Micfo CEO Amir Golestan stated that Micfo had services shutdown due to non-payment to their datacenter provider Digital Realty Trust ($DLR). While Micfo attempted to come to an agreement with DRT regarding a payment plan, the plan was denied by the datacenter due to the severity of the bills and other variables.

We intend to cover some of those variables in another article, but for now it's prudent to seek a micfo alternative in order to get any impacted websites back online.

Micfo Alternatives

Fused is offering a micfo refugee special. With this special coupon code, Fused will assist you in restoring your data. If you don't have a copy of your data, they'll attempt to retrieve it as best they can. 

Navigate to the Fused site and sign up using the coupon code micfo on any annual hosting plan to receive hosting for $99 a year, assistance restoring your account & fused's five star team will help accordingly. 

Siteground is well rated and received on WebHostReviews.com and would prove to be a good micfo alternative. You can click here to review their available packages and see what works best for your site.

Other Micfo Alternatives
If you've found another alternative that works, tweet us @hostjury or email [email protected] and we'll be sure to write about it.

Best of luck to everyone searching for a micfo alternative with such short notice. 

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