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At 2MHost, we’re always looking to enhance our affordable web hosting services. We want all of our customers to feel right at home and to be able to use our support team to make their hosting experience as awesome and as helpful as possible. Since 2001, we’ve served over 10,000 clients on all 6 continents and have been recognized internationally for excellence by many trade publications and review sites.


We offer realistic hosting plans which guarantee excellence to our clients. Our clients enlist in our services knowing that our plans will fully support their needs and that our servers are fully equipped to handle their traffic.


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Hosting Reviews for 2MHost

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2mhost.com hosting service is amazing. Its been 2 years now I am associated with 2mhost and no downtime at all. Server response time is excellent. In-fact in past I have hosted several other domains with 2mhost. Will continue hosting my website with 2mhost.


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I have been using 2Mhost for about 7 years. My experience has been good. I started with one site and now have five sites on 2Mhost. Great value. Only concern is that at times the support staff does not immediately understand issues. I suspect that this is a language issue. My only desire would be for them to have telephone support for emergency issues.

    Review Rating

These folks give me everything I want and don't overcharge me. They give a choice of servers and I think I've had an hour or two of downtime since I joined. Much better than their leading competitors.

I might also add, 2mHost doesn't upsell you after your first year or two the way the leading "cheap" hosts will. I've been with a few hosts over the years and they are the best I've seen so far, especially if you are on a budget.

    Review Rating

Cheap and Reliable is their mantra and they live up to it!!

It has been 13 years now I am with 2mhost. They gave very good support in all these years. The server uptime is good. The website loading speed is good. Most importantly, the pricing is good. I would definitely recommend you try 2mhost.

Vijith Nair,

ArtOwls - The Graphic Design Studio



    Review Rating

Serious problems have developed at 2mHost since about April/May 2006 with respect to their EMAIL service. Their spam boxes are grossly inconsistent and their servers are now down way too often. This is troubling for a firm that use to be reliable. We will be changing service providers if the situation doesn't improve by the end of this month.

    Review Rating

They are an ok host. I had issues with reliability and support. They take a fair while to respond to support requests. I also had a lot of down time at the start of my contract with them for no apparent reason. They were slow to notify me of this.


    Review Rating


2MHost is the single worse hosting company in the world. Server has been down about 2 to 4 times a month. Its even down when their server is up and my site is still down.


    Review Rating

2mhosts was the first company i ever used. I lasted 2 months befor ei got fed up and switched to another company. Very little space, no preinstalled scripts, no databases, just awful. Support never answered my questions, site was down quite often. Not one positive thing to say.

    Review Rating

I think that this host forgets that we actually pay them and not the other way around and that we have choices. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE -- THIS COMPANY IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. USE A MORE RELIABLE PROVIDER.

My story...

I spent an extensive amount of time reviewing VPS providers because I needed a plan that would allow heavy mysql usage. I chatted with a representative from 2mhost that assured me that they would be able to accommodate my needs. I paid for three months in advance and low and behold, they could not handle it. They shut down my site after 1.5 months because of heavy mysql usage and would not refund my money. I gripped and so they finally refunded 1 month. Here is the response from customer service:

"I'm sorry, we will not able to offer you refunds, You already know that your account will abuse the system and should ask before placing order and cause troubles to us, you can move today or stay withing the normal usage.



    Review Rating

they will shut you down in no time do not try to send a newsletter you will get cut off no warning.

Lawrence Kim

    Review Rating

Please guys, dont even think of this guys, they are the worst. I have officially moved out.

Its run by an individual. called norman. and it can take you even 2-3days to get a response from them. they never warn you when going down, they never give their contacts. They guy talks as if we need him and he doesnt need us. . Its wasting your time and money to use them

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