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3Essentials provide web hosting for personal use and business customers. Whether you're an individual looking to host pictures of your family and access email for your own domain name or a business looking for a reliable web hosting provider to outsource your day to day hosting operations, 3Essentials have a solution to meet and exceed your needs.

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Hosting Reviews for 3Essentials

Ben Wigoder

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There have been a few cases of downtime for several minutes, but the staff work hard to fix any problems.

Hard working, professional staff who bend over backwards to help you.

In my early days with them they even helped me debug PHP scripts (I've improved).

They've also helped me out as a long term customer by creating a custom plan for a client - I highly recommend these guys as they aren't just another fly-by-night operation (how many web hosts come and go..)


    Review Rating

Have been using the 3essentials service for 6 years. Always have good things to say about them. Recently moved to their new cloud stuff and have really liked the new version of the OS and Panel thingy. Once you find a good provider stick with them, that's my motto anyways ;)

Dana Laney

    Review Rating

I have been a customer of 3essentials since 2009. The team at 3essentials is always courteous and prompt in reponding to my issues.

They help me to maintain a professional and knowledgable image to my customers. I have been with several hosting services, and none compare to 3essentials support department. And when it comes to web hosting, support is everything when you need it.


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Have been with 3essentials about a year, and have found their virtual / cloud solutions to be a perfect fit for our business model.

I like having control over the server, but when I get stuck I can ask for help.


Jamie Spangle

    Review Rating

I have hosted several sites with 3Essentials for around 4 years now. Until a few months ago I had nothing but praise. Recently, I have experienced nothing but trouble. On 4 separate occasions there have been server outages lasting more than 24 hours, the current one lasting 4 days. Repeat: 4 days with 0% server uptime. The current reason is they are moving location. I'm sure that's good for them but is of no good to me or my clients (I am a professional web dev). I received notification of this only 4 days before it was to happen. They have provided no generic http redirect 'sorry for the inconvenience' page. My clients now have 404 errors where their websites used to be. I am switching to PowerDNN.

Ken Boettger

    Review Rating

I was paying by credit card. An issue with my CC company and 3Essentials shut down the websites of my clients in 6 days! It takes one day to be informed of the problem. Five days for payment to reach the credit card company. Explained this to 3Essentials and their response was "we don't care, we just want our money". Twelve hours later they went forward in shutting down my domains. There is more to an ISP than technical issues. There are business issues - particularly how they treat their customers. These people just want their money. Very greedy. And if they are willing to lose my $1000 a year potential across all domains for a $10 payment for one month on one domain... well, you can see how incredibly incompetent this company is. I tried to discuss it with them and they were extremely rude. There are better ISPs out there.

    Review Rating

3essentials Hosting services have gone really bad, they don't provide the same customer support like they used to. They would not help me out with a problem we had with their hosting service for months and now I have finally moved my website away from them, they are not even replying to my requests for the refund I am supposed to be getting. They used to be good and I am a loyal customer for years, but now they just fob me off with copied and pasted responses.

Cadillac P

    Review Rating

3Essentials is one of the cheapest around and you definitely get what you pay for. I had to perform days of additional work just to prove to them my windows hosting plan wasn't allocated the right amount of resources and then sent them a copy of the original ticket highlighting their original promise...Once they realized it was a check mate Support Manager Damon's response "To be honest, I haven't gone back and read every ticket in your history, I'm not sure that's necessary for the discussion".

Really?? Who does that?????


Robert S

    Review Rating

I have been ripped off by 3essentials for 8 years. I just found out that I could have received 10X the service and features from GoDaddy while saving $1200.00 PER YEAR. 3essentials has cost me over $50,000.00 in business due to their poor service and horrible customer service. I am willing to share factual data with ANY legitimate review source in an effort to prevent other businesses from getting ripped off and losing money. BE VERY AWARE OF THIS COMPANY! They are ranked VERY low in comparison to other companies that provide the same services and NOW I KNOW WHY!

Carlos Ascensao

    Review Rating

3 Essentials has worsened to a dangerous level for any Digital Marketing agency

I have been a customer of 3 Essentials Hosting since July 2011.

For a while they met with what was asked of them, websites and e-mail working.

Support was available and competent.

Lately they have failed in every way.

I have 5 websites down since 4 days due to an attack.

There had already been 2 more attacks that knocked down other sites in the last month.

Their support can't bring the sites online, nor does it give me the opportunity to migrate the sites to another hosting company.

A real terror.

I'm hostage to a bunch of irresponsible incompetents not knowing why, because I've never done them harm.

I always paid them on time and more expensive than the market average. What do they want most?

Get away from this company!

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