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3iX are the leaders in Reliable, Low-Cost, Web Hosting, Superior Equipment, the Latest Software, High-Speed Connections in 3ix US Data Center, backed up by Support Professionals who really care, with web hosting plans from just 1 Dollar a month. It's no wonder that more and more people are hosting their websites with 3iX...


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Hosting Reviews for 3ix


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I have four sites hosted with 3ix and I chose them for the price and experienced a few problems mentioned below, but in the last six months there spotty service has gone to from eh to horrible. I'm currently on a two day outage while they upgrade the servers.

Shared hosting for the fail.

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Great fast support but I went through a rough patch where my site was down every single day. This meant I was onto support everyday for a few weeks. The worst time it was down for about 8 hours and they said they were working on it. I would recommend to go with a host that has an active support forum where you can talk to other people. I ended up switching my main sites to another host because of their reliability issues.


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I have reseller accounts with them.. from 3 years.. last 2years it was ok. but now.. sites are down from 4 days.. I am really disappointed.. frustated with their service.. And the reasons are silly..


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Not good enough, 3ix support is odd because they make a lie for all down-times which is at random because one time my site was down for a whole day, and then other times I get random down-times 1-2hrs a day, somethings up with this host there not in the USA there in Thailand, would not recommend.


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It is cheap, but the service is very disappointing. Down time are frequent and can last over 5 days! Support is slow and often useless.

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there support sucks. they say they offer netpbm and imagemagick but is not configured on there servers. there support is a joke. the company says its based texas when its based out of thiland

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totally, really bad,

1. support cannot resolve issues, any push problems to customers.

2. no db backup, i requested a sql backup at 20 Nov, they told me their latest backup was 17 May.

3. they don't want to pay. i applied affiliate program and my account $ > 50, which they told me i can withdraw, but after that there's no response from them, live chat always keep saying "we will contact you ASAP", then the ASAP for 2 month till now, still no response.


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I´m hosting my site with 3ix for more than 1,5 years now, never had problems (only a few downtimes, but "normal") till a few months ago. I had my site down for a 4 days!! My site is getting down 2x a month, which some take more than 2 days to be online again!

They sold my dedicated ip address twice for another person, so i needed to rekey my ssl, etc.

Stay away from this company! Yea, it´s pretty cheap, but only for garbage site! If is a personal page is ok, but NOT recommended for business.


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Avoid 3ix at all costs!! Their prices may be low, but you get what you pay for - rubbish service.

In my experience, they are the worst hosting providers on the planet! If you want diabolical customer support and non-working website, then feel free to join them but prepare to be constantly frustrated with their service.

Here are the few experiences I had:

1. Website/server down - 50+ times in a year! - I lost lots of business/traffic.

2. Support - Telling lies and trapping customers to use their service, they even end the chat sessions when I complain.

3. Domains - They lied to me saying I can transfer after expiry (domains have 90 day redemption period), which I couldn't.


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I opened a ticket with them regarding inaccurate info on July 28, it is now Aug 23, and they STILL haven't fixed their problems. They don't respond, it's a chatbot, DO NOT USE 3iX, they are horrible


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I have had a problem with them for over four months. They don't respond, they use bots to e-mail you, they are the definition of incompetent. AVOID AVOID AVOID

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