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4Java.ca expertise makes it possible for companies and individual clients to focus on their core business while outsourcing application services to 4Java.ca. Based on efficiencies within our business and 4java level of expertise 4java will lower your company’s costs in infrastructure and application management as well as speed up your time to market in releasing new services.


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Hosting Reviews for 4Java

Richard Mainic

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I was looking for another web hosting provider because my current one always got on my nerves because of the downtime - it was a nightmare experience in comparison with my new host. I found 4java, their we hosting plans attracted more than any other companies and I dealt with it. I have been using them for a year and 8 months and have to say that I had downtime only one or two times, but when I contact their support team, they were really helpful and solved the problems within an hour. Visitors of the site and I are happy with the speed connectivity - we don't wait for hours when the page will be uploaded. I got everything I need as it specializes in Java hosting. All in all, I have to give 4java a perfect 100% on my grading scale for their reliability, stability, performance, and excellent customer support.

G Cohen

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Since they moved to a new server location in Chicago the server up time for my sites is terrible

Keith Fuller

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When I first started using 4Java they provided a scarce service that was hosted locally. Since then they appear to have been sold to an American company that is pretty clearly operating the business as a cash cow; zero support and total disregard for customers. They don't answer the chat request, they don't respond to tickets, they don't answer email, and they don't even answer the phone as 4Java anymore. The new mail address is in Chicago, not Toronto; be aware of the security implications of having your data exposed to US regulatory regimes before you commit to this company if you reside outside of the US.

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