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InMotion Hosting has excellent customer support. The technical team is reachable by phone 24/7, and the wait time is minimal.

More importantly, they are very knowledgeable. In addition, they will volunteer helpful information (as opposed to just answering the questions asked).

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I have dealt with several other hosting companies, and my experience with Inmotion has been much better than the others. To my knowledge, my site has never been down. I have used their technical support many times. I never had to wait long, and they always answered my question to my satisfaction. I also liked Inmotion's cpanel control panel better than other control panel interfaces I have used.

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They actually listen to what your whole problem is, and not just picking out the key words they need to hear to get you off the phone ASAP. Never more than a few minutes of wait time. Great pricing, Anybody could afford a website with them. I give them a 10 out of 10. It seems I was just picking "Perfection" on each category for ease, but they really do excel. Thanks

William Oppenheimer

    Review Rating

Best support in a hosting company I've ever seen. Techs are immediately available and know what they're doing.

Bruce Guthrie

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InMotionHosting is just awesome. Everything works straight out of the box and the support is sensational.


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I highly recommend InMotion Hosting. Having switched providers, they are a cut above the rest.

Shane Harris

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I switched to inmotion from another host. Let me say customer support is steller. Never on hold more than 2 minutes. Very knowledgeable techs who take time to help you through your issue.

I am getting excellent page load times compared to mediatemple which is why I switched.

Honestly, when I first read reviews here they were all so good I thought they were fake. But from my experience so far I am finding inmotion to be what I need.

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Just switched to inmotion hosting last week after an awful 3 years with JustHost - so glad I made the switch. Inmotion has a great support team who makes things easy to understand and they always take time to chat with you and make sure you understand what needs to happen. There pricing is on average $2 cheaper/month then my previous host. In making the transition I had one of my domains go down for about 3 hours and I emailed them and received a phone call from a support team member who was fixing the problem and within minutes the site was back up and fully operational - something that could've taken a week at just host took mere minutes with inmotion. Great company, highly reliable and definitely recommended to all.

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I have been using InMotion Hosting for 8+ years. First, migrated away from GoDaddy and instantly was impressed with the quality of service offered by inMotion. My websites loaded much quicker the level of customer support is excellent. I have used shared and VPS servers with InMotion and recently been using MaxCDN for my CDN.

Never have had more than 10 minutes of downtime because everything seems to work flawlessly 100% of the time. Once, I did have a problem with my site getting defaced. InMotion did contact me and replaced the index file within 15 minutes.

Been very happy with InMotion Hosting over the years and really feel I am in excellent hands with them. They are a big part to my success online. I have referred hundreds of people over to InMotion hosting and they usually thank me for the recommendation.

    Review Rating

Your operator Christian B. was an exceptional help! L7ESAAO


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I have been an InMotion Hosting customer for over 7 years. I currently have a level 2 VPS account with about 80 sites hosted on it. I have been happy overall. I can reach someone for tech support 24/7. However, if it is too technical, they require you to submit a ticket for Tier 2 support (nearly impossible to get a Tier 2 person on the phone). *Most* of the people I have interacted with have been very knowledgeable and helpful. Every once in awhile I have had a less-than-helpful interaction with a tier 1 operator. But overall, I have the impression that these guys are honest and professional, but there *is* room for improvement ("perfection") in all four areas.

    Review Rating

InMotionHosting.com offers an exceptional value, reliable technology, and very good customer support to AgilityEvents.net, Click-2-Run (webservice to dozens of clients across North America) and my many clients on the VPS.

I needed a lot of additional help getting things sorted out as my previous host organized things quite differently, but I can honestly say that I'm confident in the efficient, flexible, and powerful services available to our sites through inMotionHosting.com

If you're a seasoned hosting pro, a developer in need of a server with some real horsepower, or someone just looking for 'something better' - I would highly recommend taking a serious look at the packages available at inMotionHosting.com.

Cult Doctor

    Review Rating

Been with them for years, migrated my domains to them. Easy but powerful interface. FAST and REAL tech support. Been with other hosts, no comparison.

    Review Rating

The whole process of migration was excellent. In Motion gave me everything I needed in a very timely fashion. Love em.


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I had been a customer of inmotion hosting VPS service since Apr 2012. I was quite happy with the service and the couple of times I talked with tech support they were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Unfortunately, I got an email saying my account was compromised (through a php script) and used in a denial of service attack. I immediately contacted tech support and was told they would call me back shortly. They called back and told me they have a zero tolerance policy for this behavior and therefore they were terminating my account... it was a bit weird because they were vague and seemed to imply I was the one who initiated the attack. I asked if I could speak to somebody and was told that the decision was made and that was that. They nicely made my data available as an archive file, I downloaded it and moved to a new provider. It kinda sucked having to scramble to get things back up. Anyway, I otherwise felt they were a good provider, but not particularly happy how things ended.


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Have been using InMotion's Reseller account for a little over 2 months now and their speed, accessibility and ease of use is great. If you are small to medium sized professional in need of a reliable non-EIG host - look to In Motion Hosting. We are liking what we are getting there compared to BlueHost or JustHost & Arvixe and Eleven2.

    Review Rating

InMotion is down VERY often, today they tell me my site will not be available for 4 to 24 hours because they screwed up the name servers somehow. This is a terrible host if you need reliability

    Review Rating

Last year they were hit by a defacement attack where all the front pages of the sites were changed to an ugly page declaring that it had been hacked by [email protected], a Bangladesh hacker.

This year we suffered 4+ hours of outage on a Wednesday, mid day (starting 4pm) which was embarrassing to our customers.

I'm a highly technical person running a small business with multiple websites hosted on a massive dedicated server. Imagine the whole server going down with nearly 100 websites being down and out for 4 hours.

We are switching to Media Temple as we speak.

Mark Wingrove

    Review Rating

I have a reseller account with InMotion Hosting, and have held it for 8 months. Prior to this I was with HostPapa for 2 years. I am also based in the UK, so my comments relate to performance of US based servers on the Internet as viewed from the UK.

Compared to HostPapa which could take 10-20+ seconds to load the WordPress sites I look after, they load in a few seconds with Inmotion Hosting. FTP is not as fast as I would like it when uploading or downloading, but adequate (Generally around 290KB/s.

Technical support for easy to moderate questions is very good. Staff are generally knowledgeable. On the whole it was a very good experience compared to HostPapa. Email does not get blacklisted because of someone else on the server misbehaving. All of the services have run with very few issues, and I am on the server for at least 8-12 hours a day 365 days a year.

Where I have run into issues are with deeper technical problems. I have dealt with one recently where every new account I created was hacked within a few minutes. I realised what was going on quite quickly, and found a method to prevent it from happening, however getting help from InMotion in diagnosing the source was incredibly difficult. Their attitude was "it's not at our end". I can understand that, however when you have been diligent at your end, taken all of the precautions, you are left with the hosting company. Of course if you are in shared hosting, you cannot access everything, and are dependent on the hosting tech team to answer questions. I was advised to seek the help of a "wordpress security professional". However I failed to see that if they could not answer my technical questions (which were about the source of MySQL writes, not WordPress), then they would not be able to answer a paid professional either. I had to escalate several times into the organisation which is time consuming and frustrating. This problem was eventually resolved by reinstalling the code for the master account (cPanel and WHM). I had to request it, because everything pointed to a hack originating from within my master account. But all the parts I had access to were clean. Since that was done, I have not had any issues (fingers crossed). Having said all of that, it is the price for doing business at this level of relationship (shared hosting reseller). InMotion is above average in every respect until you hit a deep technical problem. Then you can expect that their interest is only in proving that it is not their problem, it is yours. Given what you pay per year, one cannot really be surprised at this on a business basis. For now despite the issues I have had to deal with, I intend to stick with them for the forseeable future.


    Review Rating

I manage a VPS hosted at InMotion Hosting since we moved from Hosting.com for economical reasons last year (I wish we had not). I'm presently looking for a solution to replace InMotion Hosting as quickly as possible before they do us more arms.

In a few words: this hosting company promises a lot and does deliver …until a problem occurs. When a problem occurs, you wish you had chosen another hosting service.

They suffered last week a major attack on the nod on which we where hosted. The crisis was managed extremely badly. We experienced a tremendous level of stress and various complications, energy & productivity loss and, most probably clientele and sales loss as our website, databases and admin tools were let down (turned off) for many hours in row, many days in a row. Our whole VPS what down for more than 23 hours at one point.

When we kindly asked for an explanation, we got nothing. Of course, they did eventually fix the problem (to keep us alive), but they will never know the cost of this event for us. We are still at present having issues and frequent downtimes of several minutes on a regular basis (every hour or so). When these new problems occur, it’s never on their side, always on yours, until you prove (doing a TRACERT for example) it’s on theirs. Then they look at the problem, fix it after a while (hours) and after, again, no explanation. Until the next problem arises… and the nightmare goes on.

No matter what positive reviews may say, this company is missing something somewhere. Go elsewhere for peace of mind. We are presently looking for another hosting company, reason why I’m on this website right now, looking for quality unbiased reviews to make up my mind about another company we are considering.

Host your websites elsewhere if you want people giving all they got when things go bad (when their servers, data-centers, nods or networks fail or are having a problem). Do not host at InMotion Hosting.


    Review Rating

I cancelled my subscription to this hosting because I found the website builder they offer called bold grid prehistoric, is like working with FrontPage or even worst. But that wasn't the only problem I had with this hosting. After cancelling my account I asked for my refund. The refund was processed but I'v never seen a dollar. It's been a month and I'm still waiting for the refund and the worst thing is after contacting the chat support many times I always had the same answer " a higher representative will contact you soon" this never happened. I strongly recommend not to choose this hosting provider,don't get fooled!

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