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Aplus.net strive to give you the tools you need to create the business you have always dreamed of. Aplus goal is to take you from beginning to end. Aplus offer the reliability and scalability of big business solutions at a small business price, taking the burden of IT development and support off of your shoulders and onto our own, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best: innovating and improving your core business functions.

Founded in 1992 as Abacus America, Inc., Aplus.net began offering Internet services in 1995 and hosting services in 1998, making us one of the few web hosting companies to survive the dot.com bust. Since then we have added amazing design tools such as EasySiteWizard Pro, Mobile Services and Social Page Creator. We specialize in getting small businesses online by offering a wide range of services.

Aplus.net is owned by Deluxe Corporation. Other web hosting brands owned by Deluxe Corporation includes Deluxe Hosting and Hostopia.


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Hosting Reviews for Aplus.Net

Franklin Chargers

    Review Rating

I've had no problem at all with aplus at all.

Clare Ultimo

    Review Rating

I guess I thought these guys were OK, a very long time ago. I was with them, mainly parking domains, and now, since last year, have 2sites hosted with them. Customer service is terrible mainly because wait time for calls is often over 15 minutes. Today I waited almost an hour.

This may be a problem for many hosts who have been around a long time and haven't really caught up to where the latest servers are. APlus was a mistake for me. Don't you make it too.

Chris C

    Review Rating

I've hosted a variety of sites on aplus.net for 4 years, and recently, it's just not the same. Their chat support is friendly but useless. Their knowledge base is fairly hollow - most of the links on the "Welcome to your new host" email are wrong. Don't even try an host a Magento site here, they wont do it - even though their tech people will tell you it's ok. On the plus side, I've never experienced any downtime, so that's something. I just think that nowadays you can do much better.


    Review Rating

Since Aplus went through servers update, websites are close to unusable. Sometimes response time is over 30-45 seconds... Considering that we running ecommerce it is completely unacceptable. My countless requests to address this issue and all multiple escalations did not return any results. Often they do not bother to look into problem at all, sending "ticket closed" email right after it was opened. I guess I had enough and will gradually start moving all my domains to a better place.

Andy Davis

    Review Rating

I don't use aplus for anything but simple website and email hosting. Within my first few months of signing up I had issues with my website not being down for days at a time. Took them a good 3-4 weeks to find the problem, and they offered no apologies or explanations. Since then I've not had any problems until the last few weeks where I've been unable to access my email on a regular basis. The server just seems to go down all the time. Again - support is not much help, and barely speak english, so phone support is next to no help. I will be moving providers this year when my contract expires.


    Review Rating

Avoid at all costs. The customer service department is unknowledgeable and inept, at best, probably because they aren't actually located in the United States (or else never learned how to speak English properly); the servers are unreliable and too sluggish; and response time to critical issues is horrifyingly slow.

The server hosting my two websites went down for 10-15 minutes early one morning, and when it returned, the design of both PHP-based websites was screwed up. I could even figure out myself what the problem most likely was and passed the information on to the customer non-service employees. What did they do? Absolutely nothing, and I'm still waiting for the refund I insist on getting. This is the second time the company has messed up my website in about as many months.

Treat Aplus.Net like the plague because its effect on your website will be comparable, especially if it has a dynamic design. The company is just like the numerous other shoddy hosting providers out there that try to attract gullible and bargain-loving customers by touting all of the so-called features it has for a low price. Of course, that usually means service is painfully poor or non-existent and those gazillion unlimited features don't function so well. Don't be fooled by Aplus.Net's deceitful come-ons, either.

    Review Rating

I've had quite a few hosting providers, and Aplus was by far the very worst. I cannot think of one positive thing to say about this company, and that's rare for me.

The service was horrible. Downtime, lost emails, etc. It was a while ago, so unfortunately I do not remember all the details. I suppose they may have improved over time, but I doubt it.

The customer service was even worse than the reliability. They were downright rude, IF you could even get someone on the phone or answering your emails. I actually had one guy hang up on me. I was amazed.

As I believe someone else wrote: AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

Jay Vince

    Review Rating

Wow, this is just an icing on the cake to go along with the horrible service I recieved.

Not only did I never get to use my dedicated server or any services but I lost my money too.

Sorry you should change your name to FPlus, worst service Ive ever been exposed to.

Just a bunch of thieves.

Thanks again Fplus


    Review Rating

I would not recommend this company to anyone. I am so upset, that I've tried their services. If you have a somedomain.ca, you are in trouble.

Customer service is the worst!

Kapra Fleming

    Review Rating

Since their platform upgrades, I have had my business website down every time I go into to try to make a change. No one is able to really correct the problem and I have to wait 24-48 hours each time to have my files "reloaded". The real problem is that they can no longer support Front page Manager files and I lose all the navigation and buttons when I go into even correct a typo. I am not going to stay with them as I can't reconstruct all 4 of my business or non-profit association websites to fit their new platform. I never had problems or complaints until this September. I hate their customer service and inability to fix the problems.


    Review Rating

RUN AWAY! You have choices. This company has changed names too often to often to keep track of. I can't even begin to describe all the errors they made, but in the last interaction, their sales department blamed my employer for their problems! I've never encountered such incompetent customer service! Believe me, you would have to work hard to do worse!


    Review Rating

WHAT A HEADACHE TO DEAL WITH. The service sucks, they seem impatient on the phone. For the online chat support, they are just lazy and always telling you to just call billing/sales department for technical issues. Either that or they have no clue what they are doing, and probably hired to just make it appear they have great service because they have online chat.

The file manager and hosting is completely unorganized. They merged 2 of my domain servers together, and now I have 2 websites with the same content. I spoke with customer service and the guy 1. did not understand, 2. did not care 3. thought it was funny to make me angry 4. said a lot of stupid advice and asked many stupid questions. Drove me up the wall! His solution (like the many others I contacted in one day): Contact customer service! but they are customer service too right?

They lie to just to get you off their case. 2 customers service reps have told me to call billing for help, and said they are open. when I call, billing is closed! I confirmed twice if billing department is open and they say yes, when it's not!

So FAIL. there are better options out there. I have to tolerate it because it's my client's account. I have never encountered something like this before in the years of using web hosting and web design.


    Review Rating

I’ve been fighting for a resolution on my websites going down for no reason for YEARS and YEARS. I’m so tired of having the same thing happen over and over with customer service and technical support when I try to bring it up.

This is the gist of what happens (taken from "ugh" comment):

1. Agent does not understand

2. Agent does not care

3. Agent thought it was funny to make me angry

4. Agent said a lot of stupid advice and asked many stupid questions

5. Drove me up the wall!

It is true, this is all you can expect. At the end of the day, all issues will go unresolved. On this last contact I had to beg the agent to escalate the issue. He just said he would monitor it himself and let me know in a few hours what happened. Which is nothing, no resolution, it was just to get me to go away. This is the worst service I have ever used in all my years of developing. Don't walk - RUN - FAST - RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AND YOUR SANITY - AS FAR AWAY FROM APLUS AS POSSIBLE!!!

Kimberly T

    Review Rating

I can't even type how angry I am, anymore...I'm so EXHAUSTED of the ludicrous "tech support" I'm receiving from Deluxe APlus...after being with the company since they started in 1998. I have to echo everything the negative posts have said, below. I have at least ten domains with them and absolutely DESPISE having to do business with them. That said, the front line non-tech support people are nice and seem to understand the problems with delays in fixes by tech. That said, I've been programming since 1993...I don't want to go through all of your ridiculous questions when I know more than the person on the phone reading from a template. Everything takes TOO LONG and they blame the customer. I've found that BASIC tech support fixes take two to three WEEKS. I've no email for over a WEEK...and still no fix. IT IS 2015!!!! How can one do business with NO EMAIL IN 2015???????? Am just over it. Deluxe obviously manages tech employees poorly and can't manage problems to quick resolution. JUST DISGUSTED. So much for being loyal. 16 years and I'm not worth working email.

Lyle Jones

    Review Rating

I've been a professional in this business for 22 years, and have _never_ dealt with a worse registrar in terms of their online portal, product management, or technical support. I have been a paying customer for more than 10 years, and... I just can't do it anymore. As a professional systems administrator for a public /16 and more than 150 individual companies, I will not use aplus.net again, nor would I recommend it for any of my customers.

I have used nearly all north-american registrars and have consistently had a better experience with every single one. This is a low bar.

I made the decision more than 10 years ago to give aplus.net a try for my own personal accounts, as it was literally the least expensive at the time. Well as they say: "you get what you pay for." Never again.

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