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AxisHOST, based in Michigan USA, has seen continual and significant growth over the past several years. Axishost customer base is constantly expanding through new customer contracts, as well as acquisitions of smaller hosting companies.

Started in 1997 under the name White Lake Web, as a local web design firm and small hosting company, we have since expanded our services to include server colocation, website hosting, domain registrations, development and business consultation.

AxisHOST servers are located in several Network Operation Centers, strategically located around the US, for a higher level of redundancy and peace of mind. Axishost have our own proprietary DNS system, for greater control and faster resolution. This is a DNS system unique to AxisHOST and has a 6 year history of incredible reliability.


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Hosting Reviews for Axishost

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Was looking for a reliable, cost-effective host that would allow multiple URLs.

AxisHost migrated my existing site in about an hour. Pre- and post-sales tech support were exemplary -- knowledgeable and polite.

All the more remarkable given that I only purchased the Starter package, and that on sale.

Lance Johnson

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AxisHost is an amazing provider, and Tina Peters does a great job. The service and support is PROMPT and reliable (the best I've seen), the pricing is excellent and they use the industry's best backend management tool, cPanel. I can't speak highly enough of the quality of service provided by AxisHost, particularly compared to other hosts I have worked with recently.

Lanterns Guild

    Review Rating

I signed up with ADM Hosting before Axis bought them, on the cheapest plan available. Axis' service has been excellent - prompt, courteous, helpful and effective. And they even allowed us to renew with the same plan/rate even though it's far lower than their current offerings.


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Well, I too came over on the ADM boat. My site was down for about a day after the transfer. We were never told that Axis bought ADM, it just happened. At the time, I was ok with that, but now I realize just how bad that is.

After I was with them for about a year or so, and did my site did go down a few times. The last outage I also lost much data, random tables lost, files the works just gone. No explanation, just a generic "sorry." Before that I was not the type to download backups (stupid I know) but after that I made my own weekly backups. My forums were down for about 2 days as I attempted to sew it back together form a month old backup I did have. That was the last straw for me as well.

I will say this, they're support is decent. I've had basically email chats with their customer service reps. But, support will only be good if problems get solved.

Scottie Taylor

    Review Rating

I was a former member of ADMhosting before we were transfered to Axishosting. Since moving to Axishosting my site has suffered numerous failures, issues of speed and accessibility as well as loss of data due to faulty backups and server problems. They finally canceled my service yesterday(14 april 08) based on the fact that a member of my site posted a negative review of their service after their faulty backups and servers lost half of the tables in our databases. This, was, according to them, the last straw in a series of straws which numerous people have agreed don't exist beyond my inquiring what is happening during these extended downtimes and trying to get some answers. Honestly, I've had nothing but bad experiances with Axishost and have a grave dislike of them and their attitudes towards their customers, especially given the service level we came to expect with ADMhosting. I've since moved on to a new host and am much happier with them thus far.

Richard Hock

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I started with AxisHost several years ago when they took over hosting from my former provider. I had no problems with them until an unannounced move of my domains to a different host resulted in several problems which seemed to result from incomplete backup or restore of backups (e.g. I first noticed missing email forwarders). Their support staff was helpful, but it took several tries to get things fixed. Finally I got frustrated decided to get my hosting elsewhere.


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I was most recently a customer with AxisHost for many years. But eventually, I discovered all my bandwidth allotment was being eaten up by Asian sites whose IP addresses should have been more closely monitored through their Firewalls. I decided to leave Axist Host, the beginning of June 2009. They cancelled my account, effective June 23, 2009 and still submitted an invoice for July's monthly premium and received the money for July's premium via PayPal. I exchanged emails with Tina Peters, the Pres of Axishost who claims she is rightfully entitled to the monies. There are tons of Web Hosting Companies out there, including. Microsoft, who will host your doamin for free. This company and this woman who heads it is a disgrace and an embarrassment. Complaints have been lodged with the State Attorney General's Office of Michigan as well as the BBB who handles the Grand Rapids area. By the way, Axishost does have an F rating with the BBB. Do yourself a favor, STAY AWAY from Axishost! They're bad news.

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