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BibiHost (IMDD Services) is an italian based hosting company. Our main office is located near Venice, by the way all of our servers are housed in some of the best datacenters around the globe. We provide high quality hosting solutions for an honest price. We're mostly focused on hosting (shared/reseller, cPanel based), virtual servers and dedicated servers but we also do servers management, websites coding and design, graphic, Iphone and Android apps. We love to be considered your hosting "best friend" as we always tend to have a friendly and confidential relationship with our clients. Our experienced team and our high quality infrastructure will provide you the best hosting experience ever!


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Hosting Reviews for BibiHost

Gary Bakkala

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I have the Five hosting plan which gives me plenty of space and features for my website, and it runs good and fast. BibiHost has always been fast to respond to my questions, and provide a stable and reliable hosting service for my site. For the price I have no complaints, and not sure why anyone would. If there is any confusion they clear it up quickly and professionally. Thanks!

UK Customer

    Review Rating

Stay away from this company.

I ordered a vps, disk is too slow. 3 days after they didn't offer a solution. I send a notice for refund. Because they have 14 days money back banner on frontpage. But they refused. I paid 82 Gbp and i get Nothing.

Maybe they waiting for new victim.

Danny O

    Review Rating

I ordered a dedicated server from bibihost and paid the extra have it up and running within 24 hours.

After 24 hours I sent an email to find out how long it will be and his response was could be 5 minutes or tomorrow. I told him I needed it within 2 hours or I would like a refund. 12 hours later he sends an email to tell me it is now ready.

I had already ordered hosting elsewhere and had it set up in that time so I demanded a refund and his response was you will lose the server and the money if I don't stop asking so I put a dispute in with paypal and he lied and said it was a virtual service so I was denied my claim so he stole nearly $200 from me.

Needless to say I would highly recommend you stay away from bibihost if you have any kind of expectations of service or honesty.

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