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Bitronic Technologies provides web hosting and design services tailored to fit your individual needs. Our goal is to create a cost effective web site solution for you or your business. We are miles above the rest as an exceptional web hosting company. We have many years of leading experience with global businesses of all sizes and have built up an array web hosting expertise that puts us a cut above other companies.

Bitronic Technologies is a company that you can rely on for all of your web hosting & domain registration needs. With 24 hour support and a money back guarantee there is no reason not to sign up today!

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Hosting Reviews for Bitronic Tech


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I have been using BitronicTech for around 2 months now. It is a great company and I have had 100% uptime. They use cPanel, which I have used before and they are helpful in getting my site setup. I'd definitely recommend them.

Robert Hayes

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Steer very clear of this hosting provider. I paid for hosting and a managed solution with nightly backup. We went down two days ago and he cannot recover my data nor does he have any backup. I say again steer clear!


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Guys, I own a small start-up business. I trusted my data and backup to Bitronic and Bryan Apperson. He claims to have had two hard drives fail and took my VPS offline. A month later I am still not back up! The fraud charged me to backup data nightly. I gladly paid it for the peace of mind. Well you guessed it, he lost my data and told me the backup was to the same drive! Either he is a fraud or a complete idiot. Either way STAY FAR AWAY from this guy!

I went to 1 and 1 and was up two days after the crash and haven't missed a beat.


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Paid for a VPS. They failed to deliver in reasonable time, saying that new hardware is being provisioned. Tired of waiting (almost a week!) I requested refund and account termination. At this point they started to completely ignore me and my support tickets.

BitronicTech is SCAM. Stay away.

Daniel W

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Started off well, but in the end didn't deliver

I usually don't leave reviews but figured I would save someone else from making a bad decision and going with this company for hosting. This is a genuine review and not just a rant from an angry former bitechtronic customer.

I purchased a VPS from these guys around two years ago to host clients websites including a few ecommerce sites. The hosting was great and support was spot on and they helped with what I needed at the beginning. Around the 1 year mark is when the issues started and it felt like the tech support was on a "I'll get to it when I feel like it kick". So around the 1 year mark the whm and Cpanel licenses started expiring every month and would only be turned back on mid way through the month. I paid my invoice on time if not early so I would put in a support request to fix the issue. This is when I lost my first client because I could not create a database and could not deliver the website on time. This happened every month until I cancelled my hosting. I stuck with them through all of this hoping it would get better but it did not.

The last straw for me was when the server went down and stayed down for almost 4 days with a support request on the first day. I ended up having tons of emails from clients and in the end lost one of my ecommerce clients because of the loss of revenue while the sites were down. I was very professional up until this point with tech support but went a bit bananas after the site was down for this long. After being fixed after the first day I tried to call their support number and got a "we're sorry this number is no longer in service" to which I said "oh hell no...I'm done".

As I said earlier I usually pay my invoices on time or early, well February happened to be a month when I paid early. I requested through support that I get a refund because I'm cancelling the service and it was the 28th of January. They said sorry we don't give refunds. I explained that they had three days to return my payment otherwise I have an intern with not a whole lot to do and will see how many review sites he can hit in a week. So if you see this review in multiple places he did a good job. Figured I was out a months payment for the hosting but a review lasts a lot longer.

That's it, just thought I'd save someone the headache and loss of business due to this company. So beware when thinking about using them for hosting. I have screenshots of all of the support threads with dates if anyone would like to see them.

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