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Bluehost was founded in 2003 with one goal: to make a better hosting company. Built on open source technology, we’ve since grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based online solutions. Operating beneath the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, over 700 of us are pushing boundaries to deliver the promise of the internet to more people than ever.

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Hosting Reviews for BlueHost


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I've had them for about a year and I'm totally happy. When they have had any issue they are quick to communicate. 24/7 PHONE tech support.

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Great support and features. I moved here from the dreaded vizaweb and have had a very happy life since. They get my vote for fast responsive support who know their stuff. I have over 30 years IT experience in the trenches so I should know.

Simply the best.

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I started my sites on Bluehost a year and a half ago, and they did have some reliability issues at that point; however, they upgraded their systems and I have not had a noticeable outage for over a year.

I appreciate how they communicate with me as a customer, and I rarely have to wait in a queue when I call tech support. Tech support is staffed by native English speakers (not outsourced overseas), and they have answered my questions with obvious technical expertise.

Neri Valentin-Macias

    Review Rating

A customer since 2004. I currently have 10 personal sites hosted with them and several clients sites being hosted by Bluehost. They under went a much needed upgrade within the past year and they are running like a dream.

Their anti-spam tools are priceless! Support phenomenal!

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I have used and currently use Bluehost for one of my clients and I would say they're alright. They offer an unbelievable amount of bandwidth and diskspace for shared hosting, and it's just that unbelievable. I've had a few problems with maxing out the CPU while running a couple simple scripts too and problems connecting to the server sometimes. Overall the support is good, whenever I needed help I got it.

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Nothing but quality from this host. I have been with them since 2003 and i cant remember the last time i ever had downtime. I never call for customer service, i use the service tickets and i always get a response by the next day. Their easy to use and problem from, at least for me.


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I recently signed up with Bluehost to create a lightweight webpage featuring hosting for MMORPG Guild related usage. I was impressed with the pricing, the unlimited bandwidth and disk space, as well as the generous allowance of subdomains, emails, SQL databases, and more.

The signup process was lightning fast; my site was up and running within a minute or two of submitting my PayPal payable account. I later had to scan and send a copy of my driver's license to attain SSH access, but once I had sent the email with the attached scanned image, it took mere minutes for them to respond with my shell account information.

I went to them for support when I was having troubles allowing port access, and had to pay an additional (fair and modest) fee for a dedicated IP address. The service rep was very helpful, and had my site migrated to the new IP within a matter of minutes also.

The only reason I am even writing this review is that I was distraught to see all these negative reviews on this site! For those looking for a low to medium traffic site with maximum features at a fair price, Bluehost is for you! I have been happy 100% through my hosted time, and will continue to use them for my hosting needs until I encounter a serious issue.


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I have been with them for 3 months, and have had no downtime or real problems. Had to call tech support 4 times so far, and got a real live English speaking person who on the phone in under 1 minute every time. They fixed each problem right away.

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After bouncing from hosting company to hosting company for years I settled in with Bluehost. I've now been with them for almost half a decade and have had nothing but a satisfying experience.

Great service, great features...all around greatness.

Jim Scheef

    Review Rating

Support calls are answered quickly and support techs even have a sense of humor.


    Review Rating

I love bluehost, it host 20 of my addon domains very good service and affordable. No host a trust more than bluehost.

Other thing its very secured and customer friendly

    Review Rating

I have been a customer of bluehost for about a year now, after moving to them from another hosting provider. In my experience, I am in LOVE with bluehost!

I have never experienced a downtime (at least...never noticed a downtime). And their customer service is amazing! I have called a few times, quite a bit, when I first migrated to them, and they were all very knowledgeable, and were all English. I have never experienced a wait time for customer service. Their features, space, bandwidth are all very satisfying and there is more available in the package I have signed up for than I would ever use.

Brian C.

    Review Rating

I've used Bluehost to host a client for about 2 years now, and overall it's been... not that great.

I was instantly surprised about the high level of support that I recieved. They were very attentive and normally got back to me within a decent timeframe.

On the other hand, their cpu quota thing completely drives me bonkers. I've had a little improvement with adjusting my scripts to be more efficient, but it still happens fairly frequently. The speed of the server seems sluggish on most days as well.

If you need a host that can support a lot of traffic and your site is database driven, somewhat rich internet application - do NOT go with Bluehost.

Jean Philippe

    Review Rating

I'm running severals mailing list, everything is great.

Support is the fastest support I ever run into.

The amount of bandwidth is largely enough for me.

Very reliable I'm with them since 2005.


    Review Rating

I don't really get much downtime, but their servers just seem too overloaded. I frequently get disconnected on a VERY regular basis when I'm connected to the server via SSH or FTP. Sometimes scripts/pages running on the server just stop responding for a few minutes and I'll have to wait for it to come back up. Overall, you get what you pay for, and there's a reason they're so cheap.


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I have bee with Bluehost for a month so far, with a smallish, low traffic site. Sign-up was very fast and very easy, with none of the faxing of ID that others have reported. Just credit card, sign-up, and running in minutes.

I subsequently upgraded to a private IP, and that process was handled through cPanel, automatic, no issues, and the change propagated through the nameservers in less than an hour.

I had one minor support issue. It was handled in minutes via LiveChat. Again, no problems, and issue settled.

From this point, my experience has all been positive with Bluehost.

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Very inexpensive and unlimited bandwidth and file space. Everytime I call to talk to a tech I get some one with 0 wait. I have never experienced and note worthy down time.

    Review Rating

Very reliable,fast and packed with features for any type of hosting. Easy setup for any type of web site even for the inexperienced user. Automatic setup of eshops forums photo albums etc in 2 clicks. They keep track of updates on each package they offer. Very pleased with doing business with them. Regards.

    Review Rating


after trying few different hosting, I decided to steak to Blue host.

I have purchased three hosting plan and I'm running more than 6 websites design by e107 on their space.

It's quite reliable and highly recommended


    Review Rating

I am not very technically adept and went with Bluehost on a recommendation after weeks of trying to decide on a good host when I converted all my company websites to wordpress.

Exceptional service. Patient, courteous and good humoured responses to some VERY dumb questions on livechat - both pre- and post- sale. I am in the UK and didn't suffer being on the other side of the water from their support guys.

I would say the support was perfect other than one issue I never got resolved about data protection - Europe laws are different - but it was a legal Q, nothing to do with their service/support really - otherwise EXEMPLARY.

Stupidly (with hindsight) I was then wooed away to another host, who I won't name, for silly reasons and moved most of my sites - I have rued the day ever since... I still have 2 sites with bluehost and I am going to start moving the others back again!!!

"you don't know what you've got til it's gone"

Another point, when I requested to cancel my hosting some where only a few months into a 2-year deal and I received a pro-rata refund for the remaining term both quickly and without quibble.

If you understand that shared hosting perils will affect you whatever host you use, then you should definitely consider bluehost.


    Review Rating

I like Bluehost quite well. I'm happy with their services. They run cpanel and have a great selection of tools. When I have talked with customer support (which has been seldom) the guys I talked to were friendly and knowledgable. One little issue is that Outlook Express complains about the security certificate when connecting to the email accounts if you use your domain address. If you are willing to have your customers use https://box***.bluehost.com it works alright.


    Review Rating

I'm the bluehost customer for more than two years. I have there now about 30 domains running. Live chat support is really good, the best I've seen if I compare with other hosters I have experience with. Cpanel is OK, SimpleScripts autoinstaler also very good, esspecially for the updates.

The main problem I saw is that FTP connection and data transfer is incredible slow for me and also the speed of serving web sites is very slow (I'm from central europe, my customers too), and they complain about slow websites.

Ms Johnson

    Review Rating

They have too much downtime. Tonight they are telling us that the city of Provo is working nearby and asked them to shut down. Whats the problem, didn't they ever hear of generators? Their system goes down 2-3 times weekly. its AWFUL

    Review Rating

Bluehost is a good host for a small site. With 10 domains, using over 10gig bandwidth per month, I was frequently getting the Exceeds CPU quota messages with them. I will be looking for a new host.

Their support is so-so. Often I have figured out problems myself before they were able to.

Alex I.

    Review Rating

Their pricing is perfect.

But lately they went a little crazy offering "unlimited" space and bandwidth. Since they had this new offer, the service went weaker and weaker. Last month I've had 30-45mins./day outage, everyday... At least they were decent enough to let you see the server stats and the time remaining to solve the issue.

If you want to host a more complex website which would be critical in a way or another, DO NOT go with Bluehost.

    Review Rating

If you are looking for a low-budget host with a bunch of features, Bluehost might be acceptable.

However, in the few years I have been with them, the server uptime (reliability) has taken a huge nosedive, and now is around 90% or less. To be in the webhost game today, you need to keep three 9's or more (99.9%) uptime, which Bluehost can only dream of.

Server CPU use spikes frequently and randomly, making pages and databases slow or unavailable. Their support really is Tier 1, which means if you ask a question other than their name, they have to go ask someone else.

Their feature list is impressive, until you sign up and figure out things like FastCGI don't work and tend to crash HTTPd (web services) on the server on a random basis. Many features end up suffering from this malady of being implemented, but not working 100%.

If you'd asked me three years ago if I would recommend Bluehost, I would have said yes. They have truly hit the dregs now though, and their service for the price appears to be gutter quality. If you need even a semi-reliable host, don't bother with BH.

    Review Rating

Having used about 8 different hosting companies, I was very happy to have a professional recommendation for this company that could properly host a Drupal CMS. However, at the time I started with them – just over a year ago now – I was rather concerned that I’d committed myself by prepaying for 2 years (trying to get a better rate). There were large delays in saving changes to the Drupal CMS – not good at all since I was working online as opposed to my previous experience with Dreamweaver off line. I complained several times with not such successful outcome. However they were renewing their system (apparently) and would improve. Fortunately that proved to be the case and for the last 6 months I’ve been moderately happy with them.

In a nutshell, I would approach them with caution – don’t take a long term plan. I’m not recommending them to my friends.


    Review Rating

Bluehost was reliable as long as I stayed with them up until the end. I left BlueHost with all my 15 accounts as they just went ahead changing PHP 4 to PHP 5 without any notice.

The script I was using at that time was not PHP 5 ready and I asked beforehand if I can stick with PHP 4 on my box.

The tech person told me we don't change anything on the box in regards of the PHP version unless I requested it.

They went ahead and did a change to 5 without any notice rendering my websites running the script useless.

I asked why they did it, since they told me different. They said we upgraded to PHP 5 due to security issues with PHP 4. That action was enough for me to move all my 15 accounts over to a different host.

One bad experience practically ruined the nice run with Bluehost prior to that.

M. Harriton

    Review Rating

I had been hosting with Bluehost for two years but lately for some reason the uptime has been pretty bad - My sites have been down every week for at least four or more hours for three straight months. It's always during the middle of the day.

Every week, it's a different story. Either they are checking a security risk; upgrading the servers; checking for a vulnerability; etc. I don't see why they can't work on most of the maintenance issues at the wee hours of the night.

khem raj

    Review Rating

They have too much downtime. Tonight they are telling us that the city of Provo is working nearby and asked them to shut down.


    Review Rating

A bit hasty to freeze a site, but these folks are cool once you learn to work with them.


    Review Rating

Now been down for 2 hours. Server status is reported as No Known Issues, Status OK - support admits it's down but they keep this lie going.

Just signed up with another provider as this is the second multi-hour outage in 3 months plus other 10-15min issues.

Used to be a good outfit but just hit the skids this year.

No idea how much damage this has done but We will have lost money.

Daniel Santoro

    Review Rating

I'm speaking specifically about Bluehost VPS services.

I've been a loyal Bluehost user for a few years now - first at their basic plans, and then with a VPS plan. I've hosted many sites there for years and haven't had issues until about two years ago.

With some change in ownership, quality dropped like a rock. Support was still there, but downtime and errors were all over the place. Still, migrating sites is such a nightmare and I couldn't bear to do it, so I stuck through it.

Flash forward to now. My sites, which by no means are top 100 sites but still highly trafficked in the niche they're in, have constant downtime. Sometimes the downtime only lasts 10 to 15 minutes, and sometimes over EIGHT HOURS during peak times. When I asked BlueHost Support about it, I get the typical "did you turn it on and off?" response.

Eventually, support gets to say "there's an error on your server that we're working to fix - it should be up and running very soon". I've gotten that response every other week for three months.

In the past month, there have been 720 hours available. Out of those hours, approximately 94 hours have been downtime, with no changes on my end and assurances from BlueHost support that it's just a server bug they'll be fixing shortly.

This means instead of their 99% uptime, I was getting only about 87% - not terrible, but considering the downtime was at peak hours and I was paying just around $40/month, not acceptable.

As an additional note (I should have read the fine print), if your plan has 30 GB of hosting space, you actually only have the space for around 10 GB. The rest is taken up with backups - other hosts save your backups on entirely different servers, allowing you to use the full 30 GB.

I've sent a lot of business to Bluehost over the years, and I feel bad for the clients I sent over that are still on their hosting. Today, after a full 48 hours of downtime, I've finally bit the bullet and signed up with a new registrar.

Bluehost, if you're reading this, then I DO like your company. When I get ahold of your support techs they are very helpful, but your servers simply aren't stable or fast enough for a small business. Maybe one day I'll drift back, but with new, powerful hosts coming up fast, we'd need some major changes to happen first.


    Review Rating

I've set up 2 accounts with them and find they're just so so. Downtime is unsatisfactory to me, and they like to point fingers at everything else, and like to use the "poorly written scripts" as their standby excuse. They can give you unlimited bandwidth, and tons of space, then restrict usage of the CPU and lock our your account as a penalty. For example, the "poorly written" script, phpMyAdmin, got one of my sites locked for exceeeding CPU usage while doing a simple backup. I think you get my point....


    Review Rating

Affordable, but slow. Support not always great.

They deactivate (not suspend, deactivate!) accounts without notice if a script overloads their server, which can happen if too many people try to leave a comment on your blog at once. That means your whole site, including emails, is just gone without any prior warning.

OK for sites that aren't mission critical, but I couldn't use them for anything I relied upon.


    Review Rating

I run multiple sites and Dbs through bluehost for my new job, so when my wife wanted a domain, thought I'd switch from the host I have all my personal sites on to bluehost. Bad move. 2 days after setting it up and getting her and my daughter e-mails, they locked the account for "possible fraud". They said they had been unable to contact me, but apparently never tried. I called in and spoke to customer support, and they gave me a voice mail to "verify" that I exist.

Still no luck. Only the verification department can unlock my account, and they don't seem to take phone calls. Account is locked, c-panel is disabled, but I was able to unlock the domain name for possible transfer, which is what I'll do if they don't pull their heads out. Like many corporations, it seems that once they've made a decision (good or bad) they have no effective way of re-evaluating that decision. So luck becomes a part of the equation when you decide to host on bluehost. Do you feel lucky?

    Review Rating

Bluehost is an okay host as long as you have no problems and don't need support. Unfortunately, I got the rude support techs. The most recent support tech told me to find a new hosting company and I'm moving all 18 sites in January.

I've been with BH for 3 years and with the support techs becoming more rude with each call, I've decided to take the last one up on his opinion of moving.

Also, they advertise 6.95/mo and I pay in advance yet the cheapest I have gotten it for is 8.95/mo and each year it goes up. Be aware of the price switching.


    Review Rating

Bluehost has had numerous issues with there servers/boxes having too many accounts. This causes overload of processes which effects emails, speed, and all control panel usages. Their tools such as SSH is good and all other tools are standard. But if they could figure out a way to lessen the amount of account to one box, this would put there hosting service at the top.

Everyday their servers are overloading during peak hours. The community is starting to be aware of this issue but no action has been put into effect to remedy this by Bluehost.com. I give them a 2 rather than a 1 only because they offer SSH.

Crazy Penguin

    Review Rating

I have had nothing but problems at Bluehost. excesive downtime occurs on a regular basis. My experience with their email servers are also very bad. I have had many problems sending and receiving emails. Every time I had contacted tech support it seemed they could not solve my problems.

If you have a dynamic site I would avoid Bluehost like the plague. If you have a few static pages you want to host and don't mind downtime it may work for you.

Bluehost has been a very unreliable hosting company for my needs. I rank them as one of the worst hosting companies in the business.

    Review Rating

I was very naive when I started looking for a new host. I did what most of other people do in such situation: googled for "best host" then inquired be email if "best hosts" offer packages I need. I did not know that most hosting reviews are no more than advertizing exercises.

The result was that I chose Bluehost. They offered what I need and their pre-sales answered my e-mails in minutes.

But when I paid the money, the picture changed completely. Their support team answered my e-mails after 6 or 8 hours, often incompetently. Control panel showed cryptic messages they were unnable to explain. To authorize a payment using absolutely valid Visa card I was forced to send them a scanned copy of my passport (!).

My patience quickly came to an end I immediately demanded my money back. Because of this I cannot comment other aspects of their package, only customer support.

Beware of that company. They do not care of their customers at all. Also beware of HostMonster and FastDomain. These hosting providers are owned by the same company as Bluehost and share the same customer support infrastructure.

You guys at hostjury.com are doing very good job. It's pity that I did not find this site earlier - it would spare me many hours of frustration.

    Review Rating

I and the company I work for have used Bluehost since 2004-5. Initially the best thing about them was their service: you could phone up a tech and s/he would fix thing in real time on the phone.

About two years ago they oversold everything, hired some company to answer their phones, and just nosedived. Surly techs who have no idea what ssh is, hours of downtime a month, usually the result of a desperate attempt to shift accounts around, lost and corrupted dbs (we do medical records, so this is kind of important).

This Sunday AM they suspended one of our accounts -- between company and personal my boss and I have over a dozen accounts with them. They said the weekly backups of the site's db were "data storage" not webhosting and violated their tos. So they suspended and locked our account with no notice. Some 12 year old level one tech who had the aptitude of a State Trooper who'd just busted drug dealers demanded we remove our data from the account: which we were locked out of. Note please we never came anywhere near half our allotted server space or bandwidth in years of usage.

The stories are endless, but this was the final straw. My personal Drupal site suffered one db corruption after another over the course of a month in late 08: they broke it every time they moved bits around their overtaxed servers. No apology, when I asked for some warning next time, they said they couldn't do that.

Just appalling. And if you want mailinglists (which they tout), forget it. We had one list (of the dozens offered) with fewer than 100 recipients. They couldn't get the replies out more than once every 24 hours.

    Review Rating

I was with Bluehost for about a year and half until today. Last night they deactivated my account with no notice because they deemed some a directory of photos on my site to be a backup and against their Terms of Service. I called them and essentially got yelled at by their customer support. Someone else on here said it was like talking being busted by a state trooper, I couldn't agree more. She wouldn't even let me talk to a supervisor or even another customer service rep. I deleted the folder of photos and sent in a service ticket for reactivation but they didn't respond in 24 hours so I just cancelled. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.


    Review Rating

This is a dishonest company. Bluehost advertised that it cost $4.95 per month. Actually it is $9.95 per month unless you accept a 3 year contract.(Will they even be in business in 3 years?) I cancelled immediately when I saw $178 on my Visa account...and they still took out $9.95, which I am sure is illegal if a contract is cancelled within 3 days. I never used the service, did not post anything, and cancelled within the required 3 days. DO NOT TRUST BLUEHOST AT ALL!

Leo Pop

    Review Rating

I've signed up for this hosting service less than 2 months ago. Since then, I've been having problems getting an email (very common) plugin to work on my WP installation. The same setup is working fine on another testing host environment. But on bluehost, it seems that they do not read your issue. They go over and over from one attendant to the other and it never gets solved. And it's a very simple issue. It's just a matter of resolving it already. Two months is unreasonable for any type of internet service. And their chat support, the worst! Keeps breaking in the middle of your questions and when you ask for it to send you the chat transcript, it comes as blank. So you have to start over everything. They tell you to try something that they have told you a month ago, did not work but hey, it seems new to them. There's no follow up on things. Really bad. But I'll just have to stick to it since my domains have been transferred recently to them. Oh, and another thing. I had one domain transferred there, but out of nowhere it just disappeared and went back to the old registrar. Just keeps getting worst. If you're a small client, not a good hosting service at all.


    Review Rating

Here's an update.

It's now 8:15pm here on the east coast - we've been down since 12 noon. Bluehost started by saying they were doing system maintenance - think that normally happens at 1am-3am, then it was emergency maintenance (not sure what that is but sounds like "oops" it's down!)

They then posted a "We're down for maintenance for 30-60 mins" notice that's if you tried to get to your site - this was a tad late as we were all left hanging for 3 + hours and for an e-comm site no response is death.

I continued to try get some answers and there was total reluctance to just come clean and say - "Hey we had a failure and we're doing our best to get everything back"

In fact the bafflegab continued.

For an hour+ I let it go and then I went on their chat and was told that they had a RAID array failure - sorry, been there working for a pioneer company in that field and if the RAID failure brought the whole thing down they have no idea what they are doing.

So my bottom line - I've signed up with Siteground and hope they can do a better job because the attitude BH has demonstrated and zero results produced after 8.5 hours lead me to believe a troop of chimpanzees could do better

    Review Rating

I've been with Bluehost for years and never had a problem until recently. Then there were lots of changes at the site. Nothing was intuitive, and the support was horrible. I dealt with people that were telling me to change things in the back end of my site, then 15 minutes later saying, "Wait! Just kidding... don't do that."

And the last 4 times I contacted support, the problem was never solved, I was passed off to some link which I had stated did not work for my situation and when the support communicated with me, they seemed to be talking down to me and definitely over my head - skipping steps in telling me how to do everything.

I am currently switching to Siteground, and Bluehost is not in any way being helpful about this.

Grady Bergstrom

    Review Rating

Incredibly rude support, requirements for documents are unclear. I'd recommend any other host over BlueHost.

Chris Svendsen

    Review Rating

Bought a hosting package from bluehost only to find out the ip they gave me was blacklisted for spam. Contacted support and they told me to contact every email service provider and file to be removed. Could take months costing my company time and money. Unable to send emails until then.


    Review Rating

I feel company will close in future,

their support team are not happy with the job.

service is very poor, I took three days to transfer the domain name so I decide to transfer my account to SiteGround

    Review Rating

Worst host imaginable.

I signed up because of a recommendation from Pat Flynn, but the only reason he is doing this is because BlueHost has an insanely competitive affiliate program. Too bad nothing else on their roster is competitive!

My website had daily downtime, and when I complained about it they told me to "turn off your downtime monitor". Pagespeed checks told me that it took often more than 2 seconds to load the index file!!! Unacceptable!

When I transferred my girlfriends domain to my hosting so she could use plugins on wordpress they broke her entire site, so nobody could see it and we couldn't even get to the admin panel sometimes because chrome would mark it as unsafe. When I asked them to fix it they said "Its working fine for us" and refused to do anything about it.

Switched to SiteGround, and was blown away by their support staff. Nobody should EVER use bluehost, they are truly useless in support and service. The reason you'll see positive reviews is because they pay out SO MUCH MONEY for that. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

VA in PA

    Review Rating

I could never communicate the angst and frustration brought about by the combination of poor reliability and terrible customer service. I wasted precious hours and days of my life chasing my tail in the process of trying to resolve issues they were neither motivated nor educated enough to resolve. Good bye, Bluehost!

Paul Munsie

    Review Rating

They killed Bluehost. Our sites have been down now for 3 whole days! Bluehost says it is a VPS server issue and as of tonight have still NOT discovered the cause. We are done - a customer of 5 years. We are taking our hosting and 14 websites to another independant host. Who knows how long it will be until they are gone. As for Bluehost - EIG has destroyed them.

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