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Founded in August of 1999, Brinkster has their office and datacenter locations in Phoenix, Arizona; Norfolk, Virginia; and Frankfurt, Germany. Brinkster provides the highest quality shared and dedicated web hosting to customers in over 130 countries worldwide. Brinkster offer web hosting plans that cater to individuals, small to medium sized businesses.


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Hosting Reviews for Brinkster

Fabrizio Piazze

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I am a happy Brinkster customer, with more than 4 years and 13 web sites hosted by them, I wont look forward for any other hosting provider than Brinkster. It is true that sometimes they have issues as any other company but nothing that a 24/365 support service can not fix.

If You are looking for a reliable hosting service with an eficient support service, and awsome web space, Brinkster is what u need.


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If you love your email being down daily use brinkster. This is the most unreliable service. Constantly dealing with issues sending and/or receiving emails. They are always "working" on it. No notification of scheduled maintenance is given. Maintenance is done during the middle of the day. What type of IT shop does that?

Patrick McDaniel

    Review Rating

I belonged to Brinkster for over ten years and then they increased their prices and individual email accounts.

Then their support went downhill. It got to the point to where I had to remember the support people's names so I knew who was useless and who was helpful.

But the price increase and paying extra for just one lousy email and getting my site hacked were the last straw. One of the their support people blamed me and suggested I scan my machine. There were extra files in my Brinkster folders that were not in my personal computer so how could I have transfered these bogus files? Anyway, another support person eventually helped me and I needed to wipe out my account and download all my web files again since my Brinkster folders were so corrupted.

John Hague

    Review Rating

Their email servers are unreliable. The list of outages on their website does not include the last two outages for my hosted email.

I would not recommend them unless you can deal with flaky email.

Kashif Khan

    Review Rating

After loosing my patience I have decided to speak about the performance of Brinkster services. After of all, it is my HONEST ADVICE that NEVER THINK ABOUT BRINKSTER FOR HOSTING. It is totally unreliable and its support doesn’t tell you right thing.

I have been using it for the last 2-3 years and it was OK at the start but it has been terrible since last 7-8 months. I am getting complaints from people whom I referred to use Brinkster. Its server remains down most of the time and they don’t care about it. Yesterday, it was down and luckily I get contacted with one of its support person. Upon my complaint, that support person answered that I should have upgraded my hosting package from shared to the dedicated one then I would not have any problem. That support person admitted him/herself that Brinkster had problems with its share hosting packages. I also have written to the sales and marketing team of Brinkster to stop selling shared packages and don’t waste customers’ time.

I hope you love your time and money and would not consider this trash for any sort of service. I am also looking for some good hosting service and I would move my sites from Brinkster very soon.

Lars Brandt

    Review Rating

I will not recommend Brinkster.

We’ve been using Brinkster for the past 4 years with two separate hosting plans and the quality has been declining drastically within the last 24 months resulting in slow servers, poor support and direct negation when transferring domain names etc. resulting in downtime with serious consequences for our business and partners. Brinkster is also expensive compared to its competitors and you don’t get anything for the extra money you spend, just the opposite. By the way Brinkster claims to have 24/7 support, but they don’t. -You’ll know once you start using them (hopefully not).

We have now moved our online activities elsewhere, free of the problems caused by Brinkster hosting.

The time and money we have lost through our experience with Brinkster are not refundable, and I hope others will take my advice when choosing a hosting provider.

Brennan Harvey

    Review Rating

I've been a Brinkster customer for years, but no longer. I've lost service so many times I cannot remember. It seems to happen 2 or 3 times a year and can last for days at a time. Finally, I have had enough.

Recently, while adding another web site to my service, the customer support person on their live chat likened their service to "both coors and budweiser in the same can." How is that supposed to help me? Even the manager--when he _bothered_ to call me back--admitted this was unacceptable.

Today (09-29-2009) no e-mail through brinkster. Again. Then, the customer service person lied and told me it was back up, even though I clearly could not connect to my e-mail.

I'd decided I had enough of Brinkster,their substandard reliability, and idiotic customer support. I went in to remove my credit card information and found out I CAN NOT DELETE MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!

I had to telephone sales, who transferred me to billing, to get my credit card information deleted! UNACCEPTABLE! That smacks of possible abuse.

Piss-poor Customer Service and poor reliability asice, it is the unacceptable CREDIT CARD practices that you need to be aware of.

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