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ByteFortress Technologies is a privately owned company that operates solely as a Online Mass Storage & Back Solutions provider. We're not a webhosting company with a few extra celeron servers and hard drives or a consulting firm who as an after thought decided to offer storage on one of their file servers to clients as a "backup solution". ByteFortress is a group of experienced IT professionals who have focused all their energy and resources into developing one of the most advanced Data Storage infrastructures in existence.

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Hosting Reviews for ByteFortress

Paul Smith

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These guys are the biggest rip-off artists of all time. As long as your site is working and they don't have to do anything, all is good. As soon as a problem appears, they are nowhere to be found. My site went down in May and here it is July and it's STILL not back up. Apparently they messed up the payment of my domain name and now that domain is marked as unregistered, and I can't get it back because they have it locked or something. I've called them (voice mail only of course), filed numerous tickets on their support site, and emailed everyone directly that I can find and they have never responded at all in any way. I have all my data and I'd like to go somewhere else but I can't figure out how to transfer my domain!


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I agree 100% with what was said above (below). They are scam artists, with no integrity or professionalism. DO NOT HOST WITH THEM.

Dan Nickason

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I bought a remote backup solution through this group of scam artists. Initially everything was ok for a couple of months. for several months now I can not connect to the server and NO ONE responds to email. Don not try calling as the numbers are no good.


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Agree with Paul. ByteFortress is dead now, and my site is locked with them as the Whois records do not show my name!

Now, a certain MaxiiWeb has "taken the access to the files on the servers" (reading from an email they sent) and we need to contact them to get the site back up.

How is that possible? I paid one year upfront, and all I get is poor support, no website, and mysterious guys who will definitely ask more money to get the site back up?

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