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"Canaca-Com Inc. was founded in Toronto on April 21st of 1998.In the past 8 years Canaca-Com has proven to it's customers to be experienced, friendly and reliable. There is no doubt that customers have a wide variety of webhosting companies to choose from. While many companies are quite large, they fail to realize what is most important, you the customer. Canaca's customer support is what sets them apart from the rest.



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I have been with Canaca for about 18 months now and my service with them has been great! In the past 18 months, there has only been twice where I have been unable to access my content, both of which were resolved within 2 hours of emailing them. When they changed their plan offerings and increased what they were providing they were extremely helpful in transitioning me over to the new servers and took care of it responsibly, making sure to provide me with plenty of time to back up my directories and only transitioning them across when I asked.

Great work Canaca!

T. N.

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Have not had any issue till past 3 years,Just one time they suspended my account due to spamming which was my fault.

Support is fine and they response very fast.

Steve Carter

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I have 2 sites hosted with Canaca and have very few problems. In cases where there have been issues, support has been timely.

They have responded to any queries that I have had in a professional manner.

They also offer great hosting plans.

Highly recommended!!


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I have had a very good experience after over a year of using Canaca.


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Warning!!! Warning!!! My account with them just got suspended. They said that I was overload their server. I had just two joomla installed and gallery whit some pictures. they are very BAD!


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I have had my site hosted with Canaca for over a year and have no complaints. When I did have questions they responded quickly and solved my problem.

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Do not give this company your credit card number.

They made an unorthorized charge on my credit card, and when I requested a refund it was like, Sorry....tooo bad.

even when I tried to cancel my accout, which I have for another year whether I want it or not.

Very poor customer service, when I have called about problems with the website, rather than fix the problem they try to make you sound like an idiot, I may not be the worlds best Webpage author, but they could be more supportive in trying to take care of their customers.

In future I will stay with companies within the USA, it's just not worth the aggrevation.

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I had many accounts hosted with them a few years ago and have recently switch all my accounts to a different hosting provider. Just yesterday I received a bill from them for an account that was terminated 2 years ago. The bill was for two years of service and marked as overdue.

I'm not sure if my account was never officially terminated when it was suppose to or it was and they were trying to "pull a fast one" on me. Either way, I wasn't too thrilled.

Adrian Cottle

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Yet again my hosting and website is down and not heard anything back from them. It went down a few weeks ago and all I got back was 'its working now'. I need a reliable service and so I would not recommend them. I guess you get what you pay for but then again they are not that cheap! avoid and go with a better company.

since 2009

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Canaca hands down has the best deal for hard drive space, as I have never found an affordable way to host a VPS (usually used for development) with any significant amount of disk space. You get what you pay for as far as reliability. One of my 'tenants' complains of her site being down for on average about 4 hours a week -- this is sometimes due to my own configuration. Canaca has been annoying when it comes to cloning your VPS. They require a "repeatedly bother us" customer-deployed technique to get anything other than a reboot, until we get an email that denies they even provide services offered by their sales team. It's sort of dysfunctional, but for only $36 per month (or thereabouts) you can get hundreds of gigabytes of storage. For instance today all three of my VPS went down -- two I manage for my employer -- and I was unprepared. When I wrote them about the network being unreachable, they did not respond. Eventually when I prodded them again they said it was down and they rebooted it. They aren't very wordy, just that once sentence reply. This exchange took a period of 4 hours -- once for me to initially complain, and then for me to complain again 4 hours later (what a courtesy of me!!!). I usually reboot my VPS with them once every month, rarely less often than every 40-60 days. Once in a while there is a golden streak and the VPS operate for up to 90 without crashing.


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I don't recommend them.

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Will never reccomend. Been with this host for over 3 years (havent switched yet because I paid in advance) Will switch soon.. Canaca overloads their servers and often experiences downtime of 6 hours + their own site even goes down so cant contact support. Server loads such as 10 on 2 cpus common .. I've even seen it at 42 on 2 cpus.. Their are plenty of reliable shared hosting companies be smart and go with one of them. I have accounts at bluehost (8 cpus) and lunarpages (4 cpus). Great so far.


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They suspended my account with no warning, they can not speak English, they do not understand English. You have to send emails over and over. They charge your credit card without notice. Dont give credits, you hvae to get your credit card company to do a chargeback. They STINK, they are the worse. My site was only doing 3000 Unique/day and 34Gb transfer per day. I had a VPS3 which was supposed to give me 2.4T/month.


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No customer service at all. No one will ever answer a phone - even sales! Email server goes down, and they tell you via recorded message to send them an email. They have cut off our service for not paying, but they never send a bill.

John C

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I don't recommend them at all. Support is horrible, no phone support or anything. And the ticket/email support take forever. Sites are always down, their site is down often too. This company likes to say they offer you 1.5 TB on the silver account. I had the silver account and was "running out of disc space" with only about 700 MB of data. I do NOT recommend them. If you are in the marked I'd recommend either Fused Network or Hostgator. I prefer Fused over Hostgator but those are the two that I recommend. Hope this saves someone from frustration later in the future.

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Web hosting from hell! Their systems administrators are incompetent. Their customer service, advertised as 24/7, does not exist at all, except via e-mail, and even then they are unresponsive.

Our web site was down more often than it was up. They make all sorts of excuses when caught with their pants down, if you're lucky enough to get one at all.

This company has accused us of spamming several times when in fact we have never used their SMTP servers for any purpose. Our incoming e-mail is redirected to hotmail accounts. We use hotmail for all our outgoing e-mail delivery. These people are either incompetent, run an unsecured site, or are outright thieves. I am of the personal opinion that they are quite witty thieves actually.

They coincidentally take down your web site just after having received web hosting payment. If for every new walk in customer they sign up, a pre-existing customer site is shut down, they can run an increasingly profitable business without the need for additional infrastructure resources.

We recommend that you stay as far away from CANACA as possible. This has been the worst web hosting experience in our companies history.

-Brendan Graham


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I just got a chargeback for over 1500 Dollars. Dont waste your time with them just go straight to your credit card company. Make sure you present your case and save all emails from CANACA it will be your best evidence as they say anything over email. They cant even type in English and they are a Canadian company. I am now going to take them to court because one of the charges were too far back for the credit card company to investigate.


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Over the past 2 years Canaca has begun to take a downhill spiral! I used to have 5 sites running on their severs. The reliability and support have been ridiculously horrible! I have successfully moved 4 of the 5 sites over to a new host. My new host (hint: initials are FN) has been great, but this review is for Canaca. The site has been down for over a week straight and I've been unable to get any emails or any data from the site period. Thankfully my payment period with them is about to end and I will be switching this site over to the host I've been using recently, who has been AWESOME.

Final Rundown for Canaca:

Reliability: POOR! -sites are always down and email rarely works

Support: POOR! -support takes days to get back to you, sometime they never get back

Features: POOR! -Even though they "offer" a lot of features on their servers it's not worth it since the reliability (these two go hand-in-hand with me can't have one without the other)

Pricing: POOR! - even though they offer 80GB for 4.95 a month; 160GB for 8.95 a month; and 240GB for 16.99 they really don't! I had a site (which i moved) that had less than 400 MB on the 160GB plan, and I was getting messages that I was using up my whole HD space.




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My account with them just got suspended a few days ago. They said that I was sending spam emails and overload their server. They sent me the evident email which was an email I sent to group about 20 people from a non profit organization for a meeting request and discussion of projects. I answered to them and asked for restoration of my email receiving account at least so I can download all the important business email that are still on the server (I'm using IMAP). They never answer both the Sales and the Support. The whole site is suspended. Those Canaca IT guys don't seem to know the differences between a spam email and a legitimate one. They also claimed that they host 200 accounts per server and that is I'm sending more than 100 email it would jam up their server. It seem by that they don't know how to configure their Linux server properly either. I asked around while looking for a replacement hosting service. Many can easily do 500 emails/hour. The funny thing is, I hardly ever send more that 20 emails a day. They can't find the problem with their server so they blame it on you.

By experiences, I also found that their server wasn't performance at all and experiences lots of downtime within one year of hosting with them. Each time, their site was also down.

So I strongly recommand to everyone NOT to host with Canaca. If you're already with them start looking for an alternative berfore they suspend your account. You can't afford your customer to see your website showing 'Account suspended' and cannot reach you by email either.

Paul Morris

    Review Rating

I'd say the bad reviews of Canaca are pretty accurate. Don't go with these guys. My main complaint is my site goes down and I can't access my email! My email is also unreliable and bounces back for various reasons, including the email server ip being blacklisted through no fault of my own. There must be a lot of people using this host to spam!


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I renewed my yearly hosting with them but my site went down yesterday morning. after 100 emails, (you can't actually talk withe them) they responded to say that i didn't renew my domain name so they suppsended me. i had the correct email etc but i didn't receive any warnings. did the update early yesterday, another 100 emails, no reply. this is a business web site with 6 users depending on email...

once it is put back online, i am moving it immediately. these people should not be in business, do not use them.


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We've been using Canaca for 3 years. Bottomline, run as fast as you can from this company. Their servers are down a lot, usually take a long time to come back up, and customer support is non-existant. The only way to contact them is by email. Calling their support number only leads you to a recorded message asking you to email them. We've had our email and site go down many times and it always took them forever to get it back up. They will not even bother to acknowledge receiving emails reporting problems which leaves you wonderng if anything is being done or if they've even received the support ticket. DO NOT HOST WITH THIS COMPANY. Especially if it's for a business site which requires reliable hosting.

Robert Everson

    Review Rating

I hosted with Canaca for three years. Their poor service drove me away.

Their servers are frequently down. Toward the end my sites would be down 1 - 4 days a month! When my account came back online it would be with old data (if any) and I would have to restore everything.

I cannot in good faith recommend this company.

    Review Rating

Absolutely no support, my site has been down for 48 hours and no action. I need to switch companies because this is just horrid. I understand there can be problems but I need a person to talk with.

Jay B

    Review Rating

The only reason I'm here is because I'm looking for a new host, 10 hr down time (so far) for email and not acknowledging 2 open tickets is not what any business needs.


    Review Rating

Worst company in the whole planet. Don't even bother to sign up with these guys. Customer service is below 0. NO phone support. Email will be answered in 3 days. Site will be down any minute and no support. Email them and if you are luck you will get reply. This company should be banned from doing business. Playing with customers business. Our site has been down 4 days now. No support. Emergency email never work. Don't go to this company. There are plenty of other companies who has better support. Canaca close down and run. You won't make it.


    Review Rating

Absolutely the worst company on the planet. Telephone support, and email takes weeks to be answered, even when your site is down. Completely unresponsive. Find someone else to deal with.


    Review Rating

I have been with this company since 2007. I am up most of the time but the server is flaky. I am sure there are upgrades/breakdowns that happen for no apparent reason, i'm a pretty patient guy but this is getting crazy now.

Email support has never been great, i have always just called the sales line and complain to them, i have a feeling this operation is run from a basement in someone's parents house and tech and sales are the same people.

Overall, this company is a leach, preying on people who PAY to get something they don't. They should repay people the money for the service they didn't receive.

I have requested a credit from them several times and no response other then, try it now, it should be working.

Anthony Stone

    Review Rating

Terrible. Stay away from this company. They are terrible. I been with them for 10 years sadly and I have had it. You can do so much better... dont get conformable like I did... During that time twice they have managed to lose my web server. The first time they where able to restore 60% of my data... It sucked but hey at least I was still running. It took them 2 weeks to do... which is crazy. Now last week I noticed that my webserver was broken for about a month... just 404 dead.... Dont they have internal monitoring of their servers? why did i have to notice it? I contacted support... I got back one line.... "Amir: This problem should be fixed already." Well I guess their troubleshooting does not involve actually testing it because it was still totally dead.... I had to contact them again wait an entire weekend and finally I get this gem... "Unfortunately server is crashed and we lost all your data" Wow.... I did not have a backup of my data that was any use and being sick of them I asked for the professional courtesy of them refunding me because the web host is now useless to me... which they flat out denied... I will be taking this up with the credit card company for sure... they are a complete waste of money... other issues during my term were... ZERO support on issues, lack of bandwidth at random times, and 24/hr uptime my ass.

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