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Canhost is a hosting service provider for over 19 years.. Also doing business as I-Guru. Canhost provides a solid platform for hosting Client Applications along with a full range of Business-Class Information Technology services Directly From The ISP to the client.

Canhost provides wholesale server rentals, managed IT services, shared and dedicated web hosting to application service providers, eBusiness, corporations other resellers and or endusers.

Canhost utilizes technology from industry leaders such as Ubiquiti, cPanel, CISCO, Microsoft, SuperMicro and many more. The data facility provides clients with the latest cutting-edge software and hardware technologies backed by the best-in-class service and support. Delivered from Canada. Canhost is a direct reseller of .ca domain names for over 10 years we are registrar number 36 with CIRA


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Hosting Reviews for Canhost

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Had my gear in colocation for a number of years now without issue. Never seen a power blip, and the network stability is great.


    Review Rating

I recently moved my domain to Canhost and then purchased a dedicated server to use it with. From the get go everything has been great, i have not had any trouble at all and have always been able to get a hold of support when i needed to. I screwed up my linux install and they reinstalled the OS and had me up and running again in less then 2 hours.

I called them before i purchased anything as i did not know if they would cut it due to old reviews here on hostjury.com. However they explained that the company is now under new management and that many of the problems that they previously had were due to poor management of staff and facilities.

I gave them a shot as my stuff is not mission critical and i could afford some downtime and their prices were right in line with my budget. I have no regrets picking them and have had excellent support and full confidence in recommending them to anyone looking for hosting.

John Fitzgerald

    Review Rating

This company will not return phone calls. (4 weeks!) My website is being held hostage by this incredibly imcompetent firm. All I want is a phone call or to release my website so I can use another server

Ian MacCready

    Review Rating

Exactly my experience, John. Most email (and I know that clients have sent stuff) is not coming to me and CanHost can't be reached.

They are, unfortunatly, also my domain registrar and so I also can't contact them to change providers.

I went to their physical location yesterday and the storefront is vacant. CIRA insists that they are still in business, though.

Chris Money

    Review Rating

We also have SERIOUS problems with Canhost....

They are our corporate domain registrars and our domain has been left to expire - despite being on an auto-renew schedule. Our website has now stopped completely; so has our incoming mail....in fact if any mail is sent to us it is rejected with a "...permanent fatal errors....550: host unknown..."!!!!

I have been calling continually for two days, sending e-mails, and trying to fax - but the fax number is just ringing....

So far OpenSRS/Tucows have been absolutely no help.

We are in the UK and do not have a clue what else to do?

Any ideas/helpful suggestions would be very much appreciated....

Doug Plumb

    Review Rating

Terrible host. My email is not working, my business cannot be done and these people cannot be reached.

I have no idea when I can reach them, sometimes they return calls, sometimes they don't.

Robert Ogden

    Review Rating

Appalling host - Desperate to leave, but they are a tinpot organisation with only about 3 staff, none of whom respond to any calls. When they do, they are invariably dismissive and curt.

Paul Dunphy

    Review Rating

I can only echo what previous reviewers have said. I was with Canhost since 2002, but around May/June everything seemed to fall apart.

Things stopped working at random, and there seemed to be no way to contact them for days. When issues did get resolved, the cause given was usually vague. I finally gave up, and found out how to get control of my domain name from them. (I couldn't get anyone on the phone to release it. Once I got control of it, it took less than 24-hours to change the DNS servers and switch to one of the higher rated providers. I really wanted to stay with Canhost, and I gave them 6 months to work their way through the transition (to new servers and their merger with I-Guru.)

A year ago I would have recommended them to anyone. Unfortunately I now cannot, and suggest anyone wanting a web hosting company look elsewhere.

John Warburton

    Review Rating

Absolutely useless service. When my domain expired it happened to coincide with my bank switching credit card from visa to mastercard. Instead of contacting me to let me know that there was a problem with renewal payment, Canhosts simply took my domain off line and waited for a reaction. A week later and they still have not put me back on-line. This is dreadful service.

Tim H.

    Review Rating

We've been with canhost for about a year for our VPS. Since that time, we've experienced 4 outages, unresponsive support, console access that doesn't work and extremely slow server performance during peak times.

We will definitely be moving out from their facility and won't look back. For the price paid, we can find plenty of other VPS providers with better service.

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