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Founded in Toronto, Canada in May of 2002, Cartika Inc has established itself as a leader in Open Source Application Service Providers. Using advanced web hosting facilities, combined with our intricate knowledge in several best of breed Open Source Applications, Cartika is able to provide your business with the solutions it requires in order to web enable your core business processes.

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Hosting Reviews for Cartika Hosting


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Basically all I can say is this is the first web hosting company I have ever been truly happy with. Outstanding service.


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I'd have to agree, Cartika are the first company in 10 years that have made me happy as a customer.

The pricing is higher than I've paid but I believe I get more than this in return, especially in support.

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I heard lots of good things through a webhosting forum, so I gave them a shot (the Toronto office). It's only been three months, however, as my website deals with Halloween, I put this host through a good "stress test" in October.


I'm happy to say the webhost didn't even blink during the busy season. Uptime has been 100%, the website loaded fast at the busiest of times, and I was simply charged a nominal fee when my bandwidth spiked over the limit, as I expect it to do 1 month out of the year. I'll definitely be staying with them.

Customer support is prompt and helpful, and they gave me some good ideas and alternative hosting plans due to my October spike.


A little more expensive than other hosts, and I'm getting more obvious email spam coming through than I thought - however, 3-5 a day is certainly acceptable.

Dave Stanovic

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I just wanted to say I have been with Cartika for over 4 years. I started with a reseller account and have moved to a dedicated server. I have found both the uptime and support (though seldom needed) to be the best I have experienced and I deal with a lot of hosting companies while developing and supporting several scripts. Those who complain about HSphere as a reseller and /or end user simply do not understand it (or take the time to). I have moved many clients to Cartika over the years that are using a variety of scripts because "other" hosts simply could not support the resource usage or had experienced frequent downtime. They have all been ecstatic with the service, uptime, and support.

Anyone who is serious about his or her business and internet presence will find Cartika a bargain. The question is not the price, it's the value; some people get that fact, and some don't.


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The daily backup they provide saved me when my site got hacked. I just restored to the previous day's backup and my site was up and running. Not bad for $10/month.

Compared to other hosts, they may be a bit expensive (though really, $10 is not *really* expensive) but it's worth it. It's a bonus too that they use H-Sphere. After experiencing that, I'm never going back to Cpanel - there's just so much more flexibility with the former rather than the latter.

To sum up, quite satisfied with the host. Awesome service and features. Price is not competitive but I'm more than willing to pay for it (for what you get).


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I have read the reviews for Cartika on this site.

First, you get what you pay for. Cartika response time is miles ahead of any budget host I have tried. And response time is everything.

Yes, their control panel is mediocre at best. I'm not sure I care. Their back-up and restore screens are perfect.

Cartika support is awesome.

Summary: Cartika servers rock! And the array for 100% availability along with upgrade paths to more powerful solutions makes them a clear leader in web hosting. I view them as an elite solution provider.

You can go with budget, but for a couple dollars more a month, what are you saving? If you want quick servers w/o the outlandish prices of say, MT, look no further than Cartika.


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I have purchased a few hosting accounts through Cartika for a variety of web design clients that used a content management system that worked best with Cartika's Windows hosting. While I'm a bigger fan of iPower's control panel, Cartika takes the cake when it comes to tech support. They answer any of my tech support questions without the standard canned questions and answers that I've come to expect from other host providers, and they don't have to put me on hold for 10 minutes while they consult a senior tech support manager. A+ support, which is a big deal to me since I'm constantly having to contact hosting companies on behalf of my clients.

Chris Hutcheson

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I've been with them as a reseller for quite a few years now. Happy with the uptime, and as others have said here their support is quick and produces great results. Particularly in more than a few instances where they've really gone above and beyond to resolve stupid mistakes I've made. Very satisfied.


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Reviews I have read have been very simple and do not go past Cartika's own marketing - expensive yet reliable plus great customer service. So far I have found that Cartika has provided a level of service expected by any hosting company. As a reseller, the user interface is not intuitive or simple, and very Web 1.0, nowhere near the ease of use of GoDaddy or other common hosts. While Cartika may be a decent solution of end users with 1 domain, I highly do not recommend using them for reselling or administering multiple domains.


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I've been with Cartika Hosting for 1-year this September, and have found their hosting services to be very reliable, their control panel very extensive, and the 2 times I've used their support they were very helpful. The pricing is more than I would like to be paying for such a small Web site, but so far it's been worth it.

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