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CleverDot.com provides web hosting solutions and domain name registration services. Cleverdot are not the biggest domain registrar or web hosting provider on the net, but Cleverdot try harder to provide you, the combination of best pricing and best support.


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I love the content management system they have put together on their site. Alot of features for "beginners." Only bad part mysql has its limits.

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" Over the last couple of years we have been severely let down by Cleverdot for a multitude of reasons:

1. There servers are rarely up for a month straight

2. If there is a problem with a script on your account, they suspend the whole account without telling you. Meaning you and your clients could be without a website until you sort it out which could be hours or even days.

3. While we have been with them, their cpanel has become very restricted. Each week they take something away. For example I have just gone on only to find that our webstats has been removed (for no known reason). I think this is because they keep moving servers and forgetting to apply your original account settings.

I have moved over to eukhost.com as they offer unlimited cpanel hosting for £22 per year and its really fast! "

Icann reporter

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The good: it's affordable in absolute terms (caveat emptor - you get what you pay for).

The not so good: limited new features such as domain privacy, complete dns management, and lack of reasonable support (actually, it offers no phone support whatsoever - only via email).

The bad: Customers are switched to a China registrar called OnlineNIC.com (it offers a shell office in California) which has a shady history - see recent lawsuits by verizon, Microsoft and pending with Yahoo...

Now, Cleverdot will not answer any inquiries regarding unlocking customers' domains to transfer to another registrar...against ICANN policy.

Further, Cleverdot's China OnlineNIC is being sued for fraud.

These firms should be shut down and taken to court. ICANN has been informed by many, yet has done nothing to address.

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I've been trying to get an answer from cleverdot for weeks. I emailed them today, here's the content of my email:

----- Original Message -----

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 3:30 PM

Subject: Support Request (How do I delete the text from the middle of my homepage?)

A customer attempted to contact you, however the 'Configure Contact Information' area was not configured. To configure this information please access https://jupiter.cleverdot.com:2087/scripts6/edit_contact_info . The customers' inquiry has been saved below.

body: I know all about the other sections of the page but I don't want text there. Just the middle. But first I have to delete the Latin placeholder text. Tell me how to proceed immediately. And make a note of the numerous domains I just purchased from Cleverdot. I've had DEANCO.biz two months and haven't been able to use it, that's no way to treat customers.

domain: deanco.biz

email: [email protected]


owner: clever

realname: Berry

server: jupiter.cleverdot.com

subject: How do I delete the text from the middle of my homepage?

Here's cleverdot's incredibly professional response:


We provide domain registration and web hosting services, we do NOT provide web design services.

Please be more specific and let us know how can we be of assistance.

Best regards,



[email protected]

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I use Cleverdot.com since 2000.

It was the most perfect provider.

About 2011 they replaced the email interface with new version and the horror show started.

Every new version reduced the functionality to the current one that emails are not visible on Galaxy Note devices.

The scarry part is that they use insulting communication when I request their support.

If they sold the business to chinese it is clear.

I paid for five years and have no option than waiting.

I had to create a gmail account for the last version of webmail does not attach files to emails.

So it started superb and get worse and worse.

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