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Since 2001, FDC Servers is the leading provider of Dedicated Servers, Private Cloud, Virtualization and Hosting Services for businesses and enterprises around the world. FDC Servers offers the best bandwidth deal on the planet.

FDCservers.net LLC was incorporated in 2003 and offers a wide range of dedicated server packages.


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Hosting Reviews for FDC Servers

Clayton Johnson

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I would highly recommend finding a different provider if you go this route. I’ve had several issues with FDCServers before, but this one takes the cake.

I was giving them not a first, not a second, but a third chance to prove their worth to me, by purchasing a small VDS as a test run before possibly purchasing a dedicated server or two from them for a mid-west server to offer my customers.

I pay for 24/7 up time on my service. Friday morning at around 4:15 am EST I get a call from a customer I had just sold an account between 5 and 6 hours before hand. He’s angry that he’s purchased a hosting account from myself, and hasn’t even had it half a day and it is already down. So I climb out of bed and log in to the FDC OnApp panel to see that my server there is going through a disk destroy/migrate process.

At this point I file a support ticket checking to see if it is possibly a hardware failure and it is recovering itself. Much to my surprise I receive a reply from an employee that informs me he has manually destroyed my current VDS and is migrating it to another. Now I’ve had this VDS for one day over a full month at this point. So it’s not like I had just purchased it and slipped through the cracks missing the announcement that they had planned to decommission this hypervisor.

Come to find out. If FDC wants to move you to another server they have no policy on contacting you to let you know (Or so their employee says). They just shut your server down with no notice and your customers just have to deal with it. His exact response loosely paraphrase was “Oh well we don’t have to notify you. It’s off peak hours so we figured it would be okay.”

I’ve been managing other peoples servers as well as running my own for sixteen years. Never in my experience have I EVER dealt with a data center that thinks at anytime it is okay to plan ahead on shutting down their customers servers with no prior notification to their clients.

I host servers in server other data centers and with 24 hours of notice could have easily moved my customers temporarily to another server seamlessly without them ever even noticing besides the email notification I would’ve sent to them.

Unfortunately FDC employees think it is okay to take a 24/7 hosting service offline because they believe it is off peak hours. I guess they don’t realize that the “World Wide Web” is just that. World wide. It’s always peak hours somewhere.

When I pay for 24/7 up time. I understand there is a risk of hardware failure, network failure, power disruptions, or other circumstances that may result in downtime. The fact being this was none of the above. This was an employee metaphorically flipping a switch and cutting my server off to do something that was planned ahead of time, with no notice to myself or my customers.

So once again. If you are considering hosting at FDC I would highly suggest against it until they update their policies. My customer was so mad that he wouldn’t even accept a couple of months of free service on another server. They made me look incompetent and he took his business else where. All FDC would do is say I’m sorry and repeat the line it should be okay because it was off peak hours statement over and over again. I received this flippant response from not only one, but TWO employees the second claiming to be a manager, but being unable to prove it. Not entirely sure the first employee didn’t just forward me to a co-worker. Ever other employee has a signature on their support ticket responses, this one looked like it had been blanked out and a line accidentally left.

Anyways. I’ll just chalk this up to another you get what you pay for. Their prices are so low their service suffers because of it. It’s like amateurs run their services.

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