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The FastNext are a team of creative and inventive professionals who do their best to develop new hosting solutions as well as provide fabulous quality service. Our mission is to make web hosting affordable while providing our customers with outstanding support as well as a fast and reliable network, thus giving them a taste of fast hosting!

Clifton, New Jersey


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I find the support at FastNext to be outstanding, they are very polite and quick to resolve any problem tickets that may be placed. Service is Very dependable with an unbelievable average download speed. Our site grows daily and the performance remains outstanding with whatever load we throw at it. I as a user would highly recommend FastNext for any and all hosting needs you or your company may require.


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Over the past 8 years I have tried alsorts of hosting companies and for shared hosting, Fastnext are by far the best. They answer support calls within a very reasonable time and get things sorted very politely.

I do host my more important sites on dedicated or clustered hosting - ie mission critical stuff, as shared hosting is not reliable for this, but for shared hosting Fastnext is fully recommended.

Plus they offer really high useage and I am telling you I have really pushed the boundaries on this and they stick to their word.

5 out of 5

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Since we are using windows vps server from 4 years, we do not have any major issues with them.

their servers are so uninterrupted and hardly have any issues.

good one.





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