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Fluid Hosting was formed in 2001 with the mission to provide high quality, scalable web hosting solutions. Fluid Hosting provide customers with top notch network reliability,

Fluid Hosting concentrates on delivering web hosting service and solutions to meet the growing demands of world wide e-business presence. Fluid Hosting is scalable from the ground up to provide room for growth.

Audubon, PA, USA

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I was with fluidhosting for 2 weeks. They had good performance and uptime, and decent support. However after two years I've decided the move on since their packages are quite expensive by today standard.

That's where the billing issue started. I notified two weeks ahead of my next due date, but for Fluidhosting it's not enough , they ask you to notify them --30-- days before you want cancel. Basically forcing you to pay double on your last month.

Don't believe me? check their T.O.S to see that.


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Bad Hosting company acts like a one man operation, that cannot keep up with customer service. No phone support. Shuts down you your website if your credit card expires without notice, but does have your email, which they do use to let you know that you own them money. Paid them the 1 month and they have not put the websites back up. In fact, it looks like they deleted them. I should have left these cheap people a long time ago.


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very poor customer service – i agreed in advance that i only wanted to try the site for 1 month and to come back and host when i was ready. told them of my intentions and i thought all was well.

the month ended now they want two more payments because they are holding me to their terms and conditions rather than what was agreed when i contatced them.

if you prefer to host somewhere where the customer relations are good and agreements kept go elsewhere

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I am careful to be critical of business' selling off sections to another business having been through a few myself in my career, however this experience was so bad that I needed to post a review - something I have never done before.

We originally contracted with SteadFast Networks, signing on with their Shared Hosting plan. We had no issues other than tech questions relating to firing up a website. We have a large church website, 19 sections, 5 blogs, over 400 sermons and other things.

We got communications about them selling their shared hosting to Fluid Hosting, that didn't pose a problem although I was a little miffed at the idea. Further looking at the Fluid Hosting website gave me great concern for the incredibly dated design and the way the hosting plans were presented. It looks like a design from web -01.

We started getting email notices in January about transferring server content, again, no big deal.

Well, come Jan 27, I cannot get into our CMS admin, and I notice that the website isn't loading. From phone calls on the 27th (totally ineffective), to support tickets - for 5 days our website was down and WE COULDN'T GET ANYONE TO SATISFACTORILY ADDRESS THE ISSUE. The delays were horrible "I am passing this to our senior admin……… okay, and 2 days have passed.... Monday the 31st my developer and I made the decision to move our website to a new host - and by the way, everything runs fine in the new environment. Total downtime, 5 days. Again, 5 days.

Our website being down was critical for us, it didn't seem to be critical for the support staff, and if we had stayed with them, the site would likely still be down.


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I've never had such a bad experience with a company. I was a Steadfast Networks customer who was transferred to Fluid Hosting when they sold that part of their business. I decided that they weren't for me, so I found another host and got everything set up there just days before my yearly renewal with Fluid.

I was still having on and off technical issues with the new host, so I didn't want to cancel with Fluid until I had to, just in case. I found that there's no way to turn off automatic renewal, so I deleted my credit card information in the control panel. Apparently they still had it though, and charged me for another full year a few days later. I saw the email informing me of this as soon as I woke up that morning, and immediately told them that I didn't intend to renew, and asked for a refund. Their answer was that their TOS state that customers need to tell them *30 days in advance* to cancel. And no refunds. Nothing I said could make them budge.

Upset about paying something for nothing, I disputed the charge through my credit card company. They told me they would forward it to a collections agency and add those fees onto what I owed. Not wanting to possibly be out even more money, I dropped the dispute. Then they stopped responding to my emails for about a month. Now they want me to write a letter indicating that the charge is valid and that the chargeback was made in mistake.

I'm just in awe that a company would have such a customer-hostile policy in their TOS, and such rigid enforcement of it. I wasn't using the service anymore, I just wanted to leave. I contacted them only a few hours into the full year of hosting I had just (automatically) paid for. It's almost two months later and I'm still trying to break free of them.

Stay away from Fluid Hosting and give your business to a company that respects its customers.


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FluidHosting ignored my requests to close my accounts for six months, content to keep billing away on them. When they finally closed my accounts, they sent a standard "why are you leaving?" email. I told them. It resulted in an auto-reply stating that no human would read my email.

Good to know they care.

Valerie F

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Very poor customer service, terrible billing practices, and rude support reps. Took weeks to answer my cancellation request, tried to force me to pay another year, wouldn't send a proper invoice and just demanded money.

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This site and its support is a nightmare. I reported last night that someone might have hacked into my email. I got a SPAM email from [email protected] that I never added to my company's list. I filled out a support ticket (there's never a human it seems) and got a typed response back from Vladimir to show him that email subject line. I immediately did that and have not heard back! My email was hacked and it's been 8 hours and no response! I'm going to move to another host asap, do not sign up with them. I had hopes with their new system that they would improve but it isn't the case. Also when you scroll down and hit contact on their website, that link is not effective.

Adios Fluid Hosting, I too had signed up with Steadfast years ago and have not been satisfied since they sold this to Fluid Hosting .

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