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Been with this host since they originally started under the name saygeek and have stayed with them through their growth and name change to fusednetwork. Support has always been great on the rare occasions I have needed it because reliability and uptime are awesome. There has never been a request denied when seeking support for anything no matter how off the wall it may be. These guys are the server hookup for all your needs be it general hosting, streaming media, community or business related sites or anything else you may need to do. Pricing is great if you are looking to run a small or huge website. Be sure to check them out when considering a host.

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Everything on this host has been perfect and run as smoothly as can be. I know my website puts a huge strain on any servers it inhabits, so saying these things means quite a bit. I've never seen the servers slow, I've never seen them time out, and best of all I've NEVER seen them go down.

Fused is a wonderful host with extremely fast and courteous customer service. As a webmaster/ owner/ and developer, I highly recommend you migrate your current website over to Fused (regardless of how difficult that may be). You won't regret that you did.

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Everything is working as i should be... no downtime so far, no problems!

Its stable! They respons really fast if you need help! You can easy trust this host!

Good job, Fused network....

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I own www.pccagefights.com but have a webmaster to manage my website. I would like to thank the people over at fused network for the great job they do hosting my web site. While I don't have anything to do with the hosting side of my business I can say that my web site has run flawlessly and without incident. I have never experienced downtime and after shopping around can say the prices cant be beat for the service I am provided with. I look forward to many years of working with fused and the expansion of my business.

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I joined FusedNetwork several months ago. Whilst I was content with my previous website host provider, I wasn't happy with being unable to do certain things. Also, not being able to have a full OK with dnsreport kept bugging me. After some discussing with FusedNetwork's staff I decided to give these folks a trial. Ever since, I have not been disappointed at all. They respond to crises in a professionalism that any company should learn - if there's a problem, not only do they let us know about it, they give us more than adequate solutions in record time. The number of crises are extremely low as well - my beloved website is well taken care of by these guys, connections are always fast, I don't have to fear putting it as my start page because I know it will always be up! Kudos to this wonderful website host!

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Top Notch! A One! Five Star! I have had nothing less than great service from these folks. I plan on moving my other sites to them when my contracts expire.

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I've bounced between quite a number of servers, and NOBODY has performed as well as Fused. I recommend them to everyone, whether your site is large or small.

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Fused Network is my second host I have tried do to my last host always going down to often. Before I switched to Fused Network I talked back and forth with them on how to switch to them and they helped me step by step. I have been with them for over two weeks now and am very happy I switched to them. I recammand going with Fused Network. Fused Network has given me better support, faster support, and most important my site is up and runs fast.

Imdsm (Adam K)

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Been with this host for about 10 months now and not had a problem, even when I couldn't pay due to paypal problems they kept my account alive until I could, thats only one of many reasons why this host is one of the best on the market.

Not only is the support instant, the server ping is also great and I'm in the uk. This server preforms as if its all over the globe. The server setup is great as well, its flexible and I have never had a problem. The prices are also great, I pay one little lump sum which isn't much bigger than you spend at a shop on your way home from work, and I've got hosting for months!

This host puts 110% into everything and I totally recommend them!


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Been with FN for about a month now, and so far so good. Prices are definately not the lowest you can find around, but the service more than makes up for it. A few times I emailed in a question and I got responses in less than 10 minutes. Definately recommended for anyone needing quality hosting.

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Let me introduce myself before I get into this whole thing.

I am Travis McCrea, I own Geeks Paradox Media (http://www.geeksparadox.com). My website is a website dedicated to giving people a chance to express themself without worrie of being flamed. As such I have a high bandwidth load everyday. When getting A host i needed somthing with low prices, GREAT speeds, lots of space, and fast and friendly tech support.

I was with another host for a while and they were doing good but there was a special on fused network and I took it. I was skeptical at first... But I was captivated by there website (me being a media lover, im a sucker for shiny websites).

Heres what I have found.

Fused Network has given me VERY fast tech support ( i dont think think I have ever had to wait more then a day for an answer.). Speeds are EXCELLENT clocking at an upwards of 10MPS up and down. The Price is very reasonable I do not wish to disclose how much a month I pay for hosting but I will tell you that all there prices are competitive. I have yet to get near myspace... and I only come in about 50% of my monthly bandwidht.

I recomend Fused Network to anyone.

Thank you for reading this,

Travis McCrea


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Been 6 months since I last added a review and just wanted to stop in and say how great things have been going. My site and needs have grown and Fused Network has been right there every step of the way providing me with everything. One of the best things about Fused aside from the awesome uptime and lack of server interuptions is the fact that they are there when you need them. I email for questions or support and have answers imediatly, I need a new service put into place and it happens. None of this "it can take 24-36 hours" crap I have heard from hosts in the past. If you are looking for a host look no further, if you are stuck with a deadbeat consider switching anyway, whats the cost of a few dollars you loose by leaving your old contract behind when it means hassle free hosting. I have been with these guys for years and they are the only host I recomend to people.

    Review Rating

Best Support Ever!!!!

Was with another company and moved to Fused Network. Was shocked how well I was treated and how fast my requests were made. Best customer service I've ever received.

    Review Rating

Ok so I'm kinda a newbie on web stuff but have been doing a couple site for over a year in E107, I needed to move my sites some where else as my provider closed down one portion of their busness with no warning to us. This left me with the feeling that the wbsite portion of their business would be far behind. So I find Fused Networks and start asking question on how can I do it I didn't want to start from scratch. I got instant answers to my questions and also an offer to transfer the data for me. I accepted the other being such a newbie of course and within 24hrs both my site we hosted with them. The sites are also much quicker and the tech suppost if fantastic.

    Review Rating

Super reliable, super fast support, humans who care about making you happy are running this hosting business. Many other web hosts have kicked me off in the past due to heavy loads - not Fused. They accommodate my needs with gusto!

Also - you can't beat jailed SSH access to your hosted space. Rock on!

    Review Rating

Well it's been a year... and since then, I have only been more happy than ever to increase my activities with Fused Network. I now have a number of websites hosted with them. Each exchange is a pleasure.. this is one host that you simply enjoy having a chat with. The quality of the service is still second to none. It's just great not having ever to have to worry about my site. I recommend Fused any day!

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This is my second go around with Fused Network, and I have to say its absolutely awesome. My website was up and running very quickly with up to the minute support until I got all my questions sorted out.

I noticed immediate speed improvement over my last host (Powweb), especially with SQL calling scripts running.

I'll report back after a few months to see how things have gone. Until then, I voted everything as "Perfection". It may seem slightly odd that Pricing is perfect, as it is slightly above average webhost prices.

I voted that way because I think for the quality of service and support you get, the prices just couldn't be lower. It's still a bargain though, nothing exceptionally expensive. And for the piece of mind you get running your site somewhere so stable is worth it.

Alex Suraci

    Review Rating

I was hosted by FusedNetwork for months and experienced absolutely zero downtime, and have nothing but good things to say about it. The staff was very helpful (to the point of direct email conversations, no glossed over fake "customer support", and I was able to do everything I wanted to do (which was a lot). The hosting was extremely snappy and the FTP/SSH access was great.

They also went out of their way to get Trac and Subversion set up and running flawlessly just for my website. I'm sure they'd be willing to do it again for other customers.

This host isn't out there to be the cheapest, they're here to perform with quality hosting. I was previously a DreamHost user, but because the hosting there is so cheap there are constant downtimes and bad support because they oversell so terribly. FusedNetwork costs a bit more, but they don't seem to oversell as largely as DreamHost, because I never had any problems.

There are hosts out there that offer absolutely ridiculous amounts for their hosting packages, but there's no point in that as you'll almost never reach it. The real cost for sites like DreamHost comes in as bad support, unexplained downtimes, slowness, and having your money milked out of you.

It's hard to write a very lengthy review for this host since I really had no problems, and everything worked as expected.

    Review Rating

I initially went with Fused about a year ago because I read a number of good reviews. After using their service I must say that they are worth every dollar. Their prices are a bit higher than other hosting services, but you get exactly what you pay for. I've never received such great customer service and support anywhere. Even during initial e-mails with them concerning the purchase of a shared hosting plan, I received personal responses from the CEO within a two or three minutes.

    Review Rating

I did quite a bit of research before moving my web site to this host. Fused Network really lives up to their ratings. Their shared hosting server is not too loaded.

Their pricing may be a bit above the average host provider, but their support level is near perfect. My tickets were answered promptly by someone who really know what he is talking about.

Bottom line, I recommend this web hosting service if you are running a small business or if it is critical that your web site runs smoothly.

    Review Rating

As others have confirmed, they have super, super support. A great host, very fast connection.


    Review Rating

ABSOULTELY AMAZING!!! Response time when a support ticket is submitted is extremely fast!! Definately the best I have ever dealt with. A great find. Go Fused Network.

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This would be my review after a couple months into my hosting term with Fused. Everything is still running unbelievably smoothly, and I don't think there's been a single unplanned/unannounced downtime. Support is still very quick and helpful, even if I don't make my problem/question very clear.

Thank you Fused!


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I found Fused while researching hosting companies after a bad experience with another host, and cannot say enough about how AWESOME Fused has been!

They moved my whole vBulletin forum over for me; I didn't have to do a single thing! I couldn't believe how much faster the pages loaded and features worked once on the Fused server, too.

I am new to vBulletin and still learning, but they have been super patient and helpful. I am amazed at the *immmediate* and truly personal responses whenever I have a question or need help. Not just some form or foreigner telling me something I can't decipher or that I have to pay to upgrade this or that - I'm talking a real live person who cares and will take the time to explain and do whatever it takes to earn my business.

My members and I are SO HAPPY we went with Fused!


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I've only been with them for a few days, but the support is incredible-- the same as managed hosting basically. At this price they are pretty much giving it away for free.

    Review Rating

Following a traumatic period with Hostingplex I decided to move to Fused after reading all the good reports (and having had some previous personal experience of dealing with David J)

All I can say is that my problem was resolved in around an hour with the whole site including database transfered over by Fused to their servers

This was Outstanding service that is well worth paying that bit extra for

    Review Rating

I have been with Fused Network for over a year, have six sites with varying needs.

The folks at FN have been awesome for each problem/issue I have created due to a need. They have always been there to help even when they hosted just one site for me. Uptime is fantastic but most important is the response time to a service ticket. Usually the response is within minutes of sending and never closed before they know you are happy. I have had service provided by others before but as time has gone by, I have moved most things to Fused Network.


    Review Rating

Great host, very competitive pricing. Support response times were under 10 minutes (I've only used the ticket system once though). Online knowledge base is helpful for inexperienced users. Host does an outstanding job communicating any planned outages (upgrades and such) well in advance. I've used a handful other hosts, none better than Fused.

Sergio Seabra

    Review Rating

Fused Network in my experience provide an exemplary service. Beyond the bits and bytes the people that maintain it are very professional and really understand the needs of modern IT.


    Review Rating

I disagree with Miles. No, I take that back, I completely disagree with Miles. Every time I have had some questions about anything that involves a website, wether it is curiosity or a need Fused Network has always been there with top notch support and help. Do not listen to Miles. Choose Fused Network!

    Review Rating

I've had such a series of bad experiences with hosting providers in recent years that finding FusedNetwork has been a huge relief. Just a tremendous weight off my shoulders...

I had been looking to switch web hosts for a while, but just got overwhelmed with reading reviews, asking friends and colleagues for recommendations, and weighing the choices. I decided right off though that I would eliminate any host that appeared to be deliberately overselling, and also any that appeared to stack the first couple of pages of Google results with fake reviews. (How can you tell? Check out all the sites that have the name of the web host plus "reviews" in the actual domain name!! How obvious can you get...)

My hosting needs were for my own site as well as for (eventually) up to 20+ client websites -- some just static html, some Wordpress, some Joomla-based. Overall my needs were and still are relatively basic, but the biggest problem I've had with recent web hosts (in addition to poor overall service) is exceptionally poor communication.

On this basis, I decided that I did not want to go with one of the big name hosts out there, that I wanted better customer support, that I wanted a service that did not just toss problems over the wall, and that I was willing to pay a little bit more if necessary in order to get this.

I am taking the time to write and post this review for FusedNetwork because I am so impressed and happy with the service I've gotten:

- support tickets answered super quickly and *knowledgeably* (what a concept!). So far all my questions have been responded to in under 15 minutes, including emails sent in the middle of the night :/

- extremely fast web servers;

- absolutely friendly, professional communication;

- flexibility and room for growth within their system should I need it;

- options like SSH/sFTP and Wordpress installation;

- assistance with migrating files from my old web host (what a help that was!)

- 24x7x265 support

- nightly backups at no extra charge

Lots of web hosts out there *look* like they're offering everything under the sun for a low price. All I have to say is buyer beware.

FusedNetwork has a loyal following because they've earned it!!!

    Review Rating

I've reviewed Fused Network on my site. I am blown away regularly by how great their service is. Everything positive I've read about Fused has turned out to be true. I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

    Review Rating

Not too long ago I was experiencing problems with a few sites I owned, I had no clue what the problem was nor how to fix it but I did no I was in desperate need of an upgrade and help! I came across a hosting company by the name fusednetwork.com and decided to contact a member of that company named David McKendrick. He had nothing but quick replies and solutions. He not only helped me get my sites running up to par but he helped upgrade my system as well. This company by all means is the best company I have ever came into contact with, he went well beyond his call of duty to ensure my full satisfaction. I recommend this company to anyone who is just starting out or for anyone who is having issues they can not seem to clear up. I say snag this guy up quickly as he has the potential to succeed quickly. Before we know it he will be working under contract with Microsoft and he'll be GONE!

Thanks fusednetwork.com!

Mike Moore


    Review Rating

I had outgrown my previous solution which was a very resource-heavy VPS. I contacted Fused and asked if they could come up with a solution that would meet my needs, and indeed they did!

Moving a site of my size was going to be a big job for me - over 1gig of files, and 150mb of database - but Fused handled it all for me and had it done in an hour.

The support is truly second to none and the services are well above standard. I would recomend Fused to anyone in the future, from beginner to expert, you can't go wrong with Fused!

Brian Wong Shui

    Review Rating

Fused Network has been a dream to work with. At first I was a little concerned about their size but after reading the review, I made the plunge. It was like the difference between night and day. For the last year, I believe that there was only one slowdown on hosting due to a DDOS attack on the server. This was promptly communicated to all the users and remedied.

Service with Fused has been excellent, even answering some obscure questions along the way. Service tickets are answered in less than 5 minutes with the correct information. A lot of other companies could take lessons from Fused about service.

I am using shared hosting with Fused and I have rated the features as perfection because what they provide matches perfectly with my needs.

Their pricing while a little higher than the budget offerings on the web, is of no concern to me when their level of service is taken into account.

If there were a JD Powers Survey for hosting companies, I believe Fused would win hands down.

    Review Rating

Although I've only been with them for a few weeks, I am kicking myself for not switching to them earlier. Fused Network were overly helpful to me with any questions and cocerns I had during the switch from my previous host and I have had zero problems since (a big change from where I was). I am super satisfied, if you are hedging on where to host your site, Fused is an excellent choice!


    Review Rating

I came to Fused as a refugee from iPower. For the previous month I'd watched traffic dribble away out of sheer frustration at loading times, and was tearing my hair out at trying to get any legitimate assistance out of iPower, whether via phone, e-mail, or online. David was patient and helpful and handled the entire transfer quickly and without cost! I am a positive technophobe and was dreading dealing with this, but David never made me feel condescended to.

Since the migration, our speed has improved by orders of magnitude. Thanks David!!!!


    Review Rating

When I have problems with my personal web site they are there for me, and when my company needs anything they are there for us. I get more emails from them then I do family members when it comes to helping me if I have a problem. Best hosting company ever!

Paul B

    Review Rating

When I made the difficult decision to sever my long-standing relationship with Media Temple, I have to admit I was worried. However, after working with Dave to get every site on two MT servers transferred, I can honestly say I couldn't be happier I made the switch to Fused. Customer service is phenomenal - Dave was extremely helpful and kept me informed every step of the way through all my site transfers. My resale clients have all noted increased site speeds and all have commented that they are much much happier with cPanel than with Plesk.

Fused offers "managed" hosting as part of their semi and dedicated packages (MT does not) with feature sets equal to or better than anyone else for reasonable rates.

Casey McLaughlin

    Review Rating

Fusednetwork.com I think is the most reliable hosting solution for all of your web site needs. Price might be a little high but what you get in the long run makes it 100% worth it!


    Review Rating

Like others have said, the support and customer service is outstanding. Sites are fast loading and the prices are reasonable. Fused Network is simply one of the best.

    Review Rating

Very friendly and helpful staff! I stumbled upon them by accident, and I'm sure glad I did.

Support is quick, very quick. Friendly, courteous, and treat you like a valued customer.

This is the way it should be, keep up the good work!

    Review Rating

Fused Network if far most the best hosting provider I have ever used. The service and support was excellent. They even moved my data over from startlogic (not recommended) and made sure that my site was up and running. Thank you David and Lawrence, you guys are the best!


    Review Rating

I too am an ex ipower customer. In the last 3 months, ipower deleted my site, resinstalled it without functionality and then consistently refused to admit there was a speed problem – blaming my “side”. After hours of waiting on line and on chat with customer service they finally admitted they were having problems with database driven sites. But the kicker was, they said their techos were working on it and there was nothing they could do. I guess that was the final straw…. I had researched many hosting providers over the last 3 months while steaming over ipowers lack of performance. What became critical from any provider was customer support! I narrowed it down to a few with all forms of support including phone support. Reading the reviews here I was a little skeptical of the comments about fused. However they all turn out to be true. I handed my site to Dave and he had it transferred and running in 2 hours, as he said he would. I couldn’t believe it the constant emails and follow up was tremendous and now the speed of the database is incredible. Thanks Dave for saving my website - it is a pleasure to be a customer of such a professional organization.

David Lester

    Review Rating

I have never, in my long life of over 60 years, received such great service as Dave offers and gives. It really brings back the word "service" to this industry and I'm proud to list Fused Networks as the only Web Host that'll I'll trust with my data and systems. You have a fan for life Dave ... ps (If I was a woman I'd give you a big hug LMAO) .... Thanks

    Review Rating

Great to deal with. Tech support is friendly and very helpful.

    Review Rating

I have been impressed with the quality of service Fused provides it's customers.

I am a professional UNIX system administrator myself, and I am just amazed how well the customers are kept aware of issues happening on their server(s). Even if it is just a five minute outage, there is some kind of message to let us know not only what is happening, but why.

I am a proud Fused customer and look forward to many more years of quality service.


    Review Rating

Having left a few comments a long time ago about Fused Network, I feel it is my duty to the Web World that I review again. Also, having six hosting accounts with them it gives me permission to write about them more than one time. : )

Reliability- I've dealt with a few other hosts during my three years of being in the web business. None have been as reliable as Fused. On the others, I'd come across outages without notice and slow load times. Here at Fused, I am kept up-to-date with anything that may be happening with their servers. They even have a blog dedicated to just their network status. During my time with Fused, I have only experienced one unscheduled down time. However, email alerts and the blog (talked about above) kept me with up-to-date notices of the outage. I gave reliability "Perfection" because it is perfection.

Support- I can't say enough about the support at Fused Network. They respond within seconds of the request being submitted. This story tells all....

One time I had submitted a request with LOW as the priority simply because it was just a question, not a pressing need. Immediately I get two emails (my emails are on PUSH so I get the instantly), the first saying that my ticket has been submitted, the second stating that it had been answered. I didn't even have time to get back to the page to view the ticket and it was already answered.

I gave support "Perfection" because they respond incredibly fast, faster than any other company I've dealt with, either through the web or any other non-web business.

Features- I can't say too much about the features since my sites only deal with HTML, PHP, MYSQL, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, images, and the occasional QuickTime file. Not much, but they handle my load great. I have some pages that the entire page is full of data drawn from the database and they load just as if they were static pages when they are incredibly dynamic. I gave the Features "Perfection" because they meet and even exceed my needs.

Pricing- With shared packages from 9.95, 12.95 and 15.95 I can't complain at all about the prices. Other hosts may have their prices lower, but the quality is much lower on those hosts. For Fused, I'd be willing to pay much more than what they charge me because their whole package is second to NONE! Perfection.

Finally- To anyone who is in the market for a new host, Fused Network is the way to go!

    Review Rating

I cannot express how pleased I have been with Fused Network in every area.

I am an IT consultant and have dealt with dozens of web hosting providers in the past. No one even comes close to the level of service these guys provide. Every problem is resolved immediately. Every question (even if outside the scope of the service) is addressed immediately. I sometimes feel that I am the only customer because the response times are insanely quick!!

With the myriad of hosting providers out there, it's nice to know that I have finally found one that I can highly recommend to all of my clients.


    Review Rating

I have been with Fused Network a few years now, and would never think of changing.

The Support is more than amazing, if I ever need anything im sure to get a reply from my tickets within 5 minutes of submitting them.

    Review Rating

After a nightmare two years with another host (who shall remain nameless but is UK based) I did around a week's worth of research and finally plumped for Fused Network.

What can I say... Fused is the bomb!

Support is absolutely second to none. I mean, it is unbelievable! This crew actually care about their customers and will go out of their way to make sure you're happy. It actually feels as though Fused have assigned a member of their own support staff to me personally! Incredible. Customer service really IS that good!

Hosting is smooth, fast and reliable. MySql/PHP is hyper-fast with more or less zero latency. In-fact I am now getting better overall bandwidth and throughput from Fused than I was from the UK host. Customised cPanel access is beautiful, with more options and stats than you can shake a stick at.

If you're looking at price only (as I did with my first host!) Fused are certainly competitive but by no-means the cheapest. However, that's like comparing a 70s Soviet automobile with a Bugatti Veyron... you get what you pay for (though Fused are considerably less expensive than the aforementioned supercar!) I have nothing bad to say about Fused Network only good. I'm in host heaven. :)

    Review Rating

We have 2 domains that needed ported over along with all of our email accounts. I read a lot of reviews and studied each company for a while before making my decision on which way I wanted to go. We were looking for a company that had great customer service and quick transfer times. I have a stressful job as the System Admin and not a lot of time to add more jobs to my everyday items. So you can imagine how I cringed when I heard that we needed to make a transfer. Dave and his team at Fused Networks couldn't have been a better choice. The owner of the company answered the phone when I called. Made changes within minutes and took care of us like we were their only clients. I couldn't ask for more and I don't see myself switching ever again. Great company, the reviews were correct. Please feel free to contact me directly if you want to hear it in person.

    Review Rating

FusedNetwork is great. After bad experiences at 1&1 (1&1 had VERY poor reliability, never explained reasons for outages -- even two instances of the cron daemon running simultaneously -- but I digress...) -- FusedNetwork was like a breath of fresh air.

The support at FusedNetwork is unbelievably good. Very prompt and knowledgeable responses. During migration from 1&1, Fused went above and beyond the call, even finding oversights on my part that were gumming things up.

Maybe most importantly, FusedNetwork does not stonewall when something does go wrong (rare as that is). Web developers are big kids: we know computers and humans are never perfect, so it is extremely confidence-inspiring to be given timely notice of a problem, and a reasonable explanation as to the cause and resolution. It definitely does NOT feel like you are submitting your requests to a black-box queue in some far-off land.

The price may not be absolute bargain basement (although really, it is pretty cheap). The advantage of this is that the extra couple of bucks a month discourages the "great unwashed" from hosting at FusedNetwork. If a big-box host offers 1000 MySQL databases for $1.00 a month, most people will never use more than a tiny fraction of that. Inevitably some jerk WILL use 1000 though, and degrade shared server response for everyone else.

I liken it to moving out of a shanty-town slum, and into a well-maintained condominium or co-op building. The rent may have been cheaper in the former, but you also had to deal with the crowding, disease, and open-ditch sewers. In the latter, you have a helpful concierge staff that keeps the place in good shape, and the riff-raff in check.

gillian holt

    Review Rating

Being a newcomer to web hosting I was glad that I chose Fused Network. They are real people who are not only friendly and courteous but also incredibly quick to respond to all manner of requests for help and advice. I am delighted with the service and they have made having my website a pleasure.

    Review Rating

Wow! I have never experienced customer service this good from any Internet/technology company. I knew I was onto something when they returned a phone call within five minutes... even though I hadn't left a message (I had figured out the answer as the phone was ringing and hung up). Follow-up questions were answered quickly at all times of day and night, and with clear and helpful explanations. Web hosting has become a commodity, but Fused Network has turned it back into a service.

Paul U.

    Review Rating

I am very thrilled to have Fused Network host my site. They have provided me with the most efficient, professional and friendly customer service. They truly know their "stuff".

Keep it up!


PS.Thanks for coming to my rescue.

Paul U.

    Review Rating

We've been with Fused Network for almost a year now. I have nothing but great things to say about Fused Network. The reliability of the servers is amazing. I've only experienced one time of downtime and it wasn't for long. Their support is more than amazing. Every support ticket I submit is answered within five minutes (usually faster though).

I recommend Fused Network to everyone!

    Review Rating

Basically Fused saved my site where I was languishing at another server with heavy downtimes and bad customer service.

Fused has amazing customer service and support. I highly recommend them if you're thinking about moving servers, or even if you're not!

Carlos Rodriguez

    Review Rating

To me, customer support is what makes the company. Most hosting companies will give you the basics of what you need: space, bandwidth, emails etc. Also, they will be up 99.9$ of the time and control panel should be simple. But then, a lack or poor customer service is what really sets someone apart. In FusedNetowrk case, customer service is tha fastest I've seen at any time of the day. Most of the time when I have a request, which happens almost every other day when I'm developing a new idea, I can literally submit a ticket, go get a glass of water and have an answer waiting for me on my return. On top of that, there is not one thing that they haven't been able to solve in a matter of minutes.

Harry van Bommel

    Review Rating

I made a list of what I needed in a server with customer service at the top of the list. Most of us do not know enough about web hosting as we are too busy concentrating on our own work. Fused Network understands that and provides outstanding customer service.

I teach customer service to people in business, health care, education, government and others. The key is getting the right information to the right people as quickly as possible. Fused Network does that and more -- they have a sense of humor that goes a long way to make those of less comfortable with high tech still feel like we can learn what it is we need to learn to put up and maintain our websites.

I rarely give glowing recommendations as fewer and fewer companies provide excellence. Fused Network is an exception and I'm very pleased to be one of their customers.

Kim Leonard

    Review Rating

Located in Canada, reasonable pricing, and setup does not require an Internet payment - these were the initial attractions. The excellent and quick customer service put them over the top. Highly recommended.

P. Suchecki

    Review Rating

I've been with Fusednetwork for about 6 months now and am very, very content. My previous hosting company was iPower, which became a dreadful experience. Obviously Dave and his crew at Fused network enjoy and take pride in what they do. You will pay a little bit more, but not much, and it's worth it for the peace of mind.

    Review Rating

I love this service. The support is incredible, very fast response and extremely helpful.

I look forward to doing business with them for years to come.


    Review Rating

I'm based in New Zealand, where web hosting seems to be a pricey affair, sure the prices are reasonable but you hardly get anything for the money you pay.

So i looked around, asked people, read reviews, and decided to settle on Fused Networks. They weren't the cheapest option around, but from what i read some of the cheapest ones aren't very good. But for what i get compared to what i was getting, their prices are awesome.

Customer service is great, i wasn't too sure about switching hosts, so fired off a few emails, got a quick response, even with the time difference.

Highly recommend, great bunch of people to deal with, good service, at a good price.

    Review Rating

It's so refreshing to come to a hosting provider who actually knows what they are doing. David helped make the move from our old host a breeze, at least for me! I appreciate all of his hard work and patience with all of my questions. While this service isn't the cheapest, that's not what I wanted in a host...I wanted one that communicates with their customers, that is reliable and is responsive to customer requests and questions. FusedNetwork provides all of that and more...they really do understand the meaning of customer service.


    Review Rating

I've wasted a lot of time moving between free webhosts, and was left disappointed each time. I eventually decided to make the plunge and switch to a paid host, and spent a lot of time reading reviews. Eventually, I stumbled upon Fused Network. They're not as popular as other hosts, but that's where they shine. The support they offer is top notch, and they handle and treat their customers well. I remember emailing them a question concerning my domain when I first registered and I received a phone call from the Fused Network staff within the next 2 minutes. I've also had them reply to my emails within 1-3 minutes. The typical response time is anywhere from near instant to an hour.

Chris Brauns

    Review Rating

I chose Fused Network because of good reports I have heard about their support. So, I had high expectations going in. But, their delivery has exceeded what I expected. I recently made a personal mistake that crashed my site. In a very timely way, they had me up and going again.

Thierry Francois

    Review Rating

- All plugins needed are present.

- Fast PHP execution and on the fly images manipulation.

- Nice and easy account management

Paul Wallen

    Review Rating

Unbelievable support. Very fast servers. More than happy!


    Review Rating

After enduring very mediocre service from a well known host (bad customer support and limitations with script access), I decided it was time to find something more reliable and flexible. I searched 3 days through countless host ads & reviews, and Fused Network by far surpassed all of them. From my experience with FN, I can say that customer support is superb - lightening fast, helpful, descriptive - and not just in the sales dept but with technical issues as well, where it counts.

    Review Rating

As of about 5 days ago, I currently finished my first, full year with Fused Network. And I couldn't have been more happy. There have only been 2 maybe 3 times when there was down time.

Even though their uptime is amazing, where they really shine is their support. I've had support ticket answered within a minute of my submission of the ticket. And the reply from that answer my question with perfection.

They're features are broad, although I mostly just use PHP and MYSQL for my pages. The MYSQL server they have is really fast. Pages load just about as fast as static pages.

Their pricing is amazing. With shared plans at 9.95, 12.95, 15.99, and 19.95 you can get anything you need. And if you need to customize your setup a little bit you can get extra bandwidth and space for an extra $2/month/gig.

I recommend Fused Network to everyone who asks me what hosting company they should go with.

Fused Network is a great company that is going to have an even greater future. I'm proud to be a Fused Network customer.

    Review Rating

Customer support. This is truly what sets Fused Network apart from other hosting providers. No automated responses, just a support team that takes its job a bit too seriously. =) I submitted a ticket once and I received a reply in exactly 10 minutes! And guess what? It wasn't automated. You can be assured that Fused Network will be there whenever you need assistance. That's piece of mind for you.

While Fused Network may pride itself with its outstanding support, that is not to say that Fused Network is lacking in any other regard. The features are impressive, the loading speed on my website is fantastic and the price is very reasonable. Fused Network was my first hosting company (chosen due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews). I have a feeling that this will also be my only hosting company.

    Review Rating

Over the past six months, I've moved a number of sites to Fused Network. This was a big jump for me as I had been using the same two web hosts (Doteasy and Uniserve) for seven years or more. Even though I had done loads of research and found amazing reviews of Fused Network, jumping ship after all that time was scary!

I was foolish to worry about it at all.

Fused has been a dream. The uptime has been superb, and the hosting has been consistently fast with downloads that regularly flood my 10mbps pipe.

However, by a massive margin, the thing that sets Fused apart from any other host (or any other business I have dealt with -- period!) is the support. I know, these reviews sound like a broken record or that we're all working off the same script, but it's true. You make a support request, and within minutes a support rep has responded -- ready to save the day.

The very reason I am writing this review right now is because Fused support just saved my day in a BIG way. I was an idiot and destroyed a database while distracted trying to do too many things at once. ENTIRELY my fault, and even worse, I didn't have a backup. But Fused did... and within 9 minutes of my desperate plea for help, everything was as good as new.

And the cost? Free. Gratis. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Did I mention that this was my fault?

I'll stop rambling now, but please realize that I am completely, shockingly satisfied with Fused Network!


    Review Rating

What can I say, it's been over a year since I moved to Fused and I honestly could not be any happier!

My first hosting experience was SO bad, with could-care-less customer service that hid their contact information and never had any answers in comprehensible English anyway.

I prayed for a wonderful hosting company for my Christian website, and Fused was my answer! I love that they are careful about who and what they host on their servers. I know I'm not supporting websites I don't want my kids looking at, or contributing unawares to possible terrorist or other unknown foreign activity. As paranoid as that may sound, many folks are doing exactly that without ever realizing it.

But back to the good stuff - Fused rocks my world with their amazing and totally personal customer service. Without fail, they are always on top of things, always immediate in response, and crystal clear communication. I've never seen such professionalism and devotion, especially in a web-based business.

Thank you David and everyone at Fused, for all you do and for helping to make this world a better place! :)

    Review Rating

These guys have invented customer support! I am waiting for my EPP code for 5 days now from my former hosting company (it takes a couple minutes to get and sent it). But the people from Fused Network don't let me wait so long. I asked a couple questions and they were answered and solved within 10 minutes. I have never had such a quick response before from any previous webhosting company I have experience with.

It's clear that these guys love their work and that is how it should be.

So if you want quality and want to be respected, no matter which hosting package you have chosen, Fused Network won't disappoint you.

    Review Rating

Fused Network is a great place, with friendly people handling the phones, helping the "New Guys" along nicely :)

They took the time to call me and walk me though the process, making sure I was ready to bring my love for gaming and Red vs Blue to the world...

Thanks David :)

Jason C.

    Review Rating

I have much enjoyed the personable and professional (and rapid) service from Fused Network. I am entrenched in another hosting service (HostGo) and must choose one or the other for financial reasons. Hostgo has been very solid and low-cost, but consistently slow and seemingly over-subscribed. Fused Network is actively working to improve the service and customer experience. I trust Fused Network as a company (which speaks volumes). With Fused Network, I feel like a customer, not just a source of income. Highly, recommended. You can find cheaper hosting services, but you probably will regret it.

    Review Rating

Unbelievable tech support. Blazing fast server. Low Ping. and great communication. A bit more expensive then average but for once, you really get what you pay for (and even more).

Mark Splinter

    Review Rating

Looking for a new host for my design agency, I risked recommending Fused Network to a friend to see how he got on. He is a total doofus but managed to be set up with Fused in a few hours, even though he registered the wrong domain and made several other noob mistakes.

The support response was what I would call "instant". They treated him so well I am now considering moving all my other sites to Fused.

For me, support response is the most important factor, because I want to concentrate on improving my services, not supporting my clients' hosting. Thanks Fused!

    Review Rating

Even before we actually purchased our Fused3 plan, Matt and David were helping us sort out the rather complex task of tranferring our Russian website, including blog and photo gallery, from Startlogic to Fused Network.

We tried two other hosts before settling on Fused, and neither could (or would take the time to) transfer our Cyrillic text correctly.

David was tireless in his pursuit of excellence. He had the relevant files and subdirectories up and running within an hour, then spent a great deal of time further tweaking so that, by the end of Saturday, we were 99% up and running (just a few Cyrilllic-character .jpg files in the photo gallery need to be uploaded.

In my over 37 years of working with computers and support staff, Matt and David of Fused Networks stand within the top 1% of the very long list.

Спасибо, Matt and David!

    Review Rating

Fused Network is the best hosting service I have ever used (I have used three before). The support is EXCEPTIONAL and their hosting speed and reliability is GREAT. I am extremely busy person and this is the only vendor of my two companies that I would go out of my way to support any way I can. I really cant say enough about this company!!

Robert Whiteside

Toronto, Ontario

Michelle LaBruyere

    Review Rating

I've used a few different hosting companies but I've never gotten such great service and support from any others. The guys at Fused Network take all of my concerns seriously and have never made me feel like I was asking a stupid question.

I always recommend their hosting services when ever I hear someone is looking.

Nora Farah & Associates

    Review Rating

Reliable, efficient service is within 5 minutes. They might just as well be in the office next door. We make sure all our client sites are hosted at Fused.

    Review Rating

After a year with Fused what can I say.

Running a busy site that has had extremely limited downtime (due to a problem on the network, not Fused themselves)with support way above and beyond anything else out there.

They are extremely pro active in keeping the servers and customers sites alive.

Not the cheapest out there but you do get what you pay for, Exceptional Service. Can't recommend them highly enough.

George Y.

    Review Rating

Being tired with frequent e-mail problems on cheap 3ix, I decided to switch to another host, and found fused.net using reviews. Switched last November. It was triple more expensive than 3ix, and generally priced above average, but I've got the reliability I wanted. Only few short downs during last year, most of them announced in advance. The customer service (David) is very fast, and you could always talk to real person if you need to solve it fast. I'm trying to stay away from large companies, and Fused is much like my DSL provider Sonic.net which is also small, friendly and reliable.

From my limited experience, the feature set is pretty standard of what you typically get from a hosting provider, but the support team is very flexible in terms of helping you installing things you need or do customization (I needed several extra DNS entries, for example), so I rated it above average. For reliability and support I am very happy. Pricing - well, it's definitely not very cheap, but as we learn with time, there are three things - cheap price, good connectivity, high reliability - choose two.

    Review Rating

I have taught Customer Service for decades. I have never come across a company or organization that provides better service at an outstanding price. I searched for months trying to find a great ISP without luck. They rarely returned calls or waited days. Then I found Fused Network. They helped a neophyte learn how to upload websites, maintain them and answered all of my questions within minutes. I recommend them to anyone looking for an ISP!

    Review Rating

I've probably used 10-12 shared hosting providers over the past 10 years and have always had issues with all of them. I've been with Fused Network for a little over 6 months now and I couldn't be happier. Their support is lightning fast, super-friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. In addition, they are proactive at solving problems. At one point my bandwidth increased and it was too much for the current shared server I was on. Before I was even aware of any issues, they immediately moved my entire site to a different server so that there was no downtime or issues.

I recently set-up my 2nd account with them and plan on moving more sites over to them in the coming months.

Highly recommended.

    Review Rating

Fused Network is the best.

I recently had to submit a support ticket, and their response was so fast that it was almost like I was instant messaging with them.

I highly recommend them for your web hosting needs.

I personally have not experienced an outage outside of scheduled outages in at least 6 months.

I have 6 hosting accounts with Fused, and I couldn't be more happy.


    Review Rating

You get what you pay for. Excellent personal support (under 5 min!). Not moving my sites from Fused that's for sure!

    Review Rating

The prices & features of Fused Host are really good, but the best of Fused is a support fantastic!


    Review Rating

I decided to move to Fused after doing business with Hostingplex, now called HostMDS. Fused Network has been GREAT! I purchased my service and every item I asked questions about has been resolved or answered in 5 minutes or less! The support people are great and personable, plus their network and server speeds are what a normal person expects from a host who cares.

I'm sticking with Fused and plan to move as many people as I can when I help other friends and clients.


    Review Rating

The most responsive support in the business, and we've tried more than one (including the all time worst, ipower). Setup was quick and easy and the very limited problems have been addressed in minutes, not days. I'd recommend them to anyone (and have).

    Review Rating

Just an amazing team of very friendly and smart people. I feel like I have a dedicated person that just helps me with everything. They helped with moving from old hosting place, set up some settings. Most of all they made me feel welcomed to their community. Great hosting. Haven't seen anything better.

Highly recommend!

    Review Rating

Excellent Service team - quick in response time and wit

Site Downtime is extremely minimal and any maintenance or possible service disruptions are reported immediately and updates are frequent.

Speed of site has greatly improved since switching to FusedNetwork.

    Review Rating

Support is excellent! I get answers in minutes, not hours or days.

They always go the extra mile to help. Plus their very friendly.


    Review Rating

Hi All

I have been with Fused almost a year now and they are all in all great. There support is excellent and my website has been down less then 5 minutes in the past year and it was a schedualed hardware upgrade of some sorts, not a server crash.

My only beef with them is that I host a gaming clan website and we have several gaming servers and I use my website to download the mods and custom maps (aka map redirects) instead of the gaming server, its much faster download this way. At the moment a friend of mine is hosting my redirects for me and now its time for me to get a hosting company that will satisfy all of my needs. I need alot of bandwith, over 600GB a month and they don't offer that and if they did it would be so expensive I probably couldn't afford it. There biggest package Fused 3 is 100GB per month at $19.95, they are way to expensive compared to other top rated hosts that offer 2000GB monthly transfer for $10 a month. They are perfect for low bandwith websites. I do recommend them as they probably meet 98% of customer needs, its just not for me.


    Review Rating

Exceptional host. I was on hostgator before them and these guys blow them out of the water. Response is literally within 2 minutes of sending an email.. thats' bloody ridiculous. They are polite and efficient as all hell. Love this host.

    Review Rating

You could not ask for more from a web host! You may read elsewhere that reviews about Fused Network are written by David and his team to make them look good. I'm sure that's not the case, because I assure you - if they have so many great reviews, then it's because they deserve it.

Our college made the switch from iPower to Fused Network about a year ago. That was the best decision I've made! We went from the worst to the best. I don't think you'll ever find better customer support than the service that David and his team provides. I'm pretty sure I've never submitted a support request that has not gotten a response within five minutes, even in the middle of the night! They're willing to go the extra mile to help you out, even if it means more work on their end, and even if the issue probably wasn't their problem to begin with. Granted, Fused Network's prices are perhaps a little higher than others, but it's definitely worth it.

You won't find a better web host than Fused Network! Thanks again for everything!


    Review Rating

I chose Fused Network for my new online store because my other website has frequently been down using Hostgator. Also Fused Network is optimized for Magento Shopping engine (which can run very slow on some hosts). Any support calls I have made were answered on the phone almost immediately. Excellent so far, recommended!

    Review Rating

I switched to Fused Networks after spending a year with just about the most awful host one could end up with. David and Matt at Fused made the transition smooth (on their end at least) and even gave me a break on the price. Before I had even spent a week on their servers, I was impressed by how they conducted themselves and how easy it was to get my questions answered.

I've been with them for about a month now and I can tell you that I definitely made the right choice. I've never had an email go for more than 5 minutes without being answered and my site stays up and runs very well. FTP is fast, cPanel works great, and database applications run very well.

Still, though, the most important thing about Fused is the service. David is succinct but very friendly and handles things very quickly. It's so important to have a hosting company that can help you through some of the obstacles that come up because there are definitely a lot of things that can go wrong.

In the end, I'm spending more with Fused but it's money I'm happy to pay and I feel they're worth every penny and more. Fused Networks is a deal for what you get.

    Review Rating

I have been with Fused for over a year now, and have to say that I have never been more impressed by a host.

After ditching a yahoo hosting package (don't ask -- client purchased it), I turned to Fused after reading the great reviews here on Hostjury.

You see, this site was crucial in recruiting/wrangling thousands of extras for a MAJOR motion picture and we were working with a limited time frame. Cameras were set to roll for a huge scene in a matter of days - and our hosting at Yahoo decided to kill our server due to us looking too much like "spammers" (apparently using more than 250 sendmails per day does that??). Despite my pleading with customer service reps, supervisors, etc, there wasn't any way they could accommodate our needs.

THEN - Fused network to the rescue. I bought the package at 3:00am one morning, and begun to migrate the server over myself. I sent a mail over regarding the sensitive timing / needs of our client, hoping that I would get a reply in the morning. Lo and behold, a few minutes later I received an email and was on the phone with David a few minutes later. At 3:00am! He tweaked our package to temporarily allow high-volume emails to be sent, and all without any increased cost, or begging on my behalf.

I have hosted many sites with them since - each time them quickly and quietly migrating any existing packages to their servers. They truly ARE available 24/7, and the person on the other end of the line is ALWAYS happy, courteous and technically informed.

Forgive the long-winded review... I guess I just have a lot of good things to say :)

    Review Rating

FUSED is by far the best host I have ever used. Very fast and very reliable, with customer support from real people who really care about your site. It's as though my site has been reborn. Marks out of 10? 15.

Victor Saad

    Review Rating

This is the first time I have had to host a Wordpress site. I did a lot of research and landed with Fused Network due to their flexibility, their wide range of features, and their excellent customer support. I had several questions within my first week and no matter what time I called, someone was their to kindly answer my question.

I have been with Fused Network for several months now, and I can gladly say that I made the right choice.


    Review Rating

I know perfection sounds far fetched, but when you combine the service and reliability of fused with the needs of a small business, basically what is needed vs. what you get, it fits right in. I'm on a shared server, have 2 domains hosted there, and they are there when needed, every time. They know their stuff. I've been with them for quite a while also... thanks guys, keep up the excellent work.

    Review Rating

A Revolution in Support and Service!

As our company has shifted its focus to WordPress development exclusively, we needed a host that knows WordPress. And I mean a company that really knows it, loves it, and can support it.

After checking out every host that WordPress.com recommends, I came across Fused Network through a favorite developer of mine and have not looked back. Every new account we get we set them up on Fused, as well as, we are moving all of existing clients hosting over to Fused.

David's support is legendary as I have read extensively about, and have experienced first hand with a few not so simple migrations. We receive almost instantaneous resolutions to any problem we have had.

Nothing left to say except in 12 years of Web development I have never experienced such incredible support and service.

Thanks Fused!

CMS Internet Solutions, Inc

    Review Rating

The folks at Fused Network are top of the class... I inherited an e107 Content Management System (CMS) site in early 2005 and initially hosted with Yahoo. They were a big name, I had personal email with them, and they supported PHP/MySQL. The site was sluggish, database timeouts were frequent, and the few support responses I got were always delayed by 3 days and felt they were coming from a non-tech reading canned answers from a help-desk guide. When I learned that Fused was hosting e107.org, I was tempted to try them out; the developer of the CMS I was using entrusted Fused with hosting their own site and e107.org had a lot more traffic than my little game site.

David and company made the transition flawless and even helped me work out domain issues with Yahoo (who subcontracts to some outfit in Melbourne--talking to a human being wasn't an option with them). This was in the pre-launch days of Fused... I've been with them just over 3 years now and while they've grown considerably in that time, I've still had very few queries since the reliability of the service is simply phenomenal. Those few queries that I have had, have all been answered within 5 minutes, often in 2 minutes or less (do these guys sleep?!).

Recently a hacker exploited a vulnerability on our site, and the level of support that the Fused guys gave to get us back online was simply outstanding. I know that if I was still with a big company that has no personal relationship with it's clients, I'd have been in a dark, hacked, pit of despair for a long, long time. The Fused guys told me what they could do, and offered suggestions about what I could do, and they were there every step of the way as lost files were restored, the site was patched to the latest version to close the exploit, and finally re-opened to our members. I can't imagine that level of personalized support anywhere else... for all customers whether they're on a the least expensive starter package or the highest end dedicated platform.

If your site has experienced downtime of more than 0.1% (that's 0.001) or you've spent hours trying to sort through some hosting problem on your own due to unresponsive customer service, then you owe it to yourself to give Fused a try. You won't regret it; in fact you'll discover a new standard for service and reliability that other providers can't compare to.


    Review Rating

I LOVE this company! We exceeded our bandwidth, just today and imagine my surprise when I frantically called them and a "LIVE PERSON" answered the phone and immediately got our site back up. I nearly spilt my $5.00 coffee! I am so loyal now. No way will I ever go back to G-Daddy where you sift thru mountains of crap to get help. I love Fused Network!!! Love Baby Love!

    Review Rating

As a web developer, I have experience with almost every major host on the internet. None is better than Fused. I've never had to wait on an email response for more than 5 minutes. They even offer advice on details that they're not responsible for. Did I mention they're all English speaking Americans?

If something goes down, you can check their blog or your email because they will send an email blast. Ever heard of Installatron? It's their GUI that does AUTOMATIC installations of the top scripts: Joomla, Mambo, Wordpress, OsCommerce, PHPBB, CodeIgniter, and the list goes on and on. Don't be fooled by the big guys like GoDaddy. Trust me.

    Review Rating

Of all the help that David has provided me on getting my site up and running, praise is the minimum he and his team at Fused deserves. They go all out to help you. When I started to look for a web host, I was skeptical about all the big names. All my friends told me horror stories they had about the web hosting and customer service nightmares. I have been a customer of Fused for over a year now and would never think about switching to another web host.

    Review Rating

I recommend Fused Network hosting to anyone. They are upfront about everything, none of this advertising "unlimited storage and bandwidth" when there really isn't. Completely upfront all the way. There servers are fast, prices are good, and there tech support couldn't be any better! They are great!

    Review Rating

Fused Network was recommended to me by a long time friend. He spoke very highly of their willingness to accommodate some custom requirements for a hosting package, so I thought I'd give them a try.

I struggle to believe that, given the immediacy and accuracy of the support from David and co., that I'm only paying $10 a month.

They treat me like I was their only customer, and answer every question without treating me like a thicko or sending me some template response.

What I also enjoy is being told in advance if there is maintenance coming up and when it's done, and the resultant different. Total visibility.

In the past I have used 1and1 and Hostgator, with frustrations and typical cookie-cutter style service.

Fused Network is what all service providers should aim to be. As I was recommended to them, I in turn urge you to give them a try.

Tom in Tulsa

    Review Rating

Moved my hosted sites from another really well known hosting provider. We were experiencing extremely slow page loads. I documented our page load response using Pingdom. After switching to Fused Network our pages were loading 75% faster. There pre and post sales support is top notch. I only had one hiccup, and they were emailing me before I could email them, and they had the problem fixed in under 10 minutes. Extremely happy with Fused Network and would highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed.

    Review Rating

Moved to Fused about 6 weeks ago. Have to say that the support from David and his team is awesome. I've never waited more than an hour for a reply to a support request. And 95% of the time, I received a response in less than 10 minutes. Great uptime. Reasonable pricing. Great support. I would highly recommend Fused.

    Review Rating

Fused really lives up to the high level of customer service that I expect and we strive for at Ugmonk.

Full story here: http://www.ugmonk.com/2009/10/22/our-awesome-experience-with-fused-network/

    Review Rating

Besides being an incredibly reliable host with friendly and fast support I'd like to point out how satisfying it is to be able to recommend a company, without reservation, to family, friends and acquaintances. Simply put, there is no better host for your web site than Fused Network.

    Review Rating

I switched to Fused over a year ago and have been extremely pleased with their service. Everything has worked flawlessly. I have been able to manage my account with several domains from the client user interface which is very easy to navigate. The cpanel interface also works great. I have rarely had to contact the support team for anything and on the occasions when I have they responded immediately with an email from an actual person who resolved my issues right away. On the rare occasion when there is downtime on the server I am notified immediately by their staff via email with details of the cause and estimated time it will be back up. Fused always has the current versions of PHP and MySQL which are available by default. My previous host advertised they had the most current version but the default setting made only outdated versions available and the account had to be 'upgraded' to use the most current versions. Fused is so much better than my previous host it is ridiculous. When I think about the time I wasted trying to run my sites on my previous host it still makes me mad. There was mysterious sever downtime with no notification or warning that would last for hours sometimes. There were so many issues that I don't have time to list them here, but all that is in the past now that I am with Fused.

    Review Rating

We switched to Fused a few years ago, with a semi-dedicated plan.

Like others here, I've found the level of service to be exceptional. The transparency and personal accessibility offered by Fused is something rarely found in this industry.

Any (rare) problems were fixed before they became apparent at our end.

Regarding the comments about their attitude, as a business owner myself, I can see where David is potentially coming from. Respect and courtesy are met with the same - I've always been treated very well by the people at Fused.

In general, customers are to be treated with the utmost in respect and consideration, but simple patronage does not entitle anyone to become abusive or derisive. Respect trumps money, every time.

I will continue to refer our clients to Fused - in fact, they're the only host we recommend.


    Review Rating

Real People - Real Support!

When I first opened my website, I went with the cheapest hosting company I could find. BIG mistake, and I wound up with lots of downtime, lackadaisical overseas customer service, and a huge waste of time.

Fused saved the day and helped keep my forum from crumbling! They managed the entire transfer process, actually spoke English and answered their telephone. They took care of everything for me, and with a fantastic helpful attitude!

Years later, the level of customer service and hosting uptime is still impeccable. Emails are answered practically within minutes, no question is too stupid or small, and - finally - website hosting is the last thing I ever have to worry about in my life.

With extremely competitive pricing, fantastic hosting services, and the best customer service around, why would I ever go anywhere else?

    Review Rating

Top notch technical support. Quick response.

Martin Imber

    Review Rating

I moved to Fused Network hosting after going through several other "low cost" hosting sites who regularly gave me nothing but problems with poor support. I have now been with Fused Network for more than 12 months and what a difference. My site is much more reliable and has only been unavailable on very few occasions for a very short time. The support has always been very responsive and explained why an issue occurred and made every effort to get me up and running ASAP.

Without a doubt fusednetwork.com is the best hosting provider I have used and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants a quality reliable hosting service.

    Review Rating

I've been with Fused Network for over two years now.

As every has said, the support is second to none. I can't say enough for their support team. Everyone always talks about David, but I must say Matt does a great job! He's the guy I deal with the most, and his timely responses are always filled with the answers I need.

It saddens me to see that their update is rated at a 90 (at the time of me writing this). This is far from the truth. I can only remember 2-3 times since I've been hosting with them that they've been down unexpectedly. I can always count on their servers being online and responsive.

Like I've said, I've been with Fused Network for just over two years now, with 9 accounts currently hosted with them. I strongly recommend FUSED NETWORK!

Doug Ellis

    Review Rating

We've been with Fused Networks now for about four (4) months, and we have nothing but praise for them.

We are business class and use significant PHP and MySQL ... performance has been solid and responsive (not always the fastest, but definitely at acceptable levels).

Technical support is quick and helpful, often solving problems within the hour.

Pricing and capacity may seem somewhat less than what others offer ... and we've had to pay to get more capacity and domains hosted, but that is OK with us because this seems to keep spammers and other disruptive neighbors off Fused Network machines (which means better performance for us).

We hope to be a customer for a long time!


    Review Rating

We have been with Fused for a few months now and have never been happier. Their service is above par - quick, and efficient. They actually emailed their clients a while back offering a refund because one server failed for a few minutes more than their 99.9% uptime guarantee. Needless to say I was impressed that they would volunteer a refund without even waiting for their clients to ask for it. That is what I call AMAZING service!


    Review Rating

To be honest, I don't see why we get so much support, for how little we pay for our shared hosting plan.

David and crew have spent way more support time on us than our plan would suggest, but that's probably because I'm pretty reactive when problems occur.

And yes - some problems occur, and that's what I would expect - website and email hosting is not a robotic, perfection activity. The bottom line is - if you are looking for good support, low price, for shared hosting, FusedNetwork is better than the few I've had before.

If you want custom, dedicated hosting that you make thousands of dollars a day from, you should pay more for your hosting and get a more appropriate-for-you plan.

    Review Rating

I must be the person Mark Splinter mentioned in his review.

I switched from XXX to Fused about a year ago on Mark's advice and I am entirely satisfied since then. Perfectly adapted to my skills in web-things: close to zero.

The support is replying instantly, they deal with my lack of technical knowledge asking the right questions and giving me prompt and helpful answers. It seems to me that they never sleep: I'm on the other side of the globe but there is always someone to answer my question right away... My website is fast and reliable (never experienced any problem or breakdown) and the pricing seems very fair to me considering what I used to pay for the service I was getting.

I recommend Fused to everyone!

James West

    Review Rating

Fused Network have been nothing short of brilliant since I moved all my domains and hosting to them. They have great tech support, and a very good client area. Everything was made easy by David and his team...its nice to deal with real people who care about their business.

    Review Rating

Been with Fused for a couple years. Occasionally problems come up, but the team works very hard to take care of them quickly.

    Review Rating

No body can top these guys! It may be a touch more expensive than some of the other guys, but how much is your time and proper hosting of your website worth to you? Consistant support and tonnes of friendly emails, even though I'm not a multi-million dollar business.

    Review Rating

Great hosting network, reliable and the support is excellent!!! I ran into a problem with a trafficing scam that flooded my page and exceeded my bandwidth, they fix the problem extremely fast and added a gig free of charge. Wouldn't ever switch to anyone else.

Eric Charpenter

    Review Rating

Fused Network support has been very good at helping me setup a domain and then transfer another domain to my account. E-mail support has been great. I'm so glad I left my other host.

Feithline Stuart

    Review Rating

I really loved being with Fused! They're responsive and accessible and I never had a moment's doubt my site was in good hands. :)

    Review Rating

Was using some other, cheaper hosts for a while and had down time issues. Also had issues of customer support outsourced to Russia. Was not happy with that.

Switched to Fused Network about 3 or so years ago. Have about 20+ accounts with them.

I have to say the uptime is top notch. It is very rare to have a site down or laggy. Has all the features I need in a web host with the client area and cpanel.

Customer support is excellent and fast. I think this is a smaller company, so usually David does the customer support. He is helpful for the most part or is able to steer me in the right direction if I need help. They won't do everything for you and they shouldn't.

Overall, I am very happy and would highly recommend Fused Network!

    Review Rating

I joined Fused Network about a year ago, after spending too long with a service provider who was terrible. My experience with Fused Network has been excellent: they tell me what's going on before I've even noticed a problem, they inform me of scheduled outages, and they are extremely responsive to my questions. I couldn't ask for a better service provider and have recommended them to other small business owners. Keep up the great work, communication really is everything!

    Review Rating

The amazing thing about Fused Network is the speed they get back to support tickets, every request has been replied to literally in minutes.

Love it!

    Review Rating

I am new to the hosting and blogging world. My Son, who is a "new media" type somehow knew about Fused Network and recommended I check them out for my blog. It has been a breeze to use and the price is right. Any problems that have arisen and they have contacted me by email immediately.

Fused Network is a great hosting company!

The Punk Movie

    Review Rating

Service, patience with technically challenged clients (us) and sensitivity to our specific stylistic and functional requirements. Fused is awesome.

Daniel Martines

    Review Rating

The best support by far! I never have to wait more than few minutes to get my tickets replied.

    Review Rating

Fused Network's systems and features are good but their support is amazing. NEVER have to wait and always get prompt courteous and accurate support. I have moved 2 more sites to Fused and have plans for another one, because why go anywhere else!


    Review Rating

Fused Network is simply amazing. I haven't been with other hosts before, but after a lot of looking around and reading reviews on Host Jury, I figured Fused was the one for me.

All my questions to support are emailed back to me within minutes.

As well the pricing is awesome and there are many features and packages that one can install from cPanel.

Thanks Fused!!!

    Review Rating

I've been using Fused Network since I switched from Laughing Squid about 4 years ago. The pricing was a good deal for the features, ease of setting up (I'm a novice when it comes to the actual hosting backend sort of thing) and friendliness.

I'd say that last one has been the real selling point over the years. I've had occasional hiccups at my end, things I needed fixing after I messed them up or something gone wrong out of my control. The support has always, without fail, got back to me within the same working day, even given the time difference. Heck, their lead support guy has even emailed me from his Blackberry on the way to church in first response to simple support queries.

Pricing probably isn't as competitive as it used to be, but I think the better pricing models are coming from *much* larger companies, which doesn't appeal so much to me. That personal support is really important.

    Review Rating

I've only been with Fused for 6 months now but I can't complain. Way better than my previous web hosters in terms of reliability versus pricing. You usually have to pay more for it.

    Review Rating

A superb web host. Fast reliable support. Could not ask for better!

    Review Rating

There's no special features or gimmicks packaged into FusedNetwork, just plain old reliability and superb customer support.

I have never had to wait more than an hour for a customer support response by email (whether it be a minor or critical problem). After a problem is resolved, they even follow up with you later just to make sure everything is okay and always give proper notice of planned or unexpected downtime. Try asking for that kind of service from most of the big name hosts out there.

Scott Beadle

    Review Rating

Fused provided excellent and easy-to-understand service to us non-tech types. Attentive to our specific stylistic and functional requirements, I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.


    Review Rating

I've never had a better host that is in constant contact with me about updates, maintenance, etc. You won't regret going with Fused Network. I don't plan on switching anytime soon.

    Review Rating

I chose Fused because of their Fused Together Affliate Program which donates the money to charity instead of fattening your own pockets. How cool is that!

Anne Feldmann

    Review Rating

Very rarely do we have any hosting-related problems, but when we do, Fused Network techs are available instantly by email for support -- usually within in 1-2 minutes reply. I think "Perfection" as a Reliability benchmark is a bit unrealistic -- there is no such thing as 100% reliabiltiy. I would put Fused Network at 98%.


    Review Rating

Brilliant uptime and brilliant support. Overall, brilliant.

John Van Tassell

    Review Rating

My site has operated error free and never seen or heard of it being down.

I like the cPanel which is user friendly and loaded with features.

The updates about routine maintenance I consider a great courtesy.


    Review Rating

I have tried many hosting providers over the last few years. By far Fused has the best support.

I was amazed at how fast their technical people reply to emails. And they're very helpful. They've even done a few things for free even though they technically are supposed to charge.

Overall it's a great deal. The servers are fast enough to handle e-commerce.

Mark Downey

    Review Rating

Would not recommend anyone else. Communication and support is unmatched.

    Review Rating

We were struggling a bit as we moved our Wordpress installation from our previous host. Fused was immensely helpful in getting us through the process. I’ve never witnessed quicker service. Average email response time is 10 minutes.

    Review Rating

One of the few companies who treats customers as individuals and not numbers. Great speed, no downtime and easy to contact... what more do you want?

Steve Janega

    Review Rating

Fused Network is the best hosting value I have found. Their support has been fantastic. I have always received a call back within minutes and a solution very soon afterward.

Manuel Zamora

    Review Rating

So far they've served me excellently, the only negative comment I might have was that in a reply to a question a sentence in the reply was ambiguous. It could be seen as either sarcastic or rude had we known the writer more personally, but other than that, which wasn't a big deal it's been a positive experience.

    Review Rating

I have been with Fused Network for 1.5 years now and I don't see myself moving anytime soon. My sites get 25,000+ page views a month and their cheapest plan is more then enough to cover my bandwidth usage.

David and his team are the friendliest support group I have ever had the pleasure of talking to online. They are helpful and speedy every time I contact them. The service is worth every penny.


    Review Rating

Overall, a great host. Rather expensive, but they make up for that by providing excellemt support.

    Review Rating

I'm amazed at the lightening fast support with you guys. I'm guessing that's why the price is a little higher than others. Though I'd rather have stuff fixed fast then pay less.

    Review Rating

While at face value Fused Network doesn't give you the most space and bandwidth for the dollar, you are actually getting quality web hosting from real people. I would pay a little extra any day for the kind of support, communication, and reliability that I get from Fused! Read more about my experience here: http://www.ugmonk.com/2009/10/22/our-awesome-experience-with-fused-network/

    Review Rating

I am very happy with Fused Network's proactivity and transparency - they send a heads-up every time there is some maintenance / downtime scheduled.

Their communication and support are also excellent when something goes wrong, which is quite rare.

Given the quality of their customer service and the reliability of their hosting, I find their prices very reasonable and will definitely renew my hosting contract with them.

    Review Rating

Fused Network is a great reliable hosting site. We've had our site hosted with them since its conception with no regrets. When issues came up we were able to get in touch with someone from the support team and have our issue resolved within the hour.

They are very good about keeping their customers in the know with notifications of downtime, unexpected issues, or server migration activities.

The best part of being a Fused Network customer is that they are civically responsible in that they promote non-profit businesses and encourage their customers to help them find new and innovative ways of contributing and donating to a variety of cause.

Michael-john Morgan

    Review Rating

FUSED is super. After six of the 'majors' over the course of five years, I found a small band of aficionados who were ecstatic about FUSED. An exploratory email was answered in minutes (hosters always want new business). But McKendrick, the owner, still answers any email I send him more than 2 years down the road. And he still does it within an hour. These guys are super-fast, ultra-reliable, disturbingly-honest, and actually have a sense of humor. Not to be missed or ever regretted.

    Review Rating

Fused Network is a great host. It's not the cheapest, but the extra money is well worth the support. If you're just messing around then a cheaper service may be the right choice. If you have a serious business, then you need the type of 1st class service that Fused Network provides.

Jason Johnson

    Review Rating

Fused Network is an outstanding host. When I submit tickets or emails for support I receive responses within minutes. And usually from senior members of the company. The staff are pleasant, very professional and skilled at what they do.

    Review Rating

Fused Network have provided web hosting for me for years. Top notch service and always an immediate response. Easy admin functionality, billing etc.

Can't go wrong with Fused!!!

    Review Rating

Fused Network is a good hosting to spanish speakers. The language is very important, and Fused go up in this point.

His support is simply perfect!

    Review Rating

Simply put, I love Fused. I've had a number of hosts over the past 10 years, including at least one other good one, but Fused is the one I feel most passionate about supporting. The support is the best I've ever had on a shared server. I love the fact that I feel like a valued client whenever I have a question that I need to ask - it feels like I'm in contact with human beings who treat me as a human being, rather than getting soulless cranky responses (as I've received from other hosts in the past). Above and beyond the packages and services they provide, this is a hosting company with character and class.

    Review Rating

Price with Fused may be higher than some hosts but the Support you get more than makes up for it. I've been very satisfied With fused.

    Review Rating

Fused Networks Rocks! The Price is good. The Service is great. The communication from support is excellent!


    Review Rating

I switched all my WordPress sites over toFused Network about 6 months ago and have been VERY impressed with these guys. I would highly recommend them for any sort of PHP/mySQL hosting needs.

    Review Rating

We have operated in over 50 countries, and established sites wherever our consultants required it and there was a need to inform clients and the general public. Further, we were with a number of different hosts in North America over the years, but none has ever been as good, accessible and responsive as Fused Networks. We strongly recommend them to anyone looking for rich features, reliability and courteous service.

    Review Rating

I've switched between many hosts (Globat and GoDaddy) over the past few years to find one that could host my business website. Believe it or not, you would be amazed at how many companies can't reliably host a Wordpress website reliably. Here is my breakdown on why Fused Network rocks:


Sure, they don't offer unlimited bandwidth or unlimited storage, but by controlling the bandwidth limits at 10GB/month for the cheapest plan, they can ensure that your site will perform in a optimal manner.

Technology Options:

On my single hosting plan (Fused 2) I am able to run 3 wordpress blogs, 1 e-commerce site using CS-Cart (I even had Magento running like a champ), and I have another PHP site that I am building on my own. I'm using multiple domains and sub-domains, and even have my mx-records modified to use Google Apps. The amount of flexibility and functionality they provide is amazing.

Tech Support:

Should you need help, their tech support is amazing. They respond within a few minutes most of the time. I even had the CEO answer a few of my more technical questions regarding SSO certs. If their servers ever go down, you get a detailed email explaining what happened, what is going on and when it will be fixed. I have experienced very little downtime, and I have never had any complaints over the performance of my site.

I think my only complaint about Fused Network is the pricing for their semi-dedicated servers. I may have to move to a semi-dedicated server in order to support PCI compliance for my e-commerce store. Unfortunately I just can't afford their prices so I may have to jump to another hosting provider for my e-commerce store.

Great job Fused Network!


    Review Rating

I've been extremely happy with the support from these guys. Features may not be on par with "the everything" guys, but then my site hasn't gone down due to overtaxing a server either.

Keith Chu

    Review Rating

I've been with Fused Network for over a year now, and their support and reliability are second to none. Highly recommended.


    Review Rating

For me, the most important aspects of hosting are the reliability and support.

Fused Network, whilst not totally perfect, have provided me with a very reliable service at a fair price.

When things haven't gone to plan they have been pro-active in so much as they have given advanced notice of issues and they have dealt with queries and concerns very quickly.

There are cheaper alternatives out there but you tend to get what you pay for.

I, for one, will be sticking with Fused for as long as they continue to offer such exemplary service.

    Review Rating

I am new to establishing and maintaining a website and came into this process with many questions. I have been overwhelmed by the support of the Fused Network Team! They have gone above and beyond to answer my questions including assisting me with transferring my website, updating my url, and other services that are not under their required services. They have surpassed my expectations and I look forward to recommending their web hosting to my friends and soon clients. I am very thankful that someone recommended them to me!

    Review Rating

My service over the last couple years has been nothing short of perfect. I get friendly and helpful replies to any question I ask, any time of the day. The pricing more than warrants the great service and excellent speed and uptime I get on my sites.

    Review Rating

Amazing customer service / response time.

Has been a pleasure for sure.

no complaints

    Review Rating

I have never had any less then an amazing experience with my dealings with Fused Network.

The customer service is top notch and everyone is always so helpful.

I highly recommend using Fused Network!


    Review Rating

The most striking about Fused Network is their super support! It's really fast and to the point. A great service.


    Review Rating

These guys are great. Support tickets are routinely answered in minutes, not hours or days. Also, scheduled maintenance is announced with plenty of advance warning. Highly recommended.

    Review Rating

Although a relatively new Fused user, I am a very happy one so far.

Started the day last Friday with my blog slow as treacle on a "famous name" host - by lunch-time had been moved by Fused to their hosting and things were screaming fast by comparison.

Had several issues of my own making over the next few days - support in sorting them out was excellent.

Can't say enough good things about these guys - hoping that as they get bigger they don't get fat and lazy like so many others.

    Review Rating

I've been with Fused Network for a few years now! In these few years I've experienced less downtime on all of my sites combined than I used to have with my old host for one site!

Their communication is incredible! Yesterday they had an issue with their RAID on one of the servers. Let's be honest, hardware does fail at times, and this I do not blame on Fused. Even though they experience this misfortune, they were quick to send out and email to update everyone, then acted swiftly to get the server back up and running, and then later sent out a detailed message as for what happens! As a customer, you can't ask for more than that! My other host would have outages, downtimes, and server errors and wouldn't never say a thing.

I'm glad I made the switch to Fused and I highly recommend them!

Their servers are fast, reliable, support is great, the price works for me, and they have all the features I need!

    Review Rating

The guys are Fused Network are the best!!! Each and every time I have submitted a ticket, they have always responded quickly, normally in less than 30 minutes. They go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure they can help with your issues. If they have time and can assist you, they will, even if it is not their issue. Fused Network equals excellence, they can't be beat!


    Review Rating

I have been with Fused since the start. Wouldnt change hosts for anything. Amazing customer service, get replys to tickets within minutes, sometimes seconds, no joke.

H. Agee

    Review Rating

Simply the best hosting company I've ever worked with. Nothing is too much trouble and support is almost instant. My site is always up and they've been great answering my tech-phobic questions and getting me up and running.

I've worked with some ok hosts over the years but Fused Network is by far the best.

Andrew Spittle

    Review Rating

Been hosting my site with Fused for the last year and have absolutely zero complaints. David and crew are absolutely amazing in terms of support. My site also is always running fast and reliably. The shared account even handles the various webapps I have running on it, some of which are not the lightest in terms of memory footprints.

The prices may not compare as well to other web hosts but once you realize the type of support they're providing the monthly cost is totally reasonable.

Great web host!


    Review Rating

I changed to fused from ipower web. It is great to have the responsiveness of Dave and his team. You can not beat this support. Thanks guys!

    Review Rating

Control panel features are amazing. Customer and technical support are everything you would want it to be. Very prompt response and action if issues arise (extremely rare and usually the fault of a third party). Emails and notices are personalized with communication directly with the CEO. Overall great service and product.

    Review Rating

I ran into some backend problems and didn't know what to do, the team at fused worked very hard to get me back up and running and were very dedicated.

    Review Rating

Fused Network since day one has been the BEST, the very first day they called me up and walked me though all the in's and out's. They helped with all my questions and always reply fast to all my email little or small.

Thank you david, and the guys at Fused Network.

David Ariely

    Review Rating

regarding cost/benefit of services for Fused, they are EASILY recommendable for small/mid-sized operations such as my own.

The support team is always on the ball, and issues are never left hanging for too long.

Fused certainly deserves to be recognized for its superior customer service and devotion to providing quality hosting.


    Review Rating

Fused Network is rock solid and where I recommend all my clients. I have worked with many web hosts over the years and there servers/support are the best I have experienced. Migrations are smooth and new setup is a snap!

Rob Hueniken

    Review Rating

After struggling with slow servers on Go Daddy I did some serious looking for a hosting company with fast servers and even faster service.

The Fused Network team (http://www.fusednetwork.com) had many positive reviews and I can say that they have lived up to their reputation for quick and personal support and service.

Emails are answered quickly, often within minutes, and they work hard at providing useful suggestions and high up-time.

As a result of my positive experience with them, I have moved 3 of my domains to Fused Networks and recommend them to others.

    Review Rating

I've worked with several hosting providers over the years and have yet to experience the level of service that FUSED consistently provides.

Seriously - Dave and his crew are on top of things and the degree of personal and timely communication are world class. I highly recommend the FUSED team. You won't be disappointed.

    Review Rating

I think this is the first and last time I will ever work with a company that responds to an e-mail inquiry within 60 seconds. Obviously this didn't happen every single time, but the fact that it did happen once still astonishes me now.

FusedNetwork has always been able to work with me to solve issues and their staff are quick to respond no matter what I might need.

They're constantly updating their service to include more features and with the frequent coupons, the service is affordable as well!

I do wish add-on domains did not cost an extra fee on top of the cost of the domain itself though. This wasn't something I had come across at my last host.

    Review Rating

Can't say a bad thing. I went through 5 hosts before finding them, and I am as happy as can be.

    Review Rating

Simply great products and service!

    Review Rating

Uptime is excellent and technical support is superb.

I've dealt with a number of web hosting companies in my business and Fused Network are the best of the lot.

They'll always got the extra mile - great value for money. Highly recomended.

John Clayton

    Review Rating

Ive been with fused network for a number of years now and the service has been flawless.

They always reply to my daft questions promptly and patiently.

They go above and beyond what is normally expected for the price they charge.

    Review Rating

Fused Network is the best hosting period. They have the best service, the quickest response to any question I may have and they have also eliminated all the headaches I used to have. They have actually eliminated the memory of my headaches.

    Review Rating

Downtime is RARE at Fused

Nnetwork. The only time we have been offline is through circumstances beyond their control.

A recent data centre hardware failure has made them even more conscious of communication and they are going to put plans in place to provide even better service, which will actually be hard to do as they really are the best for communication

    Review Rating

They are an amazing host especially their customer service. You can literally ask them anything from where do I put my php.ini file to what should I have for lunch. I've never received a response later than 10 minutes from when I sent my email and always with a helpful reply. This month I reached my bandwidth limit and sent an email. Not only did David bring my website back up online, but he waived the bandwidth upgrade cost this month. I highly recommend this service to every one. I've dealt with host-gator, godaddy, and many reseller sites - Fusednetwork is the top.

    Review Rating

These guys are really great. I can't believe the amount of PERSONAL support that we receive from them. They helped us migrate the entire site, PLUS gave us tips on how to increase our load time. They're a little more than GoDaddy or BlueHost, but they've earned the status of BIG BOY hosting in my book.

Mehran Yazdani

    Review Rating

I recently transferred from to Fused Network and so far could not be more impressed. They adeptly and quickly handled the few bumps in the migration process. The support is phenominal and I have improved my page load time by at least 50%. I highly recommend them.

Gordan G.

    Review Rating

FusedNetwork is a brilliant hosting provider, I would definitely recommend them.

David Campbell

    Review Rating

One of the best attentive host services i have ever dealt with. They do not ignore down time if it occurs, they are on the ball 24/7

Allan H.

    Review Rating

Best support I have had yet! They keep you informed and help you work out any issues along the way. I refer my clients to this host as well.

Doug Reitz

    Review Rating

Fused is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable, plus affordable and a very friendly place. I would highly recommend them to anyone, but they are particularly well suited to those just starting out. I don't know how many stupid questions I've had to ask them (I like to know why things are happening) and they've been friendly and informative and never made me feel ridiculous. Go Fused!

    Review Rating

What more van I say, Fused Networks and the wonderful people at Fused are the best, helpful and great to work for.

They make things simple, and easy. from the start they help with everything, and even after being with them for a few years they always answer all request and emails fast and on point.

I've found the best home for my site, and it's Fused Network


    Review Rating

Always very personalized service, efficient, friendly, and it just WORKS! Love it!

Luke Titley

    Review Rating

Brilliant service, couldn't get better. I went with them because they were reviewed highly and they were as good as the reviews said they were.

    Review Rating

What can you say about excellence? David and his team are professionals. The service is second to none - and being in the web game for over 10 years, well I've went thru my share of hosting companies. My search is over.

You will not be disappointed with Fused Network.


    Review Rating

Support team was responsive and competent every time I needed something.

    Review Rating

excellent host - attentive service and very reliable uptime.

No complaints so far!

Miles Odonnol

    Review Rating

I migrated to Fusednetwork from iPower a little over 4 years ago. Fusednetwork has been great. Excellent service; no regrets.

Bill Dykstra

    Review Rating

While Fused has had a couple of hiccups with downtime (due to DDOS attacks against their network provider), I find their service to be outstanding.

Fused does a great job of keeping people in the loop when their are issues, and they are upfront and honest about what is happening.

With the outage that occured today, Fused offered a more-than-generous subscription extension to their customers (which I declined, as I would prefer that they continue to invest in system upgrades, rather than giving free stuff to me).

I'm a very satisfied Fused customer.

    Review Rating

I recently subscribed a client to Fused Network hosting, and I have to say that they have truly exceeded my expectations. Whether in terms of support, or in terms of pricing, they have been incredible to deal with. And I've dealt with quite a few hosting providers, but none have been as reliable as Fused Network. I'll never send my clients anywhere else.

    Review Rating

Fuse's strength is their support. My low-priority tickets have all been answered to and addressed within minutes, and the one serious issue I ever had (Contact Form 7 on Wordpress not sending files to my email; some issue with the database on a shared server )was also fixed within the hour.

Reliability: servers have gone down, but not for long, and all users were given a refund for the month, as promised. Nobody can promise 100% uptime, but Fused keeps their word on the or-your-money-back end.

Price: this is the biggest blow. Their price schemes keep changing, and not for the better. There was even a period where you could not sign up for a monthly account, and had to make a year-long commitment on the smaller accounts. Not to mention their price has gone up from 9.95 to 11.95 in two years. — I have stayed with them because of the poor experiences my friends and family have had with other, cheaper hosts; especially in regards to customer service. So maybe you get what you pay for. Still, it's pretty up there.

All in all, Fused is best for users who need a reliable host with customer service at their immediate call.

If you're a business owner, or a serious blogger, Fused is perfect for you. For a small personal site, however, look elsewhere.

Paul Severn

    Review Rating

Fused Network has done a good job for me since I brought my business to them a couple years back. To sum it up... I believe I get more here in value than I actually pay for...Most notably with the service that has been extra helpful when needed and especially accommodating with my questions from time to time.

Reliability and good service is peace of mind. I'm glad I have one less thing to worry about since I brought my internet business to Fused Network.


    Review Rating

Have yet to have a problem with service and their support is top notch. Personalized and professional.

Thomas Christol

    Review Rating

Great host with great support!

John Moore

    Review Rating

As an IT pro of the past 17 years I'm pretty picky about where I host. I've spent several years with Fused and I couldn't be happier with the uptime, performance, and support I've received.

If there is an issue, you get *real* answers (no doublespeak) from a real sysadmin and not a support drone reading a script. They are proactive when it comes to network and server performance. I have zero complaints when it comes to pricing; you can't provide a premium experience for any less than they do.

Fused is run exactly how a hosting company should be run. I tried to include some cons but I simply can't find anything to nitpick.

James Klein

    Review Rating

Not the cheapest host or the one with the most service offerings but that is actually a positive. They're not trying to be everything to everybody. They're very focused on the offerings they do have and their support is probably the best I've had. Extremely responsive and very up front and transparent when things do go wrong (rarely). If one of their service offerings suites your needs, I would enthusiastically recommend Fused to you.

    Review Rating

We service well over 500 radio stations in 49 countries, and we used to live in a world of worry when it came to our server hosts. We went through quite a few in the past.

That all seems like a distant bad-dream these days, its all been a bit surreal since we switched to Fused. We have never had to contact them, don't get me wrong that doesn't mean we haven't contacted them. The guys there always reply pretty much immediately with understandable answers to my stupid questions! (Im no pro).

In the past when we started to race to our bandwidth limits, (a mute issue now they are unmetered) the guys not only warned us of the path we were on, they took the time to discuss our options one on one in simple terms, they are real people, and real nice people.

The Fused control panels are the best I've seen. If I can work my way around them with ease I'm sure you can! The services and tools they provide are plentiful and leave you a bit spoilt for choice (not a bad thing).

Our continent seems to upload ninja fashion since moving to Fused (around 250mb a piece!). Our packs upload in minutes where it used to take hours with others and those providers usually failed halfway through, plus our affiliates have never complained we joined Fused, some in fact question how the content arrives so quickly at their end!

Whats the catch? We haven't found one yet, they are VERY reasonably priced, We have seen cheaper out there, but not by much and we have also been told the horror stories about those companies, plus we have paid a LOT more to other faceless companies in the past who let us down on a regular basis.

We recommend Fused to everyone! Thanks guys! Keep it up :)

    Review Rating

These guys are just incredible. Every single time I send an email I get a REAL HUMAN reply- and often within an hour. No more submit a ticket and hope something comes back within 48 hours.

Their customer support is outstanding. Plus the fact they migrate your site for you for free takes the headache and stress out of moving from another provider.

I now have migrated 2 of my websites across to them because I am so happy with their customer service and the fact they really care about the wellbeing of my websites. I will eventually bring them all across to Fused because they make my other providers look VERY poor.

Keep up the good work guys!

Miso Macura

    Review Rating

Everything works as expected or better.

    Review Rating

Wonderful host, great service wonderful people to deal with. very helpful and understanding.


    Review Rating

Simply outstanding! Fused has been nothing but gold to a hosting newbie; patient and helpful and quick to respond to the most simple of questions. I would recommend them to anyone.


    Review Rating

I started with Fused back in 2008 and ran two online stores for 5 years. I don't think my sites ever went down during that time. If they did it was less than half an hour and I received emails warning about downtime. Customer service was top notch - within minutes I had answers to my questions.

I am sad to have closed up both shops but will definitely be back again soon!

Rob Futrell

    Review Rating

First of all, I stumbled across this host purely on accident. I setup a site YEARS ago that mostly ran itself... years later, I wanted to undertake a project and figured, I would use fused again. I was amazed at the tools available to me... I just had to click a button and it installed wordpress. FOR ME. I was used to the days of shell and installing and compiling... now, I run a business. I am no longer a web developer so when things pop up, I send David an email and ask him about it. Yes, David. I know his name. The support staff at fused are real humans, who respond as if they are sitting at a terminal WAITING for me to ask a question... insane. This is how hosting should be done... in a way, I want to keep them a secret but truth be told, they are no GoDaddy... they are the real deal. Love these guys.

Tom Darden

    Review Rating

For the years that I have hosted with Fused Networks they have always been on top of everything, when (and it rarely happened) they were spot on responding and handling the issue. I would highly recommend Fused Networks.

    Review Rating

I have been a loyal customer of Fused Network since 2004-2005. Fused Network has throughout those years continuously improved its customer service as well as the suite of features it offers to its customers.

The team are always there, day or night, to fix problems that might arise from corrupted MySQL databases, to problems with spam, and anything else that comes to ruin one's day. I've always felt that when it comes to my website, Fused Network was a partner that really cared about my websites being up and running at all times.

I have never looked back to another website hosting service and I can only say great things about this host. It's worth every cent you put in it.

    Review Rating

Always have experienced excellent support from Fused - highly recommended them...

Steven Popovich

    Review Rating

I should preface this note by saying I am not a web designer. That is why it is very important for me to have a web host with excellent support and customer service to help untangle my knots as I attempt to manage my own page.

Fused has offered exactly that. They've gone above and beyond to resolve my semi-frequent tickets and with great timeliness. They are also very courteous in doing so and make me fell very welcome to submit tickets with my issues. They've been very willing to educate me when appropriate and take the wheel to resolve more technical issues.

I recommend Fused to everyone I know with hosting needs and would like to continue to do so here. They've made a great impression on me not only as a host but also as a business in general.

Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

    Review Rating

Been with them for many years extremely happy, worth the price knowing my site is being taken care of and they respond basically instantly to any requests or questions.

Lamia Charlebois

    Review Rating

Fused team, because no matter how amazing the technology is, it's all about HUMANS, offers the best customer service I have encountered. Always there by email, phone or sharing options, they understand the importance of your issue and treat it as an emergency. Never ever was I let down in 7 years and never ever did I wait more that 10 minutes. THAT'S service! Oh yeah, and the hosting is great too :)

    Review Rating

Fused are great if you have an online business like I do. As a business owner I want stellar service and 99% up-time. If there is a problem I want it fixed like lightning! I realize it will cost a bit more but I've learned from experience it's worth it. That is fused! Excellent service and very good reliability. No one gets perfect up-time because it's the internet (stuff happens) but when stuff does happen you want to know the folks that host your business are doing their best and being professional along the way. I've been happy for years with Fused!

Ester Strijbos

    Review Rating

I have been with Fused Network for many years now. They are great to work with & offer reliable fast loading of my sites (25+). They offer very good support service through their tickets, they are friendly and quick to reply when I have a question and always inform me if they are doing updates. Super reliable, secure and personable.

    Review Rating

Fused are vital to my business and their support is excellent. Their uptime is equally excellent as is their value for money. Highly recommend!

Michael Rutherglen

    Review Rating

Fused has a very, very responsive support team.

Robert Whiteside

    Review Rating

An employee of mine found fused. We switched our domains and hosting services from another hosted service to Fused 10 years ago and have never looked back. I have always be pleased with the performance and even more so with the great support!

Jan Zandboer

    Review Rating

I simply LOVE our host Fused. These guys are super fast and efficient and always have a solution. Coming from an industry where customer support is paramount I could not ask for more. Highly recommended!


    Review Rating

I've owned my online business for going on 8 years now. I tried all of the big name hosting companies, then moved to the lesser known hosting companies only to be oversold and delivered with less than desirable service. I found Fused in Feb of 2015 and switched. It's been well over a year now and I'm extremely satisfied! Fused is by far the BEST hosting company out there.

Connie Crosby

    Review Rating

Re: today's Support response was fast, efficient, and cleared up the problem immediately. Thank you.

Delores Broten

    Review Rating

Fused may be a bit more expensive, but the support is superb -- usually less than 10 minutes for response and solution. For us, that cheerful, ungrudging support is priceless.

They also keep us informed on issues with the servers and give us a heads up when upgrades are in process.

I have left other webhosts and decided to stick with fused, for hte peace of mind.

Pools Plus

    Review Rating

We experience no problems with our host.


    Review Rating

Phenomenal host, astounding reliability. Fused is simply the best. Issues are resolved quickly, team is eager to help, exemplary customer service. Fused has set the bar, the new standard for hosting - the one to emulate.

    Review Rating

I've been with them for as long as I can remember (at least 7 years) and have been so very pleased! Incredible service, great and friendly team and excellent prices. Super grateful for Fused!

Issa Breibish

    Review Rating

I've used a lot of hosts since the early '90's and I can say, without a doubt, that Fused is the best host I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The reliability is stellar, the machines aren't cramped with as many clients as possible, and the performance is top-notch.

All of that aside, the *real* magic at Fused is the support. I don't think I've ever waited more than an hour for help; usually it's a matter of minutes. They *actually* investigate issues and help me figure out what I've messed up when it's something on my end (which it almost always is).

Other hosts are cheaper but the difference is service from Fused is a game-changer if your hosting is at all important to you. I can guarantee that I'll never move from Fused.

Place Champlain 3

    Review Rating

Have been a loyal fused.com customer for 8 years. They are the icon of customer service... top-notch in every way. Highest network reliability. They are continually adding service upgrade and are excellent service value. Highly recommended 5 star outfit.

    Review Rating

As a professional web developer I have dealt with any number of hosting companies, from mass-providers like GoDaddy to mom & pop outfits and telecom providers (arghhh!).

Fused rises to the top of the heap in three areas: outstanding reliability, top notch performance, and impeccable, results-oriented service.

I heartily and unconditionally recommend Fused for anyone in need of quality business class hosting.

Stephanie Barnes

    Review Rating

Dave and the other folks at Fused are great, always helpful and quick to respond to any and all questions and concerns. They definitely go above and beyond. I have been with them for many years and can't recommend them enough.

    Review Rating

Clear and concise mentoring and assistance for any newcomer. The customer service is truly perfection and I give the highest possible recommendation. May the host and family be protected and blessed by Jesus Christ.

Christopher Dalton

    Review Rating

I'm going to say right off the bat Fused is not "cheap", for shared hosts they're in the upper range in pricing.

They are there for a reason. They're worth every penny you spend. Most cheap hosts are okay, if you know what you're doing they're fine. But their support is usually suspect at best and their reliability is sometimes questionable.

Fused support is literally second to none in my opinion, and being in web development I have experience with quite a few hosts. Near immediate response regardless of time, and polite and knowledgeable staff make the experience excellent.

Even when the problem is your fault (which trust me it usually is) the Fused staff are helpful and quick to the rescue.

I recommend them wholeheartedly above any other host I've dealt with!

Austin Starkey

    Review Rating

Some might say Fused's pricing is a little higher than they want with a hosting service, but it's worth every dollar spent. I pay ~$30/mo for 3 domains and 5 email addresses, and the founder (David) personally assisted me in migrating from my original (and awful) hosting service (NetworkSolutions) and even put together a basic Wordpress landing page for me. Recently, I needed to setup Gmail for my site's email accounts - they basically did everything for me no questions asked, very quickly, and after normal business hours (8-9 PM ET).

I originally picked them out based on a combination of high quality reviews and the fact they're local to me, but I'll stick with them forever given the friendliness and customer service. I'm not a big client with pressing needs but am treated like one. They take the hassle out of the process and go far beyond what you pay them for to ensure you're satisfied. I'm thankful to have discovered Fused!


    Review Rating

While I agree with others that Fused is priced higher than their competition, it is a very small price to pay for the top notch support that this group provides. I have yet to disappointed with this firm, and likely wont be moving away from them anytime soon, if ever.

Cheers to Fused!

Ron McNeil

    Review Rating

Fused has always responded very quickly each time we have had to use support with the right information and solution. They have been very easy to work with.


    Review Rating

We have been with Fused for eight years and plan to continue to stay with them. Completely satisfied.

Richard Uberto

    Review Rating

Needed to move a domain. Had a response almost immediately and it was all done within minutes, at 11:00 pm. Awesome Service!


    Review Rating

Can't say enough positive things about Fused. They are incredibly responsive, patient (I'm technical, but not that technical), and go above and beyond what's expected of a hosting company. I will be a customer for life.

Delores Broten

    Review Rating

Fused provides fabulous support.Ever helpful. Answers within minutes. Worth every penny for us.


    Review Rating

Fused Network is the best hosting service bar none. There are plenty of cheaper services, but you get what you pay for. Fused support is the best I've ever used and their service package is the best. There are always problems with web sites. Fused supports it's customers step by step to fix and repair issues immediately.

Rachel Hayward

    Review Rating

I really have nothing bad to say about Fused. The customer service and tech support is top notch. And, they have a sense of humor. I'm not tech savvy, and they helped me every step of the way.

I always felt my information was protected and any issues were dealt with quickly. I would recommend Fused to anyone. Pretty much everything is one place, it's easy to navigate, and I appreciated the quick and easy to understand responses to my questions.

    Review Rating

Always was able to help me solve any issue. Always quickly. For someone who is terrible with commuters, David and his team were always patient with my sometimes stupid questions.;-)

Highly recommend using Fused!


    Review Rating

I had a problem with my old hosting company over the weekend. They shut my site down because of malware. I connected with Fused Networks and signed up for one of their packages. They took my backups, cleaned up the malware, and reloaded my site on their network, all within 24 hours. Two thumbs up.

John Hewer

    Review Rating

In my experience, there are three traits that make an organization outstanding: a singular focus on customer service, a depth of professional know-how, and value-for-money. In my nearly two decades as a customer, Fused ranks as a benchmark in all three categories. No exceptions. Fused is in a class by itself.

David Vasquez

    Review Rating

Fused Network is the best service I used. I wanted a server that is always up and running and I got it here 110%. I would recommend this service to anyone who want the best service and the cheapest for its kind.

    Review Rating

Rapid response to queries, and quantitative support specific to server tools and web performance.

    Review Rating

I am really happy with Fused Network, the only reason why I have not selected perfection for all ratings, is because I haven't used their support that much - why? Because there's no problems! I am worry free and I can sleep happily at night knowing my website will be available all around the world.

Their features are great, and the pricing is great for what you get - great support, perfect reliability, and good features.

I am very happy with Fused Network, I cannot say enough good things about them.

    Review Rating

Fused Network helped me to move my site from my past host in a prompt manner.

I can always count on their support team to address my needs asap.


    Review Rating

Just moved my company's site from another provider that happens to be WAY down in this list. The folks are Fused Network are at the top for a reason.

Chris Chaloux

    Review Rating

New webmaster - first experience. Fused made it easy. Tools well organized and friendly. Phone support exceptional - I called them, got interupted while it was ringing, hung up before it was answered and they used caller ID to call me back just to be sure I was taken care of!

    Review Rating

Great support! Support tickets answered very, very fast! Never had a problem.

Jessica Rucco

    Review Rating

I switched to Fused from Go Daddy and it was like night and day. The Fused interface is straight forward and easy to work with. I also appreciate the repair notifications.


    Review Rating

They put their money where their mouth is: They garantee their service and DO credit you when they are at fault. That's fair. These guys play by the book.

Benjamin Osborne

    Review Rating

Very nice hosting company, would definitely recommend them.


    Review Rating

While everything was sunny during my first two months with fused, recently, I've been experiencing brief, but frequent downtime with fused over the past few weeks. While every response I received to my polite, but firm inquiries was prompt, none of the responses I received were even remotely polite or customer friendly. When confronted about the frequent outages (one per week) David McKendrick, founder of fused, had the following to say:

"Let's be honest, we've been responsive -- and while issues occur, we'll

still continue to be responsive (or even notifying you in advance of

problems). At this point though, I suspect there won't be any point in

time in which you're satisfied with Fused after a few months with us,

perhaps you might be better suited at another provider. "

No apologies for the frequent downtimes - he just hid behind the fact that they are responsive when emailed about issues. That's true - they do respond quickly, but there's seldom any substantial info in their responses. They basically let you know that they're aware of your problem, and they'll fix it.

At the end of a long back and forth with Mr McKendrick, he had the following to say on the issue of the frequent outages, and the potential for their correction:

"Then the answer would be no, a solution hasn't been found.

There's been two instances of downtime this month and I'd say on average it'll continue with one weekly instance of downtime."

Expect prompt, but unhelpful customer service, and an "f you buddy" attitude should you have any substantial issues with them.


    Review Rating

switched from a host that never responded to my many, many, many requests for assistance due to mail not being sent/received, extended periods of my site being down, and no phone number on which to reach a live person. When they would respond, they would tell me to submit a support ticket, and my support tickets received responses to contact someone else (after about a month of waiting). I probably waited a year for them to transfer my domain name to me after many many requests. Fused Network is a 180 degree change from my previous host. They have live people on a toll-free number who are patient, humourous and helpful. They respond to support tickets and emails within minutes. Everything is easy to navigate, professional and helpful. All of my transfers have gone smoothly and the team goes out of their way to be helpful. A reliable, helpful, professional host. My website has not been down since I transferred (well, I think they had a minute of downtime but it was during the night and prefaced by a warning email about server maintenance). I haven't had any troubles with mail or otherwise. Fused Network is awesome!

    Review Rating

I've been with Fused Network for two years now. I began using webs.com (back when it was freewebs.com) and was very unsatisfied with the support and the features.

I only chose Fused because it was somewhat local, and I figured the support would be better. I'm a web designer and have suggested this hosting company to all of my clients because I know that they will be as happy as I have been with the support and the features.

The prices seem average to me and I have never had any down time, although I have recieved emails from Fused apologizing for momentary downtime, I believe the longest they reported was 5 minutes!

Great hosting service, it would take a lot to convince me to change.

    Review Rating

Fused Network provides excellent communication with and support for our team. These days, it is rare to find an organization where one can actually reach a live person.

Maynard Switzer

    Review Rating

I have had no problems. Everything has worked fine.

Jonathan Lindemann

    Review Rating

I really like these guys for their personal touch. They also inform you as soon as they're doing anything disruptive, and are always up-front with any services issues (which are few and far between). I'd recommend them to anyone.


    Review Rating

A pleasant initial experience to shared web hosting. Can't wait till they are in Vancouver!

Sarah Gulick

    Review Rating

Fused Network has very friendly and quick customer service! The service is almost always up, and the sites load faster than they did with previous hosts. Budget friendly for hosting multiple sites. Works great with php and cms database. Definitely he best we have tried so far. We have been moving all our sites over to fused, and encourage our clients to as well...

    Review Rating

Fused is very responsive to questions and support tickets. There is some scheduled maintenance, but downtime is usually minimal for this (~5 minutes) and they provide plenty of notice as to when downtime will be. The only thing I've had trouble with is timing out on larger ftp transfers.

dean thompson

    Review Rating

David has been a great person to deal with when any hosting issues have arisen.


Daryn C

    Review Rating

Great hosting, never a problem with customer service, reliable, good communication regarding server maintenance issues and competitive pricing.


    Review Rating

99% uptime. And run Magneto smoothly.

I am pretty happy with the service so far!

    Review Rating

They have offered us great service and we have never had any downtime issues. Our website is always up and running. Billing has always been on time and correct.

    Review Rating

I have been with FusedNetwork now for over a year with no regrets. I have used support many times and 9 out of 10 times I get a reply within minutes. The prices are about average, but they offer a monthly payment option and not just a bundled option.

They have their downtimes, but it has never hindered my hosting. Maintenance averages only a few minutes of downtime, 5-10 usually. I can only remember one time in the time I have been with them that a downtime has lasted a while.

Floyd Manning

    Review Rating

I lost a config file for my CMS. (Actually I think I deleted it;)

Fused Network was so helpful in not only locating it (because they backed it up) but putting it back on my server. I have worked with a few hosting companies but Fused Network response time was very quick and they solved my issue promptly.

Daniel Ku

    Review Rating

While there are cheaper alternatives, Fused Network rise above the rest with their reliability, support and features. I'm not aware of any time my site went down.

    Review Rating

I have been satisfied with fused network for the past year and a half. Their support has been remarkable and I am satisfied.


    Review Rating

Fused does a great job hosting. Minimal downtime and good service

    Review Rating

Based in South Africa,but hosted by Fusednetwork. Why Fused? Simply put fast, efficient, reliable, no fuss, good sense of humour and a fair deal in terms of pricing.

Anna Lauri

    Review Rating

I've been with Fused Network for 5 months now and couldn't be happier!


    Review Rating

Good and timely customer service

Ryan McMahon

    Review Rating

As a rookie site manager, Fused Network has been easy to set up and use. The Installatron feature has been great to get my blog up as well as my Moodle site.

    Review Rating

Excellent response times to questions. Is there a away to have them just hit my inbox since I live on my BlackBerry?

    Review Rating

Fused Network helped me set up a working web site for my online gaming community. They hosted the site There Customer Service is available 24/7 by email and the phone when I wanted to talk to some one directly. Fused Network is who I tell people to contact when they ask me about a web site. I highly recommend using Fused Network for all your hosting needs. Thanks again Fused Network, You guys are the best.

Keep up the good work


    Review Rating

I have been with Fused for about 5 years now, and I've got nothing bad to say. They have outstanding service and they answer tickets within MINUTES ! I've never noticed any downtime, although I know there was, since David usually advises his clients when there is an issue with the servers.

The only thing that would greatly improve the service would be technical support by phone. I always recommend Fused to my clients for hosting, but a lot of them are not very at ease with email support. (Mostly older clients) I have had the comment that Host XYZ (Not naming any) gives phone support so they'd rather go there than Fused, because they thought email communication was not efficient for them. But really, that would be the only thing I'd think should be improved. (To solve that, I normally set everything up for my clients so they don't have to go back and forth submitting tickets and getting frustrated because they want to speak with someone for tech support and not sales)

But overall, great quality, great hosting, and if you are making bad reviews about Fused because you were suspended or whatnot for cursing and being disrespectful to their staff, well you got it coming. They always go out of their ways to help a client, and sometimes, it's not even something they normally cover, but yet, they still help you with it.

Two thumbs up for Fused :D

Zachary Bricker

    Review Rating

I have been around the hosting scene for awhile. From small local startups where I knew the owners, to larger sites like bluehost, gator, midphase, and others.

I can say that without a doubt this has been the best experience I've had with a host. They're open and honest, notifying us of downtimes, and the reasons why. They don't try to cover up drive failures with flowery BS and really delivery above expectations on every aspect of business.

I can see why they have such high ratings here and urge anyone who wants their website hosting to be relatively problem free with great support to make the switch.

They're above and beyond the curve for hosting and make it a joy to have a host.

Dave Chapman

    Review Rating

I like fused network. When I have a problem they fix it. They are different from any other hosting company I have used.

Thanks David

James Underwood

    Review Rating

I don't have any other shared hosting experience to compare this with. After a bad experience with a certain VPS provider I went to Fused Network. Any support issues I had were fixed right away. I'm leaving because the jump back to VPS or cloud services has gotten tempting again.

Evelyn Chou

    Review Rating

I have been with FusedNetwork for about 5 years. Even with the simpliest support FusedNetwork has been very responsible and effective. I truly appreciate their service and customer education.

Paul Marsden

    Review Rating

Superb host with a human touch - friendly and professional

neill davy

    Review Rating

As a non- techie trying to support a web site I have found the guys at fusion extremely helpful - and would recommend them to anyone.....

Ralph U

    Review Rating

I am very happy with Fused Network, they have been hosting my site for many years now. The only problems with my site have been self-imposed and Fused has been able to help me get everything working again. Very happy customer.

Heather Mason

    Review Rating

The Fused Support Team is amazing! They are always prompt with their replies to my questions and efficient at correcting any issues that might arise. I am not a techie at all so sometimes I ask questions that I'm sure they think are very silly but they never make me feel that way and always walk me through the process of what I need to do.

Thanks Team!

    Review Rating

Fused has been pretty quick and solid with support for our client, for the most part, and we deal directly with tech, not too much back and forth. U.S.-based support. Overall we're happy with Fused.


    Review Rating

I have been using this hosting for more than two years. Initially, there were problems, but as I understand it, they replaced some equipment and then continued to work perfectly. In addition, the price is very important to me as a blogger. I just don’t see the point of overpaying a lot of money when you have a landing page. So for me, these criteria are the most important.

    Review Rating

I was one of David McKendricks first customers, nearly 5 years ago. He was a great host for a long time.

Unfortunately, I can't rescind my old post below from 2006.

Let's not forget that this website is run by him anyways (see the "David and Goliath" link below).

I was kicked off his service today for essentially hogging too much of his service.

This has only become a problem for Fused now as they have tried to cram 300 other customers on the same box as me (and I was on the "corporate" package... pfff).

Sad to go, but not so sad after seeing that others have experienced the unfair and rude good-bye boot too lately.

    Review Rating

I have gone through at least 5 different hosting services and Fused Network has been the Best-bar none! Migrating from Ipower, they were very helpful helping put together my torn and tattered files that Ipower fiasco caused. Customer support is excellent! I accidentally deleted a file and they reinserted it from a back up in less that 3 minutes! Totally Amazing! The few dollars more you pay for Fused Network's service is money well spent!

Christopher Tremblay

    Review Rating

For several years, I had what I thought was a good deal at the time with Infinology with one of their business plans. Recently, I became very disgruntled with the options I had with Infinology, and after a few searches and reviews, I chose Fused. I went from 1 MySQL to 3, more storage space, more bandwidth, for 9$ more a year.

On top of that, my old host had maybe two addon software packages, with limited ability to add more. With Fused, they provided a wide selection of quick-install additions like a calendar or the latest edition of phpBB (of which my old one had v2, with no upgrade possible).

Within half an hour of purchase, I was working on my site - within a few hours, I had basics up and running. Due to lack of time, I'm slowly working on bringing everything over (planned updates holding back on some, but that's on me), but with ease of access and easy to use menus, what I have up already far exceeds what I could hope to get with my previous host.

Kalee Dankner

    Review Rating

You guys are great! Thanks for everything you do.

    Review Rating

They give advance notice of any adjustments to the system.


    Review Rating

So far so good. Cheap and reliable. Good value.


    Review Rating

Fused Network has been hosting our website for two years. They have remained committed to delivering the best value and customer service in Web hosting to the small business user. The technical support group is easily accessible (via telephone or Internet), professional and quick to respond. Our clients have never experienced difficulty accessing our site. We utilize the Fused Network Plan, which is a great deal.

Cat Burston

    Review Rating

I've never had a personal website before, but I like Fused. The administration options they have are good, although the navigation is a little confusing. I'm pretty happy with the uptime and security.

    Review Rating

We love Fuze. Have not had a single problem and always get help when we need!


    Review Rating

Not sure what the other reviews are talking about. There are too many of them for me to think they're real since this is not a large company even if they try to appear that way.

Since I've taken over some sites on fused a year ago we've had 3 times where all of their servers went down for over 2 hours. One of those times was for longer. Load times are not that fast and accounts have a lot of restrictions in terms of memory use and storage.

There are far cheaper hosts out there. I've personally got accounts on 3 other cheaper hosts and haven't had more than a minute or so of downtime on them.

I would never ever recommend fused to anyone.


    Review Rating

I can't believe how poor the support was from these guys. What a disappointment. Something as simple as connecting to a mySQL database shouldn't be difficult but they managed to make it impossible.

I'm still shaking my head. I may not be mr. server knowledge but I do know my way around. The response I got to simple questions was arrogance.

Mike Johnston

    Review Rating

Horrible attitude. One of the worst hosts I have ever dealt with. Very unprofessional. Instead of being understanding when I contacted them after finding my site down with a "bandwidth exceeded" and no warning that it was coming up on exceeding, i get yelled at and sworn at and my account killed.

They are horrible, pathetic hosts and I would recommend everyone avoid them like the plague.

Kurtis Evans

    Review Rating

I had a terrible experience with Fused.

Fused took over hosting my website in August of last year. I found that, while there were occassional road bumps, they were always exceptionally prompt and responsive regardless of the time of issue (be it at midnight or noon).

However in Dec/Jan, the service began to change. There were more periodic server crashes and we experienced incidents of lag time with the site loading.

Then in March a server crash occurred on consecutive mornings and my website was blamed for it. My service was immediately suspended and remained that way for more than 2 hours.

I was in constant contact with their service team the entire time asking them why there was such a delay between the suspension and resolving the issue, especially as it became more and more evident that my website was not the cause.

Later even the Fused staff reluctantly acknowledged that my website was not at all to blame for the crash (while at the time of the crash, David was Twittering about his need to hire system admins who could do their job). Because of the suspension, I had to pay my website designer a bill of more than $300 for the emergency service he provided while the site was suspended.

Several weeks later, Fused gave me one free month of service and they never answered the one question I'd asked them: why was my website suspended for more than 2 hours? What took them so long to deal with the issue and reinstate my site?

The only responses received were ambiguous, while David - the head of Fused - still found the time to Twitter about annoying customers (me) who should spend the money for dedicated servers if 2 hours downtime costs me so much money.

All told, Fused proved to be bitterly disappointing. I'd really been tremendously impressed with them early on, but when they wrongly mistook my website for the cause of a server crash they acted hostile and refused to provide answers.

So ... Refuse Fused. They are overrated at best. After our poor experiences there, we were so anxious to leave their service that we pulled our website despite the promise of two months free hosting (we'd been offered a second month because of ANOTHER server crash which occurred just over a week ago). That should say something about their lack of reliability and support.

A Studios

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If you value customer support, this is not the place to go. It's just a guy named David who is checking the support emails on his Blackberry, I believe. We've only ever been nice to him, and he sent two rude responses via email to us, as well as a rude email to our web designers (who recommended him in the first place). They are getting all of their clients to leave Fused Network, as we did. And David assumed we had the same problem as last time, but he never looked into it and it was, in fact, a new problem. Don't waste your time on them.

John Dunbar

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I was really impressed by their service and quick response to emails at first, and recommended them to a lot of people. Something seems to have gone horribly wrong over the last year though. Downtime is on the rise, and support is growing more erratic. David McKendrick, apparently the CEO, now responds to emails in a very terse and condescending manner. Maybe he's only interested in larger clients and my three domains aren't enough to be bothered with.

A couple of months ago my account was suspended without any notification, I had to go to the site and see a suspended message to find out. I emailed to ask what the problem was, and the full text of the response was: "Billing related issues." I responded explaining that I never missed a payment, and David replied that he'd look into it. I never heard anything else about the issue, but my account came back online. Terrible experience, but I let it go because previous service had been great.

Today I found my account suspended again, and again there was no email notification and I had to go the the page to find out. I emailed to ask what the problem was, and received a terse response saying that my account had a virus, that it had been a virus the last time as well, and that he is closing my account. That information would have been useful months ago, as would any notification of account suspension. Pretty surreal, but I'm well rid of them.

Anthony Joh

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David from Fused Network cancelled my contract and took down my website without any notice or warning because I pointed out an error they made in their billing system.

Fused Network likes to advertise themselves as a business partner but ask yourself, what type of business partner would take down your business without offering any other solutions?

The support at Fused Network has been getting worse as the company grows and the attitude of the staff only compounds the problem. Search online at other hosting review sites to see many other people complaining about the arrogance of this small company.

One more than one occasion my site was down because of a lack of attention from the staff at Fused Network. One particular case I was receiving a huge amount of traffic due to an international incident that I had filmed. I warned Fused Network well in advance that I was going to exceed my bandwidth limit and that they needed to increase my limit so my website would stay online.

Despite many emails that they were monitoring it my site did go offline once I exceeded their bandwidth limit. I had to once again email David and tell him how to do his job and put my website back online.

For any webmaster a huge hit in traffic from Digg, or in my case the BBC can mean a world of exposure for your website. Be very cautious of any "business partner" who doesn't care enough about your business to keep it online.

My advise to anyone looking to host with Fused Network is to carefully consider the type of website you plan on hosting with them. If it's a small site that generates very little traffic than you will probably be fine. Their uptime was reasonable and every time their service went offline they were pretty good about letting us know what was going wrong.

However if you are running any type of business that need a constant and secure hosting service I would highly recommend you look else where. David pulled my site for no reason other than personal ego with no regard to how that would affect my business or my customers.

Is that the type of service you want from a "business partner"?

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