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Future Hosting was founded in 2000 with the mission of combining highly reliable cost-effective hosting with superior customer service. Future Hosting recognizes that technical expertise, responsive service, absolute reliability and reasonable cost are the necessary ingredients for any company that wishes to thrive in the competitive IT arena.

Future Hosting has adopted a business plan that encompasses those qualities and they work to establish partnerships with their customers to ensure that they meet their expectations for excellence. Future Hosting's services are guaranteed to be superb because they know that our success is dependent upon the success of their customers. Future Hosting's team insures that their clients are completely confident that solutions to their individual needs are satisfied.

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This host is just fantastic. I was with them for 3-4 months, and I've never had a major problem that wasn't fixed pretty much instantly by the helpful and knowledgeable staff. The network was fast, and the server was reliable. 128MB RAM (pretty much always fully burst to 256MB), 5GB space, 10GB bandwidth all for $9.99. You can't get much better than that. I highly recommend this host to anyone.

P.S. I only left because I changed to a shared host which was suitable for my needs.

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I have a dedicated hosting package through Future Hosting and am so far completely satisfied with their service. I am hosting two sites on this server (http://TrueCheaters.com and http://AutomateTheGame.com) and both sites are very stable.

I began these sites on a VPS server through Future Hosting and when my sites "outgrew" the VPS package the support team at future hosting was extremely helpful with finding the right dedicated package for me. They assisted me with moving my site from the VPS to the Dedicated server, even with things that I should have had to do myself.

I have nothing negative to say about this company and highly recommend them to anyone. I have been with quite a few hosts in the past, some good, some not so good. Future hosting shines above all the others I've used.


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When I first signed up with them they were one of the cheapest VPS hosts out there. The fact that they are powered by Softlayer (that was highly rated then) made me trust them even more.

The support is very fast and very ok. Uptime was good and the 128MB RAM did it's work. Not too much you can do with it but you can sure host a few small blogs with proper configuration.

I can still recommend them.


    Review Rating

Painful experience, I regret the day I placed several of our apps on this host. They have multiple times broken our services completely, done migrations where they introduced full breakadges and taken zero responsibility. The support is most definately outsourced to some cheap farm in india and the knowledge level of the support staff is way below standard or common sense. Lost count of how many times we had to open support tickets for basic issues which snowballed into big problems because of the support staffs lack of knowledge. If you want more stress in your life, this is the host to go for.

Reggie willis

    Review Rating

Do not give them your money they suck the server will kick your site and they do not email you back!


    Review Rating

Initial Setup

I ordered a VM4 "Managed VPS Hosting" plan.

For some reason the initial 'welcome' email failed to deliver and I had to open a support ticket to have it resent.

Initial ticket opened at 8:54 PM the ticket did not finally resolve until 10:25 PM when I gained access to my new VPS.

Server Migration

There were a few issues with the server migration. It was mostly related to DNS issues and mis-communication with some of my associates who was hosting his own DNS and did not update his IPs accordingly.

The DNS issues unrelated to Future Hosting aside the Cpanel to Cpanel to migration was relatively painless. There was some issues in the automated transfer due to my new VPS having less dedicated IPs than my old one (2 vs 1).

Speed and Reliability

The memory upgrade was sorely needed and with my old 10GB SSD plan getting pretty full the extra storage space didn't hurt either. Overall the new VPS was fast, responsive, and had no significant downtime in the last 4 months.


The VPS was well within my budget at normal price, but when stacked with some of ther promotional offers from the Offers section it made the VPS a real value.


When trying to resolve these firewall issues I was continually nagged by their support staff to buy an extra "managed" plan upgrade despite the WHT advert I subscribed from stating the plan I paid for was a managed one.

I understand hosts not supporting 3rd party scripts but for basic things like firewalls when you are locked out of your own VPS or can't create accounts for clients for some reason I expected support, not some ticket rep trying to upsell me on "premium services".

Frankly, I was sick of the constant sales pitches every time I had an issue and opened a ticket, and the almost harassment by their support staff trying to pressure me to buy a managed plan... on a plan that was supposed to be managed.


Despite the great VPS the sales focused non-support has just become too much. I have backed up all my assets and am now looking to move to a new VPS host, one with a support staff whose focus is actually supporting their users instead of upselling their plans.

Its a great service for those looking for a cheap host that just works, just don't expect any help from their support staff. I should have guessed by the price that I had just moved from one "economy" host to another. I think in future, I will pay the extra for real support, as clearly it is something I value.

Despite all this if you don't need support, they are a great host. Uptime, reliability, and pricing were all great, just their "managed" plans aren't as managed as they would have you believe.

Future Hosting

    Review Rating

I was hosted with Future Hosting for about a year and everything started out okay. I am not sure if it was because they overloaded the node I was on or what but by the end of the year, my disk i/o had dropped tremendously to about 50 MB/sec and my network connection would only download at 30 Mbps. I tried contacting support multiple times about these issues and was always met with generic answers, that they were working to solve the problem, etc etc. Nothing was ever done about it.

The only good thing about Future Hosting was my site never experienced any downtime in excess of 5 minutes every few weeks which I assume was to patch the kernel the nodes were on, pretty standard. Since they use OpenVZ, I kind of came to expect it.

After the issues with the disk i/o and less than stellar responses, I packed my sites up and migrated to Mean Servers (www.MeanServers.com). They were a young company at the time so I was hesitant but their sales team put me at ease. I have been with them ever since (6 mos now). Very happy, they utilize KVM virtualization which is better than OpenVZ, their prices are less and you get more resources. Their support is also extremely fast just like their network and disk i/o (disk i/o is 700 MB/sec average and network 800 Mbps, fantastic!). I highly recommend these guys over Future Hosting as Future Hosting is just over priced for the poor support and quality of resources you receive.

Bob Oak

    Review Rating

The package was Cpanel VPS managed, CentOS, x64. Support is so terrible had to leave. Prepare for 3rd party bloatware scripts chewing through server resources, canned support responses, condescension and demands to upgrade instead of finding and fixing problems. There is no phone support, no way to escalate or contact management. Support will even threaten customers with termination.

The packages are good for the price, the time to first byte response time was average to slightly above, uptime was over 99%, no DDoS, no oversold nodes, Yet customer service is a hindrance,the antithesis to a managed account. Go elsewhere for VPS managed.

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