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High speed lines and disk space are only half of the commitment that you require from your webhost. Providing true support, quality service, dedication, technical competence, professionalism, integrity, and treating you as you deserve to be treated is the other half of the deal.

Franktown CO, USA

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Really good. Reliable, good tools, good programs, and for a reasonable cost


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I have hosted over a dozen domains at FQ for 8+ years. There have never been serious interuption (some minor ones). Support has been great and they post a notice when there is a problem (not just two days later). Good mail control panel that my clients can handle themselves. They are not the cheapest host, they do charge for extra for setup fees for second domain names and some other things, but I think that is why they can keep the quality up.

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Uptime: I have never noticed an outage in over two years of service, even though I use my site's email, FTP, and HTTP regularly, and at all hours. FutureQuest offers honest, reasonable HD and bandwidth limits to prevent problems from overloading their servers.

Features: Dedicated IP address, PHP, MySQL, and a reasonable amount of space and bandwidth.

Support: Clear, helpful email responses in less than an hour. User forums that answer most questions and give you new ideas.

Price: Reasonable, but a bit more than most other shared hosts. However, anything I saved in money was lost in time a hundred times over with the problems I had elsewhere.

FutureQuest is the only host I would recommend for my clients.

Romeo David

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FutureQuest gave me everything I needed at the best price. Their servers are well maintained and upgraded, the up-time is great and, so far, everything they promised, they delivered. If you want to be able to get an answer in the middle of the night to a problem you ran into, FutureQuest's support is there. Their Forum is awesome. If you want options, they have it. They are flexible and accommodating. I wish I had stock in this company!

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