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Your website is in good hands - geek hands. We live and breathe web hosting, this is what we do. You can rest assured with GeekStorage that we have the knowledge, experience and stockpiles of Redbull to keep the lights on (servers that is!).

Norman, OK, USA.

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We recently moved our large, forum based site to GeekStorage from WebSite Source. The difference between the two companies is astounding! We had been with WSS for two years before this, on a medium sized VPS. Over that two years we saw their service, especially customer support, take a nosedive.

Going to GeekStorage was like coming home to old friends. Not only have they given us outstanding support during our migration, our site has never run better. I really can't say enough good things about these guys. Try 'em, you will NOT be disappointed.

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When I started looking for a VPS Host my first instinct was to go with GoDaddy because of the fact they are extremely well known and I've never really had too many problems using their services. However the pricing and available features really drove me to look elsewhere. That's when I landed on GeekStorage, mostly helped along by the fact I hosted through them back in the day under the guise of Dr2.net.

From Day 1... The Head Geeks at GS, Matt, Jay, and Norman have been so incredibly helpful and insightful in assisting me during my transition from shared hosting to my very own VPS.

Being a web geek of sorts I figured this would all come naturally but I was fairly wrong in my assumption. Just because you know how to code and run websites does not mean in anyway that jumping into root-level access on a linux server with apache, mysql, and php is just going to come easily. That's where the support team at GeekStorage really shined. I broke my VPS more times in 3 days than I have ever brought down a shared server.

In saying that, I seriously recommend GeekStorage for anyone out there looking for hosting of any sort... shared, a VPS, or even a dedicated server. They have really competitive pricing on their plans and a seriously brilliant support team.

Michael Jones

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FANTASTIC. Just signed up for a VPS account with GeekStorage, on a Sunday morning. Had my account active in about 30 minutes, ready to go. I sent in about 10 support requests for inane items, had them all answered within 15 minutes. VERY GOOD.

I've hosted with about 15 different companies since 1999, none to compare with this. RAVING FAN.

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Great service and fast ticket times make geekstorage.com one of the bests hosts out there. They are knowledgeable, upfront, honest and professional in their dealings with their customers. Any host can provide space and bandwidth but it's service that really sets them apart. Geekstorage.com really has top notch service.

Another big plus and something that really swayed my decision is that Geekstorage.com provides a message board for it's users. You can stop by and chat or ask a question on something that you're not sure of. It also provides some transparency, if things start going bad or users are having problems they tend to post them. I am fully confidant that they are a great place for you to host your sites.

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I have been with Gs for almost 1 year and I have loved every minute of it!

First, their support is top-notch and fast. I have never had a ticket go unanswered. The response times are phenomenal with most tickets being answered in minutes. It's great.

Second, their service is great. I, personally, have never had any problems with their service. No interruptions and no problems.

Third, their honesty is wonderful. They are willing to admit when they make mistakes and then take action and move forward to ensure that it doesn't happen again. I like this and I feel it is one of their best qualities as a hosting company.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied!

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I've used other host before, and Geek Storage by far, is much more superior. The load times are much faster then my last providers. Their support is extremely fast, their pricing is very good, and their service is just excellent.

    Review Rating

I have been with Geekstorage for last 2 years now. The reason I stayed that long is because their customer service (Matt rocks!!) is awesome !!


    Review Rating

I've been a customer of theirs for years and never had a problem, great pricing, offers and service. What more do you want?


    Review Rating

Outstanding support. Matthew was proactive in helping me to fix an issue that arose and went above and beyond to do this in a timely manner. Recommended.

Linwood Ferguson

    Review Rating

I previously used the free web hosting that came with my Office 365 account, but with Sharepoint dying I decided to find somewhere else. I spent a lot of time reading reviews (and trying to filter out the obvious ones with a paid agenda). I was going for cheap (since I was replacing free/included and this was personal use not for a client), but in particular I was looking for one that did not have a continual up-sell for every item you really needed. I elected to try Geekstorage, and so far so good. I chose it because of a few, but seemingly objective reviews that recommended it, but also because that recommendation came with a history of good performance combined with "it's all in there" lack of upsell.

To date (about a week) it has been exactly that. I have put up two domains on wordpress, and was delighted to find that everything I needed was there. In some cases things I did not even expect, like seamless Let's Encrypt integration even though I did not let Geekstorage manage my DNS. I have asked two questions of support, and both gave answers quickly (a couple hours, and I purposely labeled them "low" priority) and correctly. I was pleasantly surprised to find easy SSH access, a good selection of available features in apache, a decent set of command line tools (for a shared host environment), and SSL certs both automated (Let's Encrypt) and fully manual through the CSR process (I ran through one just to confirm). Obviously cPanel is there with its tools as well. No delay between signing up and availability.

I tend to do things more manually, so did not go through sitebuilder and similar tools (though I did let the scripted program do the WP install), so no real comments there, but it is definitely friendly to people used to doing things by hand, which is a pleasant surprise in the "if the wizard cannot do it, we do not support it" world of everyone-does-web-now. So maybe the name is appropriate.

But so far so good...


    Review Rating

Have been using them for 2 years.

No surprise (as in server crash, corrupted database etc) yet.

And the support team always very professional.


    Review Rating

Geek storage has issues. I am running a small WordPress site. Pages rarely load in less than 6 seconds. The first page often takes 20+ seconds to load.

They are not ready for prime time.


    Review Rating

Geek storage has one large problem. They are slow. Their servers are slow, and their support is slow.

End of story.


    Review Rating

so far i move my 2 vps to geekstorage. the only comment i can give is

1. fast bandwidth from server to server

other than that .. slow response, not helpful support only when you argue with them they only check their configuration issue that cause your slowness of your site.

they provide manage service, but they will just tell you your usage is high and shut you down and not paying any refund as say you are abusing their resource.

i believe a lot of people to choose geekstorage is because of their manage service, for a novice that trust their manage service but end up being kick off by them, what will you feel after that?

as conclusion, they are not much helpful on their manage service :(

    Review Rating

I have been with Geek Storage for 8 months.

At first I didn't really keep track of my websites that I host with them.

But after I came back from a long holiday, I started to use my website. What I noticed?:

- Slow speeds.

- Useless support feeding you information which was... useless. (The information)

The service is not even worth the $10 I pay per month. I hardly use any of the bandwidth or webspace allocated to me, yet things are still slow. So my guess is that their servers are overloaded. I would not recommend there reseller web hosting.


    Review Rating

I have been with geekstorage for an entire year now. I have both their VPS and Web hosting accounts.

I really gave them a chance, but there are issues that keep things from being professional.

Every day, between midnight and 4am PST, my websites slow to a crawl and even start timing out. Both on the VPS side and Web Hosting side.

I have sent a total of 6 emails descirbing the issues with screenshots and proof from host-tracker.com and every single time they say its my fault.

After a year of frustration i finally got them to admit that they perform daily backups at that time frame. I even had one screenshot where load was over 1.0 in the caution range and ALL of my processes were at idle.

Support usually gets back to me in 4 hours. but when my SSH times out just to connect in midnight hours...

Eton Hibbert

    Review Rating

I joined GeekStorage after speaking to a support rep who assured me that my software would work on their server. I was concerned about this company because their domain (geekstorage.com) had only been purchased a year ago, but decided to give them a try. After signing up, an extension was missing that the software required. I also needed SSH access enabled. I contacted support and the response time was horrible. For a company that advertises 24/7 support, 5 hours to enable SSH access is ridiculous. Ten hours in, the extension still wasn't installed. I contacted billing and requested that my hosting account be canceled and my money refunded under their 60 day money back guarantee. Funny thing is,I got a response in less than a minute for that. My experience with them tells me two things; One, they should reconsider advertising 24/7 hosting or get competent people to work at all hours of the day. The second thing is Geekstorage.com has the potential of becoming a great host; the fact that they would install an extension that was not on their server (Although they told me it was already on there,most webhost don't install extensions on request). You can have all the bells and whistles, but if you lack good customer support, then its all for nothing. I have to wait and see if my money gets refunded...

Wong KW

    Review Rating

We have been hosted with GeekStorage since November 2008. GeekStorage has provided us with reliable services with fast loading time, and there was no downtime that was caused by them. However, the thing that really gets me is the support.

Maybe I'm just unlucky, but support always took ages to reply to my tickets. When I sent a ticket in the evening, I would get a reply.... 12 hours later. And it is supposed to be 24x7x365. The other time when my server crashed, I contacted them via voicemail which was supposed to rectify issues immediately. They rectified the issue and got my server up... 45 minutes later. Again, this is supposed to be 24/7/365.

All in all, GeekStorage is a good choice, except for the support. I think I would've been more willing to pay a premium for GS services if support wasn't so slow. If you need support from GS, don't count on a quick response even via emergency voicemail.

mel marin

    Review Rating

All lies. They advertise support but they send meaningless explanations and they refuse to clarify, which suggests that they are in Nigeria and do not understand English questions.

It has been months and they refuse to say how to make one (1) email address despite repeated requests, and they refuse to answer the phone at all, despite constant attempts for months. The entie site may be a fake.


    Review Rating

Geekstorage is the worst web hosting experience I've come across. NEVER EVER use this web hosting company.

There are maybe 2 guys working on this company. It's worthlessa and not worth a dime.

    Review Rating

Geek Storage decides to change datacenters to save money (their money, not passed on to customer). My company email is down for 7 days. Then my dedicated server goes down. Geek Storage blames it on the datacenter. A datacenter they chose. Horrible customer service. No phone number and you are forced to wait for them to email you back. This company is run by maybe 2 guys. They most likely have other jobs and care little about their customers. Geek Storage is a joke.

Hobby All

    Review Rating

Sucks, wrost costumer support ever, if you ask something, takes two days, if you say you want to cancel, one hour. Nothing works, and support works evern wrost

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