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"GoDaddy.com is the world's largest domain name registrar and is the flagship company of The Go Daddy Group, Inc.

Founded by Bob Parsons in 1997, The Go Daddy Group has grown to include more than 15.1 million domains under management. We offer a complete product line, including comprehensive hosting solutions, Web site creation tools, Secure SSL certificates, personalized email with spam and anti-phishing filtering, e-commerce tools and more."

Arizona, USA.


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Hosting Reviews for GoDaddy

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I have used the GoDaddy hosting services for about 6 months. They have been great I have never had a problem getting support from them. Just call them... you can also email. They are always very responsive and knowledgeable. I suspect that the posts in which people are complaining about the awful GoDaddy support are seeded from competitors. I do agree that they pop a lot of upsale messages when you order services from them but hey... what do you expect... would you like fries with that burger sir? MacDonald's made a fortune upselling. Just click "no" dude!


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Their support is very good. I went with a dedicated server package, the set-up didn't take that long. It was a normal and understandable wait time. I like their support, I always have the joy talking to one of their representatives.

Mike Clarke

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Best hosting company in the world ATM, they have not let me down yet. I host about 30 sites with them, I am based in Australia, but can call any time and sometimes email is answered right away but can be up to a day. Love them and hope it stays this way.

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For shared hosting - not much can defeat the price. Horrible experience with Virtual Dedicated server, though. HORRIBLE.

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I do sites for small, local nonprofits so cost is important and these guys give a lot of space for cheap. Tech service has always been helpful and friendly, not curt like BlueHost, and I can understand them when they talk. Control panel is also a lot faster than BlueHost's.

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I switched between hosting providers for years (GoDaddy, Yahoo, hostway, lunarpages, and a few others), but I always found myself coming back to GoDaddy. Eventually I decided to just stick with them, and while I'm not always happy, I can't say I'm unhappy either.

My site gets ~40,000 visits a month and 600,000+ page views, so I need it running on a dedicated server. I've been doing this for a little over a year now, and have never had a complaint.

The one thing that does bug me is how their site bombards you with "Buy This!" but ignoring it is easy.

H Corbin

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I have 3 different sites hosted with Godaddy, and my only complaints are frequent server slowdowns that make editing Joomla and Wordpress sites sporadic at best for up to an hour. The administration tools are powerful, but very complicated to find and use. I also hate the delay whenever you add most features. Instead of the instant addition of email accounts and other features that I experience via CPanel and other hosting management tools, when making additions with Godaddy you usually have to wait 10 - 30 minutes while the addition is in Pending status.

The final annoying thing about Godaddy is that when you are moving a site to their servers from another host, you can't pre-configure the email accounts... either a POP3 or a forwarded account, if the MX records aren't already pointed to the godaddy servers. So... you end up with mail being lost during the transition, and that's not a good thing.

Steve Roberts

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As a registrar I believe GoDaddy is exemplary as a Host they are substandard and their hosting and web creation tools are laughable. Their server speeds are substandard. Their registrar pages seriously need to tone down the crap they throw at you and allow you to just checkout with your domain name and perhaps some privacy addedon All in all ill buy domains thru GoDaddy (awesome domain management tools) but Ill never buy anything else and woe to you who does...

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I bought hosting on Godaddy over a year ago. I was attracted by the reasonable price and the fact that my domains also were there. So after months of use I noticed that my sites sometimes are down. I wrote to the support and support replied that currently all sites work, and they found no failures in the host work. This went on for several times. After this I changed hosting. It should be noted that the support is trying to help but it godaddy host is not reliable.

Jim M

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Wow, it's seems like there are lots of bad reviews for Godaddy, but my experience over the past 2+ years has been good overall. We have a shared hosting account for our small, non-profit's website and its price and feature set serves our needs perfectly. Customer support has always been there for me by telephone and online.

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After a few years, I've decided to try again Godaddy's hosting. I'm very satisfied with it: the speed is very good and the support is fast and straight to the point.

General quality of the service is more than average and the prices are excellent.

Bravo Godaddy!


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Although I'm new to this website for hosting, I am very pleased so far, because of their live 24-hour support, and their ability to take the time to listen, and to answer my questions.

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Support is fine, they do not offer help though. Their htaccess support is a complete joke, they might aswell not even offer it. My website wont even load if you dont add the www infront of it, but it is cheap.


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These guys are cheap to host with, but you get what you pay for. Also, if you're wondering why they can offer so much more than some other companies read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overselling

I hate their back-end services, they are very unintuitive, and the hosting panel is a joke.

Also, every page of theirs is constantly bombarding you with ads to upgrade

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serious issues with "Starfield Technologies" popping up and when I did research I found that "Starfield" is a trojan virus, please advise me as to how to uninstall this item or what to do


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I have been doing dedicated hosting with GoDaddy for about 6 years now. After using several well known hosting companies that failed us badly, we finally found one that did okay. Their support is not perfect but if you know your way around SSH you will be fine. Our sites are no slackers either doing 3TB monthly.


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Their email forwarding and CC'ing function completely sucks. It takes anywhere from 1 up to 7 days to pass mail along. Some mail has not been delivered at all, and was apparently thrown away, per customer service or was still in the Queu. I talked to CS two time and both times they said it was temporary clitch. This is not true. I 've tested the system over a 8 days period and got the same (bad) results every time. It is unconscienable that they offer you this service but fail to tell you that it does not work or works very, very slowly. The Post Office is faster at forwarding mail than GoDaddy and they don't care, nor have any plans to fix it. If you use GoDaddy I advise you not use the mail forwarding or CC'ing function if you ever want to hear from a customer in a timely manner or at all


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VERY slow hosting. Therefore the site was down often and often.

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godaddy offers a great product at a good price but since they've switched the way they handle DNS I've had constant problems with regular brief dropouts. My ip address was not properly propagating to various DNS's and godaddy refused to take responsibility, despite the fact that the traceroute consistently showed the problem was their end.

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i was using their hosting for more than 14 months and found that particularly in India the support was average. the pricing for their product is also high when compared to others. by their name i purchased from them and found others are giving more support with lesser price. i moved on from go-daddy.


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If you are planning to try the Website Tonight package, try a different company. I pay $8.99 for a hosting service that is essentially a joke. If you are planning to post an a page and never update it, this is a great package. If you need to do frequent updates, plan on waiting... and waiting... and waiting... for godaddy to think about updating your page. Be prepared for stallouts that dump your changes, too. Photo hosting is a painful joke with this package, too. My updated photos often stall out mid upload -- then that data is dumped in the trash bin by godaddy. I am inconveniently (and without notice) signed out from a window that is separate from the Website tonight launchpad. I wish someone had told me the facts before I signed up. Tech support has hold times of five minutes and up, managers are not helpful, and per the CSRs, godaddy has no plans to improve the speed of their service.


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4 words sum it up : Stay Away From GoDaddy. Enough said. I don't even wanna waste more time writing about the bad things about this host who has wasted enough of my time already. 1 year is long enough suffering with GoDaddy. I am looking for a new host.

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Not bad, but their web based tools and management can be a bit flaky at times


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I tried the Godaddy Grid hosting beta with high hopes. It took 3 days of phone calls and emails to establish the first domain. Clicking "SSH enable" broke their hosting so I turned it off to resume hosting. Then I tried to add a second domain. It remained "pending" until I gave up trying. Adding an entry to their hosts table should take seconds NOT days! In short, it is not ready for prime time. Call it "beta" if you like, I call it "alpha" grade hosting and by that I mean wait until they fix the product.

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About 6 years ago I tried shared hosting with Godaddy. It was terrible. Hold times of over 10 minutes, and the level 1 techs only know how to help you navigate through godaddy's control panels. Their Shared Servers seemed to be overloaded as I was hosting my client's porn site ( BDSM niche ), and the videos had to rebuffer all the time due to no enough bandwidth available on the NIC. I left godaddy and went with HostMySite. They proved to be great for 4 years until they got bought out at the end of 2008. Since then the support has gone to crap, and their prices are now $21 / month for .NET shared hosting. So my next client I setup for $5 / month on godaddy. Not sure what godaddy has changed in the past 5 years, but its alot better now than it used to be. Thus far my site has been running flawlessly on their .NET hosting accounts. Also if you run it in IIS 7 they will give you remote MySQL DB access, which didn't use to be the case. Granted the Support still sucks, but I have found their shared servers to be very stable, and reliable. If you are a noobie with hosting godaddy will fustrate you , but if you know what you are doing its great. In 3 weeks I will bet getting a fully dedicated server with them for another client. Considering I had built a dedicated server that was modestly beefed up for about $150 / month, I was very happy. I agree with a previous poster that if you don't know how to run a server you really can't bitch about lack of support. If you want support you need to go else where and pay $350 /month. If you know what you are doing godaddy is the great. I also agree with others on their website's layout. Its hard to just purchase what you want without going through their marketing BS.

    Review Rating

Sometimes speed seems to be slow and support does not always answer your questions.


    Review Rating

Godaddy’s Dedicated Server Support is juvenile at best. I have had a dedicated box with them for about a year in a half. My site does about $30,000 a day. As of now my site has been down for 36 hours. I have had several lights out scenarios with them. 9 times out of 10 I personally have to contact and NOTIFY them of my server being down before they even know about it. The support staff and the data center staff took 48 hours to get back to me with a resolve that was unacceptable. They basically said we can't figure it out and unless you have any more suggestions we recommend that you re-provision the server... So I did just that. 15-20 hours later I received a message stating that the re-provision has been completed and my server is now accessible.

Great!!! Excited to spend the next 6 hours reconfiguring the server, I tried logging in via remote desktop client and no response. I tried pinging the server from the internal firewall at the data center and no response. Guess what? After wiping my server clean and starting from scratch 36 hours later I still have the same problem. No network connectivity. So whatever you do don’t host a dedicated server at GoDaddy…

    Review Rating

GoDaddy.com is where I purchase all my domain named, but I recently moved a client (KittyBryantGallery.com), away from their shoddy, crappy hosting. As a domain registrar, GoDaddy is FANTASTIC, and I have never had an issue, but where hosting is concerned, GoDaddy is simply trying to make up money they see as being "left on the table", by selling additional things to clients who buy domains through them at checkout. My recent client, and about 6 clients before her also fell for this, and found out that GoDaddy is probably one of the most restrictive hosts around (can't modify PHP.INI, can't login via SSH, etc). And to make matters worse, they try to integrate everything about your hosting into their heavily loaded with advertising control panel. It makes it difficult to navigate their interface, and then when you do make changes, get this, it takes 5-10 minutes to take effect! If you do something simple like add an FTP user, or change your FTP account password, it doesn't take effect immediately like on any other host, you actually have to wait 5-10 minutes! Almost as if a sysadmin at GoDaddy has to approve your password change or adding of an FTP user. I've helped my clients move to more reliable hosting with ThePlanet.com and HiVelocity.com. Register your domains with GoDaddy or NameCheap, but DO NOT use GoDaddy for hosting!

    Review Rating

GoDaddy would be a lot BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! easier to use if BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! the user interface BUY MORE PRODUCTS!!! wasn't so saturated BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! with advertising. BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! Bob Parsons says repeatedly BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! in his blogs that BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! GoDaddy is a customer centered BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! company. That's true BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! if by "customer BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! centered" he means BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! getting customers to BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! buy more products BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! every time they BUY MORE PRODUCTS!! do anything.

Other than that I'm fine with it.

    Review Rating

Although GoDaddy has great prices and generous bandwidth allocations their service and spotty coding makes for a stressful day at the office. The Virtual Dedicated Server has a java application that runs using over 80% of the available RAM. When you get an error message stating that you lack available RAM the GoDaddy team will tell you that you need to upgrade and get more ram.When in fact the free control panel (turbo) they offer is coded in java and its a pure memory hog.I run a database intense site and because of these problems I am offline revamping things.

Im not going to plug any company but there are companies out there with similar services/prices that have become my new server provider of choice....why stress any longer?


    Review Rating

My site is down since jul 15 because a Networking issues.

Is unacceptable.


    Review Rating

If you have not been screwed by godaddy yet just give it time.

I started with godaddy back in 2001.

I have there classic hosting.

I just renewed my account for two years.

Now get this godaddy in the file manager they just disabled the page scroll bar on the right side

of the page and if you look at the source code for the page they changed it to Mobil. when I called them I was told to use my iphone??

wtf thats what I was told.

I said you need to fix this.I was told that I could upgrade to the new system. I told them I do not want to upgrade I want what I paid for. I was told sorry If we can not duplicate the problem then we can not fix it. I asked them do you have a scroll bar on the right. They said no but it looks fine to me. and we are not fixing it. I thought you said it was fine

I was then told that I could upgrade or I could get a refund that is your choice but we are not going to fix this. So I guess they are forcing me to upgrade or find another host. This is a pretty under handed way to force some one to upgrade. so all the old customers are just screwed

    Review Rating

Limited support for Sql server Database.

aj batac

    Review Rating

If you get a hosting VDS that doesn't include support. They will stick to it till death. Won't even try to help. Not even "T" of the word try.

It's not cheap to get support from them. That's where they make money.


    Review Rating

Absolutely, under no circumstances ever get a dedicated server from GoDaddy. Their 'advanced hosting support' is so bad it goes beyond incompetence to the point of fraud and negligence. Their datacenters are overwhelmed and poor performance is the result.

Daniel Parsons

    Review Rating

Godaddy's dedicated hosting server support is a JOKE!! As bad as godaddy's website is screwed up, it is a good indicator of their support.

I had to prepay $2800 (I HAD TO PREPAY IT FOR A YEAR!!) for a dedicated server and they make up excuse after excuse why they can't help. What the hell is included in this so-called “support”? It’s a flat out rip off!! And, no one seems to know anything about Windows servers.

Godaddy sucks!!!


    Review Rating

Most people complaining about dedicated hosting shouldnt have it.... If you need technical help with a dedicated server your probably should not be upgrading to dedicated yet... Lets face the facts dedicated servers are intended for experienced webmasters who have loads of traffic. Probably something a novice will not experience. Dont be mad not everyone can make it in this industry. I will say if you are looking for support though this is the wrong company.


    Review Rating

Have been with them for 4 years (shared hosting/domains only).

They are cheap and they have decent prices in addition they do not charge much :)

The support is poor (but still acceptable), the panel is bad (but still it will let you do essential things).

I'm not sure if I should recommend them... well, if you are tight on budget you should try them, it is a good deal. If you have more money choose someone else.

    Review Rating

It's actually quite expensive if you compare it to competitors. The main thing that troubled me was the lack of support. Regardless of what you pay for, you should always do your research to ensure that your needs will be met. Godaddy is a hit OR miss, it really depends on what you want.

If you want cheaper rates for shared hosting you'll find them abundantly, but for dedicated it's a bit more expensive even with coupons. Also they have lots of addon charges that you need to be cautious about during signup or you'll end up with a big fat bill.


    Review Rating

A pretty poor hosting company. I experienced a few problems:

* The Rails support was a joke, I never got it running despite support requests and trawling through their knowledge base.

* As many have said the support is HORRIBLE and even a faintly technical request put me in the 'Advanced Hosting Support' queue which would take days to process, still often incomplete.

Luckily, I didn't encounter major problems. However, I wouldn't recommend them at all: right now I'm planning to switch to HostGator or a similar, better-reviewed host.

Ernie Babinski

    Review Rating

Godaddy is the place if you are looking for a hosting company that has piss poor support. If you could support your own needs, then Godaddy is for you


    Review Rating

GoDaddy has no interest in assisting with customer issues. Spoke to support today and they had zero interest in even discussing the Joomla SEF which seems to be a well documented issue. "ummmm,you would have to reference whatever documentation comes with joomla"


    Review Rating

Terrible. They are not interested in helping customers, they seem to have poor records or possibly none and they dont mind wasting people's time either. Look elsewhere and you will have less stress. Some companies get poorer as they get bigger. This company is a good example of that!

    Review Rating

I had one problem after another. I found the CS reps unknowledgeable and not helpful. I had to switch hosts, which was a huge pain because they don't use c-pannel.


    Review Rating

I was a customer of GoDaddy for around 7 years. I usually recommended their services for domain names and hosting. Over the years I'd have a frustrating problem or two but usually got it resolved with some hacking on my part. Their hosting interface, their domain interface, and their account interface became more and more complicated over time, seemingly for no reason but I stuck with them.

Then one day my credit card expired. My bank sent me a new one, a week later and I entered the new one into GoDaddy's confusing payment interface. Thought I was all finished. Then my new card was canceled because of fraudulent activity (this happened to thousands of cards at once, so the bank said). So they had to send me another card. This happened before GoDaddy got their payment.

I get the new card a week later. I head to GoDaddy to pay my monthly hosting charge. Nope. They canceled it. It had been a bit less than TWO WEEKS. That's all! It didn't matter that I'd been a loyal customer for 7 years and never missed a payment. I talked to multiple customer service reps. Didn't matter. Everything in my account was deleted. No backups, nothing. They said they could restore it for $150 if I wanted. That's more than I would pay for a YEAR worth of hosting somewhere else!!

So that's what I did, moved everything I had to another hosting company that is interested in actually supporting their customers. Very satisfied with my move - wondering why I hadn't done it before!

Yordys Coro

    Review Rating

Since 12/21/11 I have been dealing with a slow GoDaddy POP3 Server response. Different Offices and Different ISP's. I have reported it to GoDaddy and provided all the TRACERT and PING screenshots they requested. To my complete shock the deny the obvious timeout proof I have provided them and instead try to blame the mail Client or ISP.

Their support staff is trained to not accept any responsibility and act as if GoDaddy servers are infallible.


Faris Foo

    Review Rating

Hosted with godaddy.com in June 2012. Then noticed slow loading of my customer's WordPress website (at least 20 seconds or more). Just a simple query takes 6 hours turn-around which then drags to 12 hours and then days of no reply. Took the bold move of migrating to another hosting company. NEVER NEVER host with godaddy.com, as you will REGRET it!

    Review Rating

Hosting my asp.net very simple site.

It loads slowly.Sometimes a page loads after 20sec (expected for the first load only due to complication time).

Called support several times, and they blamed Javascript files (nonesense - same happen with no javascript files).

Called support and asked if a feature exists- they asked me back "would you host that on your IIS"?.

My Friend hosts his website on their Unix machine - it's only some HTML pages, and he's happy.

Bottom line: pay more to some other provider if you're using ASP.NET.


    Review Rating

I’ve been with Godaddy for just over a year. During this time I’ve had some good and some not so good experiences. a couple of weeks ago, Godaddy suspended my website then sent me an email that my version of Joomla was not up to date and they would keep me suspended until my programmers updated my software. It’s Friday afternoon and the programming company I use has more than 1 customer so I need to wait until they have time to update my software.

Yes my programmers should keep me current but that doesn’t give Godaddy the right to shut my business down. The proper way for Godaddy to address this problem would be for them to notify me of the problem and give reasonable time to install the upgrade. But Godaddy is not proper and doesn’t care about their customers. They have no problem taking my site down for the weekend and however many days it takes for the programmers to update my software.

After hours on the phone with my programmers and Godaddy support the problem was fixed...or so I thought. 2 weeks later, today, Godaddy shut me down again stating they found another piece of code buried in my site that looks suspicious. This time they locked everything including my admin panel so my programmers can’t access the file to remove the piece of code.

Fortunately, I’ve been shopping for another hosting company. Now I’m fighting with Godaddy to give my programmers access to my site so I can move it to another hosting company. Even though it’s my site that I paid for, Godaddy is refusing to give me access. Now I have to pay my programmers to do the work to load my site with a new hosting company.

This is one customer Godaddy has lost due to bad decisions. No one should ever trust their company with Godaddy.


    Review Rating

They are cheap and there is a reason - horrible customer support. This is how our conversation went:

Me - The new website builder isn't working. Can I get the old one instead?

GD- Sorry, we are having some problems as it is still in beta testing. No, all new web building accounts will have to use our new builder. We can do nothing for you - we realize this is a problem on our end and we have no time frame as to when you can expect the new builder to work. As we said, it is still in beta testing. Sorry its not working, there is nothing we can do. You will just have to wait until it is out of beta testing to get any support or to get a website that works.

Me-Great, thanks.

Needless to say- I will not be using GoDaddy or recommending GoDaddy to anyone ever again.


    Review Rating

Stay away from GoDaddy if you want to build a dynamic site, especially on a WordPress platform. My similar websites are very slow, a lot of time are down while I'm getting 500 internal server errors or database errors, and the support sucks by all means - they send you fullish answers and aren't helpful at all. So, make yourself a BIG service - stay away from GoDaddy hosting!

Jonathan Sankey

    Review Rating

Two weeks, 5 sites consistently down and Godaddy still ruins my life. One job lost, thousands of membership site clients unsubscribing and my partners wanting to kill me. This was not just one of the worst IT experiences I have had (after 8 years in the industry) but it was one of the worst experience of my life. Businesses lost, unimaginable stress and teams of workers sitting around for 2 weeks as they could not access the sites. In total I spent over 90 hours working on something that should be the most simple process ever - moving from one hosting to another. Wrong. To begin with they tell you to make a backup of your current hosting and upload it their server which can then unzip it and 'away you go'. Well, it couldn't unzip it, 2.8GB is a super large file. So I had to download the file unzip, re upload the unzipped files and then the fun began. This is when wanting to kill myself and everyone at go daddy began. From a host of MySQL database errors, some they fixed, some they caused and all of which was 'outside of our current support' but of course the sales staff say 'no worries we help guide you through all that'. It's not simple with them, its not easy and they may even ask you to upgrade to a Cpanel system which means all your emails etc go back to the stone age. I hate you. Before that their 500MB of email space was only 500 accounts at 1mb each - bastards. There's another $100 given up for extra email space - not what sales tells you. Lies. The Music: What do you think would happen if they actually played depressing / not-upbeat music the whole time? People would be topping themselves. Finally I spoke to 'Phil' - who, after spending an hour on the phone and helped me escalate my claim twice - one of my other sites on the server failed. FML . Thank god after a few biscuits and episodes of 24 they fixed what they broke. After now a total of $100 skype dollars of credit wasted they told me to begin it all again as they can't seem to fix the database for the primary domain or guide me on how to do it. Now, I do wish I was an American so I could go postal on their customer service department. Hear me guys - nothing, not even FREE hosting forever and ever is worth going with these guys. You know when you buy a ticket for a flight at a cheap price but after one piece of luggage and taxes the $60 flight is now $190? Well that's Godaddy on the web. So much has been lost in business, time and sanity with these guys. It took so long that my house-mate bet me he could learn all the countries in Africa before this problem was solved.http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/interactive/2012/dec/20/geography-game-how-well-know-world He got it to 51/51. He beat me. FML

    Review Rating

I like this hosting,but i don't like because they don't respond to emails.Price is very good.

    Review Rating

I moved my company here but I will never ever use this company again, I am very regret about it. example when 10 user login to the website I check cpu usage and other limits from ultimate! hosting panel, it works with full limits, 250.000 file limit etc. nonsence


    Review Rating


That GoDaddy promote their 'award winning' customer service on their site is misleading, and that's putting it nicely. When were those award winning reviews given?! Certainly not recently.

My company has just switched hosting after several years of GoDaddy because, after 30 calls/chats over the last month trying to get our site fixed, we have finally lost patience. The standard of knowledge among the staff varies TREMENDOUSLY and we have been passed between agents like pass the parcel. Nobody has ever told us the 'full story' which means that there have been endless hidden prices and hidden steps that could have been averted had the very first agent told us the whole story at the beginning.

For example, our website was on a Linux basic hosting and we only found out that it was about to be de-activated when I happened to ask a question on one of my many help chats. We migrated our sites onto a Managed Wordpress hosting. There were issues that surfaced. We called GoDaddy back. Apparently we needed to migrate the SSL certificate separately as it wasn't included with the original migration (why someone couldn't have told us that in our first conversation, I have no idea). Fast forward two days, and our clients were no longer able to access our content. Called GoDaddy back. We needed to migrate the SSL server again. Now we had plugin issues; a fatal error on our site. It was a problem with our Object Cache. We were told by our plugin helpdesk to call GoDaddy. Called them. They denied that anything was wrong. Went back on chat to the plugin helpdesk. They fixed the object cache issue for us (even though it was GoDaddy's fault). This is only ONE example of literally numerous (i.e., too many to count!) issues that we have been banging our heads against FOR WEEKS AND WEEKS.

There have been occasional agents (both call and chat) who have seemed to care about us, but by and large we have felt increasingly frustrated by agents whose knowledge varies widely and who frankly don't really care about going the extra mile for their customers. We have been bleeding money to this company. I have been stuck in the phone queue for 1 hour *MORE* than once -- for problems that their team caused in the first place.

If you want to spend thousands of dollars of your staff's time calling tech support, running into issues with their hosting, struggling with glitches that need unstuck at their end (cue: another hour spent on the phone); if you want to fritter away your sanity, your staff morale, and your general wellbeing: use GoDaddy.

If you want to use a server that will save you time, sanity, money and clients - go elsewhere.

Do not waste your money on this poor imitation of a hosting service. They couldn't care less for your peace of mind, satisfaction or customer service. I'm taking my money, my energy and my time elsewhere; it's too valuable to keep on giving to this company that has cost us thousands, and doesn't seem to care. I'm going with SiteGround, and my first few hours with them has already surpassed the average of my experience with GoDaddy.

Alan Anderson

    Review Rating


Every time ther is a problem it only gets solved by paying more money. What appeared to be a cheap hosting has turned out to be extremely expensive and still does not achieve what I needed.

Support is BAD.

Their Chat service is almost never online forcing me to make expensive, long international phone calls.

I'm so sorry I ever dealt with them. As it is I've paid a fortune which I will never get back.

I rate them a 0 out of 5

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