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HiVelocity is privately owned and carries no debt. This is important in today's market place, where hosting companies are going out of business due to poor management and huge expenditures. HiVelocity.net is a top ranked web host with more than 5 years experience in the industry and customers in over 100 countries.

Every dedicated server can be enhanced with our managed services. You can't and don't want to be online 24/7 managing your dedicated server or website. Let us handle the day to day needs of your dedicated server. Our team is always just a few steps from your dedicated server ready to work for you. Our Dedicated Server Reseller Program rewards up to 100% off on managed services.


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Hosting Reviews for HiVelocity

MArk Stimpson

    Review Rating

I bought a quad core server with 8GB or RAM for $145. It was up less than 12 hours later and has had 183+ days of uptime with no issues what so ever. I had one issue before that where the hdd ended up crashing, but even with the errors it was throwing out it was cloned and put into a new server and I was only down for a total of one hour at about 3am or so. To those who have bad things to say about this comapny can take a flying leap because support is quick and more than knowledgeable, they go out of their way with products that they have never even heard of before and they give guys with an average budget, like mine, a chance to compete with the larger companies. I have serveral sites with them and every single one of them makes me money. That is only the case because they helped lift me and my business up. I got the Hivelocity treatment and I'm never looking back!

    Review Rating

I had a TERRIBLE experience with iPowerweb's VPS and Dedicated servers back in 2006. I switched everything over to HiVelocity. Luckily the control panels were the same (Plesk) and I was literally able to "PORT" my 37 client accounts (domains, emails, databases, etc) over to HiVelocity's servers with no issues whatsoever. I did have two issues the entire time I've been with Hivelocity (we've been customers for 4 years now without any significant downtime), and both issues they took total ownership over, and helped out, even though the issues had nothing to do with them! The first issue involved a spammer who was sending mail from our server using a hacked contact form we had installed for a client, and the other issue involved mod_security working a little TOO well (blocking 2 clients from viewing their admin backend in a PHP script they had setup), and both times, Hivelocity techs took one look a the problem and literally said: "Give me about 15-20 minutes and I'll get it fixed for you." When he called me back, he said: "Okay it's fixed. We typically don't do this kind of stuff, but I knew it would be much easier for me to fix than to try explaining to you how to fix it yourself, but if you ever have problems, feel free to call us, and if we can help we will." I swooned over hivelocity right then! We're now in 2009, and here's my hosting uptime since late 2007, when we started monitoring our servers (I monitor the servers with SiteUptime.com):


HiVelocity is a great host! My salesperson was Drew, and I have spoken with Sasha in their billing (She's awesome too), and many of their tech support folks (who are KNOWLEDGEABLE about problems, and aren't just customer service reps labeled as "tech support" like with iPower and other hosts). They always know what I'm talking about (I'm highly technical myself).

    Review Rating

I work for a company that creates custom cms driven web sites for hundreds of small and medium sized businesses. We host all these web sites on dedicated servers with Hivelocity.

I've migrated to new servers 3 times at hivelocity, and convinced my employer to leave Rackspace and use hivelocity years ago as well. We are usually able to save money and upgrade each time we get a new server. Our business has depended on Hivelocity for a long time now. I'm a small 1 or 2 server customer to hivelocity, but that hasn't stopped them from giving me excellent service and quality. Hivelocity gives the best hardware options at a reasonable price, with plenty of high end SSD / cpu options. I've always wanted the best hardware, and hivelocity was one of the first hosts to offer fast SSD storage when that was a newer technology about 10 years ago, which is what initially made me try them. Hivelocity gives us IPMI and VPN logins so we can manage our servers more ourselves. I like to install the OS myself, and customize everything. I believe they even offered temporary KVM options before IPMI was possible, which helped do the same.

I've always valued having more direct control of the servers, and to rely on the host for the network / managed backup mainly. We haven't had any big incidents or complaints during all this time, and they are always helpful when there is a small incident. The price / value / quality is unbeatable compared to many other services, and its closer to us here in Florida. I just migrated to a new server at Hivelocity, and they were absolutely excellent on helping us with some custom requirements and helping us migrate. It is definitely the right place to go if you can manage your own servers. I don't think anyone could manage our software issues better then us, so I don't ask Hivelocity to support software issues.

They have also improved their web admin interface and security over the years to keep up with the times. I like how you can send encrypted messages in the tickets if you need to share sensitive info and the 2 factor authentication for the portal. You get more then a great price with Hivelocity. I think dedicated servers with Hivelocity continue to beat public cloud solutions.

I noticed others posted a review about abuse complaints causing an action with their account. I just want to note that we had a security incident not too long ago where the user was able to send bulk email from our server, and we quickly resolved that. When the abuse complaint reached hivelocity's abuse department, they also were understanding and allowed us to continue operating since we had shut down the security hole. Reacting quickly and accurately is an important part of solving an abuse complaint.

There have been other times where neighboring servers have had DDoS or abuse incidents that affected our rack, but hivelocity was able to support that in a reasonable amount of time. It hasn't happened at all in recent years.

When it comes to hardware reliability and uptime, there have been no major problems.

We've used other hosts like phoenixnap, rackspace, digitalocean and some AWS services. I'd rather use Hivelocity then any of those. I still like having other vendors only for the sake of making sure our backups can't be accidentally be mis-configured or get lost and to do some specialty things like dns / email easier, but if we're managing it, I like Hivelocity.

Make sure you verify, test, and receive reports for things others setup for you, and you should do well.

Things can go wrong sometimes when you fail to plan or test something, and I would blame myself if I let that happen. I wouldn't say that every ticket was 100% perfectly handled with all these hosting companies I work with, but we always test and correct it in a reasonable amount of time. I try to be more thorough to improve our chances of getting it right the first time. We often go 3 to 6 months without talking to hivelocity, so most of the communication is only happen with new orders. Our recent interactions with a new server and firewall configuration went very well and we managed to save a ton of time and minimize downtime by working with hivelocity's support more on this migration. I expect things to go smoothly for a long time.

james biesty

    Review Rating

So I wanted to give a follow up on my previous review. I almost left them for another provider but after working with Kevin in Account management they fixed all issues I was complaining about. They upgraded my server and fixed most of the issues. It was a horrible ordeal but the sign of a good provider is one that runs to an issue instead of gives up. They did run to the issues and were very responsive. Hopefully the service will be reliable, truly managed and redundant moving forward.

    Review Rating

Currently, I have a small cPanel based VPS with Tampa's Hivelocity and like it a lot. Response times are very fast for ping and page loading. Over 4 months there was just one small downtime of 4 minutes. Support can be slow at times and setup took up some time because they marked my order as fraud. After I sent an email to Steve Eschweiler everything was working like clockwork. Steve has been pesting me by email to return to HV as a customer after I canceled a server some years ago. Steve is the CEO of this Florida hosting company.

About 8 years back I had a small dedicated server from their discount lot. Back then I was a little disappointed about their connectivity. I must say they have improved a lot in this sector and I am happy to have given them a second try.

james biesty

    Review Rating

I don't know if this relationship with Hivelocity will continue. I have a managed dedicated server and I have had a lot of issues in the past year I've been with them. Customer service is in the US and they pick up quick but after that it's generally un-friendly and the technicians are rather un-helpful. My hard drive is currently failing but I received no notice from them. I had to figure this out myself. Then I asked why I was not notified and I received a curt message saying they aren't responsible for managing their own hardware. I feel like they truly don't care about keeping my server that is my life up.


    Review Rating

After reading positive reviews I decided to become a client. So far BIG mistake. My domain is down pending server availability. They promised me it would be up late last night, so here I am at 5 AM asking them where the server is. At the end of the conversation the customer service rep. hangs up. Rude, unnecessary and another BIG mistake.

George Palmer

    Review Rating

The worst hosting company i have ever dealt with. Their support is shocking and their mistakes cost me thousands. Somehow they destroyed a server containing about 2500 account by tying to install ionCube loaders?? Just an absolutely shocking company!

Engin Yilmaz

    Review Rating

Buyer beware with Hivelocity!! I purchased their product, but the didnt give me a working server.

I had to reboot my server every 5 hours.

They took my money and did not give me a workable server. They ignored my support posts, and said everything is OK in hardware or asking extra money for that action so they have HIDDEN FEES.

If you want more details on my situation go here hivelocity.us (this is not a spam site. Just a throwaway site I have used to document my issues with Hivelocity.)

Bottom line...I paid for this product. They took my money, and did not give that service.

I tried numerous times their so-called "Impressive Support", it's a total lie. Most responses were "well it works on our side".


    Review Rating

When it comes to hosts one expects to get a reasonable level of service even at a good price. Basic things like rebooting servers or answering the phone may not seem important when things go right but when they go wrong, it matters.

There's no doubt that Hivelocity offers a great price but it shows up in their service. As their stated while I was cancelling my system: "Ted I really apologize for al the inconvenience , it might a

very bad co incidence that you signed up for the service , and we had some issues".

Issues happen, the resolution is what matters. I'd suggest staying away and spending a few dollars on a company with a little more of a history.


    Review Rating

I was a customer at hivelocity. My server crashed many times although I paid for monitoring. Nobody ever warned me the server was down. They tried to cheat me giving me a lower grade server then what i paid for. Also their bandwidth metering is fraudulent . Beware of this company. Better do not use it .

John Smith

    Review Rating

Where do i start: 1, Gave me other customers Root login details to their server (how i dont know) 2, Impressive Support should be removed from their site, they have a quick reply time, but after that you can wait for 12+hours to get a full responce, i calculated over 45 tickets i had opened, 90% were responded to within 1hour, but the 2nd responce in which is normally the remedy was achieved untill 16.3hours. 3, They cannot allocate IP Address after 5pm even though they claim 24/7 365days support. 4, My first server was intermittant and i asked them to check and all the checks they do are within their own network, hence why they could get a PING and i couldnt, so the whole time they were telling me its fine when it wasnt.. 5, Charging me the wrong prices, in 6months i was wrongly charged 5 times. not only anoying but means i had to open a ticket to have it fixed, and you guessed it, billing team is only 9-5pm. 6, Deleted my data without consulting me, Terminated my Dedicated server at their discresion. Please do the right thing and find some where else to host, I dont want you to have the same problem as i did. OVH is a good company to host with their support is 99x better then Hiveloctiy. Hope this helps everyone.

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