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Host Excellence arose out of the ashes of the dot com bubble of the late 90's. From the very beginning, our focus here has been trained on maintaining the very highest level of customer satisfaction available. This is far easier said than done, of course, and it has not been easy in the least. However, the effort involved has, time and again, proven to be the ONLY way to go.

Over the years, this focus has driven an ever-increasing degree of success for Host Excellence, which has translated directly to success for our clients. Keeping the cost of our services low while continuing to improve upon our track record has been an effort, but not one that has been without reward.

Each year yields new advancements in techniques and technologies, and we are always conscious of harnessing these developments, staying at the very forefront of this ever-advancing online world. Many great things are in the works for the coming year, and with each milestone we reaffirm our status as an industry leader in the field of shared hosting.

Ohio, USA

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Hosting Reviews for Host Excellence

Andrew Cargin

    Review Rating

"If you are looking for someone to host your Domain/website you cant go past these guys they are great. the 24/7 support is excellent i am trying to build my first web site and i have had a few problems that i couldn't find answers for on youtube a quick 10min chat with there support and the problems are fixed, they give you step by step instruction in plain language to refer back to as well as fixing the problem for you.

thanks Guys great service"

Marty Levergood II

    Review Rating

Just wanted to thank Hostexcellence for doing all possible and bringing another level of success of our relationship! Eitehr way it is still a great pleasure working with HostExcellence and I appreciate the individual efforts they gave as well! Their team is wonderful and greatly appreciated!

Andrew Shrimpton

    Review Rating

They are a star. i have spent one whole day trying to do this many many thanks. Like any job easy when you know how its working :-) First class service. solved my problem in seconds. many many thanks

Kurt Bingham

    Review Rating

Cool. Thanks to HE. Been with you guys for what...almost 10 years now? Keep up the good work, team. I've never had a problem I could not solve with a phone call or ticket creation.

    Review Rating

I have been with host excellence for over a year and have been pleased until recently. They seem to have some trouble with their servers lately. On and off I can't access my control panel and when I go on my website, which I do daily, I have been experiencing quite some down time and error pages. I am unsure as of whether that is all normal since I have never had another host.


    Review Rating

I have used HE for several years hosting 2 business websites and have had many little and some very big problems with their service, IE: Lost data, server down, server hacked and sites compromised, sites down for several days and just recently lost data that has completely rendered my two sites useless, HE as always replies they have found no problem or close your ticket saying issue resolved when in fact it is not, its very frustrating to deal with HE tech support. Now Im told they only back up data for one week thats it and as a result they cannot restore my sites and include the legal post concerning they are not liable for data lose, customer is responsible to back up websites weekly, this is news to me, in any case I would steer clear of using HE, they are a low cost provider that doesnt have the decency to give customers email notification of critical policy changes

Barbara Weller

    Review Rating

I've been with this company for three years and have a lot of clients with them. I had email problems with black listed servers and moved a few clients about a year ago. I should have moved all of them. Last weekend they had a major server outage and many of my sites were down for 10 hours. It affected a LOT of other servers. This weekend, even worse, in fact, the servers are STILL down 36 hours later with NO ETA of solutions. They will only say they're working on it as fast as they can. there are some 50 servers affected, that they claim had simultaneous hard drive failures. I actually think they're in the UKraine, although their customer service group is in Ohio. WHEN the phones work. They aren't currently. One of the absolute worst I've experienced.

    Review Rating

Between my host with 1and1 and dot5 I tried this host as they were top on many review sites I was looking at.

Before I had Gottten thier service I talked to thier live support just because I had a few questions about thier service. First they did not seem as if they wanted to talk to me or answer my questions. They person I talked to kept saying bye. It was a bit annoying but I was used to how 1and1's support was and did not think to much of it.

I had talked to them a few times more and the same thing each time but ended up getting their serice any way, ya that was stupid of me but I learned my leason the heard way.

After I had hosting all set up with them, I had trouble getting to my site to make changes or and any thing to it. This was on three differnet computers, a windows xp pro, windows 2003 and a linux box.

I then tried to talk to thier tech support the guy was no help at all and kept saying he was not seeing any problems.

I tried both the IP I was given to be able to go to and it would not come up either.

This went on for 3 days and talked to thier techs all 3 days.

A few things I tried to get it to come up on my own was delete all files related to the internet that included firefox. I then reinstalled firefox and tried again niether the IP nor the domain for my hosting with them would come up.

I then canceled service with them and asked for a refund. I then found out my account was suspended because I had asked for a refund.

The interesting thing was the site started comming up and said in bold pring account suspended.

Jeff Webb

    Review Rating

I am very disappointed in their customer service. They give you ample space and their pricing is out of this world (which is their hook). But when it comes to supporting their product it cns be summed up by providing you with this conversation I had with their suport team after they lost my site (TWICE) that was created using their tools.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Srihari Gollapudi'

Srihari Gollapudi: Hello, how may I help you today?

you: in my account lolthebook.com, I was working in site studio...

you: and now its all gone...

you: help!

you: It wasn;t publosed yet

you: published

Srihari Gollapudi: Let me check it.

Srihari Gollapudi: Please hold-o.

you: thanks

Srihari Gollapudi: *hold-on

you: holding :-)

Srihari Gollapudi: Thanks for being on-hold.

Srihari Gollapudi: First of all please accept our sincere apologize for our inconvenience. Unfortunately we have some technical issues with the site studio in which your domain is hosted.

Srihari Gollapudi: I suggest you to please try to redesign your site.

you: It's all gone?

Srihari Gollapudi: Yes,

you: Will this happen again?

Srihari Gollapudi: No it will not happen again.

Srihari Gollapudi: Please use the below 2 URLs which will help you to design your site faster and easily.

Srihari Gollapudi: http://www.psoft.net/ssdoc/help.html

Srihari Gollapudi: http://www.demodemo.com/tutorials_sitestudio.html

you: That cost a lot of time and money. Any chance I can get some extended hosting time for our loss?

Srihari Gollapudi: Sorry, you will not get any extended hosting time. I suggest you to please use the above links.

you: or additinal host registrations?

Srihari Gollapudi: You can design your site faster.

you: So your error that costs me money is my problem not yours? Are you and India based company?

Srihari Gollapudi:Our head office is located at

Srihari Gollapudi: 224 Mitch Lane

Srihari Gollapudi: Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Srihari Gollapudi: United States of America

you: You have lost a customer, and I will be glad to post this to the web so others can see that when you make an error that it is your customers who have to pay for it.

you: So they can see what your customer service is like

Srihari Gollapudi: We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Their apologies and a couple hundred bucks will get me back to the place I was before. BEWARE!


    Review Rating

We’ve been with Host Excellence for a couple months now. Our sites have been down more than 3 times each. Slow most all peak times. Extremely slow tech support response -- sometimes 3 days to answer a ticket! We just learned that the server we’re on has over 27,000 Websites on it, which is overcrowded and very obvious by the poor performance. We are sorry that we went with them now but are now past the refund period so we have to suffer! You don’t! Do yourself a favor and stay away from Host Excellence, which is run Fathi Said. He also runs IXWebHosting.com, IHostBig.com and Webhost.biz.


    Review Rating

Hostexcellence has lots and lots of little problems which are the result of their hiring the cheapest junior administrators they can find. When they lose your data, and they WILL lose your data, they'll blame it on something like impossible, like maintenance crews on the roof, then ignore the fact that it ever happened.

In June 2007 they lost all of the data on a major shared SQL server and several other production machines. Claiming that the server outages were the result of one of their all-too-common "power surges," hostexcellence.com has chosen to sweep this incident, like so many others, under the rug.

If you sign up with HostExcellence you will find yourself in the ugly position of either having to hire a lawyer or just accept that they've stolen your money. End of story. Use someone else.


    Review Rating

I have had a simple site with this hosting co. for over 3 years. I have been hacked by Russia over and over and over again. I do everything I'm told to restrict this ability and yet it happens again and again and again. Recently my simple no-frills site got attached by someone hitting it over and over again. I got an email, the site got locked and I couldn't do anything. The tech support can't tell me anything and Host Excellence blames me even tho I have done everything they've told me to do. They are pretty useless from a technical standpoint and from a support and reliability standpoint. The prices may be OK but you know - you get what you pay for and with these people you get garbage.

    Review Rating

I have had my hosting with these for the past 8 months after having paid for my service for 2 yrs and then on Sunday they decided to pull my site claiming it was using to much resource?, i had paid for an unlimited package to run my IPB community on and for the past 8 months there has been no issues, now the past 8 months have been anything but rosey with page load times being an issue and when ever i speak to there live chat about this issue, they inform me “Its loading ok here”, their tech support team are middle men who obviously have to speak to someone else before they can answer any question and the ticket response time is terrible.

At the moment i have no access to my sites as they have suspended my accounts and i have no access to my control panel on my website, my site doesn’t host any downloads or illegal material, just a community of DJ’s who chat and discuss about music.


    Review Rating

This is a short review prior to me terminating my contract early with Host Excellence due to their inability to maintain even a basic mail infrastructure.

I've noticed on many occasions while I've had service with them that I get occasional outages, I tend to ignore these, as it's more hassle than it's worth dealing with their inept support.

However, I was told just now that due to a hardware failure, their mail server just went down. In the process, I lost all my emails, which they were entirely unable to restore from backup.

I will *not* be using this company in future, and would *strongly* advise anyone else from doing so.

    Review Rating

Host Excellence suddenly decided to migrate my account - to what I don't know. From having 50% disc usage I suddenly went to 120% requiring an "upgrade". Six days now I have been without a website, losing me many $. And no-one there gives the same answer twice - if I can get an answer. If you think about using them think again. You'd spend your money better by having a good meal and a bottle of wine. Useless does not adequately describe them.


    Review Rating

HORRIBLE .... I have never had such a bad experience with any hosting company before, they act exactly opposite to the name host-excellence; very bad services and the worst support. The servers are very slow and overloaded and for no reason they may disable your site without any warning, and they even divert your customers to some junk advertisements. REALLY BAD.


    Review Rating

I have been a customer of Hostexcellence for about 5 years. I have not had any problems with their service until one day, a few weeks ago they just shut down my sites with no warning.

They claimed that my resource use was too high. So, I worked with them for two weeks, trying to limit resource use - I set throttling policies, I removed any unused files and plugins, I made sure my software (Wordpress) was up to date, I rewrote my robots.txt files ... I even purchased a second account and moved three of my domains over to the new account.

After all that, they continued to arbitrarily shut down my account, leaving my websites and visitors with nothing but an error screen. Up again, down again, up again, down again over those two weeks. I spent dozens of hours, trying to fix issues that I have now figured out are clearly related to bots crawling my sites and their overloading their servers with too many accounts. I can't control bot activity and I can't control how many accounts they put on each server, but they still hold me responsible for "high resource usage."

Rather than addressing their inability to manage their own services and their refusal to help a longtime customer they told me that the only option remaining was to upgrade me to their dedicated server option, which just happens to increase my costs by 700 to 800%.

I would strongly recommend that you avoid Hostexcellence and look elsewhere for your hosting needs.

paul ghiron

    Review Rating

So last week Host Excellence "decided" to rebuild a RAID that hosted one of my MySQL without any notice. Of COURSE the botched it up an hundreds of us where without email and access to our MySQL databases for more than 40 hours.

I lost more than $4,000 in sales and when I asked for more internal memory to host the databse on another home server and connect it to my website they hosted they took more than 24 hours to get back to me and just gave me the glib answer that NO they wouldn't do it because it violates their TOS. Well THEY violated the TOS by not notifying me and making my site unusable for more than 40 hours.

Their customer service has gotten worse and worse and I for one no longer trust them. I am moving to another host ASAP.

Mark Bryant

    Review Rating

I found hostexcellence has just been sold to Endurance International Group (EIG) - the support has gone way down since then. They cut live chat hours, my site has been down 14+ hours now. Hostexcellence used to be good but since the sale it's two thumbs down for support and reliability.

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