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Host Department thrives in an industry that is constantly reinventing itself. With innovations in customer service, ease of use, and special features for Host Department customers, the company continues to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Host Department employees take pride in offering some of the best 24 hour a day, customer-oriented support in the industry.

Everyday hundreds of businesses trust Host Department with their web presence, reinforcing the Host Department tradition of industry-leading customer service, top-notch network reliability, unsurpassed prices, and innovative services.

Host Department provides low-cost feature-rich web hosting. The Host Department business model emphasizes service to small and medium sized businesses, allowing them to do e-commerce and focus on their core competencies while Host Department handles their Internet site.

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Hosting Reviews for HostDepartment

Kyle Kennedy

    Review Rating

I've been with them for a few months now and it's been ok for me. But I have ran into some problems. Sometimes when people go to my site it will say "cannot find server", other times some pages with load and others won't. Also they are using an older version of php. But there support, pricing, and features are great.

    Review Rating

I see so many downtimes - cant reach my websites a few times a day.

Support is good (kind support staff) but servers are not good as support.

Instead of giving unlimited space/bandwidth they'd better to decrease limits and so downtimes.


    Review Rating

It is one of the best hosts I have ever seen. I have hosted my website since long time but I have not yet faced any down fall and the customer support of this web hosting company is very good.


    Review Rating

I have been using host department for two and a half years now and I find they are far superior to other hosts out there. They have problems from time to time but are expedient in solving them. If anyone is looking for a web host that never has technical problems... all I can say is Dream On! Hello out there!!This is technology folks and there are going to be unexpected problems from time to time, that is not within anybodies control.As with all hosts there will be technical problems unexpectedly, but host department admits these problems and works hard at solving them. As for me and my ten sites we have found a comfortable home with host department and will continue to be as loyal a customer as they have proven to be a host.

    Review Rating

When I first signed up with hostdepartment, I was extremely impressed with the user-friendliness of their sign-up and control panel. I've been with them for over 1 year now, and the customer support I've received has been excellent, they are always polite, available and have helped as best they could.

Unfortunately, right off the start I had availability problems. The site would be slow and would be unavailable for 5 minute periods. I asked them about it and they said they were undergoing a server optimization project. We'll, great story, but the project never happened... well, maybe it was just a failed project.

Although they switched me from one server to the next several times, the availability problem just never went away. The site would go down for those 5 min periods several times a day for a whole year! This was extremely frustrating for me to develop my sites, and especially frustrating for my users.

So, my advice is: don't be fooled by their bells and whistles and their great price point, stay away from hostdepartment because their availability is brutal.


    Review Rating

I can confirm the 5 minutes downtimes that occur at least 5 times a day.

Also while i was with them there were mysql problems as well as some bigger downtimes!

The support is actually good but futile because their servers just can't keep up with bandwith.

    Review Rating

I have had HD for about 5 years. Overall I have been pretty satisfied with them. One of the main reasons I chose them in the first place is their live chat support.

Tech people often have trouble giving good customer service, when it comes to the emotional side of things, like showing understanding and empathy, but the HD people have been acceptable to me over the years and I am pretty picky about such things because it is my line of work.

Recently though their live chat has not been working. Just now I tried it again and it says they are offline, even though they say it works 27 7. Other times when I try to start a chat, the window just disappears.

I feel sad about this really, because Id like to stay with them and I am afraid of what will happen if they close down completely. I hope that someone there really cleans things up quickly.

I wish them good luck. But I also feel bad for all the people who are having mail problems etc. I hope everything works out for everyone soon.

Afif Alkadamany

    Review Rating

I am so glad and happy with your company as I am an old customer with you, God bless u all...

    Review Rating

I am hosting 6 domains for my self and my clients. The downtime is unacceptable, again today I cannot reach any one their site is totally down. I have been with them since 2004 and never seen them as bad as they are now, I have to change.

Camille Barkho

    Review Rating

What drove me frankly to Hostdepartment to resell their hosting was a mix of price+features they were offering. I had a 50/50 2007 year then a cool 2008 year. But this year 2009, their services has deteryorated big time.

I have around 35 clients (around 90 domains) and if anyone can help me find a reliable host, then I am ready to move ASAP.

    Review Rating

I see so many downtimes - cant reach my websites a few times a day.

Support is good (kind support staff) but servers are not good as support.

Instead of giving unlimited space/bandwidth they'd better to decrease limits and so downtimes.

    Review Rating

i am writing because my site has been down a lot lately....

just a warning to people.

the support keeps saying they will fix the problem but it continues.

it seems to be around the middle of the night USA time

it seems they are doing maintenance or something but i am not sure of that... i just know it has been down many times around 1 am New York time

    Review Rating

Hosting companies actually one of the sine qua non of a website. Back of a good host company working with corporate businesses do not come to the ground.

HD Reseller

    Review Rating

All the web host forums are full of really BAD discussions about the company. I even know resellers who have complained to BBB and Consumer Affair Department.

First, I think all those who use HD services are either IT people or know IT to a certain limit. Let's think guys:

"Any network issue (even setting up a complete hosting infrastructure from scratch would have finished"

Conclusion could be one of:

"They are going down (closing)"

"They are moving to another host provider"

"They have reached their hosting limits and cannot afford to pay more to exapnd"

Facts we have:

This is an LLC company formed in Delaware state (owner is Indian not living in the US). This means that he can close the company down and vanish (no legal committment).

Final Conclusion:

Get away as quickly as possible.


    Review Rating

I have acquired a plan "NOLIMIT WEBSITE" paying for 2 years. I ADVICE AGAINST anyone lively decides to acquire it. I have always had only problems. Once it were database once it were the ftp and yesterday they have to me blocked the account without give explanations to me if not this email "Sorry for the inconvenience, may we know what your website content, our system detect that your situated is affecting our serveur performance and we need to suspend your account temporary".

I have only a BLOG and have noticed that they have to me blocked the account from when I have received a greater traffic towards mine blog. I have sped up answers that never have not arrived. Continuous to the account blocked having to have also paid for two years.

I ask you that type of plan LIMIT cannot be?

What you would make my place?

I am seriously thinking to open a legal action in their comparisons. I will continue to write on all the situated ones of reference of the field in order to denounce the happened in such way that other customers do not find themselves in my situation.


    Review Rating

same problem here. our mail server is down for last 30 days. and they are saying it will be ok within next 24 hours.each day they are saying this.while i am trying to knock them through live chat, showing no response. now i need to recover our mails. in anybody can please help me.

    Review Rating

They are the worst company ever, there uptime is more 40% up and 60% down, SQL server slow, SSL Shared server not compatible with IE8, require you to buy dedicated, server get hacked easy, lost all my data 2 times, poor support, Livechat always offline, they don't do backup of there server so when you get hacked, your done. I am switching over, screw them they are fraud.


    Review Rating

I've been with HostDepartment for over 5 years because they were one of the first hosts to have live chat support, with unlimited domains which was suited for my needs. (many domains, low bandwidth)

One of my sites got big, and they transferred me to popularsitehosting, charging only a nominal sum and promising unlimited everything just for putting their link on my website. Sounds cool? Until they suddenly sent me an email stating that popularsitehosting is closing down and my account will be deleted. I migrated my site, and found the service back up and running 1 week later - no change at all!

My smaller sites were still with them, and I wasn't too peeved to move away as the service was still ok other than the stunt they just pulled.

But uptimes dropped drastically since 2008. All my sites were plagued with numerous downtimes, almost to the point of a daily downtime routine which I had to talk to someone before the site got back up.

In Oct 2009, all my sites and emails went down without notice, their homepage became completely unaccessible and I can't login.

I submitted 2 support tickets, and almost one week later, they replied saying they were getting a DOS attack, and have NO TIME FRAME for the fix. I appreciate the honesty but for a host who doesn't have proper firewalls and protections against such attacks, nor a proper rescure plan, I can't place my trust in them anymore.

    Review Rating

down time, down time & down time. My uptime was awful with host department. Support ignore you and I had to go far, far away

    Review Rating

I have been using their hosting services for four years now and the quality has really digressed by the week. Their customer service skills are non-existent... other than the 'liveperson chat' and that's obviously staffed by an outside source. They have to rebuild their web server hard drives about every six weeks - and sorry our sysadmin is working on that - but your website and domain is down during this time. HostDepartment should be shutdown by some form of Internet Better Business group.

Slow transfer speeds, down time, and poor support.


Piero Scarato

    Review Rating

Do NOT work with them - please save yourselves a hard time. The uptime is a joke - service support even worse. They don't know what hosting means. I'm losing clients for the endless email problems - now I'm moving somewhere else.


    Review Rating


Their servers are often and for long periods of time! Mail servers down! Databases down! They don't communicate with their customers.

Their tech support hides! They promise support, but in reality there is no phone support and no live chat! You can submit a ticket and you will never hear back from them.

It is truely criminal what they are doing!

Reasons for Leaving:

1. Sites are down too often for too long

2. Live chat doesn't work

3. Submitted issue tickets and no response

4. Clients complaining to me about their sites being down

5. Losing potential business because my site is down

Doug (Owner In the Zona Magazine)

    Review Rating

I think Host Department is done. I tried to all this morning and their number didn't work any longer. My emails have been down for 6 days now. I can't even tell you how many potential advertisers I've lost because of it.

I had problems every month with them as far as my emails going down, but they usually had it fixed after a day or two, but 6 days later I still have no emails.


    Review Rating

Update... they emailed me stating that " We accept that our service has been not been to the mark" and going on saying that "... we have recently changed our customer support operations to a different vendor which has not gone well with the previous provider. Armed with information of the network architecture of our hosting center, in collusion with some external miscreants, for some reason which is only known to them, have unleashed a serious DDOS attack on our facility". In the end they credited all the customers $10 to repay for the lack of service, however as of now (10/30 9:15am EST) the situation has not resolved yet. I sympathize with them, but i don't think this is an excuse. A good company knows how to change supplier, and how to protect their most important assets. I will most definitely move away to another provider. If anyone has any suggestion for a reliable hosting company, please let me know. I am not even concerned too much about the price, after this horrible experience with a "lower cost" player.


    Review Rating

FRAUD & SCAM ALERT ! - Hostdepartment sell web hosting services (down 45% of the time) but REFUSE to Refund your Money when they have supplied NO Services. - It does not matter if you CANCEL your Account or their Service and Attempt to comply with their ridiculous cancellation procedures, (designed to frustrate you so you won't cancel) as they will AVOID communicating with you and STILL not Refund your Money. To further Victimize you, they will Continue to charge your Credit Card on file UNLESS you cancel your Credit Card with your bank. - A Real Fraudulant International Scam company from Indonesia, who is being investigated by the FBI. - STAY AWAY !!!


    Review Rating

Terrible situation....

6 websites with them... alll up now but the emails have not been working for 2 weeks now. As soon as I can download my emails to my outlook, i will move to someone else. They even disabled POP access on the only account that was still receiving email (but not sending)

Anyone can have problems... but it is how fast your give a solution to your customers that define a good or a bad hosting company!!! NO MORE!!!


Eben Asare

    Review Rating

Pleeeaaase stay away from this company. Systems always down

C Gauthier

    Review Rating

Poor pricing because the pricing is deceptive.

Host Department is one of the worst run businesses I have ever used.

Norton flags their site as unsafe.

It's easy for scammers from Nigeria, Russia, and other places to set up sites that look like legitimate sites, such as those of major global financial institutions, but they are there to lure visitors to reveal their login information.

Hundreds of spams get into your inbox from WITHIN Host Department even before your email account receives messages from outside Host Department servers.

Every time they "migrate" their servers, which is all the time, something breaks that has to get fixed. This includes server extensions to the very IP address of your site, meaning it is down even though Host Department claims 99% uptime.

Finally, when you prepay for services for, say, six months, you should get the services for six months for the prepaid price, right? Not so fast, Host Department increases the price in the middle of the prepaid service period, saying they have had cost increases over the last FIVE YEARS. How deceptive is that? Unless you move your site, you have to pay these increased fees for the service you already paid for.

My advice after staying loyal for over 3 years: stay away from Host Department.


    Review Rating

I have moved my site from Host Department to a reputable provider. HD is the worst run business in the world. You have been warned - DO NOT USE THEM.


    Review Rating

As the others, I am looking for an ASP host and will move ASAP.

We even don't get news from them.

Their support page doesn't announce any problem.

In this case : "No news is bad news".

I submit a ticket asking for my transfer codes but doesn't get any answer till now.

I wish to all their customers lots of courage for the future.



Tommie Burchfield

    Review Rating

I am having the same problems as everyone else. My sites have all been down since Sunday and were painfully slow for several days before that. You can't get anyone on the phone, via email, through support, or through live chat. I finally was able to speak with someone Monday and was told it would be fixed in 24 hours. Now, 48 hours later, they are telling me it will be another 8 to 10 hours. Just enough time for them to all go home for the evening so they don't have to deal with me again.

I came to them because they have both windows and linux hosting and I need both, but I am not sure that this pain is worth having all these services in one host.

I too am looking for a new host and a reseller account. I don't even care how much it cost right now because I am losing money hand over fist and Host Department does not seem to care at all.

Maybe if their support personnel were actually in the US instead of India, they could get something done. Kind of hard to work on problems when you are across the world.

I have had it with HD and if I ever get my files and databases, I am out of there. Also as far as I am concerned they owe me all of my hosting fees since I first signed up because I have had continual problems that they always assure me won't happen again.....until the next time.


    Review Rating

They were up and working for a year or two with a few interruptions in service. When there was a problem their communication was poor. I should have seen this as a sign but when service resumed you forget about the little things. Now (10-09) I have had almost no email for 4 weeks and almost no communication. The information you do receive is cryptic and unhelpful an example is their network status page which has no date on it but has been claiming it will take a few hours for changes to propagate the system for 2 weeks. Their online chat is a joke and their phone number is a machine. Not worth the time or money.


    Review Rating

I had been with them for more than 2 years,from the first day,they offer free domain,but charged $98.asked so many times for refund not successful.they offer to use this $98 as part of hosting fee in the future(I paid 3 years plan already), I made a big mistake to accept this deal.in this 2 years+,the website always down.and now getting worse.almost down everyday!their support not exist anymore,no livechat,no e-mail.now I realised if stay with them,not just lost $98+ but more.we lost so many customers!hostdepartment,the wrost host ever I had been use.get out asap!


    Review Rating

I have two domains hosted with Host Department, one of them is my company's website and email system. As of 10/29/2009 Host Department has been having troubles for at least 10 days. Email has been down, so their actual website. Tried to get someone to talk to me either over the phone or via live chat, only to not avail. I am going to move my domains to another provider, this is the straw that broke the camel's back. I just hope they will not drag their feet when i try to move.... i am afraid they will not let go easily.

Stay away from this company!


    Review Rating

I have been with Host Department for almost a year. I have their "Unlimited" plan but ever since the beginning, I keep getting emails from them saying I am in violation and have to reduce my bandwidth, file size, or database size. Now lately their servers keep going down ALL THE TIME!! Currently none of my sites are functional! At first I thought they were providing a great deal but now I know it is not worth it. I found a www rdollc com has a unlimited plan also and have not had any problems with them so far! Stay away from Host Department!!!

Roger Wilkerson

    Review Rating

I have two domains hosted here. One of them is my company domain which includes company email. mail servers, web site and support have been bad the last two weeks.

I'm moving as soon as I can.


    Review Rating

I can not believe that one company could possible suck as badly as this company does. I've now taken to filing complaints with the BBB as a last resort to getting my problems fixed, but judging my the amount of ignored complains they have, I don't think that will do any good either. I am so mad at these people I could spit fire,

    Review Rating


Never go to HostDepartment. There service was very good till 2008 and now they are worst in this business. MOST of the time server is down and whenever some issue is reported, answer is: "I have escalated the issue to our admin, in this regard i will create a ticket for you"


    Review Rating

Bad service! If you want to buy it here you will get down time from 3 to 6 hours every days after 30 days used. ( because 30 days first you can refunds)


    Review Rating


This is the worst mistake of my life! Highly incompetent people. Support people delete your tickets in which you demand explanation. One named "Bob Mackenzie", the has deleted my support account, then one day he deleted my ticket. Incompetent son of a b**ch.

The service goes down just like that... "You don't have permissions to view this"... And when you email them... got a reply after 24 fu*king hours.... "We're looking into the issue and will get back to you soon".... bloody hell!!!

Stats don't work.

3rd party domains don't host.

Windows hosting DOES NOT WORK

FTP on windows hosting does not work

active FTP does not work if you are connected via local network using 192.. IP.

Billing notifications does not work

your account gets suspended and if you are a reseller all your clients accounts get suspended WITHOUT NOTICE!!!

Username get reset every few weeks just like that!!!!!!!

Databases / phpmyadmin does not want to fu*king load


John MacDonald

    Review Rating

Opened up a Reseller account in 2006.

We cancelled service in 2010. After many years of agony in dealing with service going down, customers complaining, we transferred up to Canada, where we are, to have closer access to our rip off artists. Turned out the Canadian service was genuine as I am confident many US suppliers are too. So, our domain was still with them. We last renewed it in 2010 of August. Yesterday our DNR went down as the renew date was of Aug 28th. I have spent the last two days, yet again, with these idiots trying to get my business website and emails active again. When we review the time invested in customer support and tech support it adds up to over six weeks on the phone and in email correspondence since 2006. That on it's own merit is absolutely unacceptable. Who compensates us for our lost time on these issues? No one. Then I finally get in touch with the Legal Department only to be told yet again that it will take an additional 24 hours to get this service back to the point where I can at least renew the domain. Furthermore, they have the domain locked so that we can't transfer it to our current service provider. Is this even legal? I absolutely despise Host Department and everything they do. For them to do this to a business account is beyond me. How would they survive if someone locked their domain and email up on them for 2 full days of business? But because they deal in volume en masse they could care a less about some idiot Canadian who could never approach them and deal with them face to face. I strongly urge anyone to stay away from this company 100%. Pay the extra $5 per month for a service that has reputable clients and will not fail you if you need a reminder that something is about to expire. We didn't even get a courtesy email or anything, just BAM, no service. It has costs us about $1K in 24 hours and will be about the same for yet another day. Customers and sales staff are beside themselves and customers are thinking we are out of business because today customers go online before they phone you and if your not online they assume your out of business and most don't bother to call. Again, STAY AWAY FROM HOST DEPARTMENT. They will cost you customers and not blink an eye over it. Look at this way, to verify who we are we had to send our Articles of Incorporation to the floor manager. We did that. He left for home and unless I had bothered to contact them yet again no one would have even bothered in telling us what was going on. Now how is that "Excellent Customer Service"? It isn't, it is nothing short of saying "who cares about what you want, we will deal with you when we are ready or not at all!"

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