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It’s not just our products...it’s our people. HostNine success is down to the hard work of our team, and that’s why we only work with people who have talent, passion, drive and a firm commitment to delivering an amazing web hosting experience. We're committed to ensuring that we have the People Infrastructure to continue providing awesome products and top notch service long into the future.

At HostNine we are committed to continually evaluating and improving our product line and your services - ensuring that we’re always firmly ahead of the competition, and even more importantly, providing our clients with everything that they need to be successful. As technology changes, so do we. HostNine product development team are constantly researching and developing innovative ways to make life easier for webmasters and businesses everywhere.

HostNine have been around for a while - since 2006, to be precise!

Part of the Endurance International Group.

Endurance's (EIG) other brands include A Small Orange (ASO), Apollo Hosting, Arvixe, BigRock, BizLand, BlueDomino, Bluehost, Dollar2Host, Domain.com, DomainHost, Dot5Hosting, Dotster, easyCGI, eHost, EntryHost, FastDomain, FatCow, FreeYellow, Globat, HostCentric, HostClear, HostGator, HostMonster, HostNine, HostYourSite, HyperMart, IMOutdoors, Intuit Websites, iPage, iPower, iPowerWeb, StartLogic, JustHost, MyDomain, MyResellerHome, NetFirms, Networks Web Hosting, Nexx, PowWeb, PureHost, ReadyHosting, Saba-Pro, SEO Hosting, Site5, Spry, SuperGreen Hosting, USANetHosting, Verio, VirtualAvenue, VPSLink, WebHost4Life, Webstrike Solutions, and Xeran.


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Hosting Reviews for HostNine

    Review Rating

I heard about HostNine a little after they opened and figured that I would give them a try. I started with a reseller account, which included a ModernBill license and plenty of resources. After I started I had a lot of troubles with my reseller (because I was new to hosting) and they helped me every time I got on live chat! One of the HostNine employees even helped me think of a domain name. After a while I did not need the reseller anymore so I downgraded to a shared package. They helped me the entire way! I would recommend HostNine to absolutely anyone that is looking for fast servers, reliable service, and a very professional support team!

Anthony Hill

    Review Rating

Left hostnine a few months ago but decided to return due to them having the best offering in terms of hosting and features. Their support department is second to none, very quick response times and always polite and courteous.

    Review Rating

I have used HostNine about 2 years now, and during that period, I have not

experienced any errors on their servers at all.

I started with an Entry Reseller Plan, which I later changed to an Unlimited

Hosting Plan.

HostNine has delivered the best service I have ever had, they are responding

within incredibly short time.

In my case, they have also solved the problem within the same short time.

You would think that the service was less when doing a downgrade, but it has

not been the case with host nine.

The times I needed their support, was because of a problem from my side and

as I mentioned earlier I have never experienced an error from them.

Seen from above, I would recommend Host Nine to everyone who demands am

extreme good service and server uptime.

Kind Regards

Borge Nielsen


Kevin Torkelson

    Review Rating

I am a small website developer, and have been with hostnine for a couple of years.

I have moved clients to Hostnine from other hosting companies because of the excellent combination of features, service, reliability, and price.

I have a basic reseller package, but look forward to the time when my size dictates an upgrade.

The few times I have needed support, the problem was mine, but hostnine quickly, graciously, and expertly assisted even though the problem was from my side.

I absolutely recommend Host Nine to everyone.

Rick Tanner

    Review Rating

The service and support I have received have been nothing short of spectacular.

Fer Gomez

    Review Rating



    Review Rating

The support team at host nine is what has really made the biggest impact in my relation with this company. I have had problems with simple things like site config, permissions and maybe even a misplaced password or two and of course their staff was fast to correct all of these problems.

Recently I had a slightly larger issue which involved a malicious attack on me and many of my sites from a good old disgruntle employee. This seemed like a webmaster who had many websites nightmare. Well, with working back and forth with the team here, I had everything locked down, secure and even some of the sites recovered after this terrible problem.

You may be able to find another web host who will sell you service cheaper, but you simply cannot buy service like they are offering at hostnine.

Michael J Paladino

    Review Rating

I have to admit, the staff at Hostnine have gone above and beyond with any issues I have. Great GREAT service. Been in the design business for 12 years and have moved many times.

Electronics/machines are far from perfect...the most important thing is the response time and server and even more important is the availablility of support. Hostnine rates 1000% in my book.A tremendous staff.


    Review Rating

I'm really happy with their support, they reply support queries very instantly.

Pricing is also, good enough.

They lack in some default features comes with reseller hosting generally, but innovative other features such as global hosted servers is always Plus Plus.

Also they have RecellerCentral where all account can be managed and controlled, its kind of cool..

I rate 8 our of 10 to Hostnine.com!


    Review Rating

In looking for a new host after 10 years with my last hosing company I came upon HostNine. In 20 minutes my accounts were set up and that day I had my DNS and data transfered over w/o a hitch.

Cpanel based hosting with a simple account interface, well worth the slight extra cost. Had one issue setting up an SSL account and they went the extra mile to resolve it to my satisfaction.


    Review Rating

I have been with H9 for over 6 months now and have had mixed experiences with the company.

Their prices have always been competitive, and their reliability was fantastic at first. Then they released ResellerCentral, which lets resellers have their accounts spread across different servers across the world. This release resulted in some major stability issues for a month or two. I very nearly moved to another host.

However, over the last couple of months the service has really improved, as has the uptime. They really seem to be getting back on top of everything, and they have increased all packages for free for current members. If it stays like this I won't be moving for a very long time.


    Review Rating

I've used the worldwide reseller package with hostnine and probably host ~50 different sites with them.

For the ability to have multiple different server locations (not just c-classes) the price for me is much cheaper than other providers I looked at.

Support has also been great - tickets responded to in 10 minutes or less whenever there's been a (rare) issue.

Overall, I'm very happy and will be using them for a long time to come.


    Review Rating

H9 is a great service provider, I have been with them for over 5 years now

    Review Rating

I had a terrible experience trying to set up an account with these guys. In my pre-sales conversation, host9 salesperson agreed to 'try' to set up a certain application on the server.

So I signed up and paid my $$, then they changed their mind. They refused to even try.

At first, they claimed the had not agreed to build the application. But I had saved my chat logs.

So naturally, I cancelled. Then it took a week to get my refund, and after I filed through PayPal.

    Review Rating

I can say that HostNine customer support is ok for the reason that they are very polite in answering my questions and by providing assistance. However, I will not recommend this company due their uptime problem.

It's really a very wrong decision when I paid my hosting for 6-months. I'm with them for more than a month already with more than 10-times downtime as well.

But I will still give them a chance since I still have 5-months to go.

Amber McCallum

    Review Rating

crap, absolute crap. I'm moving off their servers to my own co located servers this week. Why? Their FTP ALWAYS bombs out. Their servers ALWAYS bombs out. stuff never works right. their windows reseller accounts are jokes. They charge for primary domain name changes.

    Review Rating

I am a reseller at the entry level and Host 9 has provided me with a great many features and helpful advice. Great value at a great price.


    Review Rating

I have been with H9 for 5 years as a reseller and host at the moment around 100 websites in different geo locations. Although they used to be good over the last 6 months they have steadily gone downhill as far as i am concerned. They are suffering huge DDOS attacks almost non stop which keeps bringing entire nodes and all websites on it down. I thought i would ride out the tough times but i simply have too many complaints almost daily from my clients now and am starting to loose them due to the down times. The errors simply keep coming SQL, 503, DNS...

Drew Caplan

    Review Rating

I wanted HostNine to work out so bad and I gave them so many chances but in the end my small web design business (with approximately 40 customers) has suffered because they are unreliable and uncaring. The front line staff seems to be great but once your needs exceed that you are left with downtime, unanswered questions and lost data. The final straw for me was SAN5 being down all weekend and then half my customers databases were corrupted and they didn't have any backups. Do NOT trust these guys.

Shoonold Jadis

    Review Rating

Let's just stay you are better off with another host company. Skip this hosting company. The reliability is terrible.

JP Corcoran

    Review Rating

I have over 75 websites hosted with Host9. In the past three months all of my sites have been down three times. They brag about 99.99% uptime. I don't see it.

Today my sites have been down all day.

Phone support is no help.

I'm shopping for another provider.

Denis G. Reseller-Asia

    Review Rating

Have been a reseller with H9 for 15 months and have had so many problems its not funny. Usually i am a patient man but i now have run out with the latest issue of one of the sites i host getting hacked (not first time) and it then being suspended with absolutely no help or solution from H9 support team for 3 days now. I am taking my custom elsewhere! Also nodes have been down constantly in Singapore and DNS issues which meant sites where offline for days at a time. I could go on and on and i realise you will never find the perfect hosting solution (have tried a few!) but at least something better should be possible.


    Review Rating

This is an UPDATED review since Hostnine were apparently bought/acquired by another company.

At first my experience was good, but lately my sites have been going down, others have been repeatedly hacked.

The worst part is that the hostnine support staff, while quick to reply, always say it's an isolated incident on my account and imply it's my own fault somehow.

The fact is I've seen countless reports of other customers getting hacked too, on the same servers.

I've also hosted hundreds of other sites with different hosts and have only ever had one instance of a site being hacked/compromised.

With Hostnine I've had at least 5 sites hacked in the past 2 months ... one of them hacked twice in 3 days!

They've also now apparently removed the button to submit a new support ticket from the reseller dashboard.

I'm looking to switch my sites asap.

Former Hostnine Customer

    Review Rating

I decided to write this review because, ONCE AGAIN, server that the site I am TRYING to work on is UNAVAILABLE.

I have been with hostnine for years. They are my first hosting company since I started a web design business. Big mistake. I have lost many customers due to down time, billing errors, site suspensions and unreliable support. Some support staff are great, others are absolutely inept or lazy, I don't know. Once, they had a massive hardware failure - a whole node wend bye-bye, backups and all. I had to rebuild 3 whole sites because I made the mistake of trusting that they were backed up...no apology.

I have moved on, and I am much happier so far. I still need to migrate 50+ sites and several VPS setups, what a pain. I wish I had done more research before choosing a company.

Mark Marantz

    Review Rating

This may or may not enlighten anybody about reseller hosting but let this be a warning to those who want to get involved with HostNine and FastServers.net.

First off, FastServers.net maintains HostNine's servers - a common practice in the industry... basically, HostNine has equipment maintained by HostNine, just as a reseller would go to HostNine to have hosting service.

HostNine has a decent frontline for tech support which reverts over to FastServers.net. This is where problems begin because if HostNine is asleep or a more serious issue arises that requires advanced support escalation, you are then handed-off to FastServer's tech support.

With FastServer, I have never, EVER encountered a more egotistical and demeaning bunch of IDIOTS in my entire career. Far from professional, your question is answered with volleys of non-sensical questions or worse, they have you thinking that the problem has been created by you - somewhere, somehow.

JOOMLA hosts beware, HostNine has instituted changes that prevent access to JOOMLA sites due to permissions which need to be set by HostNine. HostNine also elects to make changes a huge secret until the changes have been made and when you ask what the problem is - they basically call you an idiot because you haven't read their forum. There is no head's up about any anticipated changes, scheduled downtime, etc. You have to fly by the seat of your pants or read the forum to see what's happening.

A web host should remain anonymous in your daily operation - certainly in mine. Personally, I don't have the luxury of reading forums or dealing with mundane tasks on a daily basis.

Bottom line is that if you have the time to be involved intimately with HostNine's geek community, HostNine is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you need to conduct business and less is more when dealing with your host provider - HostNine is not the solution for you.

HostNine started out strong but after over a year of hosting, I've gone elsewhere.

Good Luck in any event but I strongly urge reconsideration of your host when considering HostNine and FastServers.


    Review Rating

bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. I will NEVER use Hostnine again after my experience with them. I actually published a blog entry about how bad their service was. It took them SIX MONTHS to send me a bill - and then they sent me six monthly bills at once. I told them I refused to pay. I got a transfer key and moved my domain over to DreamHost, where I've never had a problem.


    Review Rating

Regret to move my customer into this company. They cope with every with a slow speed. And they discrimination Chinese ! The live service usually close chat before me finish speaking

Concerned Customer of HostNine

    Review Rating

I have a reseller hosting account with HostNine. The level of reliability they offer and their support jeopordize my relationships with my customers.

For the entire day all of our sites have been down, and are still down. I opened a support ticket and their reply to me was that the server is under attack and there is nothing they can do. The changed the status of my ticket to "on hold." I requested they transfer my account to another one of their servers, and they said the attack prevented them from doing so. Of course they could take the server offline to do anything they want to it. Additionally when I asked them if there was any game plan to resolve the problem, how long they are going to wait for the attack to stop before changing the server's IP address or moving accounts, they told me "we are aware of the problem." I am very concerned because a lot of time and money went into the development of those web sites and I can't get in to retrieve the files. I guess that will teach me.

The last time we had an issue their server got a virus, which was located in my account. I had not made any changes to the site they said it was in. Instead of informing me there was a problem, they simply suspended my account, and refused to enable it. They said the virus was my fault, and instead of deleting the virus file itself or making a backup of the site and sending it to me, they simply deleted the entire site. I should have left them back when this happened.

And by the way, they offer no telephone or even chat support. Email only.

Overall, I am shocked at how negative my experience with them has been.


    Review Rating

HostNine seemed to be the answer to my dreams. The transfer to them from my previous host was seamless. Their monthly billing of $3.95 was ideal for me. I could try them out...but everything went well. Except for one downtime of a few hours after about a month with HostNine, I never noticed any other problems...or so I thought. It is my guess that they decided to increase their price to $6.95 a month to be paid a year in advance and wanted to weed out those of us only paying $3.95. You would think they would just discontinue that lower rate and give their customers the chance to leave or upgrade to the new price. I wasn't given such an opportunity.

On 4/11/09 my site was shut down with no warning. I then discovered an email from them that I had been suspended for exceeding their acceptable memory and cpu usage. The problem was very easily corrected, which I then tried to do, only to find that I had been totally locked out of my account. I couldn't even access my files via ftp. I emailed them and asked if they could fix the problem and reinstate my account. They merely responded that they could no longer host me and that I needed to look elsewhere. I had been with them for 9 months with no problems. Couldn't they have let me know ahead of time that there was a potential problem that needed to be fixed? Was it really better to decide that what was done was unforgivable? I guess so with HostNine. I then asked if they could at least provide me with a backup, so I could get my site back up and operational. The support at HostNine said they could provide a backup. It took me a week to get that promised backup and that was only after I publicly posted a complaint on a popular web hosting forum where hostnine is a member.

And the drama is not over with. I got my normal monthly invoice from HostNine's billing department on the 18th. I wrote them back and told them of my suspension and advised them to contact the support department. I got a response with a link that I needed to visit and fill out their special cancellation form or I would be billed for service! They suspended my account on the 11th, and I was paid up through the 18th! They owe me for those 7 days, but they expect me to continue to pay them?

My cancellation with HostNine went through on the 20th, and they sent me my first overdue invoice notice on the 22nd. I just feel so sorry for those of you that used this pitiful host and paid for a year in advance. Especially those that used a credit card instead of Paypal.

I have done a few searches, and most of the problems people have had with HostNine is that it's hard to cancel billing with them, especially if you used a credit card. I did want to point out that this is another HUGE reason not to host with them. Let me detail a situation for you. Let's say that you are naive enough to sign up with them and pay a year in advance. At their current rate of $6.95 a month, that will set you back $83.40. Let's also say that a month goes by with no problems. You're feeling pretty good about your new host, since they have great uptime and you know you won't ever have any problems exceeding the space and bandwidth of your plan. Unlimited is unlimited, right? Then one morning you check your site, and it's down. You stare in shock and wonder what happened. You paid for a year and still have over 10 months left, so what could be wrong? You then check your email and find a suspension notice that is dated that morning and only a few minutes ago. suspended? For what? They copy and paste a bunch of mumbo jumbo that means nothing to you and inform you that you have exceeded their acceptable memory and/or CPU usage that is detailed in their TOS. You can only blink at first. Didn't I pay for unlimited, you ask yourself? Remember though, that HostNine doesn't know what unlimited means, and they are sneaky in their TOS. If something wasn't covered in their TOS, they will simply edit them to include whatever they say you did. You've been suspended, and you try to see if they will reinstate you. You beg and plead, only to be told that you will need to find hosting elsewhere. You gasp and sputter, after all you paid for a full year. You ask them about your unused months, only to be told that they do not issue refunds after 30 days...but you canceled me, you respond. No we didn't, they spew, we only suspended you. See, that's their trick. They don't cancel your account, they suspend you. Your account and all your files are still there, and won't be deleted until YOU cancel. If you want to cancel billing, so they won't say you owe them even more money, you would then have to cancel. Then they are covered as far as having to refund anything, since you are the one that canceled. How can they get away with it? I'm not sure how it can even be legal, but until someone takes them to court, I doubt it will stop. The only thing you can do to keep them from doing it to you is....Don't host with them.

    Review Rating

I have been dumped by this hosting service for $149 for dedicated server payment. When their sales assured me that I could cancel within 30 days and nothing would be charged, their accounts and support denied to pay back. The moment we had our debate, I found the FAQ copy on the website changed in next few hours which talked about 30 day trial or money back kinds.

Even later, I chatted their support with different name and asked about 30 day money back guarantee and was assured again for the same.

When we canceled in 30 days, they denied to return our money saying it's not for dedicated servers. What a lie!

We burnt our fingers for $149 but honestly it's huge amount to pay to any hosting service for no reason.

We had to cancel the dedicated server, after knowing in a week that they can't provide all the services expected from a dedicated server. Even they had problem with the operating system setup we expected.

If anyone is looking for proofs, I can send the mail exchange between us and their support and chat snapshots.

I am a webmaster since last 5 years, but did not see such a unreliable web hosting service ever. That's why I always stick to big names. At least, they care for their customers.

    Review Rating

" About 1 year ago I got an email from hostnine telling me how sorry they were for the poor service they had given me, and how they had improved their service and wanted to prove to me how much they had improved by giving me 3 months free of service, and if I liked their "Improved" service, I could have a lifetime monthly fee of $15 (instead of the $30+ i had been charged ( or robbed ) for their resellers program.

Having already switched to another hosting service, I didnt have anything to loose, so I tried them out with boogus sites for the 3 month period. Trying out different issues and checking on their service response, reliability and ease of use. I was so impressed that I took them on their word, and signed up. Everything went smoothly for about a year, and then suddenly, it was back to the "HORRIBLE" hostnine experience. As if whoever was responsable for the lousy work got his job back and was coming back with a vengeance. Summarizing this latest experience, lousy servers, very slow, connection problems with databases, stats not very accurate down times where the only thing working was their main website (which is probably hosted elsewhere) support service very slow or non existing, the techs when asked more than one question would only answer the least complex... it got to a point that when I tried to escalate the issue I was told that the tech I was talking to was the highest tier of support, and when I asked to have this persons supervisor available, they promptly (according to them) passed the message only to have the Top Manager contacting me 6 days later and not doing one single thing to solve the issues. Interestingly enough, they day the fee was due, my service was cut, and a "late fee" attached to the bill. Their cancellation system doesnt work, so instead of cancelling my account, the same rude tech ( who is also the billing manager) threatens me saying they will put my $15 + $10 late fee through a collection agency. Do Yourselves A Favor Stir Clear Of This Hosting Company!!! "


    Review Rating

I don't want write too much here, as long as there is no necessity of that, then shortly: After two weeks of searching for problem with httpd going down, and abusing at least one client, after I'm going angry for that, they have told me that they don't want to host me ever here, and that I'm 100% reason for these downtimes. Probably it was because I've writting lots of messages in support center for that, but about this later. I have moved to another provider, and after they have cancelled my account I've checked my famous node59 in the same hours which it was going down when I was client, and it was down too (I've checked by cpanel's welcome page). That's now I'm preety sure that I was not reason of these problems. Also, when I have wrote about this to hostnine forums they have banned me from there and have removed my testimonial. Probably they wants only positive testimonials here (no comment).

thiago medeiros

    Review Rating

For me, being a customer of hostnine is painful, their servers becomes offline at least once a day, and some time take hours to go back, everyday you receive emails from your users complaining they cant acess the website, and them trow this responsability to users! like me, i run only a wordpress blog and its the thrird time the suspend my account (which makes my users suspect of my credibility) because they say and don´t proove that the site is loading their servers, also they took off all my features even my emails, other sites, even the cpanel where , if i could acess, could see anything relative to te problem, also their support is horrible, don´t provide information well, for example i sent a email asking about the suspension of my website 6 hours ago and until now NO RESPONSE!

Well, i will be leaving hostnine soon and here is my advice for all comunity.

Bhavin Patel

    Review Rating

I have log on to the website of above said company for getting and web hosting plan even i have selected one plan and i was interested in getting that. but before taking plan i just thought to contact customer care for some of my question what i was having in my mind regarding email and webmail client. Plan was $6.95 per month and with details as Storage Space UNLIMITED, Bandwidth UNLIMITED, Domains Allowed UNLIMITED, Available Locations US US, UK, or Asia, Control Panel, Setup Fee FREE, Email Accounts UNLIMITED, Autoresponders UNLIMITED, Forwarders / Aliases UNLIMITED, POP3 Access, IMAP Access, Spam & Virus Protection, MySQL 5, PHP 5, PERL 5, CGI-bin, PHPMyAdmin, Fantastico Script Installer, RvSiteBuilder,

MS Frontpage Support, Dreamweaver Support,Shared SSL, FTP Accounts, Cron Jobs,

Custom Error Pages, Directory Protection, Flash / Shockwave Support, Daily Backups, AwStats,

Dedicated IP* FREE, SSL Certificate FREE, SSH Access $5 Setup, Monthly Price $6.95, Quarterly $20.85

Semi-Annually $41.70, Annually $83.40. This is the full details of plan. Now i contact before signup to customer care because i want to know regarding good graphical webmail client installation possibilities. And i described my whole plan regarding website and emailing to customer care executive. When i was shocked to know from customer care executive was that there are hidden condition which are not given in plan page and that conduction was much important. Customer care executive told me that there is a limit of 250 mail transaction per domain (user name) per hour. When i requested customer care executive to guide me where can i find this terms then he replied that it may not be given on page but it is there condition and I have to follow that. now in plan page company says to give every thing unlimited and on second hand they put terms and conditions and even they don't show such important terms in plan page. Even customer care officer informed me that i cant put much data on the space according to terms of service. which is totally opposite to what is offered in plan. There plan page says it is unlimited data space. Also bandwidth and data transfer is unlimited as per plan page then how can limit is set for mail transactions. I request officer to make me understand this matter then he replied to look for terms page where i gone to check the terms and in terms it is not written any were that there is a limit to transfer data. I am attaching screen shot with this for reference for plan page and terms of service page which i taken at that time. I put this complain to do needful so that such misguide offer should not be kept on website and misguide customer. Even when i requested officer to make my talk with management he said if u want to talk send them mail and if they would like to reply they will. how such treatment should be given to a prospective customer. Last thing i want to say is when i explain my full plan to customer care officer regarding website and all then all this thing come up all limitation and all and then he insisted on me to take VPS or dedicated services. so my feeling according to me is this is just misguiding to the customer and taking enrollment in higher value plan. Even at one point officer rudely said that u get what you pay and in this price u get this and you have to take from us. how fair this words is. I have not expect any thing more then what is given in plan and also on the rates what given in plan. Then what makes officer to say me such unhealthy words to me. I just expected what was given in plan and nothing more even i have not asked any kind of discount on price given. So at last i say i m logging this company only to make people aware about such misguiding offers and not with any intension to harm company or its image. And request the officer of this complaint board to look in to the matter and do needful. Even i have saved entire chat what i have with customer care officer and if board representative want i can share with them. My email is [email protected]

mike barnett

    Review Rating

Well I am confused to what happened with hostnine. They used to be great, I have had 3 servers from them - from shared to dedicated. I now ordered another dedicated server. I have a simple issue that could be resolved very quickly for them but they ask questions their colleagues already know the answer to. This normally isnt a problem, but when its 8 hours between each response its getting extremely frustrating and puts me in an awful position with clients.

Like I said, ive never had problems before, but the last few months suggests something has changed in hostnine for the worse. I have servers with other companies such as rackspace so maybe ive been spoilt with great tech support. Is a shame really, I have many clients i was going to refer to hostnine but I cant now, know support is like this. Im a good customer, even paid for the server a year in advance but still im treated this way.

Im writing here because ive given up and im hoping someone from host nine reads this so that they sort it out.

I wont hold my breath


    Review Rating

Unreliable service.

Basically hostnine has gone down hill over the past year, my site over the last 3 months has gone down so many times I lost count. Getting in contact with support is a nightmare, everytime the site has gone down they blame it on something else.


    Review Rating

I am a relatively experienced web professional... Hostnine is the WORST HOST I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. I have VPS and DEDICATED servers with several providers, I stuck with H9 because it was easier that moving all my accounts to a different provider; I have paid for it in the tune of $15000-$20000 dollars worth of lost data & rebuild time. I have lost dozen of sites in a single instance of their ineptitude, some costing thousands each. There architecture is like a teenagers laptop; NO DATA REDUNDANCY. DO NOT TRUST THIS HOST UNLESS YOU BACK UP EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVERY DAY, because they don't care about protecting it. When they crash entire banks of drives, they just say, oops, sorry again... General support is awful as well. Their techs are absolutely worthless. If you are an enterprise hoster, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Con Carroll

    Review Rating

Poor, Poor, Poor - our website has been down for 6 days with the only comments from support are - it will be back in a few hours....RUN as fast as you can from them, I will as soon as I can - Support is beyond poor and they do not deserve to be in business - summary...Poor service, no information and nothing getting resolved - never use them

Steven Smith

    Review Rating

I have been with HostNine for over 4 years and I have recently noticed a BIG decline in customer service. Here are a few examples:

1- I upgraded my site to a mid-level VPS, has been down for three days AND i HAVE NOT HAD A RESPONSE FROM SUPPORT FOR ALL THAT TIME.

- They (used) to have a support number on their site (1-877-251-4678) that number now just forwards you to use their support desk (yes, the one that DOESN'T ANSWER SUPPORT TICKETS)great!

- I have tried their "live-support" (with and without a support number) and after seeing the "We'll Be Right With You!" message for about 3 hours am probably going to give up on that one, although I might leave it out of some sick sense of payback for leaving me, my site and one clients site in limbo for three days!

- I noticed the support was degrading as I upgraded my account as I "Cancelled" my old account with them (the one I had for years) and they still have that one listed as "Terminated" even though that account is paid in full and was cancelled, they haven't updated that support ticket in over 5 weeks now!

My new VPS also has an issue with the main IP - it's comming back as being on practically every spam blacklist on the planet! Support ticked placed 6 weeks ago, have been told twice that they would get back to me (I had to contact THEM on both occasions) RESULT - ticket is still listed as "open" and I haven't had any reply or update in over two weeks!

I honestly used to love H9 but this last two months has been really terrible and I have no choice but to start the migration process to a new host as soon as I can.

I would NOT RECOMMEND "ANYONE" use HostNine untill they get their **** together. I dont know if it's a new owner or what, but I just dont care anymore, enough is ENOUGH!

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Hostnine had originally appeared to be a bargain for website hosting but once a couple of our websites began to experience increased traffic (a good thing) instead of them asking us to upgrade our hosting and helping us move our sites, they shut down our account without notice which shuttered 30 websites and our corporate email services. Once we discovered what happened and agreed to purchase a new hosting account they would not unsuspend our account until they had the new server live. We are still totaling the financial and reputation damage they have caused our firm.


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After a migration nothing is working, no answer from support and my account is suspended, a very very bad host.


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Host9 is the worst hosting experience I have ever had! They locked me into their "special" rate that you get only if you pay for the year. Then I had terrible service, and they would not respond to service tickets. I was with them for just over 2 months, but was down more than we were up. I decided to leave, but they would not refund me because I had only 45 days to cancel. They kept the remaining 9 months of fees!!! Who does that?!?

*** BUYER BEWARE!!! ***

Jack James

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I have been a client of theirs for over 6 years, but in the last 2 they have declined in service and reliability. The only real way to get support now is through chat. If you submit a ticket it will take days (if that) for them to respond. When I confronted them about the lack of support from the ticket they said "why didn't you just use the chat" Like I should have assumed they wouldn't answer the other. I now have a client that has been down 3+ days because of a server being down with no answers other than we are working on it. No offer of anything else. I will be moving all of my clients to a new hosting company. I just don't see how they stay in business with the poor support and uptime. I understand things happen, but there are just too many instances of downtime. You can see how many servers they have down by going to status.hostnine.com There were over 15 at the time we went down. And all of our trouble started with the MySQL service being down. Now they are having complications restoring the entire server backup. Sinking ship and it's sad because they were once a pretty good company.


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HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! I've been waiting like 6 months on a reply and phone calls, this hosting is a joke and not at all secure!!! Bunch of kids busy messing with other peoples websites when they were not ever asked to do most of what they do. I've lost backups, pages, all kinds of stuff, and I know their reps do this crap because it's happened for the two years I had their service!


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I had an amazing experience with Host9 for over 5 years... then I signed up for a special to pay upfront for a year and expanded my account with them to include a dedicated server.

I can't get a refund despite not getting access to the server for 2 months!

Do not buy from host9 - something smells fishy as I'm seeing the same story all over the Internet, I would guess they are taking deposits and then delaying responses to tickets until people give up and they go beyond the 45 days they give as a refund period.

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Bullshit Hosting, please don't purchase form hostnine.com because all of my sites are down and support are totally bullshit if you not trust email me on [email protected], I will show you all the evidence.

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