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With HostOnce.com, you can be sure your Web site or other Internet services stay up and running. HostOnce.com provides one of the most reliable services among all ISPs worldwide. We run a power backup system to avoid power outages. We employ redundant ultra-fast OC3 Internet backbone connections to avoid any line problems. Our network and servers are monitored 24 hours a day. We use only the most reliable network product.


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Hosting Reviews for HostOnce


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Our compalint is about Hostonce with this company i am losing $1000"s of dollars per week from my web site being down and no responce from emails even though i have supplied them with my credit card for renewal . I have contacted Dotster.com who are the registrar of my domain name coltrandi.com and they tell me they can do nothing as they say hostonce as not broken there contract to them only to the consumers being affected

Can you help us with this we are desperate we need our name back website and emails




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Email down now for a week, thank god i only have hosting with them and have been able to point my domain name to some new hosting


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I do not know now but I years ago they hosted my website, the site was many times down and many times was hard to access my site for any maintenance, yes when I requested the cancelation the services they still charged me for 3 months,it was like talking to the wall,, BAD.


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The only reason I still use them is because I am extremely lazy. This is definitely one of if not THE worst host I have ever dealt with in any form.

The mail server is absolutely horrible and has been down so many times in the last year I stopped counting after 10 or so. Sometimes the outages last for days and often mail just disappears even though they will say it's backed up and should filter in once the servers are fixed. When I complain I get a very form like "Sorry, there was a backup...things are fine now" and half the time they aren't fine and normal service isn't restored for days.

Their site listing known issues with servers is not updated and sometimes I feel like the problems aren't even listed until a day after they are fixed. They are slow to respond to tickets and often I don't feel like they are even reading them due to the lifeless, poorly detailed responses I receive.

Both my site and mail are actually down right now as I type this (I'm not kidding).

I signed up years ago because they were the cheapest host around at the time....and all I can say is you really get what you pay for.

Richard Buchanan

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Horrendus e-mail problems since May, 2008. Not fixed after 2 weeks. Many e-mails not getting through, especially freeserve, wanado, fsnet, etc.

I have 20 hostings with them and will be moving them to a new hosted virtual server.


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Well I guess I'm not alone with HostOnce going down once again. I have four websites with them, two are mine and two are clients of mine. I've been with HostOnce since they first started out and they were really good then. The last year or so they have been terrible. I sure hope they didn't go down for good because like many of you, my help desk has several open problems which they never fixed. And it's very frustrating that you can't call anyone about it. I think I'm going to have to look for a new provider.


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The only reason I have stayed with host once is because I am Grandfathered in for unlimited storage, upload and download. And my price is locked in. Otherwise I would find a new server. I am frustrated because I have been trying to get my pages that I have got finished uploaded.


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I have been with this company for years. Proably late 90s. They started off great. Something happened in the last year or 2. I am not sure if they offshored or what. But, obviously, something bad happened to keep bringing their systems down.

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My site is down very often and I always need to tell them there is something wrong. Even when they are doing maintenance. Very poor customer support.

For 2 days already my site is down and I think they are out of business because their own site is down as well.

Can't they send out an e-mail telling what is going on?

Very poor quality service.


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I can't believe hostonce has had my website and email have down for 3 days so far. This seems almost surreal and I can't understand why they won't simply say that they are having problems instead of leaving us customers swinging in the wind. And if your a partner to them with many sites I truly feel sorry for you. Taking my business to GoDaddy as soon as I can retrieve my last emails.

Alan Browne

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My hostonce email has been down for over 24 hours (probably more) and I've gotten no reply, no support and no sollution from hostonce.

Are they tanking?

Over the years I've had occasional issued with hostonce, usually resolved in good order. This most recent screwup will absolutely mean I am leaving hostonce next year at renewal time.

Mark shinnick

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With hostonce for 8 years, same problems as everyone else.

They seem to have a lot of problems with Windows system instability, lost files and poor backup...get a clue. Never understood why any business puts all its stock in Microsoft's BS software?


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Hostonce mail servers have been down for 2-3 weeks now and support has vanished. Not only do my e-mail addresses not work, none of their own e-mail addresses work (including support, info, billing, or any others) and there is no phone number to reach anyone.

Things like this happen every year.


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Relatively cheap hosting, has ups and downs, slow response to the tickets, mail server problems, etc.


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PROS: Lots of file space. Hosting rates "locked in" for life upon signup. Cheap. Supports many types of active scripting without separate plug-ins or maintenance. Support is decent when responsive (but see below).

CONS: Marginal transfer speeds. Worst mail service I've ever seen: frequently down or delayed, sometimes for days on end. Sluggish customer support despite "24-hour guarantee." No phone support.


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Where do I start? I have been with Hostonce for some time now and as with all other customers found them to be ok in the beginning. More recently I have found that all my sites are up and down on a daily basis and email for all my domains has been a total waste of time.

The ultimate disaster happened just recently when one of my main customers domains stopped functioning all together for almost a week. After many visits to their online support system I received a simple answer that they had somehow managed to currupt the entire domain and had to reset it so I should re-up the website. The only problem was they did not provide the new control panel settings for several days as yes you guessed it my email was down.

To cut a long story short my ecommerce section of the site was created online using a PHP script therefore this side of the site (which took over 12 months to develop) was not backed up on my system as Hostonce do not provide backup services within their control panel. When I eventually got the domain active again and reset the email accounts and repaired the website I had lost over 2 weeks trading. I was now faced with legal action from my customer which I informed Hostonce and all they said was that they did not provide a backup service and were not responsible for customers websites. Ok fine I requested a transfer to another provider. I still have had no response and guess what my clients site is down yet again and again there is no email on any of my domains.

Summary: Hostonce has got to be the most unreliable hosting provider out there. I spend more time in their support system (when it is available) than I do conducting future business. They have cost me and my clients great financial loss to which they do not seem to care. My advise is steer clear and avoid the nightmare.


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I HATE HostOnce. They have the WORST service. I've lost money because my site is constantly down. They take forever to respond. Total failure to serve.


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I got an automated email to tell me my domain and hosting was up for renewal. I couldn't log in to pay for it because my credit card info had changed and also I'd forgotten my login password to do this. I called the number in the Hostonce email and the lady told me to re-register the domain like new and fill out the form etc. with new credit card info. I did this and after 3 weeks I had not had any replies to my email requesting new login details. Today 26th December, I get a message telling me my domain expired and it was all my fault. Considering they processed my renewal fee and had my money for 3 weeks before telling me this - I can't think of a worse hosting company. All the time I had looked on WHOIS information before they got back to me, it said my domain name was pending deletion. On December 23, another company registered my domain name. DO NOT USE HOSTONCE!!!

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I had no choice but to switch to hostonce as my old hosting company sold out to them. I have had them four weeks, three out of the four weekends my mail has been down, and I never got the old mail, and they did not fix until Monday. So, they must not even be there on weekends. This weekend, my web sites are down too. The only way I know to contract them is via an online trouble ticket as there is NO SUPPORT NUMBER and that is EVEN DOWN. This company is truly the very worst I have ever dealt with. I did not move my servers b/c I thought at first it was an accident, then last weekend when it did not go down, I thought their problems are probably fixed, but after reading their other online reviews I realize they just SUCK and always have.


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My site has been down for the past two weeks and I have filled the problem forms several times but I have not received anything not even "we are busy now". I even send an email to the customer service but they have not responded and obviously ignored me. Their website ad says "Knowledgable and speedy customer support". I don't think so!

Terri -

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My website was down in July due to their server problems which they did not identify; and again in March 2008. They do not respond to emails to support or billing. After complaining, my website was back up again, but I never received any communication from them. Very frustrating that you cannot contact them by phone and they don't respond by email.

Steve Pasco

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My site goes down all the time and all I can do is put a ticket in and then hope and pray there is a voluteer on duty that knows how to fix it. They do not have any phone number to call to actually talk to someone. I have sent numerous requests for a phone number to call and have been completely ignored. Their answer to the tech support tickets I put in is to send me an email advertisement on what they can do for me. They are the most frustrating people to deal with.


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Well where do I begine, as steve has posted earlier, I have a few domains with hostonce and the service was pretty decent at first and has gotten worse and worse as time goes on. My domain expired 5-16-08 and the message I got from them last year said that was good until 6-9-08 and they told me that it was good until. I have made numerous attempts to get ahold of them via their helpdesk trouble tickets, which are a joke, and it has been 7 days and when they finally closed out the ticket they said that they updated their email servers and that it should resolve the problem. Obviously this is not the issue that i was having and they are just trying to skate around the problem. Then it gets worse. I call the actual registrar that they use for the domains that is listed in the WhoIS search and hostonce has the domains locked down tighter than fort knox. They are the only ones listed on the domains and they have it locked down to where the registrar cannot even renew the domain for you. This is just the latest of many many issues I have had with them. I think there should be a class action lawsuite brought against them for the horrible service they have provided, or atleast be taken down as a host and lose any liscensing that they have to be able to provide hosting services.

David Henderson

    Review Rating

The price is certainly cheap, but you probably get even less than you pay for in the case of HostOnce. I've been with them for years and they weren't too bad at the beginning, but support and reliability are just pretty much non-existant these days. I have not received any email since Monday morning. It's now Thursday afternoon and their email system is still down. Their Status page has the same thing since Monday ("An overnight powersurge at our datacenter has caused some intermittant issues with our network. We are currently trying to resolve these.

The email system and server remain affected."). How many other companies would take 4 days or more to bring email back up after a power surge ?


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I've been with Hostonce for almost 6 years now I think and I'm done with them as of today. My email has now officially been down more days than it has been up in the last 30 days.

Hostonce has the absolute worst tech support and reliability I have ever encountered. They offer no estimate of when problems may be fixed, only respond with canned responses that clearly show your complaints are only scanned and not actually read, and they make sure there is no way to reach them other than their heinous help desk.

Anyone stupid enough to sign up with hostonce after reading reviews on this site gets exactly what they deserve....which will be cheap, awful webhosting.

I'm changing hosts this afternoon.


    Review Rating

Very poor hosting service.

Support is non-existant, no phone numbers to call. Support tickets usually take 2 to 3 days to get assigned, and the problem usually does not get correct right away.


Satyo Fatwan

    Review Rating


The email ID that I have created in hostonce is more often unavailable. Everytime it's down, it takes more than 3 days on average to have it back up.


The only way of requesting support is through their "helpdesk", which I think should be changed to "emptydesk" because more often the tickets submitted are left unanswered or arbitrarily closed.

DNS Name change

I have requested to have my domain under my personal name and it has been more than 4 days without any response at all

Bottom line, STAY AWAY!!

Can anyone tell me where hostonce.com is located and to which goverment agency I can lodge a complain about their service?? Thank you


    Review Rating

Something is very wrong at HostOnce. Their entire website is not up and hasn't been for 24 hours. My website is down; the email is down; and their site is down so you can't check status Over the past two months, all requests to support services have been closed arbitrarily or for a different reason than listed. Tickets go unassigned and unworked for days. I have been asking for DNS changes and they are ignoving the tickets. As others mentioned, domain sites go unrenewed, tickets are not worked, email is down often, and they will not make changes. Since there is no way to contact them except by trouble ticket and email that is not responded to; and their NC address in Whois is not valid with a disconnected phone number, my advice is to think twice about using them as a webhost.


    Review Rating

Terri has it right. Something is WRONG at HostOnce.com. Their own site is now down, in addition to my own.

I have had a request in to them to release my domain into my name (so I can leave for another company that is not doing so bad!). Still nothing on my ticket after a week, and now they are totally unable to be reached as the ticket website is out.

Email outages over and over, and email loss. Ticket system is poor and SLOW.

If you are looking for a host, HostOnce.com USED to be very nice - years ago. However now, things have hit rock bottom. Avoid them, keep looking at other host options.


    Review Rating

John, Terry, I'm having the same problems. They were okay when I started (6 years ago), but things started really going downhill a couple of years ago, and this past year has been horrible. My site and email has been down on a fairly regular basis, email can be excruciatingly slow and often delayed several days, if not lost entirely. About a month ago I decided to move on, thinking I'd just stop the automatic renewal payment since Hostonce doesn't seem to want to communicate with me... unfortunately, that renewal snuck up on me before I had a chance to act, and I can't seem to get any info on canceling, or how to get my domain name released for the new host... hopefully they don't hold my name hostage... From now on, no phone number, no business...

John savage

    Review Rating

Hostonce is the worse host out there on the net. I'v been with them for 4 years and this past year has been the worse. I renewed my account back in april of 08 and just within a few days i found out that my web domin name is no longer vailed. I have try and Email them but its been 3 days and still no responce frome them. There is no Tech or Customer service suport at all. Please do not go with these people. I will be downloading all of my pages back to my computer today and going else where

Harold Fulkerson

    Review Rating

I signed up in July of 2007, and everything was so so the first year.Mail was down several times, but they use windows servers so I expected problems.April 2008 i received a notice it was time to renew for another year, so I did. I have the receipt and credit card statement showing it was paid. July 26 I logged onto the internet and instead of my homepage coming up I get a notice that this domain has expired. No warning they just shut it down, and it would be deleted in a few days. I logged onto the BBB and filed a complaint, I also emailed [email protected] the email they sent showing I had paid for another year. You cannot communicate with these people and they do not answer emails. I figure I have lost my $83.40 but It is a small price to be rid of them. They are the worst!

Satyo Fatwan

    Review Rating

Here's their reponse after more than 2 weeks. They still have not transfered my domain to me!! And they have the nerve to say "difficult time", duhh.....

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delays in responding to your query.

In order to receive a more timely response, please read the following for further instructions.

If your domain has expired or shows a park page please contact [email protected]

If you wish to transfer your domain to a different registrar, please contact [email protected]

Please note that, if your domain is currently expired or parked AND you wish to transfer to another registrar, your domain will need to be renewed as the domain registrar will not allow any access until this is done.

After that we can either reactivate your domain on our servers (you will need to pay the full renewal cost for the hosting) OR we can point the DNS as required to another service for you.

If you pay by card we will need to wait six months before we can transfer the domain to your control; this is for legal reasons.

You will need to contact both [email protected] to arrange renewal AND [email protected] in order to arrange any neccessary DNS change.

If you have an issue that does not fall into one of the above categories, please resubmit your ticket and we will try our very best to give you a timely response.

Please try to select the correct category for your request; technical issues should be passed to technical support, for example.

Please note that if you are opening a ticket to complain that another ticket has not been answered you wil *NOT* receive a faster response; quite the opposite, in fact, as we are currently dealing with a number of duplicate tickets. Obviously this causes delays due to our engineers having to investigate the same issue several times and, in some cases, attempting to resolve issues at the same time causing further issues.


Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

    Review Rating

I am one of those people who has been with HostOnce for five or six years and who KNOWS he should have left four or five years ago.

The service has never been particularly good. Their support is laughable. My four sites are up and down daily. Likewise my email, which often goes down for days at a time. Support tickets are either ignored, closed without warning or responded to a week or so later - usually with a pointless "sorry for the inconvenience" but no explanation as to what actually happened or what was done.

Over the last couple of months the service has got even worse - and now I am being told off for submitting support tickets that they claim are duplicates! In fact, the tickets are being submitted because a problem has RECURRED for the nth time.

I believe HostOnce must be on its last legs and my heartfelt advice would be for people to get out quickly and find someone decent.

Does anyone have any idea of a physical location for these people? Surely they can't carry on running a business like this? Are there any trading standards bodies that can intervene?

I am beginning to accept the "pay peanuts/get monkeys" adage.

Avoid at all costs.


    Review Rating

I have been a customer of HostOnce for about 4 years. At first they were great. Fast service, easy to use, site was up 99% of the time. However the last 3 years or so my sites have been down, I couldn't log in, couldn't change my billing info, couldn't get an answer, couldn't get ahold of them by phone, had one of my domain names canceled and was told I'd have to pay $160 to get it back even though I didn't know it was up for renewal (had to email them numerous times to get the dates they were due)...shall I go on?

Now, I'm attempting to get them to release the domain names so I can register them somewhere else but the phone number given just has a busy signal or I get "All circuts busy, please try again later" message when I call. I hope they can get it together again but when/IF I can get them to release my domain names, I'm moving to another registrar and host. I wish them well. Wish ME well ! ;-)

    Review Rating

My client, a private school, has used HostOnce since I started working with them. I'm frustrated with having their site go down. Recently when I've tried to access my client's site I'm prompted with a username and password dialog box. I've submitted tickets to HostOnce which have gone unanswered for over a week. We're now on week 2 of the site being down with still no response. School starts in 2 weeks and I'd really like to have their site up. So I convinced my client to go with GoDaddy instead. Now I just need the domain transfer to be initiated by HostOnce, which from what I've read may take a while.


    Review Rating

I also have had my sites down for a week.. tickets opened, no reply from mikey.. or anybody.

I want to switch to godaddy. How do i transfer domain and terminate with a company that i can't get a hold of.

Conveniently, there new client order page works so that they can keep getting customers. I need help tranfering...HELP?

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I signed up, with hostonce.com, on July 24, 2007. Paid for another year in April, 2008. July 24, 2008 the site was taken down for non-payment. I emailed them the same email they sent me confirming my payment. I also filed a complaint with the BBB. Took 5 days to get the site back online, and they did not respond to the BBB. Site has been offline numerous times, email has been down numerous times, and they do not respond to questions. This is the sorriest company I have ever done business with and they will not get another penny of my money, and I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. They are the bottom of the barrel.

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Well Hostonce has failed us again.Today my website is down (again) and now i went to log into their site and what a surprise their site is also down.

Please stay away from these "kids" they have no idea what they are doing nor do they care about anyone who has their site on hostonce. If you have them I hope you made back ups of your site.The chances of keeping your old url is like converting everyone in iran to christany. it aint going to happen.

Paul Pittman

    Review Rating

It looks to me like I am not alone. My site has been down now for 2 days. I even tried to log on to it via FTP, no luck so I am assuming they are "having server problems" again. I stress again. I too am one of those that have been with them over the past 5 or 6 years and should have switched a long time ago. In fact, all of my newer sites I have indeed set up through godaddy. Much better luck through them as far as support and reliability, but they too have some drawbacks. If anyone has any idea of how to get in touch with these clowns, please let me know!!


    Review Rating

I too am one of the abused from HostOnce. The issue here is that I have been with them since 2002. They used to have ok service, and for the longest time I was satisfied with the service. In fact in June of 2007 when they renewed my subscription I decided to renew for 2 years. This is a big regret as now I am trapped. This year my website has been down more than 20 times. Every week the server that directs my mail client is down so the only way to get email is by using their web browser based client which is horrible! You can't even seen the messages most of the time because they cram it into a tiny box at the bottom of the screen and don't give the option to view the email in a separate window.

Well now their site has been down for just about 24 hours. They haven't brought it up and they are costing me (and I am sure all of you) plenty of frustration as none of us can get our email (nor can we receive email so anything sent in the last 24 hours is bouncing back to the sender as being an non existent destination).

The worst part is that I contacted them about buying my domain name so I could move to a different client, they responded to me by saying that it would cost $16 to buy the domain name and that I would have it unlocked to transfer the day after the payment was received. They have taken the money and here it is 20 days after cashing the check and the domain is still locked... the kicker is that they aren't replying to my emails any longer either.

I am all for a class action lawsuit against them. They are in breach of contract with many of us! I also suggest that you all check www.whois.com and verify who they registered your domain name through, most of you will find out that is was through DOTREGISTRAR.com call their customer service line and complain up a storm about HostOnce... the louder we get the better chance we have of shaking them out of their tree.


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Every year at this time my site goes down for days, as is the case now. Even their own site is down. I've read numerous reviews on sites in addition to this one and agree with every negative response and have experienced every snafu as everyone else. My site has enjoyed over 100 million hits in the last 8 years, I've paid on time consistently, but they still hold my "free Domain Name" hostage, other wise I'd of moved it long ago. HostOnce is a joke!


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The problem with Host Once is that when they go down - which is often - you wonder if they are out of business or what. Their own site goes down. When a web hosting company can't keep their site up, you've got to wonder.

My site has been off for two days. Very frustrating.


    Review Rating

I spoke to Carolina Online, which used to do our web hosting until that shipped it off to the Host Once bums.

They said that Host Once is still in business although they knew their servers had been down for a few days.

Feel free to call them - maybe they will fire up Host Once since they do not want to be bothered by our calls.



    Review Rating

I almost never bother putting stuff online, but count me amongst the disaffected. 3 days now.. not a word, and I've been with them for 6 years. Think this one's the last straw.


    Review Rating

I have lost so much money and so much business as a result of this latest Hostonce f*&kup!

Please can someone assist in telling me how I transfer my domain away from these useless excuses for carbon lifeforms as soon as possible.



    Review Rating

My almumni website is also down and I've experienced the same problems in trying to make contact with HostOnce. I now regret not moving to another ISP as the HostOnce service was failing earlier this year. In any event, my domain was registered through DotRegistrar (found this through whois). I contacted DotRegistrar by phone and learned that they are maintaining a databse of HostOnce complaints, are also unable to contact HostOnce, and will probably contact ICANN with the issue of "frozen" domains and the inability of HostOnce to provide paid for services. So, please contact Dotregistrar and get your name added to the list of dissatisfied clients! The rep I spoke with took my email address and said I would be contacted with any information they are able to provide for a resolution. Phone 360-449-6226


    Review Rating

I have no email - and therefore I have lost 85% of my business communications. This is ridiculous. I have tried many times in the past to transfer my domain and they make it impossible. I am losing money by the bucket full! I have had to register a NEW domain name with a reliable company and have had to email all of my contacts, customers, contractors, everybody a new email address.

I have had this domain for many years and I have had this email for many years. I am disgusted that I am left out here hanging by a company that cannot support customers and at the same time will not allow us to go elsewhere. Keep my money I don't care, just give me my domain!


    Review Rating

Here is what I do. Luckily I have all the files in my own computer. I opened an account with another hosting company. Then I contacted dotregister to have my name servers pointed to my new hosting place. I am in the process of uploading all files to the new hosting place while I am waiting for the name servers getting active which takes about 2 to 3 days. So, I suggest you guys take action immediately if you want your site up and running again. Hostonce can not be counted on no more.


    Review Rating

I can not believe that not only BOTH of my sites are gone, email and FTP gone, but THEIR site is gone as well! Are they done? Out of business? In April they auto-renewed me and now they are just... gone? I can not access any of my files and they do not answer emails, there is no number to call. I have been with them since 2002 and this is the way they treat loyal customers?

Does anyone know if they will ever be back up? Or how to contact them other than email that they do not answer? I have since transferred my domains and sites to Hostmonster which has similar pricing and is MUCH more reliable... and they have a phone number with live humans answering!!!

If anyone knows how to contact Hostonce or has any info on if they are toast please post it!


    Review Rating

My site is back up. I'm backing up my files immediately and looking at other options.

The next outage may be the last!!


    Review Rating

Hosed by HostOnce:

The only word I can think of, relative to HostOnce, is "pathetic". I've been with them since 2001.

Initially, HostOnce operated like a low rent service - nothing fancy, but it was up most of the time, and responses to service tickets were slow, but timely.

The last 4-5 months have been a living nightmare. I have several domains listed with HostOnce, and haven't been able to renew my contract, access email, pay my bill, or speak to anyone.

I will be gone as soon as I can. If they come back up, I will renew on a monthly basis and get the hell out of there.

Is there a way to sue these people, outside of Small Claims Court.

Is there a way to find out who owns HostOnce, so they can be publicly shamed?

It is unconscionable that they don't connect with their customers, in ANY way - they Just leave us twisting in the wind.

I've learned my lesson; I'll pay $10-20 more every year and find someone who is highly rated.

Someone showed me a sign once; it said "Chose 2 of 3 - price, quality, service". It was a way to make the customer understand that if you get a low rent price, either quality or service will suffer.

In HostOnce' case, it looks like all we get is the low price, and _nothing_ else.

These people should do jail time, or be sued into oblivion.

If they don't come back up soon, and let me seamlessly transfer my stuff (including domain names out of there), I will find them and sue them into oblivion. I _know_ how to do this, and they won't be able to hide.

I have the resources, and will devote my time. This is the last time that these jerks get to mess with anyone's livelihood.

Either they fix this mess, or they will pay into the 7 figures, and I'll follow their income sources until they're paid up.

I hope they're reading this. Wake up, chumps, Fix this mess, or YOU are going to pay. Guaranteed!


    Review Rating

I've been with Host Once since Jan 2001 and for the most part they've been okay for many years. Any downtime was relatively short over the years, and their Help Desk was alright also, though never top notch.

Unfortunately, the last six months have been horrible. Persistent periods of downtime, and tons of e-mail connection issues. Supposedly they are in process of upgrading to a new Data Center, which is supposed to increase stability, decrease downtime, fix the e-mail problems, etc., etc. - though this upgrading has been going on for a few months now. Perhaps this current downtime is them doing the actual upgrading. However, if so then it has been handled so poorly. They have done nothing to warn or let their customers know, their Help Desk says nothing about it, and I've had no response to my problem tickets. The problem being is that had we the customers known ahead of time we could have let visitors to our sites know about it ahead of time also.

Their support is their worst feature. It seems like they only have 2 people that monitor it, and even then they don't do that. I've had several ignored problem tickets over the last several months, and when they have been answered there is often no real answer other than that the problem has been taken care of and the server is being monitored. The only reason that I’ve had response to some of my problem tickets is that I have e-mail the assigned tech guy, along with their billing department, among others. Seems that not long after that, someone closes off and responds to my issues.

Point is that they are a poorly run and operated provider who is way past their prime. Be prepared to be unimpressed and annoyed with their quality of service and their Doesn’t Help Desk support. After nearly 8 years with them, I will be transferring my site to another provider like Host Gator or such. Thankfully I have all my site files backed up to other locations, though I’m hoping my site will come back online so that I can back up my message boards. Hope this helps someone in their decision about Host Once.

Brad Z

    Review Rating

I'm having similar issues with my sites as noted recently here. I've actually been with these guys for over eight years and things were fine when I first started. Lately, though, things have really gotten bad to the point that my support tickets go unanswered for weeks before being closed with no comment from them.

Emails to the known people I have conversed with at the company recently are now bouncing back as unavailable or invalid user. I'm now stuck as I can't even get my domains away from them because of their way of registering domain name with their information. The phone numbers listed on the domain names are out of service and I would suspect the address in North Carolina is even not working.

All I want is control of the domains I maintain for my customers and myself and I'll move them. At this point, I'm stuck in a domain registration limbo where I can't move them and I can't get them to respond to anything.

Is anyone else up for a class-action against these jokers? I don't know where to start, either, but it seems like court would be compelling enough to get control of my domains.

satyo fatwan

    Review Rating

Count me in if any of you are going to proceed with a class action against hostonce.com

Since this latest round of downtime, I found out through "googling" the net that a similar situation occure with a hostonce.com.au company back around 2002/3.

Here's the answer I received from dotregistrar.com

Response (Mike C) - 08/21/2008 05:45 PM


I apologize as hostonce is not owned by us or are they even a reseller. They simply have a large account, in this case they have listed them selves as the owner of the domain name (see below) and there is nothing we can do. Please feel free to file a compliant with icann regarding them or a domain dispute.

Thank you

HostOnce.com DNS Profile1

705A Wesley Pines Road

Lumberton NC 28358


+001.910.402.4678 +001.901.402.1999

[email protected]


    Review Rating

Email on my domains are down again after returning for a few hours after the last big outage this week! Have no choice but move host as this is costing me business. What is going on with this host? No information given to its customers at all!!


    Review Rating

I rated everything poor (including their grandfathered low prices for long time customers) because what good is a low price or decent enough features if none of it works?

Customer service is poor. There is no way to contact them via phone. They're response to emails is now slow if at all. They were a fantastic service many years ago when I first joined (probably about 7 years ago), but over the last two years, I've had more problems with my site and email being down, including the last week that my site has not been up at all.

I'm in the process of switching hosting companies, but because hostonce finally came back up (their site, not mine- NOTE: their own website was down for an extended period of time recently), they now have a holding page on my site in a directory I can no longer access because the control panel is under subdirectory of your site.

I've contacted them to cancel my account- I don't care about a refund. I just want out!!! I'm losing business and credibility as we speak.


    Review Rating

Just a quick heads up to everyone here that was effected by the lastest HostOnce screw up we need to start filing more complaints about HostOnce with the Better Business Bureau. We need to make sure that it is becoming obvious that the company is not responding to us, and if they don't respond to the BBB that will give us a stronger backbone to use against them should be go class action. Personally they have yet to unlock my domain after I paid for it last July.... its been almost a month and I was told after I paid that it would take 1 day.


The link here will take you directly to a complaint Form about Host Once at the BBB. They are under the South Carolina Jurisdiction. If you don't want to use this link go to the BBB website and follow the directions to their complaint form. They have only received about 7 complaints in the last 35 months... we need to make this more around the range of 107 or more.

The sites may be running again now, but the question remains for how long? They are bound to go down again, and its obvious that they don't care about their customers, so lets get on it and hit em where it hurts.


    Review Rating

I have been going through this heartache since the day I tried to update the website hosted at hostonce 11 days ago. The FTP client showed blank on the remote server; the website is online though. My client is calling me five times a day and I have sending them (to some guy Mike at the help desk who I dont believe ever existed in the company) several emails as there is no contact number. I just renewed the contract for another year and seems my money is lost along with my credibility with my client.

Can anyone please tell me their phone number so that I could get my problem solved - a small issue yet no one to take care of....

I regret the day I chose hostonce.com...

Mike Moore are you still on this planet????


    Review Rating

Constant problems, email dies, POP3 fails but webmail works, then it all goes... service status page never updated, tickets don't get answers, same problems come back time and time again.

At the present time I've lost my website, from what I can see others have too - just a generic holding page there and no FTP access available.

Annoyingly I've just renewed with them too, I always fall for that, they have very tempting prices that make you forget about the very shoddy service until the next issue turns up out of the blue.

It wouldn't be so back if they just apologised and made sure it didn't happen again, even being kept up to date with the problems would be a start... if I could escape from them I would, if you are considering them as a host please look elsewhere, it's just not worth it.


    Review Rating

I've been with hostonce for since 2002. Everthing was going fine until 4 months ago when they failed to renew one of my domains. They took my site down about 3 weeks ago & now they are telling me to contact my hosting provider!!

Any body knows how I can tranfer the domain in my name? We are a small non profit & this is killing us. Anybody considering legal action?

Please stay away from Hostonce if you want peace of mind.


    Review Rating

Due to unresponsiveness, I have tried to register and transfer my domain name. HostOnce took my tranfer fee, but has not transferred the name for over 2 months. I would suggest that we contact the New Jersey Attorney General's consumer division with our complaints. If they get enough complaints, I think they will assist us. As a lawyer myself, that has been my experience with the Minnesota Attorney General's office. I sent my transfer fee to:


492-C Cedar Lane, #304

Teaneck, NJ 07666

Therefore, I think that this gives the AG's office jurisdiction.

Heather Gass

    Review Rating

Terrible host. Stay away. No tech support to be found. Never emails back. Leaves me hanging and losing business. No good.


    Review Rating

I have lodged complaints with the Better Business Bureau of North Carolina as well as the Law Firm mentioned below and the North Carolina Attorney General. I would encourage everyone else experiencing the massive problems we are, to do the same.


    Review Rating

Host once has done the same to me. I have been with them since 2001 and I have had poor customer service since day one. They have mis-charged me several times and will not respond to my requests for a authorization code to transfer my domains to a new provider. It looks in the Better Business Bureau website that they have set up an additional "company" in Ohio - you may want to file your complaint against them as well. You can file a complaint against the "new" company here http://data.centralohio.bbb.org/index.php?A=pf_login&SA=login&alt=1&PID=26e8206403&bbbid=0302&bid=0070041978 .


    Review Rating

Like many here my site has been down for over a week. I've tried every email address I could but nothing Until today when [email protected] replied telling me I don't need to review until Jan 09. I've asked for a refund considering the outages. Not expecting a reply.

BTW you may be able to get a phone no by using whois.com and getting the registrar details. I found an Australian phone no, which is good as I'm in Australia. But it turned out to be a fax and surprisingly there has been no reply.

I just want to transfer my domain to someone else. The stupid system that means the registrar you want to leave has to transfer you is , well stupid.

Do not use these guys. There are cheaper more reliable, more ethical firms out there.


    Review Rating

Like many others who have reviewed here, I have been down for over a week (since some time before Aug 22nd) and have heard nothing in response to the trouble ticket I raised. I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau. Not good.

FYI - carolina.net refers to HostOnce as their "sister company" if you want to try a different contact route.

    Review Rating

I got out a month ago (five years too late), but guess what - they STILL have not pointed the two domains that are registered with them at the new nameservers, so they're unusable. I regularly email [email protected] and Tracy sends me the same reply every time "I have forwarded your email to the Domains department". Must have now heard that seven or eight times. Luckily, my new business site is registered elsewhere so that moved across fine but that's not the point - they are completely and utterly incompetent and/or indifferent. When Debbie was there, at least I would get some kind of response. But I think she has gone and the new Customer Service person, Natalie I think, just doesn't bother to respond at all. Likewise with the tech support guy Mike - I guess he's gone too, as none of my support tickets even get an acknowledgment. My advice to anyone still with them - cut your losses - GET OUT! I cannot believe that these people aren't utterly ashamed to run a business in this way. Absolutely appalling.


    Review Rating

I really do not know why the took my post out. But this company need to be in court of law on all they did and still do. This Company is A SCAM please email me at [email protected] If you would like to sue them.

Please also file a complaint with the general attorney and the BBB you can find these links in the comment below.


    Review Rating

I have had several domains with hostonce for several years. Recently my primary domain went down and has been down for over a week. There has been no response to any emails to support or requests to transfer the domain to another registrar. I have registered a similarly-named domain elsewhere and moved my content. This hijacking/squatting has to be illegal somewhere!


    Review Rating

I have been a customer for 4 years now and hate it!

Every year my domain comes up for renewal hostonce always drops the ball!

I run a surf cam website in daytona beach fl by the name of www.eastcoastcams.com I generate a little of 1k hits a day on slow days.

The site is mostly checked by young local surfers and kids.

Well when host once dropped the ball on my hosting they decided to let my domain expire and post PORN LINKS!

Can you image the damage i am recieving from having this garbage on my suposed kid friendly website?

I am now being threated by parents with legal action.

Not to mention the hundreds of county and government sites i have my link on!

If there is anyone pursuing legal action against this company please advise!

Contact me by email at [email protected]

S Clemens

    Review Rating

If not for the unreliable service, their support has got to be one of the worst.

Now, the limited and aged services are the tops. Makes you feel like you've just starting out on that thing called the internet.

I unfortunately am not the only one being treated like a step child. I have been communicating with other losers with accounts on HostOnce.com.

I cannot get any response from support on any of my issues. And yes, its been for weeks. Starting to feel like another loveless marriage.

Then I came up with a great idea. Let's see if they really are there. I sent one issue about making a change to my credit card for a payment, they responded in one day. Yup, sounds like a marriage alright. Again, with the disappointment - the information they were to send never arrived. :(

There are too many other options for hosting services and price to ever stop and consider HostOnce.com.

If you dont know the value of having reliable email, or a website that is up and running, or even what is the value of a support staff that is prompt and helpful, well this is the company for you.

I think you'll learn value after a short relationship with HostOnce.

I will give them for an overall rating a 0.1. That's only so anybody seeing the rating wont thing I just didn't vote. It's taking everything from me to give them that.

Think I might go over to GoDaddy and buy a domain and start a website as a tribute to my wonderful relationship with HostOnce. If I do, I'll surely invite all the other jilted lovers to give their stories.

Anyway, I think this is headed for a divorce.

Rob Peters

    Review Rating

I'm glad that i'm not the only one in the sinking HostOnce boat.

    Review Rating

These guys aren't very realiable. My latest outage is the last straw.

Check my site. Host Once has taken over my index page with a banner for them.

My wife is with StartLogic and they never seem to be down. Go elsewhere.


    Review Rating

Hostonce.com is a complete SCAM. They have completely stolen all three of my URLs. If you sign up with them they register you URL in their name and you no longer have any control over it. In other words, they own your URL! I have been trying to get them to release our URL's (three in all) for months now and they won't return emails, their phone numbers have been disconnected, and they as soon as I complained and threatened legal action, they removed my web sites off the web completely!

Does anyone have advice on what to do?


    Review Rating

I have been with Host Once since 2001. Lots of bumps in the road since then, and especially over the last couple of years. Lots of downtime, lack of support and the worst part is not having reliable contact information when I need it. IE: NOW.

My domain has been throwing a "Directory Listing Denied" page for the last couple of days. I'm completely unable to log in to my control panel and FTP, as it says I'm entering the wrong information. My domain IS up for renewal next month, however, my invoice says the due date for payment is October 13th. That's more than a month away, so I don't know if that's why they done away with my site right now or what.

I am highly irritated that my support ticket has gone unanswered thus far, and all of the phone numbers for Host Once's sales line (where I've had success in getting a human before) have failed with a busy signal. The number for ZIBI Group works, but I never get a human on the line. This is unacceptable.

When I noticed the message about the Directory Listing, I searched to see what I could find, that might explain what was happening to my site. Sadly, instead of finding an explanation from Host Once or contact numbers, I found so many negative reviews about them and their service (or lack there of).

It is very disheartening to know that I have stuck by Host Once for the last 7 years... for what appears to be nothing.


    Review Rating

I have been with hostonce for 7 years and now my website has been completely erased. When I tried to change my host, they do not respond to emails, phone number is fake and there seems to be nothing I can do to get my domain back. Talk about treating your long term customers like crap!

K Wolf

    Review Rating

pathetic. i started w/ them about 6 years ago and they were great. last couple of years though, they've been diabolical. sites/mails go missing for days at a time, even their own fkn site or support pages have been missing. written multiple times demanding the simple courtesy of a refund for them illegally not providing a serice i pay for, and they just ignore me, so i'm going to look into it further as regards legal action.

i'm going to move domains when my expiry comes. i own one of my domain names, the other one was part of their package but i have no prob w/ changing it slightly to a .net or .co.uk or whatever.

my advice : avoid them like the plague.


    Review Rating

Avoid this host. Worst support. Ever. Even their support request page is down.

Grant Singleton

    Review Rating

It seems to me that the consensus is that something drastically wrong has occurred at HostOnce recently. I like many others have been with HostOnce since around 2000, and the service then was great, but recently they've fobbed me off completely. Being in Australia, the only real avenue for contact is email. The few times I did get a response was in regards to billing issues. When I complained that my domains are not working, I get the "I'll forward your email onto our Domain Department" crap and nothing happens. This is the last email I got from them:

"Over the last few months we have experienced a number of outages and we are currently in the process of upgrading to new hardware. Our team is working rapidly to restore all accounts. Please be assured that we are working very hard to make HostOnce a great service we can all be proud of. We truly appreciate your patience as we turn this around.

The HostOnce.com Team"

It doesn't take weeks on end to install new servers. What's going on with them? Are they still in business or has the company collapsed?


Grant - Sydney Australia

Alan Browne

    Review Rating

Hostonce must be tanking. A month after one issue was resolved (after 4 days) now my site is dead; ftp won't connect.

No replies from support. Does Michael Moore exist? Has he left hostonce?

Now I'm getting 'e-mail undelivered' notices on my e-mails to hostonce sales, Moore, etc.


Time to move on. Hostonce is not in business anymore (other than taking money for no service, that is).


    Review Rating

Hello to my brother and sister victims of Hostonce!

As an update to what I have found out:

1) Hostonce has a new address in Teaneck, New Jersey (USA), but it turns out this is just a UPS Post Box.

2) I tracked down the old owner of the company Garry Carr who can be contacted at [email protected] . He claims he no longer owns the company, but the new owners are XIBI Group: http://xibig.com I called them and they gave me a number to call. Turns out that number is dead. I called back and the same lady said they have nothing to do with hostonce. She then wounld give me a her name and hung up on me.

3) XIBI Group is located in (guess where?) Teaneck, New Jersey. The Atrium at Glenpointe

400 Frank W. Burr Blvd.

Teaneck, NJ 07666



[email protected]

Hope this info helps and I urge everyone to flood them with emails and calls. Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit? Contact me at [email protected]



    Review Rating

Host once has stolen my domain since the beginning of September.. I have read all posts here and they have helped. My resolution was to backorder my domain and 70 days later, yes in November this should be a thing of the past.. my lesson learned.. don't deal with hostonce.com


    Review Rating

They are back up, but they are still MESSED UP. I can't even get to one of my home pages with out being prompted for USER ID/PASS, another won't even let me into the email page, crazy! There must be a mass exodus.


    Review Rating

UPDATE - Amazingly (!) my HostOnce hosted site came back up today about 4 weeks after it went down. Still have had no communication from tech support or anyone else at HostOnce. I better do a good job of backing files up now!

Good luck to you all!

costomer in hostonce

    Review Rating

bad company it dead my site since 15 days without any support and alaways happen like that recently..

P. Proeschold

    Review Rating

My site is in and out all the time. They locked me out of my FTP.

Never got any answers to my letters.

Support section has disappeared.

So, after almost 7 years with them I cut my losses purchased a new domain name and moved elsewhere. - Luckily I had all my files backed up.

To be avoided at all costs.


    Review Rating

My advice: stay away from Hostonce. Their hosting has turned into a nightmare.

Todate, they seem to copy my site files from one disk to another, and each time they change the disk acces rights. You need to log in into your CP (of which they changed the log on a few months ago) and re-enable the ASP.NET service. (Note that it always says: "Disabled" even after you enabled it. Hope this helps for some of you, but I feel like doing the support for the worst webhost ever. Greetz from Europe from another ripped of customer.

    Review Rating

I can only echo other comments on here - AVOID HOSTONCE!

I've been with them for six years and they used to provide excellent hosting for the price. But the past few months have been a nightmare with sites constantly up and down (even their own!!) and never a reply to any support tickets or emails sent to them.

Will be moving elsewhere as soon as I can.

    Review Rating

I've got the same problem as everyone else. One of my web clients was unfortunately hosted with HostOnce when he came on board with me. I told him, "We really should get you out of there some day," but never bothered to do it. Last week, his site started asking for a password to get in, which is completely stupid. I've been sending requests to their useless help desk daily, with no response. For the past year or so, the only help desk name I ever saw was "Mike Moore." Today's was assigned to "Natalia Natalia." Like others, I have the entire site backed up, but I want my damned domain!!! Have tried setting up hosting elsewhere and initiating a transfer request, but there's no response from HostOnce. If anyone has any idea of how to contact them directly, please post it here. I'm desperate!

Alan Browne

    Review Rating

Suddenly my site was alive and FTP worked.

Then, 2 days later:

FTP is dead.

Tech Support page is dead.

They gave me an authorization code for domain transfer. A domain registrar refused the domain for the purpose of transfer.

Ideas on that anyone? How do I register the domain under my name with the authorization code from hostonce?


    Review Rating

I've been with host once for YEARS and recently, I'm giving up. I already lost 2 domains after they charged me for renewal, which I lost.

The only person that ever contacts me back is Tracy in the billing department. Of course, their billing still works but nothing else does. Can't get to email, etc., same problem as everyone else is having. I have no idea how to motivate them. I contacted their domain registrar, MyDomains, and they told me since it's registered in their name they can't do anything about it. This is so stupid and crazy. I've got 4 domains there and if I lose those names I'm going to raise some hell.

I'm interested in any possible class action legal but I'm going to sue them in small claims soon anyways because I have to do SOMETHING to try to get them to transfer my domains out.

Email me: [email protected]


    Review Rating

Also very desappointed with them. I've been with them for over 4 years, and have 6 sites with them. They automatically charged my cre 2 months in advance, and all of the domains and sites are down. Is there a way to sue them because they charged in advance for a service that is down even before they charged it?

    Review Rating

I'm with everybody here. All 5 of my multi-host sites down. One is for commerce and I would consider suing for loss or revenue. I suggest you do what I did. Bail from Hostonce ASAP. I'm paid through January, but this is unacceptable – especially since they acknowledged the problem in an email August 27th. I signed up with HostMonster... 2/3 of the cost of HO, tons more features, functionality, unlimited domain hosting. Check 'em out. I got the lead from my I.T. guy who does this stuff for a living. I'm just trying to make some money here!


    Review Rating

Hostonce is terrible. I have no doubt about it. I have been with them for around 7 years. I joined them on my friend’s recommendation, since they were the cheapest host. My nightmare started from that day.

During the following my site was down many times and I lost emails. Every time I contacted them, they had the same answer over and over again. I decided to leave Hostonce, and contacted them, asking how I should precede it. Debbie (customer service) told me I had to contact them right before the site was going to expire. I contacted them in October, just before my contact was over. She told me the billing department already charged on my credit card for another year, I couldn’t get out of the contract. I told them, I didn’t need the fee back, but I just wanted to transfer the site. Lisa from Billing told me they couldn’t transfer the domain name because of a legal policy, and I have to wait for 6 months.

After more than 6 months, I contacted them again. (July 10, 2008). Of course I didn’t receive any email back. I opened the technical support tickets, no body responded me but instead just closed the tickets. I was asked by my new host (Godaddy) to get Hostonce to unlock the site and send the authorization code. I contacted to the billing department, Tracy and customer services to give me the code. I finally got an email from her and she told me the transfer process was successfully updated, and sent the code to my email. (July 21, 2008).

I didn’t get any emails. I contacted the customer service and Tracy from billing department, “I was told the code was sent to my gmail account, however I haven’t received anything.” After trying to contact them several times, Tracy responded me saying they will send it soon. I finally get the authorization code. However, there was no instruction for transfer.

Again they didn’t contact me. I contacted them several times, and finally I got message saying “ Will send you shortly” (July 25, 2008) I received the authorization code on August 5th.

I contacted my host (Godaddy) and they told me that I had to have Transfer Id and Security code also. They told me Hostonce should send me the info. Of course, I didn’t get it. I contacted Hostonce domain service and Tracy from billing department and requested the code and ID on August 13th. However, I never heard from them. I sent many reminder emails until now and I haven’t received any replies. Today is already September 11th. I am worried. I will not be able to transfer my domain before it expires next month. It has been taking a year to transfer my account. This is really unprofessional.

    Review Rating

In order to alleviate some of the stress for the (ex)customers of hostonce.com and to take pressure off the resources of various host review sites and blogs I've set up a forum for everyone to pool their information into one place:


Yes, it's a free forum host - but unlike HO, they won't disappear or delete the forum.

Amy Guskin

    Review Rating

Well, my site is back up -- probably because I sent them request after request after request via the help desk, and they got tired of hearing from me -- but HostOnce is still not responding to requests from my new webhost to transfer this domain. They suck, and we should all band together and sue them. They _must_ be breaking some part of their terms of agreement with customers. Certainly, sites that are down for a week with no hint from the webhost as to what is going on can be considered abdication of the terms of service. Right?


    Review Rating

The class action suit is underway. Go to http://www.indianacitycorp.org/blog/index.php

We are in discussions with a lawyer. We need as many people as possible and we are building evidence against them now.

If you are sick of HostOnce and their horrible service then join us in taking them down.


    Review Rating

I may have successfully transferred my domain. It took a complaint to ICANN, the Better Business Bureau, and a threatening e-mail to [email protected] stating that if they did not reactivate my domain, change the ownership to me, and allow the transfer I would report them for theft of services. The e-mail to billing was the one they replied to and sent the transfer codes with. I also sent a support request to mydomain.com (register for hostonce) that was very helpful. He did tell me though that I was a “lucky one”!

Teresa J.

    Review Rating

I would just like to inform you all about something regarding XIBI group.

I paid for the renewal of my domain well before the due date and expiration date. Host Once allowed it to expire and for the last 4 days have no responded to my ticket & emails about this. I decided to view my PayPal transaction to verify it had completed, which it had. To my surprise I see a customer service number listed for Host Once. I phoned it a few moments ago, and it goes directly to XIBI Group, who insists they do not own or run Host Once (apparent B.S huh?).

I'm not sure if this information helps anyone with anything, but perhaps it might. I've given XIBI a call today, but being the weekend, there's no answer. I left a message, and when I hear back (if I hear back) I will update on the XIBI Group thing.


    Review Rating

Don't know if this will help anyone else, but after 9 months of email's I finally got my domain updated with my email as the admin contact and was able to transfer the domain to my other host/registrar. After countless emails to billing and 'Lucy', I made a call to XIBI Group. They of course denied all knowledge of Hostonce. The next day I resent an email to [email protected] and [email protected] requesting an update of the contact info and my auth code to transfer the domain. Magically two days later I had the auth code and requested a transfer through my new host. as of this morning, 7 days later, everything is now under my control.

Best advice I can give is to start calling XIBI Group, dotregistrar(hostonce registrar of choice), and send more emails hostonce...you might get lucky.

Elise Wilson

    Review Rating

Have been a customer since 2002, but can NOT get them to transfer domain names to new host. Have sent repeated emails with absolutely no response since June 2008.

    Review Rating

I also haven been a customer since 2001, also I can NOT get them to transfer my domain names to new host. There service is very bad! Don't host at hostonce!

    Review Rating

HostOnce is horrid, do not ever use them. They never answer my HelpDesk tickets. My emails are never answered, and They have no phone number listed anywhere on their site...Oh did I mention that I am paid in full till september of 09 and I have no website, its gone, inactive...The people at HostOnce should have there license revoked and made to work at McDonalds!!!!!!

Sean Parnell

    Review Rating

In June 2008, my website started going down for 1-2 days at a time and then it was down the almost all of August and September while HostOnce claimed to "transfer their servers." As you can imagine, I wanted to transfer my domain away from HostOnce.com due to such poor service but they had registered my domain in their name, unbeknownst to me when I started hosting with them five years ago. After numerous help desk postings (to both Customer Service and Technical Support) and many e-mails to [email protected], all of my requests were ignored - except for the single tech support response that told me to email [email protected], which I had been doing since June.

At wit's end, I contacted a lawyer specializing in intellectual property law and had him send a letter demanding that HostOnce unlock the domain so that I could have it transferred. If they ignored this request or refused, I was willing to initiate a lawsuit seeking up to $10,000 in damages for traffic lost as a result of two months of downtime while they "transferred" their servers, plus the opportunity cost of not being able to sell advertising during that time, as well as advertising now because of lower rates of traffic. The lawyer's name is Charles Mudd and here is his website: www.muddlawoffices.com. The day after the letter was sent, the domain was unlocked and I successfully transferred it to GoDaddy.

I encourage anyone who would like to transfer their domain away from HostOnce.com to contact Charles Mudd for help.


    Review Rating

I was hosted by HostOnce until mid last year when I decided that I'd had enough of only being allowed 2 subdomains, a limiting control panel, greater than average downtime and very poor support.

Upon finally making the decision that I wanted to change hosts, I simply lodged a support ticket with their support department. Their initial response didn't take more than a week or so and they told me that I would receive an e-mail with a transfer auth code or something. This never came and after e-mailing them twice daily for another 2-3 weeks I decided that I'd had enough and asked Internic for help.

Internic finally pointed me onto MyDomain who provide the domain names for HostOnce. After having confirmed my identity, MyDomain gave me the tools (on a free account I created with them) to transfer my domain name on my own.

All in all, not very impressed. I'm now with DreamHost who couldn't be better. I shall write a review of them.


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My email is dead since one week ago. That happened to me a couple of months ago also. Can't get a response from their help desk. Can anyone who could transfer the domain give me a number to contact anyone at hosteonce? or a direct email?


    Review Rating

All the recent comments are correct.

Long service failures are now a habit - accompanied by very poor (non existant) service support.

email stops working - currently for a week - help desk doesn't respond and site claims 'servers are working'.

last time this happened all email addresses, emails and archives were lost.

Time I moved away - any company can have problems but to ignore your customers...

steve ganz

    Review Rating

I've been with this host for about 5 years. There were fits and starts of service for years, but things always were sorted out within a few days.

Current situation: really bad. Email has been down for several weeks now. In August 08 every aspect of the service was down. Contact them about anything, and no meaningful response ensues.

Look elsewhere for a host.

    Review Rating

I was with hostonce for 7+ years, then last year the support and e mails went unanswered, I could not connect to the server with ftp.

I decided on another host, but could not get my domain name tranfered. I had to choose a new domain name.


    Review Rating

Our website has been down for 7 months because of a change by Hostonce which they did not communicate. There help desk did not respond to our increasingly frantic requests for help until, after 4 months, they sent us an incomplete response which didn't allow us to fix the problem. Phone calls & emails to their other departments were all unsuccessful. We have now given up and gone with another ISP thereby losing our domain name as Hostonce registered it under their own name. I advise everyone to avoid Hostonce like the plague

Mr C

    Review Rating

Terrible hosting company, used to be OK for the basics but in the last 2 years they have become completely useless. No replies to any emails or technical support requests. Functionality lost, impossible to speak to them about anything, pointless trying to negotiate. Would love to take ownership of my domain name from them, have been trying for 3 years now with no success. Truly awful, avoid like the plague.

    Review Rating

I had a domain with HostOnce for almost 10 years. Never had a real issue until about a year ago when they asked me to renew my domain. Now, I had not really utilized my domain for a couple of years, but had still kept renewing it with plans to re-launch my website etc. So I renewed in Oct 2008 after some debate, but then again let it fall down my priority list. Finally about April this year I decided to get back into things, and what do I find? My domain does not appear to be ‘mine’ any more. This is after PAYING for a full years worth of hosting/registration. I started to panic, asking HostOnce why another host’s homepage came up when I typed in MY url and why I couldn’t access my FTP etc. No answer. I have to date sent 5 or more emails and logged 2 helpdesk calls demanding an explanation and a refund if this domain can no longer be used as I have paid a fee that shouldn’t have run out until later this year. So far I have not heard any reply… and I cannot find a contact number for them that I can call. I feel ripped off not to mention pissed off. DO NOT USE THEM. I will keep trying in vain to get a reply and/or refund but I don’t like my chances.


    Review Rating

I found out that hostonce was sold to xibi and they moved the servers to columbus, ohio. Since they have sucked badly. after searching for xibi, I guess that is the normal, anything they get or buy turns to crap. I am with another host now avoid hostonce ao any company that xibi buys and pretends they don't own. Support sucks, you can even call it that.


    Review Rating

I have a domain registered with HostOnce.com since 2002. It was ok for my needs at the time. Lately, they are not replying to any email and I am not sure if they are alife anymore.

My comment regarding this hosting service is a definit NO NO NO !!! KEEP OUT !!!

Rogoer Moore

    Review Rating

At first they were awesome. Had great service, cutting edge technology, price freezes, free domains, etc.

Then they refused to transfer the domain to me (the one I paid for and supposedly owned). Then their service started to go down the tubes. Then the email died.

I'm basically a hostage and the domain I've had forever I can't update it nor can I gain my ownership.. they are pathetic losers.



    Review Rating

Has anyone found an recourse. They have basically stolen by business name and I can not longer operate with a domain that I have an Inc. with [email protected]

webmaster www.thefluidform.com

    Review Rating

well....been a client of HOSTONCE.COM for.....forever now......seems like i'm gonna get screwed now too......i have no domain.....no website.....and none of the hostonce support pages work..... looks like they just took my money and bailed on me...... just freaking great....... what the hell is wrong with people when it comes to money?


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Hostonce seem to have disappeared and taken all the hosted content with them. All sites down, all attempts to contact them ignored. Many others reporting the same thing.


    Review Rating

At first, everything was great for years! But then, all of a sudden your website isn't working...after tons of researching into the Hostonce company, we should have caught on before this happened, but when all is going great, why should we have checked?? Only if we had known....NO communication tactics seem to work with them. Our business is HURTING TREMENDOUSLY right now, cause of the orders we have lost since July 3. We had to start a new domain name to get back up & running with another hosting company that registered our new domain correctly. Unfortunately, the original one was registered by Hostonce, as theirs.....is that legal????? We can't get a hold of it right now & I really hope we are able to in the near future to redirect everything to the new site before we suffer anymore loss...Something definitely needs to be done for their actions, in making all the small businesses hurt & almost lose everything.

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They have hijacked my domain name. I have had it for over 5 years. I have paid for a year and so far maybe I have 3 months service. My site is down and they can not be contacted. I would like to say to them, "give back my money and appoligize" grrrrrrr


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I hear that Hostonce.com is now Xibig.com and that [email protected] might get you somewhere.



492-C Cedar Lane, #304

Teaneck, NJ 07666




[email protected]


492-C Cedar Lane, #304

Teaneck NJ 07666


EMail : [email protected]

    Review Rating

My website has been down for two weeks. Hostonce will not answer their telephone 910-402-4678 and their email address [email protected] and [email protected] come back as undeliverable. They are holding my business hostage with their terrible operation. How do you fight back with this situation?

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