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HostPapa Internet hosting packages help everyday individuals and businesses in getting their website live on the Internet with HostPapa high-powered services and professional service, all at a fraction of the cost of today's technology hosting companies. In addition to HostPapa hosting solutions, our cloud services will help you and your workplace save money and increase productivity. The cloud is a powerful new way of doing business, and HostPapa is proud to offer you the best applications and support available today.

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Hosting Reviews for HostPapa

    Review Rating

I have never seen such a good hosting company. For the price you get an unbelievable amount of disk space and monthly bandwidth. I have never had any downtime at all since I joined. I am a science teacher so the best part of this is that all their servers are run off of green energy or wind powered energy. Great host.

    Review Rating

There is only one place to go for hosting and its Hostpapa. I've been tracking my site with internet monitors and haven't had 1 second of down time since I signed up for it back in August of 2007 and the speeds are incredible, i have around 0.21 seconds for load time for a homepage full of graphics and widgets. Their Team is fast to reply to any problems you may have. The only down side to this hosting was my site struck 230 active connections and that suspended it temporarily, but even that was handled accordingly.

    Review Rating

for now only used there support, for me it was exellent support they really helped me in a fast and good way, reconsider to use this hosting

    Review Rating

Excellent! Haven't had a single issue!

Christopher Munez

    Review Rating

I have not had any problems so far that got me disappointed. I am very glad about the support I got whenever I have issues with my site.

Daniel MacDonald

    Review Rating

My experience with Host Papa has been fantastic. I recommend it to everyone I know. When I first discovered the service I thought it might be a scam, because the deal was too good. However, a quick online chat (I love that option) with Host Papa and all my doubts were listed. All that, AND eco certified. It's ideal!


    Review Rating

HostPapa is not only very reasonably priced and has the most amazing set of features, but they've proven rock solid, with no down time that I've ever noticed! I have recommended them to friends without reservation.

James K

    Review Rating

Hostpapa has been a great place for my domain for years. Their price is right and the service is excellent. Having a green initiative helps as well.

    Review Rating

We have been with Hostpapa for 2 1/2 years now and have experienced minimal down time. Our website has grown from a start-up company to where we are now and we have had no issues with the growth our site has experienced. I certainly recommend Hostpapa when I get a chance to.


    Review Rating

REALLY good i had four domains on it

Jean-Philippe Fontaine

    Review Rating

Everything goes well

Good communication with client

    Review Rating

Love it, it was simple to pick a plan and to receive my info later.. though I found the transaction time a bit long..

Love the fact that its canadian too!

    Review Rating

HostPapa makes website development with e-commerce easy. The support is great and provide prompt service.

Highly recommend to the average end user.

    Review Rating

I have been with HostPapa for over 3 years now and I have no need to go anywhere else. With HostPapa it is all included. I give HostPapa 5 stars in everything they offer and do. Thank You... Thank You....

    Review Rating

very reliable, with a lot easy and user freindly software to use and create your website which saves a lot of money.

    Review Rating

I am just an average Jo and I don't know much about the technical side of running a website, but with HostPapa I've never had any problems accomplishing what I want. Everything is straight forward and easy to use.

I am very happy with my HostPapa experience.

Matthieu Gagnon

    Review Rating

J'ai vraiment été surpris de la rapidité avec laquelle on a repondu à mes question, j'ai facilement pu mettre mon blog en ligne et le service est fiable, il n'y a jamais eut de downtime à date.

Le cpannel est très complet avec beaucoup de services et les dernière version de php et mysql.

    Review Rating

I have been online since 1982, the internet/web since 1992. Of all the many, and I do mean many, Internet Service Providers I have dealt with since 1992, Hostpapa is definitely the very best. I have no complaints. I know I'll never need another ISP. My buck stops with Hostpapa.

    Review Rating

looked for reliabilty and so far hostpapa has given me 100 percent uptime and never seen my site down.

Control panel is easy to use and so much great features.

Sibylle Baker

    Review Rating

Over the few years I have been with Hostpapa the Service has been fantastic !

I enjoy the News Letters and the few times I called everyone was friendly and very helpful.

A TOPNOTCH Hosting Company

    Review Rating

I have been using host papa for two years now and it has always given support and provided wonderful service whenever needed. Its for sure that I will never move on to another hosting provider.

Dale Saulnier

    Review Rating

Excellent service, quick to respond to tickets either by phone, email or live chat. I've been with this company for several years and I have absolutely no complaints.


    Review Rating

I use this site for both personal and business uses, and have recommended this host to numerous people (who have switched) and find them reliable, easy to deal with, and professional.

Highly recommended.

    Review Rating

HostPapa has excellent customer service. When ever i needed they helped me straightaway. I am really happy to host with HostPapa. I would recommand host papa to anyone.

    Review Rating

I'm so satisfy, I have many account with you and I suggest hostpapa for all my friends each time when someone tell me about a hosting

    Review Rating

I'm so satisfy, I have many account with you and I suggest hostpapa for all my friends each time when someone tell me about a hosting

    Review Rating

Thanks HostPapa,

We have been using your service for over a year now, and the experience has been great.

For 5 years we searched for a server who provided green hosting as we are a company that specializes in Renewable Energy Products, Solar and Wind Energy.

And the cost... unbelievable at $5 per month.

But, the most important part is the service. Our previous hosting accounts (4) the service was horrendous, but every time I ask a question of the Hostpapa staff it is answered quickly and in detail.

The detail is important as we are not really 'techies' over here, no geeks in the office here, our main focus is our customers and Hostpapa allows us to do just that. Focus.

We appreciate that.

Just paid our bill for the upcoming year, we were actually searching for how to do that on their site as we did not want to lose this account, you guys are that good.

Keep up the great work, we trust you guys and feel you are a very important 'partner' in our success online.

All the best,

Les and Jane Oke



    Review Rating

Host Papa is a fantastic Web Hosting Company. They have always been easy to work with, always ready to help and are very quick and efficient when it comes to fixing a problem.

    Review Rating

HostPapa has been really beneficial to making our company website. We're an environmental products company and it was really important for us to get green hosting for our website.

The ease of use made it so our website was up and running in a matter of days instead of weeks.

I have used Dream Weaver before, and though that offers a plethora of features anyone can start making a site good looking site with HostPapa!

The online email has also been really handy in checking messages when i'm away from my computer. Everyone in the company has found it super handy.

In total I love HostPapa, it was really easy to pick up and start using. All the features and freebies have been really good and I looking forward to using them for years to come.

    Review Rating

I have been with HostPapa for over 3 years and they have been great. Any issues have been dealt with quickly and efficiently, and their technical staff are very knowledgeable. I would and have recommended HostPapa to other companies and friends to use.

    Review Rating

I cannot say enough good things about HostPapa. As a new web designer I had problems with other local hosts so I decided a change was necessary. Looking for a Canadian company HostPapa topped the list. I made the change and have not had a problem since. Their Customer service and Support staff were friendly and helpful. Thank you HostPapa

Rivière Mathieu

    Review Rating

A very good support and fast execution.

    Review Rating

I love it, i have never had a problem, it has everything i need.

Dominique L.

    Review Rating

I transferred my domain once I realized that Hostpapa is a green web host, I didn’t realize what I was missing. Their support team made the transfer so smooth and my services were never greater! Downtime is rarely seen compare to my previous host, CSR is very prompt online unlike the previous and they don’t take you around in circles. Very straight company, I’m very satisfied and I’m convincing friends to make the move too.

    Review Rating

HostPapa provides me with a good value hosting solution with many plan features and a quality service. HostPapa does seem to have some issues with customer service and tech support, however I would expect that this is mainly due to the lack of customer calls that are taken as the service is intuitive and quite easy to use.

Marie-Michele Hayeur

    Review Rating

I have had a website for a long time but only since I'm with hostpapa I've been 100% with my hosting company. They answer to all their e-mail (questions) very fast and most of the time you can also catch them online on chat! I love it.

    Review Rating

I've used it minimally, but have had excellent service, and I appreciate the environmental consciousness.

    Review Rating

Hostpapa.ca is far and away the best hosting service I have ever had pleasure to use. I host two different sites with hostpapa. They are prompt with their customer service and tech support, and always send out greatly appreciated notices of maintenance well in advance. The price speaks for itself and I wouldn't use anybody else

    Review Rating

I had never planned to host sites personally but when I experienced how easy HostPapa was to use setting up my webpage for my business I jumped in with both feet. Keep up the good work HostPapa

William Andrew Finlay Stewart

    Review Rating

A year later and HostPapa continues to deliver what was promised. Simply a great webhost

    Review Rating

While I've never had another hosting service, I have had to deal with other hosting services.

HostPapa is, by far, the best and easiest to deal with.

Tech support is prompt and informative. Sales is the same.I've even referred friends to sign up as their current provider was severely lacking in many areas.

    Review Rating

Been with HostPapa for 5 years now and they continue to be a great web host. Issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. I have, and continue to recommend HostPapa to other companies and friends to use.

    Review Rating

I see HostPapa as a strong web host with a good, solid offer. Although there are cheaper hosting plans on today's market, HostPapa's high quality level and to support green energy is worth the price.

They have a good support with telephone, live chat and a large knowledgebase in their web hosting plan.


    Review Rating

Very impressed with the Support, Cpanel and uptime of Hostpapa.

Haven't had any issues with my hosting. Mainly using for hosting as they give unlimited space. And super cpanel as well.

I've been using Hostpapa for a while now and will be keep using.

Yves Hache

    Review Rating

every questions were answer to 100% of my satisfaction

Bryant Dodd

    Review Rating

I am glad that I started using HostPapa, they provide me with great service. I could go on and on about the the many tools they provide, and very simple to use.

Hostpapa also has friendly support, and you cannot get that just any where. The support staff is pleasant to speak with and they care about my needs.

Hostpapa is better than my old web host, I mean a lot better, they keep my website running and that means a lot to me. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a reliable web host.

David Smith

    Review Rating

I have to say, I have had a fantastic experience with Hostpapa. They have hosted my website with minimum problems. I have loved the contact by their support team and its great to know that a team of dedicated people are here to help me build and host my website. The pricing is fair and you get a lot for your money. You get all the tools needed to create a good working website with all the features you need such as google ads, shops, facebook connection etc.

The uptime is fantastic and I have had no problems since I put my website up onto the internet. I have had regular calls from the company to make sure I'm happy and that if I need anything at all I can ask them. Hostpapa is a company that is reliable and easy to use and I have recommended it to all my business partners, you too should consider it seriously if you plan on building and hosting a website onto the world of internet.

Roger Phelps

    Review Rating

Great hosting company, they have everything in their cPanel which are required for self management. I really like their customer support as they sort out my every single problem. They are responsive, friendly and professional. Mostly important is their up time which is almost 100%. Thanks for providing such a great hosting support. Highly recommended.

    Review Rating

I've been using HosPapa since 2012. As I was expecting many members and visitors in my site, I was looking for a host who can give me support with unlimited bandwith and space in cheap. Yjen I found HostPapa.

I never faced complex problem during past 2 years.cPanel has many more features; more than I need. HostPapa's online FAQ is really easy to understand. I contacted to the customer service one or two time, they replied quickely.

I'm quite happy with the service of HostPapa. I recommended HostPapa to two of my friends so far. It's realy good and hassle free.

    Review Rating

I find Hostpapa to be a reliable hosting source for myself and my clients. Some of my clients have been using them for about 6 years with no problems. If a problem arises, I can pick up the phone and call support or use their online ticketing service to file a report or problem. They a quick to response and they are polite and helpful over the telephone. Usually after the call has been placed, talking to tech support them problem is solved. Excellent Service!


    Review Rating

I have checked numerous Web hosting services, and none compares to HostPapa. Although their prices are very affordable, they provide an availability equal to none (almost 100%), they are fast, they provide many managing tools and they support the most popular services and software. I have been with HostPapa for 3 years now, and never had any problem whatsoever! I can also manage my services on line and view my traffic statistics in various formats and get details on anything I need. Everything is running so smoothly and reliably, that I NEVER had to call tech support. Stop searching, HostPapa is simply THE BEST.

Shirley hooker

    Review Rating

Hostpapa has hosted my sites reliably for many years. Their support is second to none. Always available for live chat; problems are always resolved. I am extremely happy with the fantastic service they provide. A+

joanne baker

    Review Rating

Hosting more than one web page has never been cheaper or easier. I have just swapped to HostPapa as my kids want web poages to aid their job hunting. Now they can have their own domain name and for such a low cost. I live in Australia so a company that has help when we are awake is so much easier. the help center has delivered fast answers and been very paitent with me the novice learner..

    Review Rating

I've been with HostPapa for over 5 years and I love my experience! I never have problems with my website, I can load up tons of media with so much space available and the service and the support are excellent! The price is also incredible with so much to offer! I would not think of going anywhere else!

    Review Rating

Excellent service and support in different languages, plus is very easy to manage my website from hostpapa plataform, very friendly.

    Review Rating

Hostpapa is A1 support at its finest. I have had the pleasure of dealing with their support team as well as their maangement team. I was suspended for data warehousing at one point due to me storing my music on their servers. However this was my fault .. And it was resolved with the Call Centre Manager. I have never had any real issues with hostpapa which were out of my own control. Hostpapa, you guys rock,

    Review Rating

I have been with Hostpapa for over a year now. In reading these reviews you are looking for the company that will give you the best service for your dollars. I can honestly say the services provided by Hostpapa are second to none. I have dealt with all departments from billing to technical support. It takes an amazing professional staff to handle client issues in such a way that lets you know your business is as important to them as it is you. for true support choose Hostpapa!

Benoit Cotnoir

    Review Rating

I'm fearly new in webhosting and building my website. HostPapa offers great value hosting at a very good price. I would reccomend it to anyone looking to create their own website. The support is outstanding.


    Review Rating

I'm an IT professional and like to do websites as a hobby and currently working on a few different projects. HostPapa has all I need to play around with domain names, custom and template web design, and my latest project is going into some PHP to share lots of data with others.

Never had a problem with HostPapa, and they helped me as I needed information regarding my work and and do modifications.

    Review Rating

I am very glad I chose HostPapa to host my website. I had no problems in the 3 years I have my site hosted. I highly recommend HostPapa for hosting services.

    Review Rating

Moved over to Hostpapa last year after some terrible support issues with my previous host.

Hostpapa were both reasonably priced (and still are) and other reviews praised their feature list and support, both of which I can't fault.

I've had a few conversations with their support team (never due to an 'issue' as such, always to ask questions or request setup changes) and every time they've been prompt, accurate and have been able to resolve my query straight away.

Mario Vilches

    Review Rating

I use hostpapa long time ago and all is perfect the support is fast and the service is a reasonable price


    Review Rating

Hostpapa is really fast, and their support is just awesome if I have to tell


    Review Rating

HostPapa is an easy affordable service that caters for all my web needs.

Lauren Gray

    Review Rating

Host Pap is easy to use, easy to set up and their pricing is excellent. Customer Support is much better than other service providers I have used in the past. Would recommend them to anyone!

Ray Gooden

    Review Rating

It's Canadian (great value for the US$ these days)

I have requested help 3 times and the service received was excellent.

The site was easy to set up and the tutorials very good.

Overall I am very happy with Hostpapa.

    Review Rating

Host Papa is the best host I have used it is the most user friendly host that I have dealt with! They can always answer my website problems their support is very helpful!

John Heron

    Review Rating

When Host Papa approached us we were dubious...after all, they were fairly new.

Our apprehension dissolved into admiration when we began the process of establishing our websites, newsMagazine and email facilities.

The services they boasted about were easily accessible, reasonably priced (or free) and even easier to use.

Thanks to myriad tools available through the one source we have been able to measure our marketing performance and tailor our public appeal to perfection.

We had tried many other web-hosts but none match the capabilities, facilities, power and performance of Host-Papa.

We are very pleased with all aspects of our relationship with this truly customer-loving company.


John Heron,

Webmaster Lobwell Pty Limited and ePoshta.com

Dexter Chee

    Review Rating

I will not hesitate to criticise a poor service or inferior product but i gave credits to a well done job. In this case, I felt that Host Papa had done a good job.

I am a computer idiot when it come to the jargons about internet and the mechanics behind it. I only understand that I need to a host a web site and I look at different host service provider and finally take a risk with Host papa.

The support for them is almost instantaneous and right to the point. No sales of additional product or services are mentioned in their reply nor did i received any sales collateral from them.

I get my job done and just change my entire contents the second time. I have no experience in wordpress but look at least I managed to upload a skeleton within few hours.

Thanks to the team at the back end in helping me. I am certainly going to stay with you as a happy customer.


    Review Rating

Hostpapa is a flexible and well-rounded web Hosting service that is perfect for all type of users. I Love their Service.

    Review Rating

Hostpapa hosting is very perfect for simple business websites. i registered last month. very low cost with unlimited hosting.. Now my website running superb and nice. Very nice service from host papa.. Thank you somuch


    Review Rating

Quick hosting

no problems


    Review Rating

I am new to building website. But the price for Hostpapa is fantastic @ only $1.99 per month including 2 year domain. What a bargin. The speed of website is very good.

    Review Rating

I join HostPapa a few months ago with needs that did not quite fit with any of the templates but was able to use creative work-arounds to get what I needed and the tech folks were very helpful with any hitches I encountered.

They have a very good and dedicated attitude towards their service and customers that makes a very bad day so much better.

Their pricing options allow for a great deal of flexibility in the long term costs of their service.

Over all, I have been very happy with how all the glitches had or caused have been handled. Curiously and professionally.

I would recommend HostPapa to anyone.


    Review Rating

I have been a HostPapa client for a few years now. Recently I decided I wanted another domain name, a shorter one, that would simply send my visitor to the existing site. I am not a developer or tech person; I am a woman sole proprietor. I had no clue what to do in my cpanel to make this work and I didn't use the jargon that is the language of websites and domains etc. when asking Support for help. HostPapa support replied to my ticket promptly. The information provided was accurate, understandable and very complete. In the end hit my Staples easy button! "That was easy" Thank you HostPapa

Sylvain Gagne

    Review Rating

I can't say enough about Hostpapa. I've been with them for 3 years and originally built my website using the free tool Soholaunch (which sucked). I recently rebuilt my site using the Hostpapa website builder and absolutely love it. My site looks great. Technical support has been helpful, only really had one issue and it was quickly resolved. I would highly recommend them.

    Review Rating

Hostpapa is a good bet. I am totally new to this and web-challenged,but was able to get things up and running without a lot of effort.

    Review Rating

I signed up with HostPapa about three months ago and the experience has been excellent. I had some initial questions regarding hosting cost, website development tool, migration and those questions were answered as if someone was waiting at the other end. I have recommended them to some of my clients who were looking for reliable hosting services.

    Review Rating

Well with our project growing day by day, Hostpapa will defenitely be able to handle this, a great service and hosting company! thank you.


    Review Rating

I have been using hostpapa over last a few months. They are very helpful business, who provide precision instruction fast correspondence. Hostpapa setup 0800 specified for New Zealand based customers available assistance over 24/7. Most of my query say 99.9% solved during phone assistance, remaining query would be solved within 24 hours.

Hostpapa has highly secured server monitored by admin, if there is anything suspected they blocked access immediately in share host environment. It is a not bad idea, at least i think so.

Hostpapa pricing is not cheapest one. i compared between hostpapa and godaddy and bulehost and hostgator, hostpapa offers the best value for money with more function, secure and support available in share hosting environment. Hostpapa price charges base on NZD, it eliminated FX fluctuation.

Hostpapa speed is pretty good, as i am based in pacific and servers locate in Canada. It may have little delay that is totally acceptable.

    Review Rating

It has been almost a year since I first chose Hostpapa as my service provider. Within that year I have relied more than I wish to admit on their fantastic technical support staff, whom without I could not have succeeded in creating my site.

The creation of value added services available continues to increase. This is supported by flexible billing options allowing for my business' growth at sustainable prices.

    Review Rating

Like most companies, you will be put on hold initially, but once your call is taken, the support staff are fantastic. I have called them several times as this is the first time I've set up a website. They have resolved all my queries in an efficient manner and have never been passed from one operator to another. The website is very user friendly for website developer novices. No need to write complicated code, just choose a template and drop and drag using a tools menu.

The pricing is very competitive also.


    Review Rating

I have been using hostpapa services since a few months ago. My personal experience is fast, reliable, reliable and very supportive either on phone call or email. Their pricing is not the cheapest in the market, it is the best value for money. I had been compared a few major hosting companies. Hostpapa offers wider range services, as well as offers a dedicated NZ 0800 toll free number support us 24/7. I am not prefessional website people, i didnt do speed or up on time test. However, i am based in New Zealand, where long is distanced to Canada. I feel connection is still fast enough. In addtional, hostpapa support team is very helpful, who solved most of issues during phone call in minutes.Personally, i am very happy on hostpapa service.

Filip Blaho

    Review Rating

any issues related to hosting, bulding, DNS was promptly solved in no time. my domains are up and running. and i always learn with support which is great.

    Review Rating

I have been with HostPapa a couple of months now and I'm really happy with the level of service they have provided. The price for three years was very good compared to what else my search came up with.

When you sign up they send you an important email with all your sign in information and that has come in handy so far.

I have contacted technical support by opening tickets, twice and have had a great experience with my issues being resolved.

I would recommend HostPapa.

    Review Rating

Good pricing, quick support response

Moneer Khoury

    Review Rating

There was a sale on HostPapa ,business plan three years for only $106,I grabbed this very cheap opportunity,their Cpanel has all the Pro feature.

on the other hand their support was great and professional,I had many issues installing a software on the server,I got the help very fast and solved all the issues.

Highly recommended

Anthony Hilton-Bailey

    Review Rating

Having looked at various providers, I felt Host Papa offered the best facilities at a competitive price. Was simple to set up and support was excellent.

    Review Rating

I am impressed with the amount of support and help I get from HostPapa. My last host was terrible and my site were continually down. Thanks Hostpapa!

Michal Becker

    Review Rating

Great customer service, very prompt and reliable. Can only recommend!

    Review Rating

HostPapa is a very reliable webhosting company that appears to really care about its customers. I like that I can call and talk to a human being that I can understand who understands me. I consider myself a savvy Website designer whos is a SME in the industry. HostPapa adjusts their technical support to the audience with whom they are tech supporting, never insulting my intelligence if I need their assistance.

I would recommend HostPapa to my friends, family, and fellow colleagues.

Dan Calloway

    Review Rating

I had no prior experience with website owning or building. I found the process of getting my own domain very easy. The design software was excellent and intuitive, and forgiving when I made a mistake. I had a few small problems I could not solve and tech support was quick and helpful. I added mobile support and needed more help - which came easily, and politely. In fact they fixed my coding problem for me. The price is very good. I have had no website down-time that I know of. Seems quick to load. Very pleased. I recommend them highly.

John Stenson

    Review Rating

I went to hostpapa from a2hosting as they suspended my website for no reason. I find hostpapa technical support to be super friendly and knowledgeable. Any time I've had any questions there responses have been fast and good. Highly recommended.


    Review Rating

I am extremely pleased with HostPapa and have been a customer for several years. I run and have a stake in a number of businesses, and I have brought all of the websites over to HostPapa. It really streamlines updating and making changes to my website and has always been reliable.

While the price may not be the lowest out there and some other companies have a few more bells and whistles, the personal and prompt response I get from customer support is worth much more than that. I have never had a concern of mine neglected or left unresolved, which I cannot say about past web hosts that I have used. Very pleased and likely to recommend to others.

    Review Rating

We moved our wordpress website to host papa from a horrendous experience with our old web host. They have been very easy to work with and provide good quality support. We have not hit our renewal yet so can't comment on pricing but I'm sure it will be ok. we used a coupon code when we signed up and got a good discount. hostpapa is highly recommended.


    Review Rating

I would recommend Hostpapa because of their full compliment of tools for managing a website, the video tutorials for using the tools and for the excellent tech support I get when I am online chat or call,.. I have always received quality assistance when I needed help with an issue.

Julie D

    Review Rating

I've been hosting and have email with Hostpapa for about 1 year. They are great, support is friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend Hostpapa as I see most people also confirm on internet searches.

    Review Rating

We have been using host papa to host our bands toadstoolrock.com website for a good number of years now. We also use the email server. The system has been 100% reliable, has great performance and is easy to use. We also use Host papa for our Domain name management. Highly recommended

    Review Rating

I've been with HostPapa for almost two years now and have had great service.

I run a forum with a MySQL database. And I host four other domains under mine as well.

Yes, my site has gone down on occasion. But the downtime was addressed in a timely manner.

Such is the nature of web hosting. If you want a perfect hosting solution, be prepared to spend some big dollars and forget about HostPapa or any other type of hosting like them.

If you hosted your site there you were likely more worried about the cost than the uptime. If you want good uptime, invest in a hosted server rather than some web space on a shared server.

Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, HostPapa has been a great service provider bar none.

As for people complaining about lost databases, HostPapa doesn't keep any backups. You can do database backups through the control panel. I backup my databases regularly and wouldn't rely on any hosting company to do it for me.

A smart web site owner looks after it's own info.

    Review Rating

I've been with HostPapa with a couple years now and haven't run into any difficulties whatsoever. They have been great to me as a client. They have online and phone support. It's been cheap and reliable and the only thing I've noticed changing are these review? Some of which are just silliness. There's a separate domain for the billing, just ask them, they'll tell you. and there were some other weird comments too. Anyways my experience has been great, although people are claiming otherwise I personally have not experienced any of these issues and have been happy with the service provided. I just used the webpage for a smaller amount of content, and I was taken care of just fine.


    Review Rating

I have been very pleasantly surprised by the reliability, the available features, the cost/value and the customer service at HostPapa. I used to dread calling customer support but either they have drastically improved the within the last six months... Bottom line, I am migrating my client sites to HostPapa wherever I can!


    Review Rating

It was a dark and stormy night, haha ...Seriously ... Thought I'd lost everythign! Thanks to the team at HostPapa for getting me back up and online in no time. I was really worried!


    Review Rating

I'm surprised by how many bad reviews hostpapa has received. I do not run high traffic websites... (I would not use shared value hosting if I did), but switched to them a few years ago and have never had problems. My switch was seemless and I've had positive experiences with them since.

Compared to a big name in domain registry/hosting ... they are running the latest stable PHP which is great. Thanks for keeping up to date HostPapa!

    Review Rating

Great web hosting company, I highly recommend for just about anyone. Dont let the low price fool you! This is high-quality hosting.

Camille Mseikeh

    Review Rating

This review completes an earlier one, please see http://hostjury.com/reviews/225

First, let me say. My review is indeed to excessive. At the time, after 4 days of having the site down, I was not happy, and made the review. But here are the facts:

The site went up after two days and not 4 days. However, Hostpapa DID NOT email me telling me things are back to normal. So I was left with the impression that they are still working at it even after four days;

Now I tried to access the site after it was fixed and always failed. BUT, that was because, Hostpapa blocked access from my IP. Clearly that was an innocent mistake from their part. They may have somehow imagined that my IP is where they are being hacked. SO, I try to access and can not. I had not receive any email saying we fixed it; and I am receiving emails from tech support telling me everything is normal. What conclusion should I arrive at. I thought they are lying.

So bottom line, I understand no one can ensure the site will ALWAYS BE UP. I understand the site will be down for some period. But, two days and half to bring it back on, is rather long, beside all the issues I mentioned above.

But I must also say, the response from tech support was within reasonable delay; six hours or so to get an email back in such a situation is understandable, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, it would be unfair from me to call them liars when in fact we had a misunderstanding.

I withdraw my review. In fact, I am happy with the way Hostpapa corrected things. I would still recommend them to anybody wanting to do business on the web.

    Review Rating

My first research brought Host Papa to the top of the list when I looked for a new web hosting site. I believe they are Canadian and that was important to me. I like the green features. I experienced some difficulty (due to my ignorance) switching from my previous provider and the Host Papa technicians were very patient with me and helped me through the process. Just what I needed. Thank you. The renewal process is a snap, with timely warnings and ease of transaction. I like the choice of mutliple years' subscriptions.


    Review Rating

HostPapa is the best choice I made. I'ts a really good service and the price is the lowest in the market plus %100 green power servers!!!

    Review Rating

these guys have a great product for a great price!!

    Review Rating

Great option! Green energy sourced. Have had nothing but solid performance. Highly recommend.

    Review Rating

Brilliant website company!!!!!

    Review Rating

The best things about Hostpapa for me is that I can manage my collection of small websites (with separate domain names) within one hosting package with no extra cost per domain. Even without this feature it was a cost efective option for me.

I had previously been with Easyspace who crept my charges up year-by-year and made it difficult expensive to leave them. Hostpapa are seeming to come up much better in both these fronts.

The downside of this is that all my eggs are in one basket so if any of the hostpapa services are unavailable (there have been a couple of instances of this) then all my sites are affected.

On occasions when there have been issues the support responses have been helpful and effective but sometimes not as quick o reply as I would have preferred.

I run a blog from one of my sites which uses mysql and php which has been delivered faultlessly.

Only one minor niggle comes to mind and that was when I was converting from running email on POP3 to IMAP where there was no SSL option.

In general I am very happy with the price and service and shall be staying witgh Hostpapa.

Annette Ommen

    Review Rating

Hostpapa is a truly great hosting provider. Since I do not that know that much about servers, even website design, and practically nothing about how to set up contact forms and how to get them to do exactly what I want, or rerouting email, it is a great help to have responsive support, especially when this is not normally support offered by other hosting companies. Hostpapa has been there for me no matter what the question. They don't tell me to do it myself if I can't seem to figure it out.

They are polite and prompt. They offer very reasonable rates, less than any other low rate hosting company. I like the fact that they are green, meaning they depend on solar power. I can have multiple domains. Their servers are fast! They offer a good range of free hosting platforms and programs, cloud service, secure and mobile sites, automatic backup. Some of these services are extra, but very cheap and well worth the money.

Their servers are protected from hackers, at least I have not heard of any attacks. As soon as a threat is discovered they take the necessary precaution. I can only sum them up as near perfect. You won't ever find a better host.

Ward Taylor

    Review Rating

I have been a HostPapa customer for 3 years. The uptime has been constant and ease of use is the best I've seen. Highly recommended!

Michael Creighton

    Review Rating

I have had a great experience with host papa. There's really not much to say since I have never had any problems! Any time I needed to talk with them (usually regarding questions from my end) they made it quick and easy to communicate with them and they promptly took care of my request.

Also, I love the fact that they are green.

I built my website myself using photoshop and dreamweaver so I don't have experience using host papa's site builder but I do recommend them to anyone out there thinking of starting their own website.

Tyler Schramm

    Review Rating

I have been using HostPapa for our business website for about a year now. I have left 2 other hosts that I have not been happy with in the past. So far, I have been really pleased with what HostPapa offers.

I would definitely recommend their hosting. Support is quick to follow up on issues and they contact me every now and again to make sure I am happy with their service.

Steven Potashnyk

    Review Rating

Amazing service, have been with Hostpapa for sometime now and they have been nothing but professional and very reliable.

B. Milot

    Review Rating

HostPapa is simply THE BEST!

I have checked numerous Web hosting services, and none compares to HostPapa. Although their prices are very affordable, they provide an availability equal to none (almost 100%), they are fast, they provide many managing tools and they support the most popular services and software. I have been with HostPapa for 3 years now, and never had any problem whatsoever! I can also manage my services on line and view my traffic statistics in various formats and get details on anything I need. Everything is running so smoothly and reliably, that I NEVER had to call tech support. Stop searching, HostPapa is simply THE BEST. I recommend it highly!

    Review Rating

Hostpapa provides very easy and complete packages. The price is good for value. Support is available through chat, ticketing and phone, which is something that you can't find everywhere. Using their Online Chat will resolve issues quickly, but I would suggest using their ticketing system as concurrent issues won't be tracked via chat.

It's not the fastest provider if your website has a little bit of design work and also they do have a lot of sites per server but hopefully they will address their planning better in the future.

Overall very satisfying.

David Sangster

    Review Rating

Responsive to questions. Reliable. Excellent value for service


    Review Rating

Been using them for years. I like the price, no hassle at all with customer support when needed. And they offer promotion now and then. Thanks.

    Review Rating

HostPapa is is great for newbies. Their support staff is very helpful over the phone and online. Online support may take a little time for them to reply, but it always has been within a reasonable time with me. I have no problem recommending HostPapa.


    Review Rating

Great prices in Canadian dollars, tech support fairly fast within 24 hours of ticket open. Highly recommended.


    Review Rating

The site / email hosting is solid. Very helpful when I migrated to google apps

    Review Rating

At Pandora’s Boox & Tea we are completely happy with our service from HostPapa. We have been using their services for our website and email since we opened our business and everything has been completely seamless and easy. We picked them because they were a Canadian provider and that they use 100% certified green renewable energy sources. Environmental stewardship is a refreshing thing to see in an online business!

Mellissa Ruryk

    Review Rating

I never have issues with speed, with HostPapa. Overall, I'm pretty happy with them. They're better than the other host I used before them. I don't really have any complaints - I've always had a reply from customer service or support when I had problems (which were user-caused) or questions. I don't use too many features but they are user friendly. I use it for my home-based business, and it's been great so far, much better than free hosting websites such as WordPress. Hostpapa has been excellent and I have recommended them many times to my friends.

Leona Rockwood

    Review Rating

Been using Host Papa for many years now. Downtime has been minimal and have found the support to be efficient and helpful


    Review Rating

Host PaPa was recommended to me by a friend who is a web designer. Since starting the service I have been extremely happy with the service and cost.

At the time I wanted to give my business to a local company however they did not offer what Host Papa had and the cost was no where near the cost that Host PaPa offers. So what can I say Host PaPa got the nod.

Since then I have recommended Host Papa to many clients and friends and they have been very happy with the service and cost.

    Review Rating

A control panel allows me to manage every aspect of my site.

Hosting price is cheap with a good support

HostPapa also providers many option to choose the hosting package, depending on the business size.

Bill Glancy

    Review Rating

I have used Hostpapa for a number of years and have migrated all my websites to it. Overall support and help have been excellent I highly recommend them for their hosting services.

Maurice Cormier

    Review Rating

I have been using HostPapa for the past 3 - 4 years now and am quite happy with the service, the few times I had to deal with customer service they were always helpful and I've never had an issue not get resolved to my satisfaction.

    Review Rating

Really good service and a bargain at the price it cost, will recommend it without any doubt.

Michael Kitselaar

    Review Rating

The whole set up process was very straight forward. I have used another host for a previous website I setup and this time the process was a lot smoother. I am still developing my page, but I couldn't be happier with the service Hostpapa provided me. Oh and the best part had to be the price.

Atmani Med Amine

    Review Rating

HostPapa is a most interesting hosting service in terms of quality / price ratio. In fact, I spent several hours searching for the best offer, and I ended up taking the HostPapa's.

    Review Rating

I have had a Host papa web site for 3 years without any problems at a good price. The tools are more than I would need, never had to call support other than to renew.

    Review Rating

I am an amateur webmaster and so my sites aren't overly complex. I started out with one website about 5 years ago and since then have added two moire. So I do a lot of experimenting with different platforms and software bundles. I find their video tutorials very helpful in this regard.

From time to time I have had some technical issues and contacted their technical support for help. I got responses in good time and in each case was able to resolve issues. In a couple of instances I felt that they went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. I have not experienced any down time issues. Overall I am very satisfied, feel that their value is reasonable and so I plan on staying with them when it is time to renew.

Quintin Clarke

    Review Rating

I've been hosting my portfolio site with HostPapa for over 3 years now. I was initially offered a great starting rate that got me online and have had zero issues since.

I have only used the hosting resource and have not attempted to use website builder tools. Instead I have been using a wordpress theme that serves my purposes.

I recently send an email question about fees as my payment was coming up again ans it was promptly answered within one day. I also called before the email with no answer for 5-10 minutes before I hung up. So there is room for improvement, but my question was still answered.

Cat West

    Review Rating

Host Papa has been reliable on all levels. They've guided me from a novice webmaster to a more confident, competent web designer, very patient with my early missteps, very quick to respond to tickets, or phone or chat.

I know my site is going to be there when called and that I can FTP my site any hour, any day with no problems ever.

Just being reliable is great. But the service when needed is a real bonus.


    Review Rating

Good service and efficient I have no complains

Mahmut Tuncer

    Review Rating

I am a relative novice at this and I found the website and service offered intuitive and straightforward. Hosting websites and managing email accounts is very easy to do. I did some research for pricing and I think hostpapa offer a great 3 year deal.

I made a mistake with purchasing an additional item (website security) that I did not need and I cancelled it after a few days and got a full refund immediately. I would highly recommend hostpapa.

    Review Rating

This was the first time i'd registered domains and was quite nervous about who to use. I can't remember why i chose HostPapa above the rest but i'm glad i did. It's been quite easy setting up two domains and email for my new business which i'm excited about.

Support can take a few hours to reply but they ALWAYS do, it's great. They've answered a lot of questions for me and helped me along every step.

Mark Thompson

    Review Rating

Hostpapa have been excellent so far. There were quick to respond to a request and were able to help me out with a very short turnaround time.

Ted Smolak

    Review Rating

My recent experience with HostPapa telephone customer support was extremely good. First of all, I fully expected my call to be bounced to a number of people before being answered due to the technical nature of the call. Much to my surprise the customer rep. was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions quickly and clearly. The individual also took extra time to make sure that I completely understood how to resolve my issues.

What happened next is what really convinced me that HostPapa takes customer service seriously. Within an hour of concluding the call, I received a follow-up email from the same support representative. The email completely outlined our conversation, I was asked if I had any further questions and a ticket was opened to allow me to continue the conversation with the same representative going forward.

In my experience the extent of the follow-up was very unexpected and much appreciated.

Richard Liebmann

    Review Rating

I transferred my domain and e-mail hosting from another provider because of reliability and support issues. HostPapa helped walk me through the entire process with live support. Minor issued with locked parameters in domain info was quickly resolved after I submitted a ticket, which was an easy process. Overall, very satisfied!

    Review Rating

I just set up my website and had 2 questions regarding my SSL and AWstats. On BOTH occasions, support responded in less than 6 hours AND gave me additional, helpful information. Have another website hosted by another company and HostPapa support put them to shame!

Marcos Dalmasso

    Review Rating

I am hosting my domain with HostPapa since 4 years ago and must admit that I feel very comfortable with the service they provide.

In all of these years I have no problems at all regarding performance, sites down, etc. All of my opened ticket where answered in no more than 24hs.

    Review Rating

I have used Hostpapa for a few years now, since my basic html and css days. The competitive price was what drew me there in the first place, but I'm glad to say that due to their feature rich packages and friendly support, I have been able to grow in my website development.

The features they offer were far beyond my abilities when I first joined, but the easy availability of website builders and cms, such as Joomla, have meant that I was free to explore and learn. Even recently, I needed help with new challenges and their ticket and phone support was so great that I overcame them and can now boast new skills.

That which is offered by Hostpapa still has room for me to grow, and I will admit to having a peek at other hosting services for a few websites I am developing, however, the price cannot be beaten, and when I am so comfortable with their service and their support, I really see no reason to try elsewhere. I'm comfortable and happy. I won't change to another. I would advise anyone to either first go to, or switch to, Hostpapa. In fact, I have...and they did...and they're as happy as I am.

I have gone from a hobbyist to a website business owner and Hostpapa is my service of choice as long as they stay as they are.

Hope this review helps you.

Michael Goodey

    Review Rating

Great support for me as I am not the most tech savvy and when I have had any problems they are dealt with quickly and without any trouble.

Charles Billo

    Review Rating

This is the least expensive hosting service I found, I came to it after a number of bad experiences with coolcom, and I am so glad I switched. Hostpapa ALWAYS answers my questions, none of them are dismissed to the forums for self-research, and I have never once had a bad experience with them. They are therefore UNLIKE any other modern company I have had to deal with. They understand that customers are their lifeblood, and they uncharacteristically ACT ACCORDINGLY. Something every OTHER company today should learn.

This is the one company I unhesitatingly recommend to the fullest extent.

Marvin Ross

    Review Rating

I have been with hostpapa for almost 2 years or possibly longer and I switched reluctantly because I quite liked the company I had been with for years but I was becoming increasingly more frustrated with his lack of response to my concerns.

Hostpapa is much cheaper than what I was paying before and far more reliable. I have not had any downtime and when I report a problem, it is resolved very quickly. I would have saved myself a great deal of grief (and money) had I made the switch earlier


    Review Rating

I have found HostPappa to be very efficient in providing all that I need as a newbie website administrator.

The support team is efficient, polite and prompt when answering my questions.

There us a clear dashboard providing easy access to information.

    Review Rating

I have been a customer of HostPapa for at least 3 years now and am very happy with their service and prices. They offer great deals and promotions, as well. I have never had any issue with my website. I highly recommend HostPapa.

    Review Rating

I started a new website to promote my Buisiness and selected HostPapa Internet hosting as there prices were acceptable.New to website building i found myself around there web builder with ease and the 2 questions i had at support were answered quickly and very helpfull to me to fire up the website.AAA+++

Blue Browne Design

    Review Rating

I wanted to get a website started so did a Top 10 search online for Hosts in NZ.Hostpapa were rated #1 in NZ so I decided to give them a shot.Their rates seemed very reasonable compared to other providers and offered free services for a year on certain packages.With setting up my site for publishing I needed quite a bit of help as this was my first website.Hostpapa with their online help services & backup always responded promptly and provided me with the answers I needed to complete things.As well as providing answers Hostpapa also provided helpful online links from their Hostpapa site.

Thank you Hostpapa.

Michael Z

    Review Rating

HostPapa has been serving my needs since 2011. With over 10 support tickets resolved by competent and efficient staff, I will continue using HostPapa for my growing needs. With the industry leading dashboard tools and services, it's safe to say, I recommend this host for a great party!

    Review Rating

I had a terrible experience with this host. I had considered moving some of my .ca domains to a Canadian host provider and ordered their service knowing there was a guaranteed refund if I decided I didn't like it. I decided that I did not need a Canadian host for my .ca sites. And cancelled without ever transferring or creating a domain on their server. I got grilled as to why I wanted to cancel, then I was asked to provide all kinds of info I had already provided to initiate the cancellation, charged $25 to process the cancellation and advised that I'd be charged for a month's service, that I never used.

I am highly dissatisfied and do NOT recommend this service. Features are sub-par, options are non-existent and customer service only seems interested in the dollar value of their clients.

Lee Hayward

    Review Rating

HostPapa's quality of service has deteriated over the past few months, to the point of being unberable. Email support took 2 weeks to get back to me, and on average takes at least a week. Dowtime is below 80% according to my thirparty monitoring service and a quick look at my log files show downtimes of up to 3 hours, on a daily basis.

They were good at the start, but then this is a trend. The minute a provider enters the market and gets popular for being reliable, everyone makes a dash for them.. which then results in over-subscribing, overloading servers and overworking techies.

It's the better of the several providers I've hosted with so far, but they are quickly becoming the worst if they continue the way they are...

On another note.. A reviewer mention his site hasn't had any downtime, so before posting this, for the last 3 days I've monitored his site and it has been down, today alone it went offline twice in one half hour period.. This test was from two separate geo-locations..


    Review Rating

Due to a storm in Toronto two days ago my site is still down and I can't access my emails. Not a good way to run my business so I'll leave when I can.


    Review Rating

Ok, I'm a newbie. I started with Hostpapa because of the price. I have 7 addon domains and all my sites are down and I can't even work on them. To top it all of I was using a web-builder (Soholaunch when some of the support guys at Hostpapa told me that Drpal was the bomb...ok 4 weeks later and I have an a working site powered by Drupal. the whole time I was considering Drupal they all said "yes, we'll help, we've got lots of experience". My ass. As soon as I need help with the install they tole me that they don't support that. I knew it but they said they'd help. Well at least I am learning something practical. As far as hosting companies go...I'd have to say, this being my first experience...it sucks. I'm going to try and get a refund...either way I am going to find something a little more reliable.

Just one last gripe...Alex is a CSR there and he's F'n rude. Dude you should lighten up.

    Review Rating

Up until recently, I enjoyed my time with Hostpapa. However I've found their level of support and turnaround time to be less than acceptable. I would appreciate an acknowledgement of my ticket within 24 hours of it being posted no matter what day of the week it is. I've now been waiting 96 hours for a reply. I do appreciate that Hostpapa provides online chat, but the operators at the other end of the 'line' can't help me. Very disappointed and now looking to move a number of clients elsewhere. Customer service should be any providers number one goal!

Robin Brockway

    Review Rating

Bad communication when server down which can happen unexpectedly and usually problems persist. Very slow and technically off-track with the two ftp programmes I use - it works but not as it should. Webmail has worst interface I've ever seen as is totally convoluted to access. I've just moved server though have most of my years prepaid hosting with HostPapa to run as I cannot cope with any email unreliablity. My advice: avoid!

    Review Rating

Perfect service for cheap price. Works perfectly and there is help and feature in french :P

Serge Savic

    Review Rating

So far good except for the problem with someone hacking my account and Host Papa telling me that this was my responsibility. I wasn't aware of any updates that I needed to do. Good communication g.oes a long way

Ryan Castley

    Review Rating

This host is great for low cost, high reliability site hosting.

Thomas Skoropad

    Review Rating

Canadian too!

    Review Rating

I really like it. It is easy to begin. What is coming with the HostPapa plan is more than I need so it's great. There is explanation in french wich is great too.

J'aime beaucoup. C'est facile de débuter et le plan HostPapa contient plus que ce dont j'ai besoin alors c'est Parfait! Il y a aussi des explication et beaucoup de choses en français ce qui le rend accessible à tous. Je le recommende.

    Review Rating

They've been hosting me for a couple of years now.

It was touch and go in the beginning - as I think the sever I was on was overloaded.

But it's been smooth sailing ever since.

    Review Rating

Hosted my site for for 2 years with no complaints

Lynn Helgedalen

    Review Rating

As the web master for our Sweet Adeline chapter, it was important that there were enough features that we could "grow into" as our membership grows and evolves. Host Papa was one of the only web hosting companies that offered a simple to use web building package as part of the plan.

I especially like that we have unlimited simple storage for our documents and can easily create calendars, photo albums and even audio/video for our membership.The management. team can participate in the site's upkeep with little effort.

Being GREEN is also a big plus.

    Review Rating

They've been hosting me for a couple of years now.

It was touch and go in the beginning - as I think the sever I was on was overloaded.

But it's been smooth sailing ever since.

    Review Rating

They are dependable and reliable. Always prompt to notify their clients when there is an upgrade of services or interference with the network. I recommend them.

    Review Rating

It's an easy service to use. I cannot complaint for the price. The only thing is that sometime it can be slow for picture but that is not a really big issue.

Masoud Tasharofi

    Review Rating

I have been with HostPapa for three years now. For the most part I have not had any issues, however just recently when I renewed my account with them, I have had a serious issue with my domain name.

Through some error on HostPapa's part, my domain name was never re-registered after my renewal, and my website has been unaccessible by my clients for over a week now without any progress. I have been in contact with HostPapa's technical support, however they seem to move at a snail's pace as it takes several days to get any sort of reply to my emails.

They also marked my support ticket as low priority, which is very disconcerting to me considering that not having any access to my website seems like a very high priority issue to me.

Over the last three years I have been very happy with Hostpapa's service and support, and I trust that they will follow through with re-establishing my website. However I must express my disappointment in the lack of speed and priority in fixing this issue on their part.

Masoud Tasharofi

    Review Rating

I have been with HostPapa for three years now. For the most part I have not had any issues, however just recently when I renewed my account with them, I have had a serious issue with my domain name.

Through some error on HostPapa's part, my domain name was never re-registered after my renewal, and my website has been unaccessible by my clients for over a week now without any progress. I have been in contact with HostPapa's technical support, however they seem to move at a snail's pace as it takes several days to get any sort of reply to my emails.

They also marked my support ticket as low priority, which is very disconcerting to me considering that not having any access to my website seems like a very high priority issue to me.

Over the last three years I have been very happy with Hostpapa's service and support, and I trust that they will follow through with re-establishing my website. However I must express my disappointment in the lack of speed and priority in fixing this issue on their part.


    Review Rating

Our host provides excellent service which they are capable of resolving my issues when it occurs. THey also have a 24/7 technical support which i think is very conveniant and a service that must have.

    Review Rating

We have been with HostPapa for a few years and it is the reliability that has kept us with them. Our site is never down.

Phillip Troop

    Review Rating

I was looking for an inexpensive and easy to use web hosting site and Hostpapa is very good.

    Review Rating

I have had websites with other services, and Hostpapa is one of the few which responds when you have an issue. As a result, I have moved a couple of sites over to Hostpapa. I am also very happy about the range of features they offer — a lot more for your money.

    Review Rating

I have been with HostPapa for over three years. I have two addresses for which they are my provider.

Jaimie Murphy

    Review Rating

Hostpapa's pricing is very reasonable, their online support needs to be improved.


    Review Rating

Reliable Canadian web host. Never had any issues. Recommend them to all.

T Esseltine

    Review Rating

OK, but one of my co workers on my recommendation also signed up only to find 5 mins after she did sign up one of Host Pappa's ads which offered a discount. She is unable to take part of that discount even after contacting Host Papa. I am not impressed by that at all.

I would strongly urge people to search Host Papa and find the best discount as they offer several. Also make sure you sign up for the Canadian or US company as applicable to you.


    Review Rating

I've been using HostPapa for over 2 years now, initially for personal fun websites and last year have added a business website to my hosting plan. The value is undeniable - one price and the ability to add as many domains as I want to under that umbrella is fantastic! The tools and software options are fabulous - I use those for my personal sites - and the options for your own controlled software is also there which is great.

    Review Rating

I do find your servers a little slow some times, and tech support closed a ticket one time, before I could tell them if the problem was really fixed.

But Hostpapa offers such a great plan: unlimited space, green hosting, domain for life, unlimited domains, all the marketing credits included, etc. Plenty of great value for the affordable price!

I am proud to be one of Hostpapa's members!

Thank you!

    Review Rating

I have used host papa for my web development projects for a number of years now and have found them to historically have excellent uptime and support. I also like the stable cpanel feature set they offer and their price for resources is very competitive.

    Review Rating

I have enjoyed your sevices. The database options are great.

ICS Technologies

    Review Rating

Really good hosting plan. Really cheap price. Never had problems in 2 years and the technical support is very friendly and useful. I really recommand this hosting solution.

    Review Rating

It was touch and go in the beginning as I think my website was put on an overloaded server. But it was soon rectified and it's been smooth and reliable ever since.

Chris Petts

    Review Rating

HostPapa's ticket system is a problem. They fail to resolve issues because this system cannot accomodate faults.

I have been mis-sold, over-charged and now suspended because customer support couldn't or wouldn't respond in time. I have been holding now for 22 minutes and counting.

Very poor standard of service. Will not use or recommend Hostpapa in future.

    Review Rating

I am updating my earlier review to an "average" status for Host Papa. After many emails and calls to their customer service with no resolution of our issues, I filed a complaint with the BBB. Whether coincidence in timing or not, I was contacted by a CSM at Host Papa within 24 hrs of the complaint. They are well on their way to trying to resolve all of our issues. We'll see how the next few months go. They were fully accepting that the way our account has been treated was very poor - and they were apologetic. I am now having no issues at all getting through to a live customer support rep. Let's hope it lasts.

    Review Rating

Update to my previous comments. Host Papa attended to all the problems with my website and website email .. after 5 days offline. I am now fully operational again and received an apology from their management and one month's free hosting. Their management also promised to review the problems with their staff.

    Review Rating

I setup a reseller account with Host Papa and immediately had email bounce back issues. It turns out the IP was blacklisted and their solution was getting me to purchase a dedicated IP for an additional three dollars per month.

Ixwebhosting includes 10 IPs and host papa doesn't give you one, ridiculous!

Meir Loichter

    Review Rating

I bought 12 month hosting from Hostpapa in a $1/Month deal.

Server is reliable and works fine (although php version is a bit outdated - 5.4.41).

I also got a free domain name (which I don't really need, but it nice to have).

The support is in India, so I don't expect it to be perfect, mostly they have some default answers.

All in all, this hosting is very cheap and pretty reliable, so it is a great deal if you have a very limited budget.

jeff black

    Review Rating

2 years in I have had no issues


    Review Rating

I bought hosting for $1.95/m. I installed WordPress, but I noticed that the speed sucks to the extend that I am not able to work on WordPress Admin dashboard. I monitored their uptime for the last 24 hours and so far their uptime is only 60%. Not good for a business website. Unreliable, speed sucks, unacceptable downtime.

    Review Rating

The cheap hosting is great for start up companies wanting to get a presence on the internet.


    Review Rating

Hostpapa is good value for money, offers amazing deals for web hosting and domain is usually free. I have compared a few hosting companies and they definitely top the list for value for money.


    Review Rating

*Reliable and quick online support*. I have been using host papa for my company for quite sometime now and I wouldn't want to change for anything else. My business is running smoothly thanks to host papa uptime.

marc soubliere

    Review Rating

Host Papa bills you with a noreply email and continues to do so even after you submit to remove the site immediately and no interest in renewal.

By design HostPapa will be having issues with customers simply because of how one sided renewal communications from them are.


    Review Rating

we hostpapa offered me an inducement to write a glowing report and email the link to get a reward, i dont want the reward, i can say the little i used them was ok, better than crazy domains the bumbbling fools.

Trent Hodgson

    Review Rating

I migrated all of my websites to HostPapa after the service I had received from my old webhost was less than satisfactory. In the several months that our sites have been on, our only problem was with the email accounts (but this has been a fairly common problem across all hosts). After moving our email to a third party provider, we haven't had any problems since.

    Review Rating

Hostpapa is very responsive to my emails and are friendly and helpful. I searched around for a while before deciding to switch hosting to Hostpapa. I love what they offer and I am especially with their price. The one area I would love to see improved is their online chat. I find this very slow - but they make up for that in their email support.


    Review Rating

It has always been great to deal with Host staff, who provides excellent quality of service.

    Review Rating

Support 24/7, have used both the live chat and ticket system. Very happy with live chat but tough to find link to establish. Tickets take 12 hrs to get response but response is accurate and helpful. Cpanel menu easy to navigate and access many different options in server control and plugins. I heartily recommend using HostPapa if you are a coder.

Anthony Lewis

    Review Rating

Since day one of using HostPapa I have not had any significant issues. Downtime has been almost non-existent that I am aware of. I did run into one issue recently (That was my own fault) but when I e-mailed support I got what was clearly a generic response that was no help at all and when I explained my issue again I received the exact same response clearly showing they didn't actually read my e-mail. This was frustrating, however when I called into support and explained they were able to rectify the issue immediately and were very polite and helpful. Great hosting site.


    Review Rating

First time I dealt with customer support they were absolute horrible. More recently they were very helpful and even educated me in new areas.


    Review Rating

I have been tracking my site and it is a least down twice a month for few hours. When contacted about the issue, customer service had poor answers. I'm moving my site.

    Review Rating

Features and price very good.

But the service is shocking. Downtime is terrible and the support people are very limited in knowledge. Apparently only 20 people work at HostPapa which has put me of them completely. Currently, hostpapa's live chat is not working, their whole support site is not working, my email is not working and a few of my sites are down..BAD SERVICE..IM GOING TO HOSTGATOR!


    Review Rating

Don't do it. Only use this provider if you don't really need regular access to your email and if you dont mind that your site will be down periodically for days at a time. It's gotten worse since Fall 08 but has reached crisis stage in the last 10 days. Visit the forums on their site for more information about this. Don't do it.


    Review Rating

DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! The downtime is horrific. Sometimes all I have to do it upload a file to my FTP for my domain to crash and go offline for a few hours. I'd say my site and email work about 75% of the time - insane as I'm trying to run a business! They even want to charge me to move my domain name away!

    Review Rating

Down time is a big big issue, they always give the same excuse of another user exceeding their quota, once my year is up I'm off.

The only good thing is the price, if you are a UK user sign up through the US site, they don't convert currency so a £3.99 price becomes $3.99, nice.


    Review Rating

I am very frustrated with Hostpapa. I have 3 domains with them and the amount of downtime I am experiencing is ridiculous. We are trying to run businesses and people check into our sites daily. This week I am going to switch to another provider because this isn't acceptable. Like other reviewers, I have never received good customer service, especially with tech support, which I find to often be very rude, making me feel bad for "bothering" them. I initially chose them because of those Top 10 lists (it's overwhelming!) and can attest that I think those are not accurate. I just found this site, so I hope that it will help me make a more informed decision this time around!


    Review Rating

from hostpapa support email:


Unfortunately as a result of a recent power surge at our datacentre, your partition on the server was corrupted, which has resulted in the loss of your databases."

FYI hostpapa does not backup their servers.


    Review Rating

I also was a victim of this recent "power surge". They don't back up their servers? What kind of datacentre is that? I will be moving to another host immediately. I've never had such a problem with other hosting. Ever.

Mike Urry

    Review Rating

Simply terrible. Within days of paying, my site access is sporadic at best, my control panel access is dead, and my passwords are not recognized when I request help. Either a bad joke or just plain criminal. I've never experienced such lousy service. They DO know how to flood the web with BS "independent" reviews, though. Avoid these bums at all costs.

Bryony Blyth

    Review Rating

As a basic hosting company, Hostpapa are fine but their customer service can be really slow and very unhelpful. I guess you get what you pay for, which isn't a lot!!!

Tony V

    Review Rating

I currently host 5 websites with hostpapa, and one of them came up for renewal, I asked hostpapa if they provided price-matching because there was a good deal with justhost.com (through which I now host 12 websites). Hostpapa replied that they do not price-match, so I asked to initiate a transfer. After 9 days and numerous emails back and forth regarding their requirements to transfer, plus paying a domain transfer fee... they end up incorrectly changing the dns and allowing my domain to expire. Justhost waits patiently for hostpapa to figure out their mess, my domain is in limbo (they probably want more money now) and my clients site is not accessible.

I will not recommend Hostpapa to any new clients and will transfer my other 5 clients with them to other hosting providers.


    Review Rating

Hostpapa is fine if if you don't mind some downtime here and there. I was with them for two years, then decided to move my main site to a different host because I wanted better reliability and better response time for tech support.

I was just going to move the one site and keep the registration and my other site with hostpapa, but this was apparently too complicated for them. All I wanted was for them to change the nameserver to my new host, then cancel hosting, keep the registration. We've been going in circles for days. My ticket requesting the DNS update got sent to billing for some reason and that's where it still is.

I finally decided to change to a different registrar as well, just so I can get the DNS update done and safely move my site. Hostpapa is now charging me $24.95 to unlock the domain name. Is that normal?

Kevin Costen

    Review Rating

I have enjoyed the service. I have had customer service issues. At times there seemed to be a lack of coordination between customer service and policy enforcement. This resulted in a suspension of service while I was waiting for technical help to get back to me.

    Review Rating

Il y a seulement eu un problème en 3 ans d'affiliation avec Hostpapa. Je conservais des copies de sécurités de mon site dans un fichier de mon site web et je ne savais pas qu'il était interdit... votre admin réseau m'a envoyé un message me donnant 24 heures pour tout supprimer sinon mon compte était supprimé!

    Review Rating

They could not seem to get out of their own way. I wanted to transfer domain registration along with the site and it required a separate process that took several days to invoke and then nothing happened. My old registrar (directNiC who was even worse) was not allowing me to make the DNS changes and Hostpapa took its time in transferring the domain, so I am stuck in never land, and no one at HP seemed to care enough to help me.

I would not recommend them if you are transferring.


    Review Rating

If you require a low traffic site for your blog or maybe a small CMS for your school or organization then Host Papa may meet your requirements.

I converted my WordPress blog to a static site because of the slow performance (using Jekyll). Obviously the static site was much quicker but i was still getting 503 errors simply from testing my new site.

Clicking on the sites links every 2 to 3 seconds was enough to cause a 503 error. How else are you suppose to review the look and feel of your new site?

Support responded by saying the following:

"The kind of testing you are doing is causing too much load for our server. Please do not test in that way anymore."

It took over 3 days and 4 support calls to get this response. I definitely would not recommend Host Papa for any revenue generating site. I will probably end up using Github Pages for my blog site (It's free).

    Review Rating

Hostpapa is a Canadian owned company which is really important to me, however, there customer service is not very good..you have to do everything yourself, so the average person is lost when it comes to dealing with their domain..if you email them, they ask you to go to their site an open a ticket, which they return in their sweet time, and usually if there are more than one email, you get a different person each time who you have to repeat yourself to, or re-ask what you have already asked..I am good because I know what I'm doing so I appreciate all the admin control..but when I do need to contact them it is a pain in the arse.

louis phillips

    Review Rating

Re: HostPapa.

We are having trouble with this hosting service, our internal network emails and some external ones are being rejected as spam.

They have allotted a different IP address but the problem has not gone away.

The service is average, the have to file a problem and have to wait for a reply.It would be a simple matter for them to add a text message enquiry/complaint box to their Australian site. However the present system means that we have had our email system with them severely disrupted.


    Review Rating

I felt compelled to leave this review. I've been with Hostpapa for years. There have been some disruptions along the way, a couple of times down significantly, we got hacked pretty badly once, and a few times we've discovered we're on a blacklist for spam, that's always turned out to be them and the IP they assigned us. This week has been terrible, however. I bought a new domain as an Add-on and created a Wordpress site I'm hoping to launch in a month. Immediately I noticed it took like 30+ seconds to load each page, even though there was only the basic 95KB theme and a small ad manager running. I've had support looking into it, and first their answer is "disable the theme and ad manager" which is the point of the site, and now they're telling me to upgrade my service because I got a Request Limit Reached error page when I hit it from my computer and smart phone at the same time. How can I launch a site if I can crash it myself on two devices? Then to heap on more misery, I just discovered that my email is being rejected again and is on another blacklist (or rather, the IP assigned to my site by Hostpapa is on another blacklist). This is very frustrating. They're nice enough people when you can get a hold of them but I feel like they don't really want to resolve issues and NEVER admit fault.

Mark Wingrove

    Review Rating

The following comments are from a UK user on a UK plan, however the servers are based in the USA.

I have recommended many charities to use HostPapa and have been a user myself, although my contract is about to end in a month or two.

Their pricing is very good for the initial term which is why I used them and recommended that many of the charities I work with also used them. However as I have moved over from HTML to a content management system (WordPress) the perfomance has seriously declined.

Typically a WordPress website from the UK hosted in the USA at HostPapa will take over 20 seconds to load here. It is very slow, and during the day US Eastern time, there is a notable fall in performance when America wakes up. It was not always like this but got progressively worse in the summer of 2014. At that time I moved my hosting away from HostPapa to InMotion Hosting. (Also in the USA, but much better performance).

I saw frequent outages of mail at HostPapa because someone else on a shared server had been blacklisted affecting everyone on the server. The problem here was that you did not always get a mesage back to tell you something was not delivered, and other people trying to send you mail also had problems due to blacklisting. Technical support is not very good either, you get the impression that they are rushed off of their feet and do not take time to read the problem you are reporting, and what you have done to diagnose it. They give the appearance that 1st line Tech Support is outsourced to India or Asia somewhere rather than within the USA. They seem pretty detached.

Feature wise you get a lot for your money. I would anticipate that performance is better in the USA, but was unable to resolve the performance problems in the UK.

It is also worth noting that the memory allocation for a website at HostPapa was 128MB according to PHP, in alternative hosting I am using now it is 256MB.

Standard email is also limited to 50 emails per hour, unless you ask for more. That is per domain. I don't think you will see that in the literature anywhere.

Winston McLellan

    Review Rating

I have no complaint about the host for my web but in my experience and opinion the email choices you gave me from very poor to absolutely terrible. I expect you won't publish this and probably you shouldn't because it is not very flattering.

    Review Rating

I have been using Hostpapa for over 3 years and the page speed of my site and also the wordpress admin interface has progressively slowed down. I have complained to tech support numerous times and they always blamed other factors, such as plugins. I got sick of this and have just changed my host to Digital Pacific and my site immediately became much faster. It was obviously a Hostpapa server problem.I requested a refund of the remainder of my subscription, but they refused.

Bob Mikels

    Review Rating

I now have extensive experience with Host Papa. It has changed significantly over the course of the 10 months I have been with them. Support was poor from the beginning, but as time has gone on, their capacity planning has tanked and now on-line response times at my site are down significantly and my site is frequently off-line for periods greater than 5 minutes.

Additionally, although HP purports to be Toronto based, in fact they are French owned and actually based out of France.

Domain names registered through HP have all of their contact information set to HP's people, not the registrant, so if you are registering a new domain name, or transferring an existing domain name be aware that you are going to lose control of it.


    Review Rating

I found registration was slow. And it took a long time for them to secure the domain - by the time they did, it was already taken.

I called support, and found them not friendly or professional. Received a comment saying they already said that to me, and the person seemed only eager to not be on the phone, don't know if it was his break or what. But I was not thrilled with the support in that area.

I then called billing to talk to someone, was unable to get a live person, they don't even leave you on hold to wait for someone to be available. They want you to leave a message or e-mail them.

Needless to say I chose to not cancel out of the year contract before I got stuck into it. They were good for that.

For them as a host I have no comment, but lack of professional support has turned me off.


    Review Rating

BAD email support, online support is good, but i have a VERY BAD experience with this one i showed them the page i was going to host to 3 different people there there was no problem they said i asked them 5 times to be sure, the dedicated IP was Expensive and tool 48 hours not to forget it took 1 week before i finally had things setup than the next day they suspended my account, i did not even received a backup or anything so i do NOT recommend this one at all. shit host


    Review Rating

Since they were bought ( about 1 year ago) the level of support has gone down to zip.

In the past 2 weeks 5 of my sites have been up and down, no response to emails/phonecalls and no evidence that they are technically able to fix the problems. They make a fix which lasts for a few hours, then the whole thing breaks again.

I get the feeling that they are techically inept. they appear to be unable to work with command line stuff to do quick fixes, instead rely completely on CPanel.

I am actively searching for a new host.


    Review Rating

Recently the service has been abysmal. E-mail on imap is a particular problem. Their support is non existant. As of this moment, I cannot access their forums, their support site or their telephone support, Have they gone out of business? It seems that way to me - my sites have been down over 12 hours - not encouraging at all.


    Review Rating

Worst hosting experience ever. I thought I'd give them a chance since they were charging CA$$. Registration is manual so you have to wait for the bozo to wake up and get his form filling skilled hands my info in cPanel. 17 hours later I receive my account info. I could feel the disgust he felt for having to wake up Sunday morning to chicken bang the keyboard and press submit for min-wage.

The support is non existent. Having to wait 24-48 hours for a response. The billing department is 1 person. Phone line is faked to be "busy" and can you be put on hold because your time is being wasted anyway? No, leave a message with your name, website, email address, and phone number, and you'll be called back, when? Never. It's hard enough to take down a number, and fill out cPanel forms, now you want the moron to take down website urls and email addresses?

Their live support person is more dead than alive. Go ahead, I bet it says their live right now. Try and ask them something.

Their refund is a scam. If you register through them, you get ~45% of your "30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee".


    Review Rating

My experience with hostpapa was terrible. They don't host asp pages so I was forced to change providers. But there is no way to point your DNS online. Plus there is no one on their '24-hr' support line. After many calls and emails, they finally pointed my DNS but would only agree to do so if I paid an extra $26 for my domain name (which was supposedly included in the hosting package WHICH THEY REFUSED TO REFUND ME FOR). They held me hostage, so I'm paying $122 for my domain name for the year. Interesting approach to customer service.


    Review Rating

I have been working on a site for a friend, and I must say that HostPapa has absolutely no clue what they are talking about. When I was in the middle of uploading a site the server went down (the server hostname is hp16) so I jumped on there live chat to see what the problem was. It was not answered the first six tries, and by the seventh try HTTPD service had finally come up again (though not cPanel)

I got connected to "Nelson" who starts the chat like this

You are now chatting with Nelson (Support)

Nelson: nope

Nelson: ?\

Jacob *******: hello?

I tell him that the server is down, that cPanel is down and he says not it is not. I say yes it is, and provide proof via HyperSping.

He says HyperSping is unreliable -- WHAT????????

All in all, HORRIBLE -- they don't know what they are talking about!

Joe Lang

    Review Rating

Terrible service and support. Site takes up to 1 minute at times to load. Locks your whole account for one hour if you type the wrong password in cpanel! If affect all users and domains attached to your account! That is just nuts!


    Review Rating

GO TO HOSTGATOR! I am reviewing this host again because the downtime is shocking. No one answers live chat. You better be reading this review hostpapa as I extremely angry. I cant even go on to their support centre. The live chat cuts out. Everytime I ask about the downtime they say it is because of another client on the server and the 99.9% policy is only if it is their fault. ALL GO TO HOSTGATOR - the big daddys in hosting.


    Review Rating

If you get lucky to get live support do not be surprised by the Question "What do you want?" Literally, instead of the greeting. In plain English by native speaker. Outrageous!!!

Billing department can not be reached by telephone. Tickets are not responded.

Poor...poor....lousy service. Actually, I am planning to file a complain to Better Business Bureau.


    Review Rating

Terrible support - support site down, telephone busy. Frequent downtime. No apologies for their poor service.

I'm not sure if they're using antiquated hardware or just employ baboons to operate it.

Useless company, save yourself a lot of agro.

    Review Rating

Very unreliable service, management refuse to take phone calls - it is against policy. Also regardless of the amount of downtime you experience they will not compensate - it was pointed out to me that the fine print states this is only if their network connection is down and not necessarily your server ... voice mailbox is often full so you can not leave a message let alone talk to support - if you are looking to generate revenue or conduct business avoid this "cheap" site!!


    Review Rating

Customer Service is awful. They almost never answer the phone. The downtime is shocking way below the 99.9% guarantee.

The servers are also REALLY REALLY slow. DO NOT USE!!!!!

Wil Roberts

    Review Rating

I was totally happy with my service and especially the support. Up until the day i wanted to cancel my account....then it all changed! Didn't answer my emails, very vague in answering my simple questions! VERY POOR.

    Review Rating

We published a website with HostPapa but then wanted to take the site down as we were going to use another providor and new site.

They spent 3 months trying to be as owkward as possible, there customer support is useless - we were even told that the more people send in tickets and questions the enquiry is pussed to the bottom of their list.

I would avoid these people like the plague. now moved to 1&1 who are excellent.

James Wichall

    Review Rating

Terrible service, every email takes 2-3 days for a reply.


    Review Rating

Host Papa has awful customer service, not to mention they are completely incompetent.

After my year of access to my domain was up, I requested to simply have access to my domain name to have it mirror to another URL. They told me to pay over $100 so that I could access the webpage creator, etc... I explained several times to them that I only wanted my domain name, not any of the other features, which should only cost $9.99. They charged me $25, which I paid because I wanted access to my domain name, but then they wouldn't allow me to set it up to mirror to my other site!!!!

In the end they made me transfer the domain name to GoDaddy, and they didnt even refund my $25!!!!

Awful company. Don't sign up with them.


    Review Rating

I signed up for Host Papa after reading mostly favourable reviews on hosting review sites.

Their price is decent, I like the fact that the are green powered.

I am saddened to report though that Host Papa only is currently unavailable for contact. Period.

There is something up with my clients' email addresses and I have been trying to get some kind of response (any response, really, even a 'we're working on it') for over 24 hours now.

Still nothing after submitting a ticket, and then today calling as well as attempting an online chat with support (it says they are online but there is no answer!). Phone calls are not being answered either.

No hosting solution is perfect, there will be down time and issues now and again. What has changed my entire opinion of this company in the last 24 hours is that they are simply not available for contact and they have not responded to the issue in any way. To me this is completely unacceptable.

I only just signed on as a client -- I am not looking forward to all the work that will need tohappen to source and set up a new host, but unfortunately I will probably have to do it.

At least I can inform others of this customer service and technology deficiency so you can make an informed decision.

    Review Rating

Steer well clear, please do not use HOSTPAPA they are horrendous, two downtime in one month, no joke, never ever reply, one query took two days, they dont even say good bye after just disappear when they feel they have answered your question, HONESTLY JUST USE ANOTHER SERVICE PLEASE!!!!!!

Jay Fallah

    Review Rating

Lousy customer service. Cancelled within an hour and their money back 30 day guarantee penalizes you for 4 months of service.

Rop off


    Review Rating

The worst web host I have had the misfortune to come across - I joined back in September last year on the basis of apparent awards as best webhost etc. from a number of websites - Big mistake, reliability is appalling and customer service on which they apparently pride themselves is almost non existent. Despite repeated down time independantly confirmed by industry standard monitoring services, if customer services actually bother replying they simply insist that everything is working fine and then ignore you. Their uptime guarantee is worthless. Avoid Avoid Avoid

Rien Post

    Review Rating

Possibly the worst customer support I've ever come across. I registered and paid for a year and then all went very quiet.

I can't login, I can't access the billing page, passwords resets don't help, and both customer support and the billing department appear to be deserted. I've emailed, sent 'support tickets', tried the online chat, nothing helps or works.

I'm getting my money back and I'm moving on. HostPapa? A very lousy father indeed.


    Review Rating

Good luck to anyone trying to get their money back from this company. Their '30 day no quibble money back guarantee' is a joke as they deduct set up fees which were infact FREE in the first place. Good luck if you complain about them via the BBB too. They were completely ineffective and told me that they couldn't resolve the complaint as Hostpapa hadn't bothered to respond!!! So they continue to rip off people, apparently at will! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!!

    Review Rating

Unlimited ?????

I was happy with 30 gb for 2 years.Then they changed their T&Cs.(09/2009)

Since,they claim that i am using their server for data storage or data warehousing(their upload <0.01 Mb/s=Your download).They are rip-off artists, since our highest monthly transfer was 1.2 Gb.I have only web content on their server now.

They are still not satisfied.

All I can say is:

Please be honest about your Terms & Conditions HOSTPAPA


    Review Rating

DO NOT be fooled by this so called green host. They are not using renewable energy to power their servers but they apparently do buy green tokens to offset their carbon footprint.

However going by their track record i would not be surprised if they do not but green tokens, they just jumped on the bandwagon and everyone jumped on board with them.

The good reviews you see are either paid for or employee's/friend.

Hostpapa is an extremely poor host and business.


    Review Rating

I am outraged by this company and its manager. They really don't care about you and you can tell from the way they talk to you. They banned me from using their service for something that wasn't my fault but still charged me for an entire year of web hosting that I couldn't use! If you are unhappy then please join the facebook group:



    Review Rating

Hostpapa have become quite simply the most horrible company to deal with. After watching their customer service take a vertical drop, I decide to move a couple of site I had with them.

They try to make is as difficult as possible for you to close your account with each email coming from them ending with the assumption that if the latest 'hoop' isn't jumped through, you wish to continue service with them.

They even charge for domain renewal 45 days in advance of the actual renewal date. Huh? Please stay clear of them. Please!

Jonathan P

    Review Rating

I don't know what host the 4 and 5 star reviewers signed up for, but it sure doesn't seem like hostpapa.

I paid for a 3 year package, had to phone them for activation but was on hold endlessly. Well over an hour in total, gave up. Called sales, got through in 1 minute, cancelled the order.


Terrible, could not be worse. No service provided at all.


    Review Rating

site went down for no good reason. Hostpapa could not fix it, and they will not unlock the domain so I can transfer to another host. In fact, they will not respond to my calls or emails.


    Review Rating

Absolutely horrible!!!! Don't fall for the 'free domain for life' crap. You don't own the domain, they do. They will hold the domain for ransom if you want to transfer it as I did.

Other things to consider:

non-existent customer service

extremely slow servers

lots of down-time

questionable business ethics

This is a terrible hosting company. The positive reviews here are ridiculous and obviously written by a hostpapa shill. Don't believe them. Stay far far away from this company.

There are several people here saying they want to file a BBB complaint. Please do. It is the only way to stop these crooks. Word of mouth is also a great way to help save others form making the same mistake.

Jak Birse

    Review Rating

Rubbish support pretty much covers it.

Alex G

    Review Rating

They are terrible when it comes to customer service, cancellation, or any account adjustments. They just kill time to push you through another year of terrible hosting. Trust me, you never want to give your credit card information to this pirates.

    Review Rating

I think they have the worst possible customer service ever. They are terrible about responding to their customers, even though I have been a customer for three years. I am currently trying to switch because my website was not visible after I renewed and no one at hostpapa seemed to think this was a big deal and did nothing to help me.

Switching has been so frustrating because they are being extremely slow about releasing my domain name and any other procedures that need to be carried out for me to switch.

This company is so unprofessional - I would never recommend them. Not to mention they don't have 24 hour customer support, which most hosts do.


    Review Rating



    Review Rating

Do NOT use this host! Absolutely no support available, did not reply to any support inquiries, cut me off on online chat support, currently going through the BBB to get them to give me my money back. Asked for a phone number to talk to someone about getting my money back and they couldn't give me one, told me someone would call me and of course they never did. Worst service I've ever had from a company!

wendy henry

    Review Rating

What a horrible experience at host papa. no service, no website- a complete rip off!


    Review Rating

Completely inhuman scam mungouring insensitive arsesholes. A complete and utter nightmare


    Review Rating

2 years with host papa, waited days for support response, want to charge £23.98 to transfer domain to new domain registrant.

Internet Pirates.

Steven Fennell

    Review Rating

The support service is appalling - they don't answer e mails and I couldn't get through by phone.

An appalling experience and I would recommend that they are best avoided if you think that you'll need any support or contact of any kind.

Bill Harrop

    Review Rating

I started getting log in failures so tried to investigate the reason. I discovered my account had been suspended.

On raising a ticket with CS as to why I received a reply that they had emailed me the day before with the reason. I received no such email.

I have since, despite repeated requests, not had any replies to my requests on how to solve the issue, or to give me an estimated time frame, absolutley nothing. So as thing stand I am one year in on a 3 year package, yet have no access to my account, and no web site to point to (email has also been suspended).

I had used them for other sites, for a number of years (and still have several domains/sites) with no problems in the past.

However this experience will have me looking elswhere.

Ian Millard

    Review Rating

In my opinion - and that of many others - HostPapa has a multitude of problems with customer service and honesty.

In direct contradiction of ICANN regulations, they will list themselves at the domain name administrative contact. Essentially, they are taking control of your name, and will do everything they can to prevent you transferring it away - unless you pay "renewal" or "unlocking" fees.

ICANN does NOT allow a "losing" registrar to extort money to release a domain name for transfer.

If you want to complain about registry problems, send a copy of your message to the "real" registrar, TuCows. HostPapa is NOT an ICANN-Accredited Registrar.

I believe that HostPapa is a business front for TuCows who is an Accredited Registrar. HostPapa has "offices" in England and France so they can avoid taxes, and appear 'international.'

My advice, based on my experience is: stay away from HostPapa. I really don't care how "green" they appear to be. I don't think they can be trusted. I have removed my names from their clutches, and cancelled all services with them.


    Review Rating

I have sites on hostmonster, Dreamhost, Network Solutions, hostpapa is the worst. I used to have my own site at hostpapa until it kept going down. The excuse was that they just did a mailer and had a huge response! Their technical support called me back after 2 days. Their 24-hour support line is never answered. Now, I only have one site left on this server: http://www.vancouverlutheran.org/ and it still goes down from time-to-time. Unbelievable!

    Review Rating

I run a green web design business: http://www.sunwisedesign.ca. By green I mean that most of my clients are ENGOs (Environmental Non-Government Organizations), I use web hosting services that run on renewable energy and I myself have and will again run my equipment using off-grid, renewable energy.

HostPapa has been my hosting company of choice for three years. When I first signed up their customer service was excellent: prompt replies and intelligent responses. Soon afterwards, I noticed they were running fairly aggressive campaigns, primarily using Google Ads and a Facebook Page to grow their social media following and customer base. Since their fan base, and I assume customer list, have grown their customer service and their integrity have declined significantly.

Upon logging into a new reseller account using the info provided in HostPapa's welcome email, I noticed one of my clients' names at the top of the screen. Not my company name for which I had enrolled the reseller account. When I brought this to the attention of a HostPapa representative, they told me everything was fine. And magically, the next time I logged in my company name was listed. However, the credit card information on file for that account was still one of my clients'.

HostPapa's representatives often do not read my requests when I submit tickets. Two days after submitting a ticket, I will receive an irrelevant response and on a few occasions it has taken me three tries to finally get an intelligent answer.

Recently, one of HostPapa's representatives used the wrong email address for a support request. My request went ignored because the email was not authenticated. 4 days later, my site is still down.

The real clincher is the HostPapa Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HostPapa. First of all, it is full of complaints. Second, most of the positive feedback on their wall seems completely fabricated by bogus users. Robert Barentine, a user with a handsome, professional looking profile photo had several positive comments on the Facebook HostPapa wall. When I clicked on Robert Barentine, I discovered he had only 8 friends and his only interest listed was HostPapa. A second user, Jill Grant had no friends and her only interest was HostPapa.

I typed this on their wall yesterday, March 19. This morning, I was removed as a follower from the HostPapa Facebook page. I "Liked" their page again to discover that my comments and those of Robert Barentine and Jill Grant were removed. I am now blocked from commenting on their page. A Facebook search also reveals that those two users have also been deactivated from Facebook entirely.

Is this what social media has come to? Is it right that a company with over 28,000 fans stoop to such depths to get to that size? How do we sniff out the rats and discern the difference between bogus users and those left by genuinely satisfied customers? And what are the consequences of such dishonest uses of social media?


    Review Rating

Don't go with Hostpapa if you are a business and intend to grow.

My emails kept bouncing back to clients and Hostpapa could not fix the problem. So I gave up on them and attempted to cancel services and transfer domains. It has been a week and my website and email are dead.

First, they wouldn't cancel the account and give me my EPP code. I had to go through hoops and they kept sending me instructions to cancel which I already did. Then when I finally got the code, they still had to wait and send me yet more emails to ask if I had made this request. So far, it's been a week and nothing has happened yet because the ball is in their court to release the domain rights to my new registrar.

So even though they register your domain for free, DON'T!! Pay a little more. I didn't realize this..never ever again. I am using gmail to correspond with my clients. Very very unprofessional, telling everyone my email and website are down.


Nicolas Brassard

    Review Rating

Host Papa does not understand what the web is about. As a web agency, we need to be able to move from hoster to another real quick.

I have been contacting host papa many times and they often. They could not even change a nameserver!!! It's been 3 days now.... Too long for a change that takes 30 seconds to do.

They don't care about there customer. Don't ever go with them


    Review Rating

I've used Hostpapa for about a year now, price is fantastic and full of features. However I've found it to be very unreliable. Our website tends to go down a few times every day for a few minutes. Its more of a nuisance than anything if I'm trying to work of something. I have to leave for a few minutes, and return and its usually back online. Of course support reports no problems on their end.

Lots of email issues, complaints from customers that emails are not making it through. Again, support has no clue as they cannot repeat the problem.

Having to switch hosts today due to the email after discovering most of the staff was using live.ca or gmail for email as they can't be bothered with the hostpapa mail.

Tina Waite

    Review Rating

Support is absolutely terrible. I opened a ticket almost a week ago, tried to contact them via phone and online chat and still have not had a satisfactory resolution. Cannot access my emails and I'm trying to run a business. They just don't care!

Metier Plus

    Review Rating

Bad customer service 2 at 3 days to answer a problem ticket. Bad server settings for SugarCRM don't try.....


    Review Rating

Hosting always down and real slow, don't put a wordpress site up there, even with patches and updates they will suspend your account and say it was due to a "phishing attack". Poor server in poor location, account banned twice now with no consideration to your business. I never complain when its been unavailable for 40% of the year. The site was a simple artist blog. Waiting now for them to get back to me, it looks like they just want to delete the files make me loose everything without a chance of a current backup. I do have a weeks old one. SO be careful, cheap is not always good. I'm swapping to dreamhost, I've heard excellent things.

Chris Stevens

    Review Rating

Service has become just horrible over the last year.

I've used HostPapa for many years with multiple accounts, had no issues until the last year.

Now I get frequent brief periods where my site is offline, and recently, it took them 5 full days to fix a hosting issue, and a different time, 3 days to fix a database connection problem.

Support does not care about the damage is causes when a website is offline that long. They just keep telling me someone will fix it.

Bad host, do not use.

Nerav Mehta

    Review Rating

Hosting was fine for a few users until last few months. Serious down time on emails which when you try and get support they tell you its because you have too many accounts. I paid for a unlimited service, but now i'm told you can't have more than 5 email accounts in one location. In other words i cannot have more than 5 accounts in my company as my company only has one broadband connection and therefore only one ip.

This is hardly the definition of unlimited.

They also used to be ok in terms of service, but now its awful. The process is you have to raise a ticket. Then someone replies, then you respond and someone else replies stating the same thing as the first guy. This can continue for days until you give up and raise another ticket.


    Review Rating

It is okay when it works - most of the time, but support is non-existent. The worse thing about hostpapa is that if you try and host a basic website such as wordpress, drupal etc and it get hacked (as unfortunately these CMS are prone to hacking) then hostpapa automatically block your account and refuse to switch back on. the only option they offer is to WIPE EVERYTHING which includes any emails you have sat on their mail server. So if you rely on IMAP then this means a LOSS of everything. So I would not recommend hostpapa unless you really do not care about your data, your website or any care and time put into creating material hosted on their servers! Even to try and get a fix it you will have to work through a ticket system that is designed to avoid resolving your problem. Verdict AVOID at all cost unless like Hostpapa you really don't care about being treated abysmally as a paying customer.

Dale Wood

    Review Rating

I have been with HostPapa for many years without many issues. (Few times without service, sometimes with slower then average load time) However, when something does not work - thats another issue. My site goes down every day now at about 3pm - I have raised a ticket. Run all the test tools over the databases - cloned a copy of the site to another domain on the same server AND on another host. Both domains on HostPapa cannot load, but the one on bluehost is rock solid. No way can you talk to the admins, and if I start talking about cron jobs and databases or server load, then tech support knows nothing. All they have been able to tell me for the last 4 days is someone will look into it.

Tara Terry

    Review Rating

The worst customer experience I've ever had. I was told wrong information by three different agents .. Erik, Ajinkya, and worst of all Diana and I never once received any update on my issues or resolving the problem, I was originally told an antivirus service they offer (and charged me $130.00 for) should take 2-3 hours ... 5 days later with numerous phone calls and emails STILL no one has gotten back to me on the status of the problem and it's clearly not fixed ... THEN unrelated to that problem they took money from my account for a domain that I had already told them I no longer want and it had expired and Diana advised that I am not able to get it refunded back ... I can only cancel the domain at the end of the term, so it's apparently just tough luck for me when I did the right thing and advised them I didn't want the domain then they just go ahead and take the renewal money anyway and just not give it back ?!?!


    Review Rating

Horrible Horrible Horrible - I waited 2 days for them to respond, I was promised for 2 days that it would be a matter of hours, I called, I emailed, I logged tickets. Even when they said a manager would call they make me give a 12 hour window and they may call me but they are busy so it may not be then.


Jocelyn Gardner

    Review Rating

Seems that since the tech support has been moved to India, the quality has been going down the drain.


    Review Rating

they are the most shity company which i have ever seen. they supports sucks reply email after 24 hours. i got some marwell in some file. and they f********ing bastered delete my whole account. and i lose my client data i got sued. they are just bunch of idiots who dont know how to remove the single file from server. i even request them that mysql files dont get any marwell. but they are just bastereds's dont ever use there service. i waste my money


    Review Rating

Avoid at all costs. They have registered two identical domains at one point (though I don't know how this is possible). It takes weeks to solve problems because of the neverending exchange of emails through their tickets system!

They save your credit card details and charge it without your consent for services they provide / supposed to provide

    Review Rating

We just got a mail saying: "Take 5 minutes, submit your positive HostPapa review to one of the sites below, and in return we'll give you up to $36 worth of HostPapa services!"

Unfortunately we just left HostPapa. We had weeks of complaining when we had 500 errors, and being told the issue was resolved. The fourth time we contacted support, we were told instead: "Your account has way to many connections for shared host you will need to looks at moving to a VPS or dedicated hosting account. Unfortunately at this time we only provide Shared hosting accounts."


    Review Rating

Support is disgusting and VERY UNHELPFUL. Just want to reset your account when it has been hacked, so you lose all your websites and information.

Online support can't do anything - everything has to go to tech support via email. Takes day to have the simplest tasks completed.

My account has been hacked 4 times in 6 months, even with random passwords.

Don't waste your time with this company!!!

    Review Rating

I had some problems reaching my site off and on for a while, not enough to bother reporting, but it slowly got worse, so I opened a support ticket. I had to keep opening new support tickets and wasn't getting clear answers as to what was going on with my domain hosting.

Eventually my website wasn't working at all and I was unable to even access my cPanel. After more unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the support team I finally said I wanted a refund for my remaining hosting that I'd paid for, as my site was now completely unreachable. This finally prompted someone from HostPapa to contact me and they figured out my IP was blocked. This was given as a one sentence response after weeks of having problems. I didn't get an apology, or an explanation of WHY my IP got blocked in the first place, how I could avoid the problem in the future, etc.

Very disappointed with the service I was provided, and I will definitely be switching hosts at the end of my service period.

Brett Depley

    Review Rating

tech support can't setup a simple cron job within 7 days. Online support are totally useless and state that everything has to go through admins via the trouble ticket system. 20 response to a ticket and usually takes days to resolve one ticket due to the back and fro of communication.


    Review Rating

Terrible support - online support is a sham - nothing is possible - it just wastes your time... as everyone else said - you are then put into the lengthy process of opening a ticket - at this point their support email address even bounces...

I feel they've also be compromised - as I'm receiving the same spam to two different subdomains - which are complete unrelated geographically - company wise - owner wise etc etc - their only connection is Host papa and they are both being spammed the same spam...

further - both subdomains are not sending and receiving certain emails - nor are they going into junk folders etc.. they're just getting lost!!!

very very disappointed!!!!


    Review Rating

Hostpapa is a nickle and dime back yard outfit, they seem more interested in charging you for every service under the sun but not interested in customer service. One gets the feeling they are calling a third world call center when trying to sort out an issue. My web server was hacked and I went to do a restore from a backup - another service I pay for, however their software restore did not work. I called support and its been over a week and I am still waiting for them to do a manual restore for me. Meantime I am losing money on my web site every day that it is down, I am paying web developers to sit around and do nothing, I had an app disapproved during the testing phase because my site is down. If you have a website business I would not recommend hostpapa due to their support being almost non existent!


    Review Rating

I have 4 websites with hostpapa. One was not in use so I asked for a name change in order to start using it. With that they managed to drop the IP address of our most impoortant site, and totally messed up the new site. They have been working on this problem for 3 days now with zero progress. They say it is being workon at the highest prioity, but I can't see anything happening.

    Review Rating

I was with hostpapa and canceled after 1 year. I was often getting error 500 in my logs (so much that at some point my clients were calling me saying the site is down or not responding) . This would last 5-120 minutes and resolved by itself. I created at least 6 tickets to fix this but each time, when the support was working on the ticket, the page was back responding. I kept my domain with them for only one week since I couldn't establish a redirect (each time I would setup a redirect, it would reset to default). So I transferred everything (lost couple of customers, google ranking and money). I went with siteground. Been 2 months now and got maybe 1-2 error 500 due to upgrade on network. Site is www.sofasurmesure.com


    Review Rating

If I could rate this 0 I would.

HOST PAPA Suspended our account as they claim we have too many emails - we run a publishing company. Apparently their "Unlimited" is actually "limited".

In the end they Suspended our account without forewarning - and sent an email 30 minutes later.

Thus - no email - no website after we just launched a new book.

Its been three days - I've called at least 20 times, had at least 10 online chats, and sent emails, I've tweeted, facebooked etc... but they are not doing anything about it... again - I'm told by a calm voiced person that I just gotta wait...

They've put my company in the shit for 3 days - and I'm still waiting.

Sad incompetent company.

Dont go near them!

Stuart Bowland

    Review Rating

This was the worst company in recent years I had to deal with. Support is slow and useless and they charged my credit card after I told they I wanted to cancel for bad service. It took several emails and many calls and online to final cancel. I would NOT recommend them to anyone

    Review Rating

I have been with HostPapa for just over three years now. Their initial offering to me of web hosting, domain registration and unlimited storage and throughput on my family website for $3.99 per month seemed extremely competitive and fair. But from the beginning I found that their customer service was difficult to access (no phone service) and seemingly inept at dealing with routine problems. Nevertheless I put up with this because of the low price and the unlimited services. When renewal time came last July I was shocked that they now wanted 6.99 per month for the same services - an almost doubling of the price for renewal. But it seemed too difficult to change horses in mid-stream so I signed on for another 3 years. Only afterwards did I discover that they were still offering the same package of services for $3.99 to new customers. When I brought this to their attention they refused my request for a price adjustment because they pointed out that their policies clearly stated that renewal would not be at any promotional rate then on offer to new clients. In addition, through a miscommunication on their part, when I asked them to update my home address on my domain registration they did so on all three registrant, administrator and manager addresses and then told me that since I was now the administrator and not them I would have to pay for the annual registration that was supposed to be included as part of my package. There was no flexibility or apparent concern for the customer on their part in these matters. I cannot cancel my service because they have another written policy that they will not prorate the amount paid up to the time of cancellation but will keep the entire three years of fees. I am left with no alternative than to not renew my service at the end of the second three year term in 2017, which of course is what I will do. Meantime I am stuck with a company which seemingly has no moral or ethical standards and cares little for its existing customers.


    Review Rating

Avoid these numpties! I decided to switch all my hosting (previously split) from Hostpapa to Hostgator, a far more professional company.

This was after Hostpapa updated their PHP - WITHOUT ADVISING ME and as such, one of my sites was down for a couple of weeks I think before I realised it! The final straw came when they told me that my email accounts were temporarily suspended because one of my email accounts had been hacked and was sending out spam. I had stopped using that account nearly a year ago. It had been hacked on the Hostpapa server.

Their tech support is absolutely useless and even though I've unfortunately paid up until well into 2015 I've moved all my sites from these idiots.

Vik Kumar

    Review Rating

Poor customer service, very hard to get on the phone or get specific answers to your questions. Hard line policies and they auto charge before your payment is due even when you have deactivated the auto renew option and removed your credit card. Sneaky and deceitful policies. Will not be using them again. We only used them because our client required a Canadian vendor, we have found much better options since our horrible experience with this company. Be advised do not use them.

Andy Bundy

    Review Rating

On my second three year stint. Price point is excellent - though unlimited is not unlimited by any means. Services (allegedly) provided excellent.

However, IMHO servers overloaded. My small selection of little used, mainly redirectional or placeholder sites running wordpress, with few hits, won't even load half the time. Ask for support, receive standardised copy/paste from documentation.

I cannot say if support are unqualified or just deliberately unhelpful. I've done their job for years, and find the majority of ticket responses disgusting in content and response time.

If all you want is some basic html and an email service which works well, provided you are careful changing any passwords, take the shared package. Otherwise STAY AWAY!

Ruth Sto Domingo

    Review Rating

Absolutely rude and inefficient support staff incapable of fixing problems and disconnecting (me ten times) customers mid conversation when they cannot find a solution.


    Review Rating

I do hate this web hosting provider. My first order has been cancelled due to my lack of information and I accepted. They asked me to re-order, I ordered again. They call me via phone verification and I answered everything perfectly. But when I check again via chat, they told me that my order is suspicious. Two of my orders have been cancelled by them. I ask them to refund but they tell me it takes 5 days. Do not use this hosting.

Philip Tagg

    Review Rating

Cheap & OK as long as it works. When a serious hosting error occurrs. however, HostPapa support is conspicuous by its absence. 2 days ago, I both opened a ticket and phoned HostPapa. "A technician will contact you shortly" and, after 9 hours of silence from their end, "your ticket now has highest priority", I was told. No-one has contacted me, not even to tell me that they're having problems.

James Stubbs

    Review Rating

I have a site running buddypress on wordpress, hosted by HostPapa, and unfortunately it takes 10-20s to load the first page. We don't have many users (and never will with this level of service). And I've used proper diagnostics to establish which plugins are causing the delay and yet still hostpapa's support treat me as a luddite and fill my inbox with yet another answer book. While the features are good, the level of care is dire. I can only advise you steer clear.

Jason Leggo

    Review Rating

After logging many calls still have outstanding email disconnect issue. over a month since I was promised a call back.

Terrible Bandwidth in Australia, response times to DB's and webpages are terrible. Faster if you hosted it from your phone !!


    Review Rating

Absolute nightmare, Stay well clear of Hostpapa. I don't know whats worse, their service or backup support.

rob jourdain

    Review Rating

I had an account with Hostpapa, and decided to move to another service provider.

I sent a request for the domain to be transferred. Apparently, a form requesting transfer of the only domain I had registered, was not sufficient, written request to close the account, and I should have read the terms and conditions to find that I should have sent an additional written request to close the account. Semantics, but OK, I can accept that.

What I can't accept is that at the end of my paid for period, they sent me an email saying that they were renewing my contract, but not at the same rate I had before, but a vastly increased rate for apparently an increased level of service.

This to me is a blatant attempt to try and sneak in a charge which they thought I would not notice.

I complained about this and got a "tough luck, it's all your fault" answer. I asked for the name or body to complain further to, and I got a reply stating that customer service said there was nothing else they could do. I again asked for the regulating body, or chief executive contact, and am now being ignored.

How many small companies are being taken advantage over by not challenging them and just paying the bill, at a vastly inflated price?

Tara Terry

    Review Rating

Site had frequent hosting issues and sometimes the support number wouldn't even answer you had to just leave a message, their online support it terrible as well and I had periods were support turnaround was up to 2 days to fix a website that wouldn't wasn't accessible. Shudder to think about how much business I lost because I couldn't get it touch with their support and my issues weren't fixed within a reasonable timeframe. Terrible.

    Review Rating

worst support of any I have experienced. Because they will not give you shell access, customization is almost impossible.

great if you're a simple user. Absolutely to be avoided if ever you need help

Rudy Lamy

    Review Rating

Excellent if you dont't have to deal with their support. Worst support services I ever met in my career (30 years). No way to get them on the phone (to much volume > answering maching > leave a msg > never call back as promised. Chat does not work at all.

We have a ticket opened since 10 days without any reaction.

Avoid !

Peter Moore

    Review Rating

No Phone Support - Try the numbers on website - Over 2 hrs to retrieve a password via live online chat.

Get into dashboard only to find I cant update contact details because I have a "Promotional Domain" what ever that means, guessing its that advertised cheap hosting - I hate their service, I hate their support - I have been stuck with them since 2009 - auto renew = steer clear of them pay more elsewhere for decent support -


    Review Rating

If you’re looking for a web hosting company, Never try hostpapa.com After transferring my site to them they deleted a large amount of the files & corrupted the site. With only assorted text on only one page for 3 days they have since suspended the site. Now with no website for over a week I am waiting on them to release the nameserver. It has been 3 days now and still no transfer and still being told that they are working on it & I just need to be patient as these things take time.

I would never use this company EVER again & defiantly would not allow them any near a website.

Al Grasso

    Review Rating

My experience as webmaster was very negative. Their support is contracted out to India and I found it very poor and time wasting. I cancelled after one months and two days and this company is still dragging their feet regarding the refund.

I cannot recommend them. Their telephone support is appalling and they operate by raising email tickets which are answered on average every 24 hours. For emergency you are stuck. Not a professional company at all.

patrick hunter

    Review Rating

I first went to hostpapa some 8 years ago, they was the first to offer unlimited hosting space. Had my initial problems over the years, complicated cpanel, change in service without notice, even security concerns, but it had never failed to work, and if your patient with the support, you would eventually get help. in the last three years it has definitely gone down hill. A) on two occasions the online chat had one person in front of me in the queue. and so it remained for 3 hours. eventually i went to bed. Go click it right now as a test and you will see how long it takes B) 6 months ago took a while to phone support, when I did get through i found the support person very unhelpful, put me on hold, never came back. So i called back, the phone would be picked up, no one would say anything, then the call would drop. C)3 weeks ago the auto billing system took a payment out of my account, and refunded it 3 times, for a service I had already marked for cancellation. My bank stopped my cards thinking it was fraud. D) and now the final straw, my domain name is up for renewal and there system does not take visa debit, they only take paypal. The very same debit card the system took payments in error from. Now as i understand it, even paypal takes visa. Dianna in support said the problem was with visa, and should open a paypal account. I was so shocked I called back and spoke to another member of support team, he was also surprised, he put me on hold, then after about a minute, the call was dropped. I called back and again i would connect, hear no voice, then the call would drop. So i emailed support. there reply and i quote:


We apologize for difficulties with payment.

Your account is now set up for payment by PayPal.

What may occur sometimes are changes in particular characteristics of a card might not be supported any longer by our system.


Carlos A. Billing Representative HostPapa Inc.

Er thanks for letting me know this Hostpapa, whatever it is your saying

Its time to get the hell outta dodge and never return.

Dont listen to the blurb a website or ad may say, you call or try to connect anonymously and ask a innocent question, proof is in the pudding and hostpapa, your pudding has gone flat

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