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HostDime is a privately owned, leading website hosting provider offering managed services that range of reliable, secure, entry-level to enterprise-level hosting operations. Since it's founding in late 2001, Hostdime has offered fully supported managed services and tools to empower their users to do more all the while being cost effective.

Other brands include VPSLatch, HDVPS, Hasweb Hosting, Surpass Hosting. USA based.


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Hosting Reviews for HostDime

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I tried both SHARED and RESELLER plans from HostDime (US servers): they should be probably called HostCent, because they were very poor... Level I support was pretty dumb, arguing back at your ticket as if you didn't know anything. Servers were overloaded and offline very often. Within a week I moved to another host. It took some time to get the money back as well. Never again!


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Imagine coming into work and having 70 websites go down because of a corrupted VPS account. They wrote...

"Our engineers haven't been able to repair the Windows installation on your server. The server reboots its self before we have a chance to running any type of repair tool.

Our last option here is to create a new VPS for you and mount the old drive you were using so you can move over your data."

It will take me a good three days of lost business time to configure the websites to where they were before the VPS became corrupted. Everything was working fine....I never changed any settings on the VPS it just happened as a result of the inexperience of the HostDime employees.

I have a lot of clients that are mad at me right now, I might loose business as a result of selecting HostDime as a hosting company, and they even have the audacity to give me the run around on issuing an account credit.

The best response I've gotten to date is...

"I'm taking the time to review all of your tickets so I may make a better assessment of what compensation is due to you. I apologize for the delay in responding to you."

The resolution is that according to their SLA the best they will give is credit for one month. All of the lost business, server down time, and time reconfiguring the servers the best they will offer is one month credit.

If you want to stay in business, avoid HostDime.

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