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With top-notch support, network redundancy, stable servers, and a plan for every need, Hosting Matters offers the most comprehensive web hosting solution for your personal or business site. Spend less time worrying about your site being available and more time pointing people to it with Hosting Matters!

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I have been with Hosting Matters for over 6 years. When I first signed on I was a bit nervous about the "email support only" policy since I always had phone support in the past. I learned quickly that prompt, professional email support beats mediocre phone support any day! I get prompt attention from a technician who knows what they're doing instead of waiting on hold for a novice armed with a flip book of "answers".

The Linux/Apache shared hosting is reliable with excellent uptime. They offer a decent list of tools and features: cPanel control panel, Fantastico third-party script installer, PHP, mySQL, PERL, three different statistics packages. Not the biggest list of features, but more than adequate for my needs.

Disk space and bandwidth are modest compared with some other hosts, but ample for most needs. They usually raise the disk space and monthly data transfer limits every year or so, yet there has been no price increase the entire time I have used them. Additional space and bandwidth is available for a modest fee. And they offer managed dedicated servers for those who have outgrown shared hosting.

But the #1 reason I stick with them is their service. Problems are rare. And when problems do arise, they are always on top of things to restore service as quick as possible. They provide an alternate emergency forum hosted remotely to maintain communication with all account holders during those rare outages. And they provide a free second hosting account on the emergency server to resellers like myself so we can do the same for our clients.

Though they don't own their own physical hosting location, they have wisely chosen an excellent colocation facility with strong security, a hurricane resistant building, excellent redundant connectivity to the Internet, and redundant power backups. They have their own private security cage within the facility with lots of room for expansion. And the support team is only minutes away so they can promptly service their own hardware when needed.

Bottom line: I can sleep at night knowing all my client's websites are in good hands.

But don't take my word for it. Log into their support forum (you don't have to be a customer to read or post messages). Browse the posts and see how well everyone is treated when they have a question, a problem, or complaint. And post your own question about Hosting Matter's service. You'll find that the customers of Hosting Matters are their best advertising.

If you are looking for lots of bells and whistles and tons of disk space and bandwidth at a very low price, you may not be impressed with Hosting Matters. But if reliability and service are important to you, Hosting Matters is hard to beat.

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I've been using HostingMatters.com for about a year now, after having repeated problems with ipage.com.

My website has never gone down with HM, and my shopping cart response time sped up about 50%, since their mysql server is running on the same box as my website.

They offer a basic cpanel with fantastico, etc.; and, a WHM for resellers.

Their support has been very good.

They answer emails same day, or next, I just wish they had a phone number to reach somebody real-time.

Their prices are about average... maybe a little higher than godaddy.

They don't offer reseller's the opportunity to sell domain names, or SSL's, though.

All-in-all, very reliable, fast, and support is friendly, very knowledgable, and very helpful (They installed my site's shopping cart for me, just to be helpful).

I would definately recommend them to anyone who wants a sure thing - no drama host provider.

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We have been with hosting matters for over 7 years now ( myself via other companies as well as my current position ) and have found them to be the best hosting service I have ever worked with - I have never had any downtime ( apart from self inflicted! ), their support is above all others and their hardware/software setups have proved to be lightning fast and bomb proof.

The staff always answer any enquiry within 24 hours and will work with you ( through the night if required ) to resolve any issue that may arise.

We recommend HostingMatters to everyone who asks us and will continue to do so!

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