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HostingZoom is a privately held web hosting company based in Houston, Texas. We enable individuals and businesses to acquire and create their unique identities and brands on the internet by offering domain registration, web hosting, web design, SSL certificates and complimentary products and services. Our mission is to give our valued customers outstanding support and reliable hosting with many features at an affordable price.

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Hosting Reviews for HostingZOOM

Alexandru Adrian Florin

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Altough Hosting ZOOM is not quite the cheapest hosting service available on the web I'm very amazed of the client service they provide and also of the quality of their service.

I'm their client for almost 10 months and in this time the only downtime I ever had was caused by a fire at their datacenter, from which they recovered in couple of hours without any data loss.

My very first experience with them was in the first few days after I bought their service and to my amazement information and issues I was telling them about were solved and answered in minutes. Now THAT was certainly a breath of fresh air for me as my previous host took more than 24h to respond to a ticket/mail.

Features wise they do offer a lot of features for free and some for pay, the main thing, which I found to be very important for me is the fact that they don't restrict the number of e-mail acc/subdomains/mysql db's/etc - the only restriction in their case is space & bandwidth.

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They've been very easy to work with and I have had no problems at all. Wish they had live telephone support but their ticket system works well and I have no complaints about their support in general

Scott B

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Terrible service turn around and go elsewhere, Hosting service is bad but the customer support is even worse, They don't answer emails, They don't answer there phone and they hang up on you if you use there chat line, just go some where else..... Plus their Failover hosting is a joke


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HostingZoom is run by a group of amateurs. Their "Fail Over Service" should be renamed appropriately: "Fail Often Service" as it goes down routinely. The Customer Service is non-existent. Glad to be done with these colossal A-Holes.

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