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HostMonster has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal web sites since 1996. Hostmonster's internet hosting package helps businesses and individuals get high-powered service at a fraction of the cost.

WITH HOSTMONSTER YOU CAN DEPEND ON: Highest customer service - Quality equipment - Maximum guaranteed uptime - Highly functional tools for administration - The leading feature set available - Secure backups - Solid and honest business practices.

Part of the Endurance International Group.

Endurance's (EiG) other brands include A Small Orange (ASO), Apollo Hosting, Arvixe, BigRock, BizLand, BlueDomino, Bluehost, Dollar2Host, Domain.com, DomainHost, Dotster, easyCGI, eHost, EntryHost, FastDomain, FatCow, FreeYellow, Globat, HostCentric, HostClear, HostGator, HostMonster, HostYourSite, HyperMart, IMOutdoors, Intuit Websites, iPage, iPower, iPowerWeb, StartLogic, JustHost, MyDomain, MyResellerHome, NetFirms, Networks Web Hosting, Nexx, PowWeb, PureHost, ReadyHosting, Saba-Pro, SEO Hosting, Site5, Spry, SuperGreen Hosting, USANetHosting, Verio, VirtualAvenue, VPSLink, WebHost4Life, Webstrike Solutions, and Xeran.

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Hosting Reviews for HostMonster


    Review Rating

Hostmonster is among the best shared hosting companies I've been with. They've been around since the late 90's and have seemed to make hosting into this perfect art!

Uptimes are as advertised, 99% and tech. support is courteous and prompt ( especially this guy, stony ). Pricing is very competitive but they could improve a bit for renewal customers by giving discounts. But as far as raw performance goes, they are insane. Well, thats about all! Visit them sometime...

    Review Rating

in 3 years i can not remember any down time. i called in after my site was hacked and they had a backup on file and helped me reload my site in less then 10 min.

great company!


    Review Rating

Well I have to said until yesterday I was happy with them, but i just break the limit of 50,000 files, so sad, i have to move to another host company or pay two accounts with them. But be careful when they said its unlimited hosting.

    Review Rating

I've been using hostmonster for about 2 years now for a couple of sites that I've done work on. Of the 10+ companies I've tried hosting with they have been one of the fastest and most reliable which are the most important features to me. In addition their prices are super low.

Sasha Afanasyev

    Review Rating

Pretty much nothing to lose. You can cancel at any time and get your money back. In about a year of hosting, I think my site has been down maybe three times for a hour or so each time? Not bad at all for shared hosting. I haven't had to use support much, but both email and instant message support were fairly snappy. I like using their SSH option to bypass my at-work firewall.

    Review Rating

Hostmonster is the cream of the crop as far as I'm concerned. They provide fast, reliable web hosting at a reasonable price (search around and you'll find a link for 3.95 a month).

When I first bought my hosting package, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my site. The great thing about Hostmonster was the fact they offered virtually every service I could think of, which made my decision easy.

I currently have over 10 domains running off of my plan, and it's rare that any of my sites ever goes down. If I had to make the decision again, I would still choose Hostmonster.


    Review Rating

Clearly this guys knows about the technical bit but my feeling is that they are confused about their business, not only their security approach, which is bonkers.

In order to get SSH they were asking me for a copy of my passport sent by email!!

To get any kind of support they force you to send your admin password via email or your credit card last 4 digits.

I really liked their configuration system everything else just put me off big time.

I guess the fact that they are based in Utah has something to do with their draconian content policies but come on!?!?! i can't put a a photo of an sculpture in my website? is that nudity?

Anyway, it is a shame, they need to put their act together in both content/services and security.

    Review Rating

I like my hostmonster for their reliable web hosting and great features:

- easy installations

- easy file management

Dan Denysenko

    Review Rating

1/26/08 (9:45 pm) My website has been down for about 10 hours. They’ve been having problems with MySQL server. Around 1 p.m., after being on hold for 15-20 minutes, I talked to them about the issue. Now I can’t get through. I’ve ended up searching for a new hosting company (that is why I’m here at hostjury on a Saturday night). Their hosting package comes with good features, but who cares about that when your site is not functional after all. My verdict: Bad customer service and poor tech support! This is not the first case of a similar nature. This month alone I’ve had about 4 incidents, but they never lasted this long. Gotta get me something better!


    Review Rating

Avoid Hostmonster if you are looking to host a small to medium business website(s). I had weeks where our sites would go offline everyday for an hour at a time.

...very unreliable up-time, and they didn't offer any upgrade in service when we outgrew their services.

Getting a hold of support was very easy, but getting an answer as to why we were having these problems was very difficult.


    Review Rating

Well wher to start after almost a year with this company and upgradeing toa static ip they decided thet im not alowed to host half the things i do. when i became a customer of theres i asked them about each and every thing i have on my host. they said they would all work but one of them, the chat server, would need an upgrade and when i was ready they woudl do that for me. well about 2 months ago i did upgrade and once agian asked them if it was ok to run a chat server ( i checked the TOS it does not say i cant) the sales guys siad yes and that they could help me get it runing. well i call up to find out why my " mysql.sock" file is gone and i get told my services are not allowed and i would have to find a new host. there the ones that helped my set it up. to top it all off the support is not great i call for sql help and get a responce of whats sql. also there server seems to go down every night. and when i asked them why my site was being shut down they siad it was against TOS ( once again i checked its not)if you use to much cpu cycles they shut you down so while they offer high bandwith you can never use it casue if you do they turn you off. this company lied to me to get me to buy there service then lied to me agian to get me to upgrade. then took my money and ran. this is the wost company i have ever delt with.

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