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Hostopia achieves huge economies of scale that new entrants or established businesses cannot match. We have mastered the challenges in delivering low-cost and highly-profitable services to large numbers of service providers, while minimizing the costs related to billing, support, and provisioning.

Our solutions are designed to provide everything you need to run a successful web services business including a privately branded solution - Faster time to market - Higher operational margins - Low Initial set-up costs and capital outlays - Reliability - Simple system integration - Ease of use - No channel conflict.

Hostopia is owned by Deluxe Corporation. Other web hosting brands owned by Deluxe Corporation includes Aplus.net and Deluxe Hosting.


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I had set up the email to be delivered to my desktop via POP3. It worked great, for a while. Recently I logged on and found about 2 dozen emails that had never been delivered over the past 4 months!

Spam is not filtered into a separate folder.

They just sent me a note saying it's time to renew -- for $149/yr -- far higher than other services. My website is small, nothing fancy.

The control panel interface is confusing and it's not clear what some of the functions are (I'm not a high-level user, so something more user friendly would be more helpful).

Tech support by phone has been quite good -- friendly, patient. But by email, it can take 3 or 4 days for them to acknowledge getting a ticket.

I am in the process of looking for a cheaper, more user friendly host.

Scott Wilson

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They drop e-mails without a bounce. yep, you read correct, they drop e-mails and the sender never gets a bounce. And, of course, they deny a problem. It took them 6 weeks to white list a particular sender that was getting a bounce.


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Our company actually has been doing business with Aplus.net for the last 4 years, and Aplus.net has been great, they had the best customer support team and reliable service at competitive prices. Recently Aplus.net was purchased by Hostopia and everything has gone downhill. They are keeping the Aplus.net name but we are dealing with a completely different tech support team and they forced us to "migrate" to their "newer", "better" system. The migration alone was a nightmare. They locked us out of our accounts for over a week. They had began migrating accounts earlier this year (I think September/October), and ours has just recently been migrated, and we are having the same issues everybody at the beginning of the migration had. I spent over 2 hours on hold waiting to talk with somebody. Everytime I call in the tech support person tells me something completely different then the last guy. Not to mention that while they act like they will have more features and better service, everything is more convoluted and there are more restrictions. They refuse to transfer you to a supervisor and are generally rude. If our company survives their incompetence, we won't be doing business with them much longer.

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