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Hostway, the global leader in Web hosting, brings proven Web presence management to over 400,000 customers worldwide. Hostway's services, designed for personal users, small and medium businesses and enterprises, include domain name registration, Web hosting, Ecommerce Web hosting, Web design, online marketing, email, dedicated servers and colocation.


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Hosting Reviews for Hostway


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We registered with hostway because our company is situated in USA but we are operating our services form Asia even then we don't have in issue in terms of price and service and support is very good and support staff is very helpful and they are providing services above the mark and in very reasonable price. We are very happy and have mind satisfaction working with hostway as a clint.

China Manufacturing Network

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Uptime has been great and we have not had any problems with our website not email during our 4 years as customers.

Domain management has been very good. We had one problem at renewal, but we were served well by customer support to resolve the issues.

They have been adding more features and services, and they are a great hosting firm to work with


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Very long downtime. On March 4, 2010, every websites we hosted with them are down, due to their DNS problem. Even hostway.com is down. The service is out for few hours. They have so many hardware problems. Always give me excues like it's not their fault. STAY AWAY!


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Our online store went down around March 3, 2010 and has been down ever since. First of all Hostway Support told me it was purged because I didn't pay my bill (which was up to date BTW) and later they said they had a glich during s scheduled migration on or about March 7, 2010. Needless to say we are very upset that our store is still down and can't take orders! Support claims that our problem is at the developer level and being given constant attention. Hopefully they have a back up!


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I have several sites with Hostway and want to move them all.

My SQL servers suddenly stop working, sites have been moved to new servers without my knowledge or consent, email is often down, I have been billed for cancelled sites, etc. Tech support is poor. My last support phone call was 90 minutes long as they passed me around and disconnected me twice. I have been promised call-backs several times and have never received a call. My last trouble ticket was in the cue for a week before it received proper attention.

It's time to move on.


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After for almost 10 years, they lost one of my main domain after they upgrade their systems. That domain name carries my Nameserver for my dedicated server and company name.

Now after sending more than 7 emails and 8 months later, the problem is still not resolved.

And now they jack up the domain price by $2.

I'm leaving for sure.


    Review Rating

Hostway was my first hosting company, so I stuck with them for a long time...I guess out of sentimentality. I can readily find invoices in my Inbox from them for the last 6 years, although I may have been with them longer. I wanted a month-to-month hosting service, so Hostway fit the bill. And when I started, I thought they were attentive to my newbie needs. Over the years, I learned more about web pages and wanted mine to do more. The final blow was when I found out in January of 2007 that my plan was supposed to include, among other things, php and a my SQL database. I had to write to their support people in order to get those added to my account--when I had been paying to have those items for God only knows how long! Then, I was told they'd need to move me to a newer server to get the rest of the services I should have had. They finally did this a month later, or so they claimed. I changed my mind on the software that needed all the services, but those were services I was paying for each month, anyway, so I left them. At that point, something happened, and I was FTPing into two separate places--one place when I used the Hostway web based FTP tool, and another when I used third-party software. The items I FTP'd with their web based FTP, which I had to sign into my account to reach, would NOT even show up on my web page. So, I just used the third-party software, and didn't really have a problem doing that, until I needed to use ssh. So, I logged into my account and used their web based ssh, and that didn't work for my site, either. Nothing I did from the Hostway web-based tools would show up on my site files when I look at them through third-party FTP software, and vice versa. Then, they shut off my FTP capabilities, claiming I had too many files. (Almost nowhere else you look for hosting has a limit on the number of files you can upload, but Hostway does--even if you are nowhere near your size limits, they will cut you off for the number of files.) I told them I was convinced they had doubled the files for me, because of the FTP situation. They NEVER figured that out, for the rest of the time I was with them. In March of 2008 I finally began using the services which were supposed to be active on my account, since the change of servers in February of 2007. I encountered tons of problems and spent days trying to figure out what was going on. I'm still mostly a newbie. I had relied on the fact that all the services I needed had been set up in 2007, so I had ruled that out as a problem. When I finally did email Hostway about my difficulty in March of 2008, I learned that MY ACCOUNT HAD NEVER CHANGED SERVERS AND I DID NOT HAVE THE SERVICES THAT I'D BEEN PAYING FOR AND BEEN TOLD WERE ON MY ACCOUNT FOR THE LAST ENTIRE YEAR. Again, they never fixed the problem with their own web-based tools for my account, so I couldn't even access FTP and SSH through their site. I had to do everything on my own. They never even let me pick out a password for my own Mailman Mailing List...they did this weird thing where the password gets listed in the URL of a separate window that opens up for Mailman Admin. And there were no instructions telling me this, I just had to email them for support, every time I needed something. This meant a wait of three days at the very least. I told the technical support people how angry I was, and that I didn't want to quit them, but I would have to if they didn't shape up. They didn't really seem to care. So finally I transferred my domain, and told them I wanted to cancel my account. They are now trying to extort me into CALLING them to cancel, even though I have already given them the information they asked for in email, to cancel the account. Bottom line, what did I hate about Hostway? Having to deal with them, it was always a huge waste of my time. And being lied to, and fraudulently billed for services I was supposed to have on my hosting plan (and didn't for at least a year), according to their terms of service.

N Merrills

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My exchange has also been affected by this recent outage. I had 7 days without email at all (27th June 08 - 4th July 08) and now we are all still waiting for our folders to be restored - check their status page for their vague explanation. Dreadful support and poor timescale for their two-bit recovery process. I can't understand why there are not more people complaining about this outage. My business has suffered but I doubt I'll get a response if I complain (which I intend to do WHEN they finally restore all my mail folders)


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In all, when things are working, Hostway tends to have fairly good uptime. If you have any problems though, god help you. Email support is utterly useless. If your problems are easy, they may get fixed, but if you have any problems requiring a system admin, which are usually the more severe problems, it might be easier migrating to a new hosting company. Personally, if I ever get a problem again that requires a system admin, I will simply switch hosting companies as it will take less time and frustration.


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Have been with them for several years but my patience & frustration level with their support has reached its limit! Every few months we have a problem & can't retrieve orders from their ecommerce site so we're "out of business" fro anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks each time. Can't reach anyone to help - support is virtually useless. Nothing but voicemails with no response ever! They are the worst hosting company, period!

Peter Pelland

    Review Rating

I thought that I had already encountered the worst Web hosting companies imaginable, having dealt with Dynamic Web back in the 1990's and transferring one of my domains to 1&1 ever so briefly a couple years ago. Despite the nightmares of working with those two companies, my current experience with Hostway sets a new standard for total incompetence.

A new client has hired us to relaunch a website that is currently hosted through Hostway. Unfortunately, the client's domain name is also registered through Hostway, under some sort of legacy (read: “We can’t help you with this.”) arrangement with TuCows. The client provided us with a username and password for her Hostway account. It should be simple enough to change the nameservers, change the administrative contact, unlock the domain, and obtain a transfer authorization code, right? Wrong! The client’s Hostway SiteControl panel (version 3.3.3) will not allow us to make any of the necessary changes. (“Sorry, that’s one of our legacy accounts with an older control panel.”) A complication is that the client is listed as the domain's administrative contact, with a no longer valid e-mail address.

My first attempt at getting things resolved through tech support was on a Saturday. I waited on hold for quite some time, only to talk to an agent who, in turn, put me on hold and later told me that I would have to call back on Monday morning (when I would presumably talk with a more competent level of tech support “who could make the changes immediately over the telephone”). Good luck. On Monday morning, after the same wait on hold and the usual warning about a “heavy volume of calls” (I wonder why?), I spoke with a tech support person who was as rude as he was incompetent. He put me on hold repeatedly, then said that he had put in the request for the nameserver changes, although the changes might take “up to 24 hours” to implement. Needless to say, I did not need to wait 24 hours to know that this had never been done. As far as the other changes were involved, I would have to call another support number because he was in “Europe” and could not process those requests. The number that he gave me was the same number I had called.

What the heck, let’s give it a try! Maybe I’ll have better luck the third time around. Nope. Same old same old. Another helpful incompetent in “Europe”. (My, how the continent has grown!) This last one told me that all I could do would be to send an e-mail to [email protected] and that somebody would get back to me within 5 business days. I sent the e-mail out of desperation. In response, my client was sent an e-mail with a link to a form for her to complete and fax back, including an enlarged photo ID, just to correct the e-mail address associated with her name as the account’s administrative contact. The other comments and instructions in the e-mail that she received from “Ravelino D., Hostway Support Staff” were almost totally incomprehensible, other than the warning that “the transfer of a domain usually takes around 5-8 days time”.

Thinking about using Hostway? Think again, then run!


    Review Rating


I don't doubt that Hostway serves some customers right but I'd like to share some aspects of my current relationship with them. I've had a dedicated server there for almost 10 years and the service has been excellent until recently.

Now some time in August I asked to upgrade php from 4 to 5. Which they did. I asked if they could upgrade MySQL at least from 3.23 to 4.xx so as to handle character sets, I received a reply telling me only MySQL 3.23 was stable and compatible with their servers. Which sounded pretty odd to me in 2008. Knowing that it's never the same person who replies to support e-mails I tried again a few days later, you know, just asking. I was told that it was no problem and that it could be done whenever I wanted. So on August 22 I asked for the upgrade. I had no answer to my repeated e-mails until around September 20 when I asked a friend in the US - I'm in Europe - to call and yell at them. There were 2 requests in my original e-mails but as usual they only do one thing and as the other was not important I decided to forget about it.

Then I discovered that they didn't upgrade php from 4 to 5 on all the web sites on the dedicated server as i had requested but only on the one i was working on at the time. I asked them to do it on the other web sites, it took 3 or 4 days, each time forgetting a domain or another. Then I realized that I didn't have the root access to MySQL anymore which i used to have. They told me I shouldn't have had it in the first place. OK. So now I had to go through their admin panel to work on the databases, which was a bit more annoying than the way I was doing it before but not a huge deal.

Except I then realized that in the process of upgrading MySQL, 4 of my databases had disappeared, effectively bringing down 4 of my web sites. So I wrote an e-mail 3 days ago, asking to repair that asap, I don't know but having web sites totally paralyzed seems to me a pretty urgent matter but then that's just me. I'm still waiting for an answer. I called but the guy told me he was very sorry but couldn't do anything for me at the moment! Obviously the call center has been outsourced and the poor guy had no clue but then what am I supposed to do now? Well I'm waiting. Trying to figure out if I'm their customer or their captive or something.


    Review Rating

We had problems with NetNation (Hostway) in the past when our website went down for an entire day during a server migration. We had reported problems with a test site on the new server, but were told that this was "going to be OK" once it's live - it was not.

Now, NetNation completely messed up our site during the routine task of installing a new security certificate. We immediately asked them to restore from a backup - after 12 hours, our site is still not functional.

We are changing providers immediately. Stay away from NetNation/Hostway if you can.

Peter Blumtritt

    Review Rating

What a terrible, terrible company. Apart from the fact that their servers and support suck they are also hopelessly disorganized and incapable. Months ago I ordered some services with them. They said they couldn't charge my credit card - which is used for 20-30 online transactons each month elsewhere without a single problem - and advised me to pay via Paypal which I did. I sent them all of Paypal's transaction details - not only once but about 10 times since they kept sending reminders about "non-payment". Now, after 4 months they have suddenly charged my credit card for the same amount, saying that they never received my Paypal pament which is of course nonsense - I have all proof that it was paid. And their billing support doesn't even bother to reply anymore.

STAY AWAY - under all circumstances. Hostway means trouble on all levels!

Georges Meinders

    Review Rating

I registered a domain name here assuming that email forwarding would be included. This is not the case. All the offer you for the seemingly low domain name registration prices is the bare minimum. Email forwarding costs more than 30 Euros ON TOP of the price you pay to register your website domain. Their "sitecontrol" domainname and hosting manager website is always very slow and annoying. What I'm pissed off about the most is that it's very easy to sign up with them over the internet, but they make it close to impossible to get rid of your domain name. To cancel your registration you need to tell them by regular mail stone-age style. The latter for me is totally unacceptable. I'm now paying another 2 years for a domain that I don't want anymore. Their prices are also very high in comparison to the much better competition around. I would strongly discourage people to even think about signing up with Hostway.

ellen reynolds

    Review Rating

After several months of our web Store having a glitch- customers can place an order but NOT check out. They assure me it is in the hands of the tech developers and I am asked to be patient. It took 6 tickets and as many live chats to get to this point

    Review Rating

Partner On-Call Network LLC has been cheated by Hostway; Hostway backup service of our website failed, and so did our dedicated server at Hostway, and their incompetence caused us to lose much of the functionality of our website, and next they raised our fee and refused to honor their 2013 written promise of a $200 monthly fee. Do not do business with this disreputable firm. 

Matt Duffy

    Review Rating

Totally shady company! Offers absolutely no refunds. Automatically bills you in advance even if you have requested them to stop. Never do business with them if you can avoid it.

Called in February to cancel all of our services. Was told we couldn't get any kind of a pro-rata refund (!) but that everything would expire in October.

Received an email this morning (17 Sep) that our automatic renewal had been processed and we had been billed for another year. Called again and was told that their system is "automatic" and that there's nothing they can do about it once a payment has been processed.

It seems we have no other recourse but to dispute the charge with the credit card company and file complaints with the Bureau of Consumer Protection and the Better Business Bureau.


    Review Rating

The worst host ever, not responding on complaints, making stupid accidents and not reliable. Not worth the money in the Netherlands and as I read worldwide....why is nobody stopping this bad company?

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