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ICDSoft has been specialized in software development since 1993. In 1999 we have expanded our business profile to include shared web hosting. Since then, we have grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the fastest growing and profitable hosting providers. ICDSoft Ltd is privately owned and completely debt-free. At present, our customers span the globe residing in over 140 countries.


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Hosting Reviews for ICDSoft


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I came across ICDSoft after reading rave reviews at another review forum. I tried them and found they have excellent services, at low rates. One of the things I like most is ther very fast response time to the questions I have about any of their services, and some not even related to their services (such as PHP code). They normally respond in less than 10 minutes. They also have a reseller program that I am using, and have registered about six sites there.


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I've been with ICDSoft since 2006. I'm always amazed by how fast these guys respond to my queries - even when I used slower payment systems like Western Union to renew my account. Very good stuff.

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I have been with ICD soft for more than 5 years. My site isn't busy but I have never noticed and outage.

Most of my support tickets have been answered in less than 5 minutes and the answers were always good ones and very helpful.

I thoroughly recommend them for LAMP-based hosting.

Greg Driscoll

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ICDSoft has been a spectacular host. The service is exceptionally fast and helpful. After dealing with several other hosts in the past 6 years of web development work, ICDSoft has emerged as the easiest to use, configure, and maintain my websites.


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I have been using ICD to host client sites (many with e107) since 1999. My first site was converted from another host in Florida. I was impressed by the excellent service from ICD.

After many years, I learned that the site was hosted in Hong Kong. Even so the service was outstanding. Years later I experienced some performance delays and asked ICD to resolve the problem. That was when they moved my host site to the US (closer to may clients).

The main reason why I stay with ICD is their great service. Always there when I need them and always helpful.

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The service is definitely unsurpassed. If I submit a ticket about anything (even things that turn out to be not their problem) they answer within a couple minutes, always politely and helpfully. I used to use iPower which was awful. Many of my clients are at GoDaddy which I find to be very annoying, overly complicated, and less robust in terms of e-mail accounts. Also one of my clients is at Dreamhost which was too slow.

If you own or manage more than one site, you can easily become a reseller and then the prices are even more excellent.

I trust ICDSoft, and that matters a lot.

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I'm very satisfied with the service provided by IcdSoft.

Their support is outstanding, the servers are fast and reliable.

I asked to transfer my website from their USA servers to their datacenter in Hong Kong and the transfer went very smooth.

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The average answering time of their tech support (SureSupport) is, over a period of 5 years of 4 minutes average.

Read my lips: 4min!

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I've been in the web hosting business since 2000. And I have been using ICDSoft for quite a number of years. I've lost count actually.

What impresses me the most is the time they take to respond to my support ticket. It's usually LESS THAN 5 MINUTES! No, it's not a typo. It's really that fast!

The only gripe I have with them is the limited features (like the ability to host multiple domains which some of my clients require). And for this lack, I may have to switch to a VPS hosting company. But I'm sure it's pretty hard to find a company that can beat their super fast response time. And I'm going to miss it.

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I have been using ICDSoft since 2004. I use it for my own web sites and for clients. I don't hesitate to recommend them because I have a lot of confidence in their operation. I don't worry about getting embarrassed by the service.

Other reviews mention the fast support and I will say that it is fast and helpful. They will go the extra mile to try to provide an answer even if it is beyond the scope of what they are really responsible for.

In the US, ICDSoft uses the Savvis Data Center near Boston to house its servers. This is a corporate-level data center with the kind of security and redundancy you would expect for a bank or a major company. I worked in a bank data center for 20 years and this seems to compare favorably. See: http://www.icdsoft.com/datacw.php if you want more detail. In Hong Kong and Germany I believe that they use data centers at a similar level of quality. Over the last 5 years, I can only remember two occasions where I had sites down for part of a day. The last one was a couple of years ago and it was caused by a connection problem external to the Savvis center. Stuff happens and you can't control everything. For those things that they can control, I think that ICDSoft and Savvis do a very professional job. I originally started on a server in Hong Kong and the response time wasn't too good. ICDSoft transferred the site to a US server and the response has been very good ever since.

Finally, if you compare the features and how much bandwidth and disk storage you get with some of the other hosting services, ICDSoft may not look that competitive. The reality is that the average site won't hit the disk or bandwidth maximum and "unlimited" is only a theoretical benefit in most cases. As a developer, I don't need a bunch of pre-installed application stuff. I think that ICDSoft's solid basic service without too many (application) frills probably appeals to those, like me, who are pretty self-sufficient. If you need the frills because you don't have the technical expertise and don't want to pay someone to do it for you, then that might be one of the few reasons why you might want to consider one of the other hosting services.

    Review Rating

I have 5 client websites hosted with them and their support is above and beyond the call of duty and practically instant within minutes. They even assisted with a MySql coding that was nothing to do with them.

I doubt there is anyone better than them.

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I host my sites on many hosting servers and I can definitely say that the ICDsoft is one of the best hosting companies in the bussines.

When I am working with sensitive time dated material I need a response from support within the hour (read minutes), ICDsoft response time is alway less than 3 minutes. Also the responses are always accurate without double meanings and in personal, rather than a canned answer that leads to more questions.

The price is right for us, the service is dependable, and the customer relationship is responsible, eager to participate in resolving the problem and prompt.

Maybe the best recommendation is that I am in the bussines with ICDsoft for a 7 years now.

Thank you ICDSoft for the great product, service and support.

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ICDSoft suffers from the problem that their quality is so good that folks who have not used them do not believe they could be so good.

I have hosted with them for almost 10 years now. I am up to appx 8 accounts. Their excellent quality has gotten even better. I like conservative, security conscious, competent hosts. They are all of that.

Don't be fooled by whizzbang control panels and way more features than anybody understands or needs at other hosts. For single-site-per-account hosting, there is no better.

    Review Rating

Have been with ICDsoft for 9 years.

Solid, reliable, very good ticket support system, easy to use control panel and great web mail.

I always recommend them to my clients, and they are never disappointed.

Ginny Shope Fowler

    Review Rating

I have used ICDsoft for about 7 years now, and have about 13 domains and hosting accounts. I have never experienced any downtime, their software is always up to date, and support is responsive in a matter of minutes on most issues. I have a reseller account, which means I get major discounts on their already extremely reasonable pricing.

    Review Rating

ICD Soft offers hosting in the USA, Europe and Asia. They have a student package which can dramatically decrease the cost of your hosting account the first year.

Their servers are very reliable. Support is very friendly. All tickets get a reply in less than 5 minutes. The support team will even make Google Searches so you don't have to go and do it.

They don't offer unlimited hosting, but what they offer, they deliver!


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I've had one domain on ICDSoft for about a year. The servers, cPanel and other features are exactly as I wanted and the same as I get with a local provider I use.

They really shine when it comes to service. I had a couple of questions when I was initially setting everything up. They responded within minutes and everything was resolved quickly.

I recommend them often.


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Dear All.

I have used ICDSoft for two years. The only thing is that they do not provide multiple domains and probably that is the reason they are the best. Let me tell you one thing. I live in Lahore, Pakistan. They are in Hong Kong. I have had several problems due to my education lacking in installations and other problems. For example, their support helped me resolve my WordPress and PHPBB forum problems when they were not supposed to. I, being far far away from them, not using their service currently, think that I should, whenever I can market them for free.And I am currently using hostgator because of multiple accounts option. Once you log into their chat, it takes at least 15 minutes to wait. They have pathetic hosting. I am using their business plan. I am thoroughly and utterly disappointed with them. They are the most pathetic company I have ever had the experience of hosting. For me, as an ICD Soft ex-customer, and i hope to become their customer some day again too, I think they are the best in their league of shared hosting. You cannot just beat them. I am wondering why haven't you seen their latest service that they offer for VPS. Please update your blog post. I hope all those reading and comparing the two, have the right to know the truth. And I am telling you the truth. If I do not have other more important things to do in my life, I can dedicate at least 2 years marketing for them free of cost. This is all I want to say.

Best Regards,




Eric Yip

    Review Rating

I used about ten different webhosting companies in the past decades. And I have to say that ICDSoft is the best.

Their service is great. Any question asked will be answered within minutes. If takes longer, they will tell you.

The number of subdomains and MySQLs offered are good enough for me to try out various applications.

I can set up a WordPress blog with a few clicks and within minutes. I need a few fine tunings on the server side and they can help.


    Review Rating

We've been very happy with ICDsoft since 2006.

We ask questions a few times a year, and support always answers them fully and quickly - complete with research - even when it turns out to be a problem that has nothing to do with ICDsoft.

We upgraded our plan from the cheapest plan to the middle plan a few years ago just because we felt they deserved a few extra dollars for their exemplary service (even though we knew we'd never need the extra space or features).

They also notify us well in advance and repeatedly when something is going to change - like support for an old version of php will be removed. They also let us know when there is a new security concern that we can do something about.

I was very sad when they discontinued the affiliate program in 2012 because I did refer clients to them all the time. But I'm also thrilled that they did it because they hit "critical mass". Every other host we used was really good in the beginning, and then swirled down the toilet as word got out and more people signed up. ICDsoft seems to actually care more about the clients they have than just getting new clients.

Someone said the prices went up recently. Honestly I can't remember if they did. I think we were paying something like $4.95/month back in around 2007. But at $6 and $10 now, it's still dirt cheap (just not ROCK BOTTOM cheap).

    Review Rating

I have been using ICDSoft.Com for over 11 years and am very happy. I started with my personal web site and now have several projects hosted with them. The only two issues that bother me are 1) the CPU time limits that I often have to fight due to Google beeing to agressive and information-greedy while their spider does not respect robots.txt and even their webmaster tools do not function as they are supposed to - .htaccess helps better; and 2) refusal to accept Webmoney, a popular online payment system - I cannot use Paypal and have to resort to Western Union sometimes. The rest is great. I am happy with the prices, features, uptime and extremely happy with the support service.

    Review Rating

I've been with ICD for 12+ years...currently I have four accounts with them and have to say they are superb. I was with them before they opened up on the US and with the exception of a disruption because the TransAtantic cable got cut I've had no problem with up time, and never a problem with tech support. I believe they have moved my account to US soil now so no cable problem since then. I highly recommend them, and have. Lest anyone ask, YES I've been with other hosts and found all them them lacking, especially the ones with come-on cheap prices for the first year. Do it right the fist time....place your hosting with ICD.

    Review Rating

I have been a customer of ICDSoft since 2004. After having a slew of problems with my previous hosting service at the time I found ICDSoft. I was initially drawn to their affordably priced packages but in the subsequent years I have grown to appreciate the reliability of their service and the efficiency, courtesy and professionalism of their support services. There is no call in number for support but the process for opening a ticket is easy and their response has ALWAYS been under 10 minutes. I signed up as a reseller for their business many years back and I have all my websites hosted by them. I've never regretted my decision to go with them all those years ago. An excellent company.

    Review Rating

I have been ICDSoft's customer and reseller since 2005. Before I switch to Wordpress, I did sent a few ticket to Suresupport, and the quickest response came in 5 mins! After switching to Wordpress there is zero problem, zero down time since I joined, and the most I appreciated with ICDSoft is their clean and simple Control Panel (they have a demo)! I also resell the hosting to some of my freelance job client so that I earn some money and get a cheaper price when renew :) FYI, ICDSoft has been keep improving themselves, I just found they made a widget for reseller to build a online form for purchase. Love this company so much!


    Review Rating

I was with ICDSoft for several years before I moved to my current provider, Surpass Hosting.

I left ICDSoft as my account was suspended without notice - apparently an update script someone was running for me to create a backup utilized too many resources. I could understand their point, but to not email me or ring me about this is not acceptable - they had all my details. I only found out when my site members started texting and phoning me asking why my site was dead.

After years of being with them, that was not acceptable to me and, although they apologized, the damage had been done with my sites down for a considerable time.

Aside from that unfortunate incident however, only their low amount of mysql domains, parked domains, and subdomains annoyed me.

Other than that, I can state their service was exemplary, their prices were very reasonable, and the uptime was commendable.

Alan Armstrong

    Review Rating

I have used ICDSoft for about three years. I use them to host three different web sites. The reliability has been outstanding. Control panel is very easy to use and intuitive. Webmail is also very easy and convenient. Great value at the price.

    Review Rating

I have been with ICDSoft for about 3 years and I have never had a problem with them. By no means am I a savvy technocrat but they have served my purpose thus far.

This host was referred to me and the rest is history. I will remain with ICDSoft until it no longer meets my needs. Why leave a good thing.

As a suggestion, I wish they would explore adding email marketing products. Just a thought.

Michael Redpath

    Review Rating

I posted a rather critical review of ICDSoft August 1 as we were unable to communicate with them to resolve a serious technical issue. It appears that there was some sort of technical glitch as their system shows no receipt of the messages that we sent. Once they did receive a message from us, they were very quick to respond and resolve our problem.


    Review Rating

I have had continuous issues renewing my account each year. This year neither 2checkout nor PayPal authenticated a credit card that I new to be usable. I speck 90+ minutes trying to get it to work. Then, the PayPal with credit card option charged my checking account instead. Support channels were used.

This is the support response, "We regret that you are unable to submit your payment right now. Kindly note that we use the services of third-party payment processors, so we cannot assist with such issues directly. Please allow half an hour, and try submitting your payment again"

Terrible support, awful renewal process, find another host!

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