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Imageleet is providing true 24/7 Performance Hosting Since 2006 with solutions optimized for both individual and Business Clients. Level 3 Friendly support matched with Powerfull 16 Core Servers help us fulfill our vision in providing stable hosting service that works.

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Hosting Reviews for ImageLeet

Chris Brewe

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I've been hosting web sites since 1995, on many many different hosts. ImageLeet is so far the best host I've ever used. Great support that is fast, and rock solid uptime. My only complaint is that they need up storage space on shared hosting plans. I hesitate to recommend them only because I don't want to see them fall victim to overselling that so often brings a host down to DreamHost's level.

Linda at Seize

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Been with this host for over 2 years now and I have never had it so good. Never experienced down time, even if it's from a problem of my own causing their support is so quick and willing without gauging your credit card that I can not recommend them more highly. I've used over 10 different hosts with supposedly similar packages. All were over selling and imposing false restrictions, none of that crap with IL. When you deal with their support you realise how much you're getting for such a reasonable price.


    Review Rating

Sorry but this is unforgivable!!

Imageleet was the perfect hosting company i've ever seen till today!!

There is no 24/7 support!! I am still waiting for someone to respond even i created ticket for moving some files from my friends host to my host(both in imageleet) they did it in 2 hours well it was okey till that moment than i realized (cuz of cache problem i didnt see everything) my brother sad its working but not showing the pictures of news(it's a news site) i asked them again to fix it it was like Submitted: 12/03/2013 02:22:56 pm as a time..

Last post by me was Submitted: 12/03/2013 06:23:52 pm i asked them,i begged them there was a new advertorial which i need to share as a new i couldnt! Can you imagine that you are paying for advertise you are sending invites which is oficial and people coming your website but its wreck???

Who will be responsible for my loss??? If i shared that news i would have nearly 10K hit in one day what you did???

I swear it was the best company i've ever seen today they made me discount , they have perfect support on 3rd party but i dont want to have such thing again hope that guy who is responsible from today

04.12.2013 you can also see my ticket should be FIRED really if he/she is responsible person where is now when i need help ? It means there is no 7/24/365 support! I am not asking you to give me support in a minute but 5 6 hours too much...

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