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Since 1998, ION-E Network has provided a world of technology services and has been established as a leading provider of comprehensive e-business solutions, with an emphasis on serving the small and mid-sized business market. The company offers customers a broad range of Internet solutions, including, Web hosting, e-commerce, virtual private networks and other enhanced services. ION-E supports its operations with a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure.

ION Hosting, a subsidiary of ION-E Network, has been expanding its global network services and IP-based services to meet growing demand for business communication services over the internet. ION Hosting's emphasis is on serving the fast-growing market of small- and medium- sized businesses. By focusing its efforts on small- and medium-sized businesses, ION Hosting is better equipped to successfully manage the explosive growth of the online economy.

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Hosting Reviews for ION Hosting

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ION Hosting was my hosting of choice for 2 years. I started with them 3 years ago when I was in Iraq with StebenInIraq.com. Service, reliability and support were great. Unfortunately it has deteriorated substantially since then.

The "24/7 Live Chat" link on their homepage (IONHosting.com) has not been manned in over a year. The "toll-free number" on their homepage has either gone to an answering machine or been deactivated on and off for over a year. Email support is sketchy at best. The server is down more often than I would like. Perhaps three times in two months for an hour at a time. Not terrible, but not great either.

On the positive side, the owner is excellent about making special deals and adding on to hosting plans. He ALWAYS responds to emails, but sometimes it just takes time. He is incredibly reasonable. It means nothing with regards to the actual service or hosting, but he is NICE and that is hard to find in the world today.

My hosting is still at IONHosting half because of the difficulty in changing 4 domains and databases and half because of brand loyalty and because he is a nice guy. But I simply cannot recommend IONHosting to anyone else anymore.

    Review Rating

I was initially happy with ION Hosting, however that all changed for the worse the other day when my site came up for renewal. The only thing that appears to work at ION Hosting is their ability to take your money. They took payment but never renewed my domain name.

The support line goes to an answering machine and so far no emails have been responded to. The online support system is in tatters and simply doesn't work and the live chat is un-manned.

These people are a joke and a bunch of crooks.

In case you're wondering, I wouldn't recommend them to host a tea party, let alone a web site.

Ron Wilson

    Review Rating

I have had Ionhosting for about 3 years now, and with the current state of affairs would not recommend them to host anything. They rarely respond to emails, the chat support is always offline, nobody answers the phones, and they take your money, but won't reactivate domains. I have filed complaints with the better business bureau already.


    Review Rating

I've been with ION Hosting for a few years, and am not pleased with their service. I do not recommend them. They advertise 24/7 online support, but that hasn't worked in over a year. They usually respond to an e-mail within a day or so, but they have never been able to help me with my problems. Their sales people do not respond to e-mails at all.

ION Hosting's servers are not Joomla friendly. While doing something as simple as adding a one-sentence newsflash item will cause the server to do a "denial of service" error and block me from the servers (and all of my websites and e-mail) for up to an hour at a time.

I've also had problems with being blocked from the servers while administering phpBBoards.

Andrea Michael

    Review Rating

my website is down and I can not send email to anyone I have been unable get a resolution for over three months now for over 13 support tickets IPower has sent confidential information outside the company Generally my email goes down every other week I had to pay extra to have Ipower remove scripting that Ipower had inserted into my website for free Ipower has de-activated my company.com when I had signed up for registration of this domain name under the impression that I would have rights for 5 years It takes over 60 minutes to speak with ANYONE in Ipower be it sales billing or most importantly tech support at any time or day and when you do reach someone 10% of the time are they qualified to fix the issue it takes over a month for IPower to address any problems Iwhen I request a call back via telephone IPower email Ipower has added files to my website that I have no knowledge of I was told I would get a rebate although I have never received that rebate I requested that my company.com be redirected to my company.com and it has never happened

    Review Rating

All but 2 sites have been moved away due to poor service and reliability. One site was hacked and a 3rd party site's products were advertised on my site. This other site was administered by someone from ion hosting. Each time I tried to open a ticket and contact ion about this it was closed by the person named from the other site. (Very suspicious) the sites hosted by ion go offline several times per year, sites hosted elsewhere have not had any problems.

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