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Jaguar Technologies, LLC Hosting provides high-quality Internet hosting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, prominent individuals and non-profit organizations worldwide. We have been in the hosting business since 1998 where our brand “JaguarPC” was created.

JaguarPC, the world's most trusted and experienced hosting company, delivers superior service to clients through its cost-effective, high-value services model. JaguarPC’s core portfolio comprises information technology and business hosting services, as well as programming services. JaguarPC’s three complementary, subsidiary businesses are Aletia Hosting, one of the world's leading high-value low-cost hosting companies, Devpond software, a web software company, and Dedicatedspace.com, a innovative new brand to expand the JaguarPC line of services. Offices in USA.


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Hosting Reviews for JaguarPC

    Review Rating

JPC are great. I currently have a shared account with them. Speeds are fantastic and their client support system is even better. I always get replies within one or two hours.

Highly recommended.


    Review Rating

JPC has been great, they are very reliable and their support is really friendly.


    Review Rating

I transferred my hosting from Godaddy because of multiple issues. I was wanting a good hosting company and also wanting the switch to go smooth with no downtime.

I did months worth of research and settled for jaguarPC. They are awesome.

The switchover and setup went smooth as silk, and there was no hiccups at all. No Downtime, and no problems.

Their support was excellent and set things up for me that I even forgot to do!!

The customer service and support staff are fast, friendly and extremely good.

I highly recommend them. Also, when you look at these reviews, please keep in mind that Happy Clients RARELY leave reviews. Most reviews are done by unhappy clients, and keep in mind that JaguarPC has thousands of customers, so this ration has to be considered as well.

I saw all the reviews, good and bad, and from first hand experience I am totally satisfied with them and took the time to send a good review.

Thanks Jag!


    Review Rating

Hey Everyone. I know first hand how hard it is to decide on a hosting company. I originally started out with godaddy shared plan. Why not right? Godaddy seemed to be the biggest. It was a terrible mistake. After three years of constant frustration, and battling constant issues with Godaddy I decided to make a change.

I spent countless hours looking for another hosting company. Choices were plenty but with so many opinions, reviews, pricing, specs, it was hard to know which one to go with, to trust.

I contacted Jaguar. I explained my situation with them and needed advice. They were extremely helpful and explained since godaddy shared hosting didn't use cpanel that the move would be difficult but they would assist and walk me through the process.

Without exaggerating, Jaguarpc made this move seamless, and helped me through the process and got everything set up perfectly. I signed up with Jaguarpc 5 years ago, Hands down was the best choice I ever made. I started with a VPS with Jaguarpc and later upgraded to a Hybrid server. I can honestly say both of my servers with Jaguar has been ultra reliable and no issues at all. I have contacted support on several occasions with issues I ran into on my own, and they were totally awesome with getting the issues resolved. They are always there when you need advice and they are always actively involved in the forums. 24/7 support is working round the clock.

Over the years I have gotten to know some of the customer support and tech support people, and they are all awesome, very personable and genuinely concerned with any issues you have. Does Jaguarpc have hiccups now and then, sure they do, just like the hundreds of other web hosting companies, but the only difference is that Jaguarpc makes things right, and they do care for their clients.

I recommend Jaguarpc to everyone because I believe in this company and support them right back with good word of mouth. I also take the time to leave good reviews around the web. THis way others that are on the fence can have a good solid recommendation.

My 5 year anniversary is coming up with Jaguarpc, and I wanted to extend a big Thank you to Jag and all of the customer/tech support team. You guys all Rock! Also, I wanted to extend a huge thank you and kudos to Greg. Greg you are a stand up guy and run a great company. You have the right people in place and all of you and your teams success shows every day.

Finally, A tribute to a friend that was a great asset to Jag, ~Jim~. I got to know Jim through Jaguarpc interactions. He was a great guy that has passed on. GOd Bless him, RIP my friend.


    Review Rating

Awesome service.

    Review Rating

My wife and I have had two accounts with JaguarPC for ages it seems (actually since 2002). We love their tech support ticket system, their features and trust, and their server speed. Having recently administered an account at Hostmonster, I newly appreciate the gem I have at JaguarPC

    Review Rating

For the most part, finding a web host that provides everything at a superior level can be very challenging. Support, up time, price, etc. so I don't expect any host to be perfect in any area what I expect is that a host perform reasonably well in ALL areas so nothing suffers too much. I can honestly say that my experience with this host has met that standard in my opinion.

Are they the cheapest I have seen? No, do they have the best support I've seen? No. Is the up time 100%? Well, no one can guarantee that for any host. You see where I am going with this. ;) It seems that often times a host will sacrifice one area to excel in another area and I feel like, as a customer, I want a well-rounded hosting company. In my opinion, JaguarPC is such a host.


    Review Rating

I had 2 VPS' with JaguarPC for a little over a year. Overall I found them to be a pretty good host. One of my servers (which was the bigger of the two), had nearly flawless service. The other smaller, had several hicups. I attribute this to most VPS providers putting more low-end VPS per node, VS the higher-end VPS.

Support was good. Not always the fastest, but fast enough. Ultimately we decided to move both of our servers to different medium.

I would recommend them for non critical data any day.


    Review Rating

I've used JPC for almost 10 years and have been mostly pleased them hosting my rinky dink websites.

Recently they charged me a late fee for not renewing my hosting plan due to an outdated email address I had on file. I balked at the fee and they did remove it so I could renew at the rate I have always had. I updated my email address too.

But this week they informed me I had 4 files that were over their 150 MB (Megabytes!) file size limit which is in their Terms of Service. These were perfectly legal files, not copyrighted media or my own personal backups. I was well within my allocated disk space that I pay for and these files were probably downloaded a handful of times and likely didn't strain their network. They had been there for almost a year before they came calling for their removal. There's not really much I can do about it since it is in their TOS. But I think it's ridiculous and I let them and anyone who reads this know it.

Their hosting suffers outages every once in a while. I do really like their cPanel and features offered. Their support has been average in the past but they are usually quick to respond.

But please be sure to read their Terms of Service before opening an account with JaguarPC.


    Review Rating

I recently switched from having jaguarpc as my web host from 2003 to 2014 due to problems that could not be resolved.

Problem 1: They subscribe to service called SPAMCOP. SPAMCOP has a huge list of blocked IPs which was blocking my incoming emails. I was told by jaguarpc that I would have to contact the sender's email provider (in this case yahoo) and start the process to unblock their ip. But I couldn't do this because it was not my email that was being blocked. I tried to opt out of the SPAMCOP service so I could manage SPAM settings myself but jaguarpc said no. I couldn't take the chance that a client's email would be blocked and I would never find out. SPAMCOP's blacklist is much too large and blocks legitimate emails.

Problem 2: I deliver retouched photos to my clients in the form of zip files that are around 300MB each. JaguarPC kept sending me warning messages saying I was violating their Terms of Service by storing files over 100MB. Their TOS states: "You may not use your shared or semi-dedicated accounts for file storage of other accounts, backups, storing backups of DVD’s, mp3′s. Large and plentiful files used in this manner on an active system can cause file system corruption and lead to not just your own data loss but that of others." My account was for unlimited storage and I was at around 10GB. Delivering images in this way is key to my business so this was a problem.

Customer service was good - very polite and fairly quick to respond to problems.

Down time was maybe 4 hours a month which was too high for me.

Price is low but ultimately, I needed a higher quality of service so I switched and I'm now paying a bit more.


    Review Rating

I had a vps with them for about 4 years. The hardware was reliable and good performing (but I did not put a lot of load on it either). For the first 3 years, I was more than happy with them. Pricing was below competitors, support was really great and the user forum was a good source to discuss issues with other customers.

At some point though (about mid 2012), the support started to degrade with less competent resources and response times went significantly up. However, the guys and gals in support always tried to go the extra mile and were genuinely concerned about having satisfied customers.

In the last six month, the support went down the drain with response times of 4+ hours for server down problems and days for other issues. They claim that this is due to a change in their ticketing system.

Once they get these issues fixed and quality and response times back to reasonable numbers, I would not hesitate to recommend them. Until then though, I would probably avoid them.


    Review Rating

Getting ready to bail. As of late customer support is worse than ever. They have always meant well but are not always the brightest bulbs in the marquee, especially when they don't fully read the tickets. They also tend to make a lot of excuses. I have been with them now for almost three years Until recently I didn't have too many problems and the server I was on was fairly fast most of the time. Then without notifying me moved me to another server which is when the problems started. The network it is on is really problematic. They are having trouble keeping up with monitoring things and being proactive - I had to badger them for a few weeks to get the packet losses under control. (literally hundreds of timeouts in a day) Much better now but still worse than it should be. Put in a request yesterday to move me to a more reliable situation but have not been contacted.

Lately the response times have been atrocious and it often takes posting in the public forums to get anything done.

Tim C

    Review Rating

I used to host with Jaguar PC back in the day (My first VPS provider) and the service then was great. I even worked with the company for awhile and noticed they employed a tremendous amount of staff. About a year ago, I started to use them again, and ran into issues. It took the customer support literally 2 1/2 weeks (with my daily/odd daily emails) to respond with a response that didn't even remotely go with my support ticket.

My service was down a number of times, but always back up within an hour.

Old Jaguar PC = 5/5.

New Jaguar PC = 2/5.


    Review Rating

Jaguar PC has cost me $1000s in down time.

My shared basic account goes down constantly. Their staff is very poor to respond.

RUN away from this company.


    Review Rating

They make billing mistakes, their servers go down, their servers are slow.

Wish I had looked into reviews before trusting my lifeblood (websites) with this company.

Joe Dacus

    Review Rating

Been with JaguarPC for 2 1/2 years with a VPS. Upgraded once, was very, very pleased with them until I needed support. There are some who were very helpful, but most of the time they are very slow to respond. Days, not hours. I had several support tickets unchanged, untouched for 24+ hours in the first half of 2012. The telephone support system was "temporarily offline" (as the greeting said) during my last incident when my site was down for 47 1/2 hours. The support guy on their Chat system said he walked the ticket over to the support management guy, but nothing ever changed on my ticket. After the third chat, he got a hold of someone that finally updated my ticket at 9:15 AM but reinstall has still not happened at 5:30 PM.

JaguarPC has gone from being one of the best to a terrible host who just happens to have good prices. If you need support, buyer beware. If you will never need fast support, you get a lot for your money. Just pray you won't need support within 24 hours.


    Review Rating

I would star far away from these guys. If you ever have a problem it will take days to get it fixed.

Every ticket we have opened with them has taken multiples of hours for them to look at.

Their support telephone number does not work and their sales number goes straight to voicemail most of the time.


    Review Rating

JPC is run by hustlers. Their ToS is set up specifically to keep your money, and not to pay out for downtimes or overpayments. PayPal users will NEVER get refunds or credits paid to their accounts, and Zachary (JPC's Chief Customer Officer) will just say you should have read the fine print if you complain. JPC is a "fine print" company that will steal from you if given a chance.

Their support is so bad it borders on criminal. JPC pretends they offer telephone support, plastering fake notices and numbers all over their site, but when pressed are adamant that they don't offer telephone support. This matter has been referred to their Attorney General (false advertising).

In short, Greg Landis (JPC CEO) has set up a pretty crooked company with plenty of "fine print" to mess with their customers. They don't stand behind their products, keep "refunds" they pretend to pay out, and honestly don't care that they're bad people.

    Review Rating

I was working to keep this website only (after many hosting companies which I tried and posted a review of), and wanted to give a shot to JaguarPC for their past performance...

I didn't get any follow-up to my ticket within 24 hours: just to restore my CPanel backup/migration... So I gave up and asked for a refund (which I got after another 24 hours).

I think their support is just drowning, I would be scared to host anything there!

James Getts

    Review Rating

support tickets will require several escalations even for simple issues (most of which they cause)

the will turn off your site for 'storing files over 100mb' well, this does not work for graphic files.

the fine print basically states you should only host static sites because they claim every php script i have is 'not optimized'.

i would not host anything with this company, they have many poor ratings

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